Saturday, February 26, 2005

Welcome Home Toine!

Guess who’s back? Back again.. Yes he’s back, the man, the myth, the legend, Antoine Walker! My favorite NBA player is back in town after an extended vacation in Dallas and most recently Atlanta. Sure, I’m biased towards Walker and always will be, but he’s my boy. Our fans are split on this one, but you guys already know where I stand. Pierce can take a backseat now as far as leadership goes. This is Antoine’s team and he knows it. Pierce always had the game, but never had the intensity and energy that Walker brought. Even on the sidelines, Walker is like a little kid over there bouncing up and down. I was watching the Return of Toine tonight and my boy Spank kept saying our bench looked like an And1 crowd as much as they were hopping around and being thugs. A team of Toine, Pierce, and Dirty Davis together? Should be some great shooting percentages there, hah. But I do love the trade.

With baseball season looming (I can smell the infield grass already), it was time to load up on some video games. Well, video game rather. I ended up getting MVP Baseball 2005 for get this, $30! Yep, that’s like giving it away for nothing. ESPN is only $20, so you can’t really go wrong with baseball games this year. Here’s my problem though. I ended up getting MVP for GameCube simply for the fact that I like their loading speed compared to PlayStation and I think they’re better in graphics. That and I’m a Nintendo loyalist. So I go to pay for the game and know that I need a memory card. If you know anything about GameCube memory cards, you know they don’t hold as much stuff as PlayStation models. This game takes a whopping 500+ blocks to save a dynasty! So that means I had to get the big 1019 card for $35. I actually paid more for a memory card than a game, that’s just ricockulous. This one is worth getting though. The Owner Mode is enough to keep you interested. It has a very in-depth owner section that you can do just about anything in except for hand out roids to your crew.

Speaking about roids, I can hardly put the Canseco book down. It’s that good. I know people take shots at the guy, but this book is downright entertaining. I’m only about a third of the way through the book and I can post passages that’d have you crying laughing. So far I’d say that my favorite part of the book is mainly that he doesn’t hold anything back. The parts that he talks about doing stuff with chicks and what other players do is definitely worth the get. Also, you get stories of him buying rich boy cars like crazy, racing people with them, etc. Here’s one I liked that had me rolling. I posted this in Lobstah too, but it’s good enough to put in here as well:

But one definite side effect of steroid use is the atrophying of your testicles. I can confirm that. Whatever size they start out, they will definitely shrink if you are taking steroids over a period of time. But here's the point I want to emphasize: what happens to your testes has nothing to do with any shrinking of the penis. That's a misconception. As a matter of fact, the reverse can be true. Using growth hormone can make your penis bigger, and make you more easily aroused. So to the guys out there who are worried about their manhood, all I can say is: Growth hormone worked for me.

I liked how I ended my last Blog, so I might start putting a few of these random deals in each time and we’ll call it:

5 Very Quick Thangs:

1. Is there anything worse than seeing a chick who is huge that has thongs and whatever else hanging off her body? Don’t get me wrong, I like thick chicks as much as the next dude, but there’s also a stopping point for a little guy like me.

2. There is no possible way you can eat just one Dorito. Doritos should be considered a drug. They’re that good. One of the best inventions of all time, right up there with NBATV.

3. Anyone recommend any movies I should rent soon? I’m looking more along the lines of comedy first, sports, or possibly a chick flick. I’m not into the scary movies, so don’t put that.

4. Oh my.. I can barely contain myself. On June 10th, The Franchise Shane Douglas is putting together an ECW Reunion show at the mecca of all wrestling houses, the ECW Arena in Philly. Also, on June 12th, the WWE is running an ECW Pay Per View in New York.

5. Did I mention that Toine is back? Employee #88. Yes, #88.

Rappers: UGK - Song: Pop The Trunk – Album: Celly Cel’s The G-Filez

[Pimp C]
Smoke somethin'
I just bought me a Coupe Deville
Took out the air bag put in a wood wheel
Now all the ATL niggas wanna jack cuz I'm from Texas
Never seen candy with the fifth on the back
I'm comin' down the west end, niggas tryin' to jack
And bust a right Coney Island pop the trunk and started cappin'
Niggas was happenin' put they Bourbon to the floor nigga
Hard to bust back but I was penetrating they doe
Nigga in PA, it's like the wild, wild west
Cuz we all pack pistols and we all wear vests
When the shit pop out, who gon stunt
Nigga ain't shootin' me first I fin to pop the trunk

[Bun B] - These niggas keep talkin' like they want the funk
[Pimp C] - But niggas love to talk shit I fin to pop the trunk
[Bun B] – Runnin’ off at they dick suckas gettin' it crunk
[Pimp C] - Nigga I'm high off this weed I fin to pop the trunk
[Bun B] - Steady frontin' like a man but you show me a punk
[Pimp C] - Man I knew he was a bitch I had to pop the trunk
[Bun B] - All we really came to do is just smoke some skunk
[Pimp C] - These niggas steady runnin' me hot I'm fin to pop the trunk

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

February 22nd

Middle of the week post here. Did everybody have a good President’s Day? Does anyone actually celebrate this day? I guess some stores have big sales or whatever, but I’m happy simply because I got the day off work to give me a 3-day weekend. I can handle that. How’d the weekend go? It was filled with all kinds of sports action, so that’s never a bad time. I’ll touch on that and we’ll figure what else to mention in here as the time goes.

This past weekend was NBA All Star Weekend from Denver. Friday night features one of my favorite parts of the weekend, the Rookie Challenge. The Rookies started out winning this thing at halftime and then LeBron and Company stopped fooling around and dusted the young guys in the 2nd half. There seemed to be more defense in this one than in past years, not bad. Saturday night was what it was all about though. We had the 3 Point Shootout and Dunk Contest. On those, I got lucky and picked both winners correctly, Quentin Richardson and Josh Smith. Josh Smith might not be human with some of those dunks. Unfortunately, he was the only one who showed up in that contest as the other guys were pretty lame. JR Smith had a few mean ones, but nothing other than that. Birdman is a complete joke with his 37 retries and Amare’s dunks weren’t good, it was Nash who really brought the originality for him. Just please bring back the old rules and get the stud dunkers out there. I want to see Vince take on Josh Smith. Or LeBron, Kobe, JRich, Desmond Mason, Stevie Franchise, whoever. Are they scared? The All Star Game on Sunday I can say I never get crazy pumped up for it. I did see the 2nd half after wrestling was off (more on that later), but I’m cracking up at what the NBA did for their halftime show. Why bring in redneck country music people to an NBA event? Why didn’t they bring in rappers to the Daytona 500 this weekend? I think they screwed up on who was supposed to perform where.

Sunday night it was Pay Per View Night, so of course I was thrilled to gear up for the action. How’d I do on my predictions from WWE No Mercy? Not perfect this time, but close enough. I went 5-1 during this show, with my loser being in the Cruiserweight Title Match. I went with Paul London and Chavito ended up with the belt. Overall the PPV wasn’t that good though. The opening match was real nice with Eddie and Rey working the tag reigns well. Then the next hour was rough to handle. Angle and Cena saved it though, as I mark out big for any Angle match. The main event, although it wasn’t really a Barbed Wire Match (just was wrapped around the top of the cage) was well put together. The wrestling wasn’t good, but both wrestlers bled like pigs and the ending was very good I thought. Big Show gives a Chokeslam to JBL through the ring. They rigged that setup well. Big Show busted through the door and jumped to the ground. He thought he had the title, but lo and behold, JBL rolled from under the ring to the outside. Vince loves him some JBL, wow. I like the character though. I never did at first. He has something like the longest title reign in 10 years or something ricockulous like that.

A little video game note before I bore you with some RAW talk. On the XBox front, that deal was too good to be true. I thought I had an XBox for $50, but that’s how it goes. I do have a quality setup in my room now to where I have a new cabinet with doors for my video games. I have all of my systems inside and the TV on top. It saves a lot of space and looks much better, so we tried that for the hangout upstairs in my part of the house. Also, as I clean out some of my junk (I have a problem for keeping everything), I’m finally going to get rid of a lot of my old wrestling tapes. I just don’t have enough room for my tapes. I have an entire back room in my house of nothing but wrestling tapes. Yes, I’m an idiot. This is going to almost make me cry. This will be like getting rid of my baseball cards (something I’m not sure I could ever do). Don’t fear though. I’m holding onto a good portion of my stuff and all of my ECW stuff for sure.

Two things worth mentioning from RAW since I’ve already taken up enough space on wrestling. I can never talk too much wrestling, but I do want to keep the loyal fans still reading, so I’ll hold back on that passion. First, HBK sends word through SmackDown GM Teddy “Holla” Long that he wants to challenge Kurt Angle at Mania. Dream match there, sweet. Then our end to the show had Batista make his decision to whether he wanted to go for the WWE Title and face Bradshaw and Cena in a Triple Threat Match or go for the World Title and take out fellow Evolution member Triple H. After hearing Triple H talk behind his back, he opted to go for Triple H, thus ending his days as an Evolution member. What’d JR think of Batista signing the contract to face HHH?

Oh! Batista! Folks, my God, Batista gave the thumbs down to the World’s Champion! Evolution’s animal! My God! Ohhhh! What a big Powerbomb through the table to the World’s Champion! The World’s Champion through the table! Well the deal is done! The untamed spirit of the animal known as Batista has made his decision! Batista will stay on RAW! And Batista will go to WrestleMania 21! The deal is set in granite! Batista will come for the World Title against The Game and it’s gonna happen at WrestleMania 21!

I picked up the Jose Canseco book yesterday, called Juiced. I just started going through it today and already through about 10 pages, it’s some crazy information. Canseco actually tells you how to inject certain roids into your body, which roids are the most serious, etc. And this is just the beginning of the book. I find it funny that he said he’d do a lie detector test on Pay Per View. I know people look at him as an idiot, but I’ve always liked the guy and I’ll stick with him.

Real World this week? It basically focused around MJ and his chick back at home, Ashley. There was big happenings and they had a rumble while one of MJ’s football boys stopped over. She gets home and they talk on the phone. She says she’s tired of having her phone calls taped since he’s on the Real World. She has something to tell him, but can’t. He says he doesn’t want to wait till he gets home. Then he says it’s all or nothing. She pretty much ends it right there. Of course since he’s whipped, he calls her the first thing in the morning and is begging, but it doesn’t work. Oh! Shut down! Next week looks nice though. Sarah flips out like she always does since she can’t control herself and Big Willie Style of all people tells her how it is. Should be decent. Not many weeks left.

Three very quick things..

1. I like thug movies as much as the next dude, but nobody possibly wants to see Diary Of A Mad Black Woman.

2. Shh…. Fantasy baseball is just around the corner. I can barely contain myself.

3. I laugh at the Paris Hilton cell phone stuff, but she’s still an anorexic dirty who doesn’t do much for me. The end.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

NBA All Star Weekend!

Oh, what a weekend that I’m in the middle of right now. First, I get 3 days off from work, which I can’t complain about. I’ll definitely be able to keep up with my sleep. A funny thing on the sleep situation. Last week had to have been the first time ever that I’ve went to bed before midnight every single night. Still, going to bed around 11:30 or so and waking up at 6:00 only gives me 6½ hours, but that’s a lot better than I normally get on a work night, which is pretty sad considering that. So what is going on this weekend and what went down earlier in the week? Enough of the delay, let’s get with it..

Friday night was the start of NBA All Star Weekend, one of my favorite weekends of the year. Yes, I realize there are only a handful of diehard NBA fans still around, but I live for this stuff. Friday featured the Rookie Challenge where the Rookies take on the Sophomores. The Celebrity Game doesn’t exist, so I won’t even comment on that pile of garbage. On the Rookie Challenge, of course there is no defense, but it’s still a fun game to watch nonetheless. Two of my Celts were out there for the Rookies and that is Big Al Jefferson and Tony Allen. Allen threw down some sick dunks. All kinds of mean dunks in this game, as expected. Josh Smith is ricockulous. Did he seriously try to do a 360 oop? Crazy part is that he about got it down. Rookies were up at halftime, but got blown out in the 2nd half. Still fun to watch though. Melo wins MVP, but he still fears Chris Bosh, the real MVP.

Saturday is the biggie though, at least for me. We have the 3 Point Shootout and Dunk Contest. This is something I haven’t missed as long as I can remember. Of course the Dunk Contest isn’t what it once was, but that’s kind of tough to duplicate now that many of the dunks have been repeated. What’s left to do? Someone always pulls the rabbit out of the hat though to give us something we haven’t seen. Only 4 guys in the Dunk Contest? What’s up with that? Anyways, we get Amare Stoudemire, Josh Smith, JR Smith, and Chris “The Birdman” Andersen. Out of that crew, I’m taking Josh Smith as the winner. Teh winnar! Who is in the 3 Point Shootout you ask? This year we have Voshon Lenard defending his title against Kyle Korver, Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Vlad Radmanovic, and Quentin Richardson. Here, I’m going with Quentin Richardson as a darkhorse.

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the week. That means we trek back to RAW. With RAW in Japan the previous week, it would be almost impossible to top that crowd and action in my opinion. This week was in Cincy with our opener being Jericho facing Muhammad Hassan. I must not be getting Hassan. They’re building him up way too fast and Jericho got buried once again. The theme of the night was that JBL was on his way to RAW to confront Batista about a match at Mania. Piper is the latest Hall of Fame inductee and I can’t wait to see his induction speech. He won’t hold anything back. In what may be a nice feud, Orton beat Christian. Speaking of Christian, check him out in the Basic Instinct spoof for Mania, it's great. You can see these videos on The Braveheart one featuring Triple H and Flair is also genius. Batista taking on Edge was our main event. To fast forward, after the match, Batista went outside to go after JBL. He tells HHH that he wants to go take care of business himself. He goes outside and sees JBL’s limo. The limo then tried to run over Batista and HHH makes the save. Hmm… But let’s go back to the match itself so JR can go crazy with the ending. Take it away JR:

He’s gotta be thinking Spear right now. The same thing Edge was looking for last week when Batista intercepted Edge. Edge with the.. oh.. no, Batista! The Spinebuster! The Spinebuster here in Cincinnati! Now that Spinebuster is a deadly maneuver. Oh! Sit Down! Batista Bomb! And this one is academic! This one is.. wait.. Triple H is.. look at the screen. HHH has shoved the referee down. There’s JBL’s limo.. There’s Flair. Flair motioning to Evolution. I think that Batista has been disqualified for HHH entering the ring, but that’s not the story here. I can’t believe quite frankly that Bradshaw had the Spaldings to actually show up here tonight. You got.. you got cameras here..

More predictions, this time from WWE No Mercy.
Booker T vs. Heidenreich: I’m going Booker T here with interference from the Undertaker possibly.
Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns. Please. Luther Reigns is a joke. Taker here too, although he’s slow and old.
Funaki (C) vs. Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Spike Dudley vs. Shannon Moore vs. Akio. Cruiserweight Title Match. Oh boy! This one I’m VERY much looking forward to. They may even open up with this match so the show can start off hot. This is tough to pick since I have to choose between 6 guys, but I’ll go out on a limb with Paul London.
Basham Brothers (C) vs. Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio. Tag Title Match. I’ll take the Mexicans here, as that’s an awesome duo.
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena. #1 Contender Match. Cena isn’t even in Angle’s league when it comes to wrestling skill. But I’m picking Cena to win, with possible action from HBK in this one if he shows up in the building.
JBL (C) vs. Big Show. WWE Title Barbed Wire Cage Match. I’m not sure how this one will even be, but at least it has me intrigued. I like the JBL character, but I hope the barbed wire masks the bad wrestling that’ll happen here. Should be crazy bloody though. JBL to retain.

Real World isn’t getting any space this week. Not until they show me that they can actually give me entertainment on this season’s shows instead of gay man love every week. End it now, please.

What’s new in the world of video games? This week, I should have my hands on both a PlayStation 2 and XBox. I got a pretty good deal I thought. On one deal, I’m getting a PS2 with 4 games for $100. The other one has me getting the XBox system and one controller for $50. I think they’re both a steal, so we’ll see. That now will give me 10 video game systems here. I know, that’s sick or weird, but it’s fun to collect them.

While at work on Friday, I had my afternoon off, so I got to be a bum. I celebrated (“it’s a celebration bitches”) by listening to the one and only Jim Rome on 1340 AM locally. He had me busting out good in one segment. He starts out by saying that he rarely talks about his personal life, but felt that since he’s known the clones for so long, he had to make something clear. He says that on Wednesday his wife calls to tell him something. She was scared of how he’d react because she already knew what the reaction would be. He said that his son’s soccer coach told his wife that their kid was a good soccer player. Romey trashes on soccer something awful and said he wouldn’t wish that on any parent to have a soccer kid. He said he’d rather have a kid doing ice skating instead of soccer. Then clones wrote in to give their condolences, hah. Another segment had him talking about the news that Kelly Osbourne is or was a druggie. He acted all surprised and was sarcastic about it. I guess you had to be there, but he played it up great. Lastly, he mentions a story about Michael Westbrook. Yeah, the former NFL dude who caught Queerdell’s Hail Mary at Colorado. What’s he doing now that he’s not playing football anymore? He’s wanting to get into cage fighting. Yep, mixed martial arts stuff, hah. Most retired players get into announcing, real estate, investments, or something. But to go from making millions to fighting in the cage? Wow. Romey then laughs that Westbrook should be a great cage fighter since a few years ago he busted up one of his teammates. “Imagine what he’d to do someone he was actually supposed to destroy.” Sports radio is quality stuff.

On a similar note, this one deals with Max Kellerman. Smellerman as Woody Paige used to call him. Anyways, I’ve always been a big Max fan, starting with his early days as a boxing analyst on ESPN. I was real big into Around The Horn when he hosted and then he left ESPN to go to Fox Sports and got his own show called I, Max. After a nice run, Friday was the last show. This is a sad day for me. I know not a lot of guys like Max since they probably either think he’s too cocky or maybe it’s because he’s a Yankees fan, but I really liked his show. Michael Holley and Bill Wolfe didn’t hurt things either being on the show. Max, get back on TV soon boy. Now it's back to watching Woody do his thing at 5:00 on Around The Horn.

Some Black History Month action in one of my classes this week. One of my classes watched Uncle Tom’s Cabin with Samuel L. Jackson. An awesome movie for those who have never seen. Also, as I wrap this thing up, Cork is back in action with his Blog, so hit him up at Props to him for respecting the beauty known as Christina Milian.

I’m out to go back to enjoying one of the best weekends of the entire year. Have fun.

Monday, February 14, 2005

"Just Cause You're Hung Like A Moose Doesn't Mean You Gotta Do Porn."

This title is taken from words spoken by Kumar.

We’re back with another update. This time it won’t be nearly a week between posts as that’s never good times. What has went down this weekend? I’ll start by talking about a movie you need to go pick up if you already haven’t. That one is Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. I’m a big comedy movie fan anyways, but this one I thought was hilarious. The storyline has these two dudes who get the munchies and are starving. They wonder what they are going to eat and the next thing they see is a White Castle commercial. Then they go on a mission to find the closest White Castle and they won’t stop until they do so. Some good cameos in this one such as Anthony Anderson as a drive-thru fast food worker who tries to burn his place down and Doogie Howser. Yep, Neil Patrick Harris. We all know he’ll forever be Doogie though, so forget his real name. To see Doogie in this role they give him is some funny stuff. As the #basketball guys have seen in Lobstah, I’ll post a few scenes dealing with Doogie that had me cracking up, taken from the legendary

Harold: Did Doogie Howser just steal my fucking car?
Kumar: Yes... I think he did.
Harold: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Harold: Neil, you wouldn't happen to know how to get on the highway from here, would you?
Doogie: Dude, I don't even know where the fuck I am right now. I was at this party earlier and some guy hooked me up with this incredible "X" - next thing I know I'm being thrown out of a moving car. I've been trippin' balls ever since.
Kumar: That's crazy, dude. We've been having a pretty crazy, night, too. We've just been driving around looking for White Castle but we keep getting sidetracked.
Doogie: Yeah, dude, you fascinate me. Forget White Castle, let's go get some pussy!
Harold: Huh?
Doogie: It's a fucking sausage fest in here, bros. Let's get some poontang, THEN we'll go to White Castle.
Kumar: No, Neil, you don't understand. We've been craving these burgers all night.
Doogie: Yeah, I've been craving burgers, too. Furburgers. Come on, dudes, let's pick up some trim at a strip club. The Doogie line always works on strippers. [sings]
Doogie: Lapdance...
Kumar: [pause] There's a gas station. I'm gonaa see if I can get some directions.
Doogie: You don't need dir- gah! Hurry up, dudes, hurry up! I'm losing wood.

Next weekend is one of my favorites. It’s time for the annual NBA All Star Weekend. Friday night features one of the more entertaining games, although there is zero defense played, in the Rookie Challenge. This is where the Rookies face the Sophomores. This is the same game a few years ago that saw JRich throw the ball off Carlos Boozer’s head, And1 style. We also get the Celebrity Game before that, but that’s never anything too special. Saturday night is what it’s all about though as we get the 3 Point Shootout and Dunk Contest. Then Sunday night is of course the 54th All Star Game, brought to you from Denver. Later in the week, I may run down the list of players in these events and offer my predictions.

I won’t get to see the All Star Game though, as it’s Pay Per View night. For some reason, the WWE always schedules a PPV on All Star Night. I’ll hype this one up later in the week, but it’s WWE No Mercy and features a Barbed Wire Cage Match with Big Show going after Bradshaw’s WWE Title. I’m pumped that I get the next day off from work though. Two reasons. I can just chill and hang with the crew after the Pay Per View instead of just having to get to bed soon after. Secondly, with the short NBA week, I won’t have to be a crazed lunatic rushing to get my fantasy basketball stats out on normal time.

Anything new in the world of CDs? I need to pick up my game here, but I do have a few new ones to mention. One rap and one non-rap. Non-rap, what?? The first I get is Krayzie Bone’s latest, Gemini – Good Vs. Evil. Not a huge cast of rappers on this one, but it’s still a good CD. It features Too $hort and there’s one song with the whole Bone crew, so that’s never a bad thing to listen to. The next selection I went for you can laugh at or not, but I have to add to the Mafia music collection. I end up getting Frank Sinatra’s The Platinum Collection. This piece of work is a 3-CD beast of 48 songs. You name it from Sinatra and it’s probably on there. Speaking of that, my parents’ 34th anniversary was last weekend, the day before Valentine’s Day. With that, we all go out to eat last night at my favorite local place, Minard’s in Clarksburg. We had to get there early to beat the Valentine’s Day (or at least with it being on Monday, most went out on Saturday) crowd, so we timed it good. Of course they had the Mafia music going in there. I ended up getting the Chicken & Spinach Manicotti, garlic bread, and a salad. Quality stuff indeed.

What is coming out this month and early March that the rap fans may be interested in? Nothing worth mentioning comes out this Tuesday. On February 22nd, we have a few. Benzino’s Arch Nemesis, Bizzy Bone & Layzie Bone’s Bone Brothers, Cormega’s The Testament, Ghetto Mafia’s Da Return Of Ghetto Mafia, and TRU’s The Truth. March 1st features Pastor Troy’s Face Off Part 2 and Pimp C’s Sweet James Jones Stories. March 8th has 50 Cent’s The Massacre.

Another plug for the locals. Tuesday and Thursday nights, 8:00-10:00, ball action down at Big Elm. Bring whoever you want. We’ve had some good runs the past few weeks, so I hope to see ya down there.

Yes, I did it again. I’m a sucker for bargain shopping. In my area, it’s all about Gabriel Brothers. You can load up on some quality stuff for dirt cheap. This trip I’m glad I only walked in with $30 or so or it could’ve been bad. I did buy a few pimpin dressy type flannel shirts and loaded up on some new boxers. These had me cracking up, well 3 of them anyways. I got a green pair with the Monopoly dude all across the front, a blue Kool-Aid pair with the Kool-Aid guy and “Ohhhhh Yeahhhh!” on the back, and another I got was a yellow pair with the Twinkies logo and character. Chicks dig it.

I’ll be back later this week with updates on RAW, talks about WWE No Mercy, Real World sucking, predictions on NBA All Star Saturday, Big Elm ball chatter, and whatever else we can get into. Hit me up. Talk to you guys soon.

Friday, February 11, 2005

A Thunderous Pedigree!

What am I doing taking this much time off between Blogs? I better get with it or the loyal readers will be busting heads. That’s true for none other than The_Freak, as he’s been demanding a new one over the last few days. I better not mess around and get a good weekend post in. At the moment, I’m sitting here eating a bowl of Campbell’s Vegetable Beef Soup. I can’t get enough of canned soup. It’s one of the fastest things to make, especially since I add very little water as I’m not a broth dude at all. But it’s awful for you. Straight up. Check out the salt in these little cans, it’s ricockulous, but that’s the price you pay to eat stuff that tastes good. I finally hit up Chinese today as well, as it’s the first time in 2 weeks. I was slipping for a while huh? I think I’ve put enough salt in me for the entire month today. Then again, no matter what you eat, something is wrong about it. Too much fat, too many calories, salt, sugar, etc. The bottom line is that I want good food, so that’s how it goes.

This past week at work I was with a group of middle school kids on a slower level. It made for a good week as I got to leave everyday at 2:00, so that’s always quality. I even got to play some kiddie games as you can’t go wrong with that. Either I have too much time on my hands or I haven’t grown up yet, but I admit to playing quite a few games of Guess Who? and Candyland with the kids. Not that long ago in here if you remember, I was even playing Candyland with regular high school kids, so maybe I’m not the only one who hasn’t grown up. Either way, Guess Who? is good stuff. These kids eat it up like it’s no other. So uh.. is your dude wearing a hat? Maybe he has glasses? Feel the excitement! You know you liked this game or maybe even still do.

I’m sitting here watching the Celtics game and the email of the day gets asked to my announcers. They want to know what Ricky “Dirty” Davis’ armband says. I’ve known before, but it gives for a quick story about Dirty. On the band, it says “Get Buckets” with his number 12. Pretty simple there as he is more or less a gunner and always has been in this league, but that’s not a bad thing all the time. He comes in as our 6th man and his job is to get some quick buckets. On his shoes, And1 of course since he’s boys with some of the crew and is sponsored by them, he writes “Buckets” in marker. The image of pro sports organizations is never looked upon that well, but the NBA hits the bottom in this matter. As much as I like Ricky, it’s guys like him (even though he’s never been in trouble with the law, is a good guy off the court, etc) who gives a bad image to the league and makes the old school fans cringe. Ok, I’ll say it. Older whiteys can’t stand the NBA because of this. Ricky is basically a thug in nature. Anyways, here’s a funny one on Ricky. During one practice, our coach Doc Rivers invites a group of Baptist schoolkids. That seems like a nice gesture, but I guess he didn’t think of the fact that Ricky could make an idiot of himself. Ricky must’ve been having a bad practice, so he starts going into a cussing tirade in front of these kids, hah. I’m sure they didn’t know what to think as these kids weren’t exactly from Compton or anything. Doc had to kick him out of practice due to this mess. Other times, the Celtics will be down 20 or so, and Ricky will pull off a crazy dunk and then trash talk. Yep, this is the team I love.

Is it me or is this Real World season just never going to end? It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting a Real World season to end this quick. Most of the time, as you watch every week, you get a notice out of nowhere that says they’re 2 weeks from the finale or whatever. Then you get all depressed because you’re hooked and want more of the drug known as Real World. Not this one. You’ve all seen my thoughts on this year’s crew as I vote it the worst of all time. This week, surprise surprise, nothing big goes down. The only thing worth mentioning is that the crew tells Mel to her face that they’re sick of how she is. She breaks down of course since she’s an insecure girl who has to call home and cry about how she wants to leave. The roomies tell Mel that she needs to change her attitude for them to be closer to her. She says she’ll try. We’ll see. More Landon vs. Karamo action next week is the preview. No, not the gay man lover Karamo action. This one is more of Karamo telling us how he wants to cut Landon’s head off and whatever else.

Valentine’s Day is this Monday. What does this day mean for single people? I’m not sure exactly. I do know that it helps save money, but on the flipside, you can’t bust out your pimpin’ romantic game for the chicks if you’re single. I guess it all evens out. I can honestly say I’ve only had to spend money on Valentine’s Day one time ever while in a relationship. Or in other words, while Valentine’s Day hit, there was just one time at that time of year that I was hooked up with someone. Every other year it’s me being single, but that’s fine and dandy right now. It gives me a chance to do my own thing and have no drama associated. You know how we roll.

I’d like to give a shoutout to Becka from the rugged streets of Indiana. Keep doing your thing out there.

I add another video game system to the collection soon. I struck a deal with Barney, one of my local buddies from the original E-Shinnston Gang on a PlayStation 2. He had been trying to get rid of his and I’m getting the system and four games to go along with it. I’m loading up on Gran Turismo 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, March Madness 2003, and NHL 2001. I’m excited for his because I’ll get a bigger selection of baseball games (new baseball games coming out soon!) compared to my GameCube that I dearly love. I also might load up on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. How can you go wrong with a game based in early 1990s West Coast gang bangin’, f-bombs being thrown all over the game, and some Dre and Snoop tunes? Ok, I gave you enough time to think of ways that you can go wrong. You can’t. That combination is mean. I’m going to end out of space to put all of my systems now though. It’s getting kind of stupid, but I like it. What do I have now in the collection? Atari 2600, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar, PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube. Yes, I’m almost 30 years old and still hooked on video games. Like The_Freak and I were talking about the other day, we were saying that we could be hooked on worse thangs.

RAW from Japan! By the time most of you read this, we’ll be due for another RAW. Anyways, I still have to talk about this epic show from this past Monday. This was RAW’s first venture into Japan for a show and it rocked the roof off the place. They need to hit up Japan way more. I’m serious, it was that good of a show. Maybe it was the crowd that did it as they totally amaze me each time I watch a Japanese crowd. First of all, their fans don’t bring a zillion signs to the arena to where you can’t see anything in the crowd other than people holding these things up. Sure, a few is fine which they did have, but they didn’t go nuts with it. This can be a pain at a live event if you’re behind a huge sign. But back to the fans. The Japanese respect wrestling like no other. It’s the basic fundamental holds that they pop on and appreciate. It never gets old to me to see the startup of the match get technical, with a few fast moves and counters. You know you have a good crowd when they stand up and clap for that right off the bat. That gives me some cold chills. I’ll give a quick rundown of what happened at the show and of course I’ll let you know what JR said to wrap it up.

The show started off hot with Chris Jericho taking on Chris Benoit. If you’re a big wrestling guy, you know these two spent many years in Japan in the mid 1990s. After a solid match, Benoit gets Y2J to tap out to the Crossface. Batista beats Maven in about 2.3 seconds. Ho hum, but Batista is being built up rather well. I like how they’re making Triple H being a scared heel and backing down, yet still having the title. That gives you the impression that they’re building this up the right way. Hopefully they don’t screw it up. In one of the bigger pops of the night, Tajiri teamed with William Regal to become new Tag Champions over La Resistance. Tajiri was in front of his home crowd and he got insane crowd support. You have no idea if you didn’t watch this. Then we were treated to Ric Flair versus Shawn Michaels. Are you kidding me? These guys are two of my favorites. The interesting thing here is that even though Flair was obviously playing the bad guy in this matchup, the Japan crowd still couldn’t help but cheer for the man. You know you’ve made it in the wrestling business when you try as best as you can to get the crowd to hate you and they still support you. Our main event had Triple H retaining his World Title against Edge. How’d that happen? Batista runs down and is about to hit Edge with a chair, but Triple H busts into Edge, who then busts into Batista with the chair. After fighting around, Edge eventually busts out a Spear. Upon that, Batista comes in and gives Edge a Spinebuster. Interesting. This lets HHH hit The Pedigree for the win. Batista having tension with HHH yet helps him here? This is a storyline done perfectly so far. At the end of the show, Batista gets in to raise HHH’s hand and stares at the belt. Let’s hope it keeps going into Mania. Hey JR, what’d you think of the ending? Tell us your words of wisdom.

The challenger now with a golden opportunity to win the World’s Heavyweight Title! Edge may be a Spear away from leaving with the richest prize in the business! Edge may never get another opportunity like this one! What? What? Wait! Batista! Batista with a Spinebuster! Batista getting up off the floor, intercepting Edge with a Spinebuster, went undetected by the referee! God almighty, what else is going to happen here tonight? The referee is trying to get up. The Game’s gotta use the ropes to get himself up. What a physical match. What a main event we’re seeing tonight here in the Saitama Super Arena. And downstairs goes The Game! Oh! A thunderous Pedigree on the challenger! The hook of the leg! There is the count! It’s over! I tell ya what, it’s happened before, it’s happened again tonight. Thanks to Batista, The Game has dodged another bullet! I’m not so sure that Triple H even knows what the hell has transpired here. It’s all about the World Title. And to The Game, the World Title is his life. And he owes a hell of a pat on the back to the animal of Evolution.

In other news, I can’t be a happier person. We have regular basketball again in the mean streets. Even better than porn, it’s basketball. For those locals who read this who are out of it, we’re now playing two nights a week at Big Elm Elementary. Tuesday and Thursdays, 8:00-10:00. Be there and bring whoever you want if you want in on some good competition. We don’t care. We’ve had some good runs with this being the second week of action. It’s a nice gym, not huge, but not small either, so it works out perfectly. We run 4-on-4 at Big Elm. We could do 5s, but we’d rather not. And it’s a pure shooter’s gym, something I have to be pumped about. Next week will be the first we’ll try Tuesday and Thursday both, but since word is already out, we should never have a problem finding ballers. See you guys down there if you want in.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Philly & Atlantic City Trip

I have some good stories to talk about in the latest edition here. This one will focus on my weekend trip to Philadelphia and Atlantic City. First I’ll set the scene. For the past several years, we’ve had an annual NBA trip set up. Who all is along for the ride? Other than myself, there was my cousin Ozzie, Mudcat, Rob (my high school’s b-ball coach), and Clay (Clark’s brother for those who know him by that). We load up in Clay’s van and we have plenty of room. I have the entire back to myself which I love since I get to stretch my legs out across the seat and just be a bum. I made sure to take my car sick pills or I would’ve been done real quick. That’s a must for any trip that I make over an hour or so. Ozzie and Mudcat had their own seats in the middle, while Clay did the riding and Rob took shotgun.

We made great timing. We made both ways, up and down, in about 6½ hours or so. There was no traffic anywhere and nothing that had us stopped for a while, so we were good. Usually we hit up sports trivia all the way up and back, but this year we switched it up some. One of the better sports trivia questions I’ve heard in a while was asked almost right from the start of the trip. Mudcat had this one saved up for a while and it was a dandy which should only interest West Virginia hoops fans. The question is “What 14 teams in West Virginia high school hoops history have NEVER made it to the State Tournament?” Some of these teams are straight up in the middle of nowhere as expected. Eventually, between the crew, all teams were named, but it took into a good way past the Maryland state line to name them all. These guys are awesome in their WV high school basketball trivia, I have to give them big ups for that. This question was a real toughie though. Out of the people reading, and maybe I’ll be wrong, I see ManDingo as the only one who has a legitimate shot of naming half or so of these on his own. I don’t have the answers right now, but I’ll try to post those one day. I said that we normally run sports trivia the entire time, but this year Mud brought along the latest Trivial Pursuit which focuses on pop and modern culture. We got things such as movies, video games, music, sports, entertainment, etc. 6 questions per card and we got the entire card right I’m guessing 4 or 5 times, which was really good I thought. There was a time where we lit it up for about 12 questions in a row. Mud did most of the reading. I’m not about to read in a car with how sick it’d get me, so I had it easy. We all had our areas we were good at. Rob was all over the 70’s trivia and anything dealing with movies. Well, Rob was big on anything actually. Clay was big on the 80’s and movie things as well. I handled a lot of video game, rap stuff, and 90’s questions and Ozzie being from the same era as me had the same things for the most part. The sports questions were a joke, but we figured that in a Trivial Pursuit type of deal.

Friday night featured the Sixers taking on the Hawks. This was good for the entire group. One is that the other guys are Sixers fans. Unfortunately I couldn’t see them play the Celtics this year since my Celts somehow beat down Philly last season by 30 and they couldn’t handle that again seeing it in person. So I get the second best thing and that’s seeing my favorite player, Antoine Walker in action. We had great seats and weren’t far from the floor. With the Super Bowl being today (my prediction is that the Pats win, 31-10), the number of Eagles fans in the area was amazing. I’m not just talking about the city, because that’s granted, but I’m talking about the Wachovia Center. There were Eagles chants all over the building, even during the basketball game. Sixers fans absolutely love Kyle Korver. Yep, the Ashton Kutcher look-a-like. It was Kyle Korver Jersey Night for the kids 15 and under. Allen Iverson was even wearing one of these during pregame shootarounds. This guy is like a rockstar to the teenage chicks. As far as the actual game itself, and I see them on a regular basis, you guys have no idea how bad Atlanta is as a team. The rest of the crew didn’t know what to think when I named every single guy on each team, benchies or not. Yes, even the Royal Iveys of the world. It’s sad how few hardcore NBA fans are around. It got to the point that I was scanning the crowd and lo and behold is legendary World B. Free. Rob wondered how I even was able to spot him and know him, but he was wearing this crazy decked out pimp suit. Then a few minutes later, World is out there (yes, that’s his real name now) presenting a check to some cancer foundation. I was all over it. Fear the NBA knowledge.

Anyways, the game wasn’t bad. Philly routed them though to the tune of 103-85. Here’s the starting 5 for Atlanta: Big Al Harrington, Toine, Obinna Ekezie, Ty Lue, and Josh Childress. Totally awful, totally embarrassing. Philly was dunking all over the place and they had to have 10 dunks at least. Rookie Andre Iguodala put down some sick sick stuff. Yes, I guess that’s double the sickness. My favorite play of the game though came in the first part of the 1st quarter to where AI came down the lane and threw this no look behind the head pass in Big Al’s grill. Nothing gets me more pumped than great passing. It goes underappreciated in the world today.

Before the Sixers game and I know this is out of order, but we had to hit up some Philly cheesesteaks or it wouldn’t be a good trip. We go to South Philly, where due to a decent bit of snow still on the ground, the area wasn’t as filthy looking as it normally is. Philly is a beautiful city, but there are sections that makes it look like redneck white trash. They must not care about littering up there as the cops actually have bigger things to worry about. Imagine that. The main commercial places to get a cheesesteak are Geno’s and Pat’s. I’m sure Philly has a zillion places to get a good cheesesteak, but since I’m a tourist, I want these and none other. I’ve always tried Geno’s, but wanted to get a word on Pat’s this year. They’re right across the street from each other and open 24 hours. I heard from ManDingo I believe (could be wrong) that Geno’s has better flavor, but Pat’s has more meat. This is definitely true. I can honestly say (and the other 4 guys with me too) that we’ll never eat Pat’s again. Geno’s is 10 times better as their meat has flavor and it’s not as greasy. I was VERY disappointed with the quality of Pat’s food. Both places have the same prices for their cheesesteaks and that’s $6.25, not bad at all. I always love seeing all the pics of the celebs that have been to these places. You name them and more than likely they’ve been there, it’s ricockulous.

Now onto the Atlantic City part of the trip. It’s only about an hour away, so we immediately hit up the AC after the game. I was the only one in the group who was looking more forward to the NBA part of the trip rather than the AC part. On the way to AC, I brought along Rounders so we had some gambling fever to watch on the DVD in Clay’s ride. As we were entering the city, and it must be a coincidence, the guys in Rounders were entering the city at the exact same time we watched the movie. There we saw it all, Trump Plaza, Caesar’s Palace, Bally’s, etc. Most of the big places are connected, so it’s a nice setup. I was surprised how big the actual area is though as I had zero clue about what the atmosphere would be like. As far as the casinos go, if I had to rank them, Caesar’s blew me away. They have an amazing place and some big time high rollers hit up this casino. Well out of our range, that’s for sure. We were in Bally’s for most of the night. This may surprise some, but I didn’t spend a dime betting. I’m not a betting guy and didn’t gamble at all. Still, it was a good time. The rest of my crew all lost pretty big though, so that’s never fun. Rob was big on slots, Clay got rocked at Blackjack, and Ozzie played for quite a while at the 3 Card Poker tables. Everyone and their brother must smoke at these places. That’s probably my complaint, but oh well. I got to see a big rumble inside the casino, so that was quality. This drunk thug went after a cop and the cop tackled him into one of the slot machines. After that, a few other cops came to help them out and it was a big wrestling match. Thug held his own, but that didn’t last and he was cuffed. He kept saying he didn’t do anything wrong. Sure you didn’t. While I was watching, I was standing by a few thugs and it was like a great And1 play. They were jumping around and screaming, that was classic. The only thing we were missing was the And1 announcer yelling, “Oh babyyyyy! Oh babbbyyyyy!” I had a good time watching the rich boys throw down money like it was pennies. I watched one dude lose $1500 and he didn’t care one bit and another guy played $600 on one throw-in. I’m sure it would’ve been a lot more over at Caesar’s, but this was a sight to behold.

In a sidenote here for the Canadian fans of the Blog, you’ll like this one. I wanted a comfy ride on the way to Philly, so I wear a pair of red and white Adidas pants and a Canada hoodie. It says Canada on the front and has the flag in the middle and on one of the arms. Why do I even have that? We have a college sports store in our area that has everything at $8 or under. Getting a hoodie for $8? That’s like robbing someone blind. I wanted something different, and if it’s a hoodie, I’ll wear anything pretty much unless it’s WVU football, Michigan anything, or Lakers gear. Of course that was the theme of the morning on the way to start the roadtrip. I got cracked on for the Canadian stuff and anytime during the whole trip that something Canadian was mentioned, I had to hear it. But I had to represent #basketball’s favorite country, so props to the crew for that.

After getting done with the gambling part after everyone was tapped out pretty good, we were walking to the hotel around 3:30. My buddies laughed at the fact that I wanted to see a good tittie bar up here instead of the jokes of ones that they are down in West Virginia. I won’t feel weird anymore about saying that tittie bars here are horrible. They’re that bad. They also joked with me that I was wanting to see some good black chicks. Hey, at least I’m honest on what I want to see, who cares. We see this place called Babes and figure why not. Hey, what else is a single guy supposed to do anyways? I didn’t spend anything on gambling, so I had money to burn. Mudcat went back to the hotel to call it a night, but the rest of the crew went in with me. I was the only one who did anything though, but that’s fine. I can respect the other guys going in there with me though since this was one of the things I wanted to see on the trip. One thing that bugged me was that I couldn’t wear my hat inside the place. Are you kidding me? To a guy, if you’re wearing a hat and it’s a rule that you have to take it off, that’s bad times. Maybe other tittie bars are like that, I have no idea. The cover was $10 and I paid for Rob’s way in. It was a real small place, but nice nonetheless. Even nicer when I saw some video quality thug chicks, so I knew we made a right choice. I have a real good story for anyone who wants to know online, but I won’t put that in here. Just ask me if you’re bored. They’re all made out to be what I expected and then some, the “BET Beauties” as Clay would call them. Unbelievable is what I’ll say and that’s not even a good enough word for this one chick. I got my money’s worth with her. It’s not as crazy as you’re first thinking, I didn’t do that with her, but still had a great time with some other things. Again, ask if you want. Cigarettes in here were $8.00 a pack, hah. Stupid smokers. We made another trip to Geno’s on the way back home and that’s never a bad thing. I got home on Saturday at around 4:30 PM. I got all caught up online with everything and then around 8:30 I said I’d take a nap. At 10:30, I was supposed to help Cork move stuff at his house, but that didn’t happen. My bad man, but I slept 3 hours the night before and 5 on Thursday night. As I went to get my nap at 8:30 PM, the next thing I know is that Mom comes into my room wondering if I’m ok. I see the clock and it says 8:30 AM. Hardcore sleep after a great trip. I realize this was a real long post, but I hope it was enjoyable for ya.

And since porn was a topic discussed (or a form of it) in this edition, I’ll leave with a website recommended from none other than The_Freak, #basketball’s roid rage expert, Put in any website and it’ll change a lot of the words into funny stuff. Check it out, you know you want to. Anyways, let me know what you thought. More to come later in the week. Out.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Shut Up Freddie Mitchell

Oh boy.. Great news is in the air. Big Elm Elementary basketball is back! One of the better local gyms that we used to play at, we’re now getting that going on a regular basis again. First, we’re going with this Thursday from 8:00-10:00. If we can get a crew, we hope to run both Tuesday and Thursday. If you’re a local and don’t already know about this, then come on down to the mean streets of Big Elm and ball it up. Bring whoever.

The past few days I’ve been back in the high schools, which is a relief. I don’t mind middle school that bad, but when I compare it to teaching high school, there’s no comparison. In middle school, you have to keep your eye on the kids at all times and can’t just hang out and be a bum. In high school, they’re way more laid back and they do their own thing. They mind their business and aren’t acting like little punks. I need time during work to do fantasy basketball stats, so that gets priority in the high school setting.

On Friday morning, I hit up the annual NBA trip. I’m going to Philly to see Antoine Walker come to town. I’m jacked up big time about that since he’s my favorite NBA player. Then as part of that trip, we have to load up big at Geno’s for some cheesesteaks. After the game, we’re rolling to Atlantic City and staying overnight. I could do with or without the Atlantic City part of things, but the rest of the crew is pumped for this more than the NBA game. People better respect NBA or get busted up. I doubt I spend much in Atlantic City. I’m just curious to see the sights and anything else that goes down rather than gambling. For the locals, I’m going with Ozzie, Mudcat, Clay, and Rob. I’m looking forward to sports trivia all the way up and back. I’ll be ready for that as usual of course. You can’t go wrong with road trips. I don’t see it happening during this trip, but I wouldn’t mind hitting up a real tittie bar in Atlantic City. Around here it’s garbage and I’m honestly not big into them. Maybe I’m weird, who knows. Here you have crackhead rednecks dancing, so it’s not worth the time and that’s probably why I’m not big into it on the small town scene. Give me some rap video quality chicks, BET UnCut style out there doing their thing.

Uh oh, we have another perfect prediction! This one wasn’t as hard to predict since we only had 5 matches, but nonetheless, I picked all of the Royal Rumble matches correctly. A rundown of what I thought about the show: The first hour or so was pretty weak with the exception of HBK vs. Edge that opened up the night. Undertaker and Heidenreich was a SLOW match, but nothing unexpected. Kane appeared out of the casket when it was first opened and Snitsky had already been there. It looks like we’ll have Kane and Undertaker facing off against Snitsky and Heidenreich at WrestleMania possibly. Vince is in love with JBL. He did it again, this time beating Kurt Angle and Big Show to keep his belt. Now at No Mercy, they’re having a Barbed Wire Cage Match between JBL and Show. Hmm.. just seems weird to me to have two guys who have never done that type of match or better yet a company who has never tried that match. I say it’s rigged to where it’s not real barbed wire or something stupid like that. Check out Terry Funk taking on Sabu at ECW Born To Be Wired 1997 in one of my favorite Barbed Wire Matches of all time. Sabu actually rips his bicep open during this match, his manager runs to the back and gets him some tape. Sabu tapes it up and keeps wrestling, no joke. Sabu also puts super glue on his cuts. He’s a mess in person, but can put on a show. Triple H ended up beating Orton for the World Title as well. The Rumble itself I could talk forever on, but I won’t. I was very impressed with the bump Paul London took while Snitsky eliminated him. Also, Daniel Puder took one of the worst beatings I’ve seen. I’d guess he took a good 100 chops, it was brutal. Batista ends up winning for those in a coma.

A few things on RAW worth mentioning. Benoit and Jericho went to a Double DQ in their Tag Title Match with La Resistance. This got them heated backstage, Jericho and Benoit that is. Next week RAW is in Japan, so Jericho faces Benoit. Those fans over there will eat it up. They respect the sport of wrestling like no other and these guys were huge in Japan in their days over there. You need to find a copy of Super J Cup 1994 and watch it for a tourney featuring the world’s best cruiserweights at that time. Benoit ends up winning that classic. They did things then that is revolutionary for present purposes. Is it too early to say that the Muhammad Hassan character is not getting over? We had a Tag Match with Triple H and Flair teaming up against HBK and Orton. Orton is selling this concussion thing which is kind of funny and he ends up pinning HHH. Kane and Snitsky go at it next with our main event. Yes, you read that right, these guys in a main event. This one was a Cage Match. Snitsky rips the cage door off, but eventually gets a Chokeslam on it to lose. That was innovative, but the rest of the match was rough except for Trish coming down falling out of her top as usual. Hey JR, tell us how the end of the Cage Match went:

Snitsky just tore the door off the damn cage! Snitsky tore the door off the cage! Snitsky wants to maim The Big Red Machine! Oh God! Kane just kicked that door right back into Snitsky’s face. That’s a hell of a question. What is Kane doing? What is Kane doing here? Oh no! Oh for the love of.. Oh! Snitsky has been neutered! And now Kane, measuring Snitsky! Kane! Chokeslam right on the cage door! Chokeslam right on the cage door! That’s the 3 count! And The Big Red Machine has won! The Big Red Machine, man-on-man, that’s an ugly bowling shoe like victory, but a victory nonetheless. But what about next week? What a night it’s going to be next week from Japan ladies and gentlemen! The Big Red Machine is victorious tonight! It’s been a great night! And that’s it from San Jose! We’ll see you next week from the first RAW in history from Japan! Goodnight everybody!

Real World isn’t getting much respect this week by me. Easily the worst season EVAR. This week what happened? Vonda’s man finds out she got some off Landon and that relationship is over. Who cares. Also, Karamo hooks up with Big Ed, this Puerto Rican dude who looks white. This cracks the house up since Karamo is against interracial couples, yet he’s in one now. I could’ve went without him being all over this dude though. Next week has potential. Mel (maybe the character I least like) breaks down and wants to come home after the roomies tell her straight out that they hate her, hah. That’s tellin’ em.

Yet another huge CD update. In the past few days, I loaded up for your pleasure once again. I have seven more CDs to mention in this infamous space. And away we go with another recap of what is new to the collection since Sunday:

Big Syke: Be Yo Self. This is one of 2Pac’s old boys and he was on several 2Pac songs. His voice is unique and you’ve definitely heard him before, just didn’t know who he was more than likely. Nice album for Big Syke Daddy.

Do Or Die: D.O.D. Finally! This one took forever to come out it seems like. It’s weird how they had a video for this album out months ago, yet never came out with the tracks. You can’t go wrong with Do Or Die stuff at all. These guys get it done and are probably in my Top 5 of all time. Seriously now, if you haven’t listened to Do Or Die stuff before, you better get with it.

Lil Italy: Top Of The World. This is one of Master P’s dudes, but I haven’t listened to it yet. Cork says it is pretty good, so we’ll see. I like the name though.

ONYX: All We Got Iz Us. When you need some good screaming hardcore rap, ONYX are your guys. This one is 10 years old, but still sounds good when you pop it in today.

Willie D: Relentless. Willie D is part of the trio of the Geto Boys alongside Scarface and Bushwick Bill. Willie D is pretty mean and it’s a nice listen.

Yukmouth: Godzilla. Yep, some good Bay Area rap. That’s quality times and Dru Down even makes an appearance on the track titled Pimp Da Bitch. That’s even better than Nate Dogg making it on your song. Speaking of Dru Down, my prayers are answered. Thanks to Dom ( to letting me know that he has inked a deal with Rap-A-Lot Records and will have a new album called Son Of Bootsy. Dru Down is right there with Dre when it comes to my favorite rappers of all time.

Z-Ro: Thugged Nigga. I haven’t listened to this one yet, but from the other Z-Ro stuff I have, I’m sure it’ll deliver.

Until next time.. out.