Saturday, February 19, 2005

NBA All Star Weekend!

Oh, what a weekend that I’m in the middle of right now. First, I get 3 days off from work, which I can’t complain about. I’ll definitely be able to keep up with my sleep. A funny thing on the sleep situation. Last week had to have been the first time ever that I’ve went to bed before midnight every single night. Still, going to bed around 11:30 or so and waking up at 6:00 only gives me 6½ hours, but that’s a lot better than I normally get on a work night, which is pretty sad considering that. So what is going on this weekend and what went down earlier in the week? Enough of the delay, let’s get with it..

Friday night was the start of NBA All Star Weekend, one of my favorite weekends of the year. Yes, I realize there are only a handful of diehard NBA fans still around, but I live for this stuff. Friday featured the Rookie Challenge where the Rookies take on the Sophomores. The Celebrity Game doesn’t exist, so I won’t even comment on that pile of garbage. On the Rookie Challenge, of course there is no defense, but it’s still a fun game to watch nonetheless. Two of my Celts were out there for the Rookies and that is Big Al Jefferson and Tony Allen. Allen threw down some sick dunks. All kinds of mean dunks in this game, as expected. Josh Smith is ricockulous. Did he seriously try to do a 360 oop? Crazy part is that he about got it down. Rookies were up at halftime, but got blown out in the 2nd half. Still fun to watch though. Melo wins MVP, but he still fears Chris Bosh, the real MVP.

Saturday is the biggie though, at least for me. We have the 3 Point Shootout and Dunk Contest. This is something I haven’t missed as long as I can remember. Of course the Dunk Contest isn’t what it once was, but that’s kind of tough to duplicate now that many of the dunks have been repeated. What’s left to do? Someone always pulls the rabbit out of the hat though to give us something we haven’t seen. Only 4 guys in the Dunk Contest? What’s up with that? Anyways, we get Amare Stoudemire, Josh Smith, JR Smith, and Chris “The Birdman” Andersen. Out of that crew, I’m taking Josh Smith as the winner. Teh winnar! Who is in the 3 Point Shootout you ask? This year we have Voshon Lenard defending his title against Kyle Korver, Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Vlad Radmanovic, and Quentin Richardson. Here, I’m going with Quentin Richardson as a darkhorse.

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the week. That means we trek back to RAW. With RAW in Japan the previous week, it would be almost impossible to top that crowd and action in my opinion. This week was in Cincy with our opener being Jericho facing Muhammad Hassan. I must not be getting Hassan. They’re building him up way too fast and Jericho got buried once again. The theme of the night was that JBL was on his way to RAW to confront Batista about a match at Mania. Piper is the latest Hall of Fame inductee and I can’t wait to see his induction speech. He won’t hold anything back. In what may be a nice feud, Orton beat Christian. Speaking of Christian, check him out in the Basic Instinct spoof for Mania, it's great. You can see these videos on The Braveheart one featuring Triple H and Flair is also genius. Batista taking on Edge was our main event. To fast forward, after the match, Batista went outside to go after JBL. He tells HHH that he wants to go take care of business himself. He goes outside and sees JBL’s limo. The limo then tried to run over Batista and HHH makes the save. Hmm… But let’s go back to the match itself so JR can go crazy with the ending. Take it away JR:

He’s gotta be thinking Spear right now. The same thing Edge was looking for last week when Batista intercepted Edge. Edge with the.. oh.. no, Batista! The Spinebuster! The Spinebuster here in Cincinnati! Now that Spinebuster is a deadly maneuver. Oh! Sit Down! Batista Bomb! And this one is academic! This one is.. wait.. Triple H is.. look at the screen. HHH has shoved the referee down. There’s JBL’s limo.. There’s Flair. Flair motioning to Evolution. I think that Batista has been disqualified for HHH entering the ring, but that’s not the story here. I can’t believe quite frankly that Bradshaw had the Spaldings to actually show up here tonight. You got.. you got cameras here..

More predictions, this time from WWE No Mercy.
Booker T vs. Heidenreich: I’m going Booker T here with interference from the Undertaker possibly.
Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns. Please. Luther Reigns is a joke. Taker here too, although he’s slow and old.
Funaki (C) vs. Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Spike Dudley vs. Shannon Moore vs. Akio. Cruiserweight Title Match. Oh boy! This one I’m VERY much looking forward to. They may even open up with this match so the show can start off hot. This is tough to pick since I have to choose between 6 guys, but I’ll go out on a limb with Paul London.
Basham Brothers (C) vs. Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio. Tag Title Match. I’ll take the Mexicans here, as that’s an awesome duo.
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena. #1 Contender Match. Cena isn’t even in Angle’s league when it comes to wrestling skill. But I’m picking Cena to win, with possible action from HBK in this one if he shows up in the building.
JBL (C) vs. Big Show. WWE Title Barbed Wire Cage Match. I’m not sure how this one will even be, but at least it has me intrigued. I like the JBL character, but I hope the barbed wire masks the bad wrestling that’ll happen here. Should be crazy bloody though. JBL to retain.

Real World isn’t getting any space this week. Not until they show me that they can actually give me entertainment on this season’s shows instead of gay man love every week. End it now, please.

What’s new in the world of video games? This week, I should have my hands on both a PlayStation 2 and XBox. I got a pretty good deal I thought. On one deal, I’m getting a PS2 with 4 games for $100. The other one has me getting the XBox system and one controller for $50. I think they’re both a steal, so we’ll see. That now will give me 10 video game systems here. I know, that’s sick or weird, but it’s fun to collect them.

While at work on Friday, I had my afternoon off, so I got to be a bum. I celebrated (“it’s a celebration bitches”) by listening to the one and only Jim Rome on 1340 AM locally. He had me busting out good in one segment. He starts out by saying that he rarely talks about his personal life, but felt that since he’s known the clones for so long, he had to make something clear. He says that on Wednesday his wife calls to tell him something. She was scared of how he’d react because she already knew what the reaction would be. He said that his son’s soccer coach told his wife that their kid was a good soccer player. Romey trashes on soccer something awful and said he wouldn’t wish that on any parent to have a soccer kid. He said he’d rather have a kid doing ice skating instead of soccer. Then clones wrote in to give their condolences, hah. Another segment had him talking about the news that Kelly Osbourne is or was a druggie. He acted all surprised and was sarcastic about it. I guess you had to be there, but he played it up great. Lastly, he mentions a story about Michael Westbrook. Yeah, the former NFL dude who caught Queerdell’s Hail Mary at Colorado. What’s he doing now that he’s not playing football anymore? He’s wanting to get into cage fighting. Yep, mixed martial arts stuff, hah. Most retired players get into announcing, real estate, investments, or something. But to go from making millions to fighting in the cage? Wow. Romey then laughs that Westbrook should be a great cage fighter since a few years ago he busted up one of his teammates. “Imagine what he’d to do someone he was actually supposed to destroy.” Sports radio is quality stuff.

On a similar note, this one deals with Max Kellerman. Smellerman as Woody Paige used to call him. Anyways, I’ve always been a big Max fan, starting with his early days as a boxing analyst on ESPN. I was real big into Around The Horn when he hosted and then he left ESPN to go to Fox Sports and got his own show called I, Max. After a nice run, Friday was the last show. This is a sad day for me. I know not a lot of guys like Max since they probably either think he’s too cocky or maybe it’s because he’s a Yankees fan, but I really liked his show. Michael Holley and Bill Wolfe didn’t hurt things either being on the show. Max, get back on TV soon boy. Now it's back to watching Woody do his thing at 5:00 on Around The Horn.

Some Black History Month action in one of my classes this week. One of my classes watched Uncle Tom’s Cabin with Samuel L. Jackson. An awesome movie for those who have never seen. Also, as I wrap this thing up, Cork is back in action with his Blog, so hit him up at Props to him for respecting the beauty known as Christina Milian.

I’m out to go back to enjoying one of the best weekends of the entire year. Have fun.


Dominik1985 said...

That Christina Milian pic is off da chain with the lovely stomach piercing. She needs to get fucked real hard! Hope there's going to be a CM sextape leaking in near future... you gotta love black history for that dime!

DirtyKash said...

^^^ Haha.

Great job picking the shootout and dunk contest winners.

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