Monday, October 02, 2006

Flavor Flav & Weiner Dogs

Time flies and I don't even know about it. Has it really been another week since my last post? I guess so. October is already here too and stuff just keeps going by. Things are going great with me though, I can't complain. I'm seeing Christmas commercials and things of the like on TV, so I guess we're getting there. I'll have a variety of topics this week for the fans, so we're ready to cook something up.

Nice comments on the last blog, much appreciated. Dom, hopefully I have a non-model chick for ya for the thug ho this week that you asked for. This one doesn't appear to be in anything big, but I could be wrong with that. 200 some friends and I don't see any mention of her in videos or doing shoots. Who knows. Kristen, awesome job on the Garrett Wolfe stuff. You get my respect on that, considering a lot don't even know much about him yet sadly.

I'll bounce back between days in here, but I'll start with Sunday. We got some ball action in then. Not basketball this time, but this time we rolled with some football. No tackle since we're all old and stuff and that wouldn't be a good idea, but it was still a great time. We had 10 in attendance and went to my old high school's field. They were chalking up the main field, so we had to play on the practice field, fine by me. Hopefully we can play next week and start something regular. Anyways, we had 10 in attendance. Team 1 was Ozzie, Bart, Slim, Big Mac, and myself. We took on Fortney, Sweet Pea, Nick At Nite, Matt Sickles (I still need to get used to the whole Matty Cakes nickname, but it's a good one. Someone fill me in on how that one started.), and Swiger. Pretty competitive stuff. The first game, it was tied 10-10 (we just played by scores, so that's 10 TDs). The defense on either side didn't stop a single drive for some reason. Bart dominated. At 6'4" or whatever he is, he'd catch stuff over people and he was our main threat. I had the speed game in full effect, catching some deep passes and making some moves, so I was happy. Second game my crew won and we ended up playing to 5. I didn't get as sore as I thought, but my thighs are blazing.

Anyone been keeping up with Flavor of Love 2 on VH1? If not, you're mising out on some truly good TV drama. We're down to the finale next week and this past week got crazy. Flav invited the 3 girls' parents that were left (New York, Crazy, and Deelishis). And yes, Flav spells it Deelishis. New York's Mom was over the top, more so than New York herself. That added to the show as she was rumbling with everyone. Flav brought his 37 kids onto the show this week too, so they could do some detective work and weed these girls out for who he should kick out. Funny that I found out that Flav is a Grandpa too. He's 47 and these chicks in their early 20s are all over him, that's classic. What a pimp. Anyways, Crazy gets the boot this week because she's fake and was only on there to get her demo CD heard. I'm telling ya, take my word on this show and watch it when it's on. Next Sunday is the finale, be there!

After a week of waking up early, it was time to start the weekend in style. Spank bought NBA Live 2007 for the house. He's at my house more than he is at his, so he said why not just buy it for our crib. We got it for PlayStation 2 and it's a quality game. The gameplay is smooth and I like how it's setup. The one thing that we can't get by is how hard this game is compared to past years. We're not the type to put it on wuss level to make it easier, so we'll roll with getting our heads beat in for a while until we start to punish opponents. We picked the Knicks as our team in our franchise because they're pathetic and we're doing the co-op deal. We're both on the court at the same time, so that makes it interesting. So far so good though, it'll keep us busy, nothing else to do in Shinnston.

That night, we ended up playing Live for 9 straight hours. Yep, we were in a coma when the night was over, but that's about as good as it gets. You can't have a video game night without loads of food either. Why not go for the town's best, so we ordered off A's. One of our biggest orders in a while. Our bill was $40 before the tip. I got a steak hoagie with extra cheese, sweet peppers, and onions. I also got a small antipasta salad (the only real kind of salad to get in my opinion) and a funnel cake. Spank loads up on an Italian burger, small pizza, antipasta salad, and also a funnel cake. Big Jimmy came out to deliver it, so we hooked him up good on the tip. We're both idiots when it comes to tipping, but they deserve it, so we treat them good. Nobody else gives them nice tips, so we might as well load up.

As mentioned, another trip to Cleveland this Friday. Ring of Honor Wrestling for this year's Survival of the Fittest 2006. I know what you're thinking, especially to the non-wrestling fans. I'm actually going to drive 4 hours to see a wrestling show and drive back on the same night? Of course. I'm not thinking twice about it, especially with how good the show was in July, titled Generation Next. Road trips rock anyways, plus given the chance to see the best wrestling organization out there, it's a no-brainer.

No new CDs this time around. I know I'm due for that though. A lot of good ones coming out soon. What should be on the list in the near future? Ones I'm interested in this month include: Celly Cel "The Wild West", Ludacris "Release Therapy", Webstar "Caught In The Web", Napoleon "Loyalty Over Money", Unk "Beat'N Down Yo Block", Lloyd Banks "Rotten Apple", MC Eiht "Compton's OG", Belo "The Truth", Puff "Press Play", Layzie Bone "Cleveland", Jibbs "Jiggs Featuring Jibbs", Scarface "Made", Birdman & Lil Wayne "Like Father, Like Son", C-Rayz Walz "1975: Return Of The Beast", Dayton Family "Return To Dayton Ave", 8Ball "Light Up The Bomb", Flavor Flav "Flavor Flav", Ice-T "Gangsta Rap", and Lil Jon "Crunk Rock". Wow, I guess October will be a busy CD month for me. More than I thought, we'll see what I can come up with out of this bunch.

Bird's YouTube Moment of the Week: Anyone seen the two kids dancing around to the Crazy Frog music? If you haven't, you're in for a treat. The skinny kid cracks me up good in this. The little kid is a riot too because he acts all hard and rough throughout. Enjoy, you won't be disappointed.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Oh yes.. Nintendo finally put out the release date for their new console, the Nintendo Wii. November 19th. And for $250, you get the system, controller, and Wii Sports thrown in. I'll be first in line for that bad boy. No XBox 360 or PS3 for me, it's all Wii since I'm a diehard Nintendo guy.

2. Birthdays.. Tuesday, October 3rd. Former Yankee, Dave Winfield is 55. Politician Al Sharpton goes for 52. One of the greatest relief pitchers ever, Dennis Eckersley, hits 52 as well. Rocker Tommy Lee is 44. Gwen Stefani turns 37, I bet that surprised some. Neve Campbell is 33. What happened to her? We saw her naked that one time and then her career went downhill. Go figure. That's all I can do for ya today.

3. A neighbor of mine down the street puts their weiner dog on a leash outside. It's funny stuff to see a weiner dog anyways as those dogs rule, but to see one stuck to a leash and tied up is quality. Maybe that's just me.

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