Saturday, February 26, 2005

Welcome Home Toine!

Guess who’s back? Back again.. Yes he’s back, the man, the myth, the legend, Antoine Walker! My favorite NBA player is back in town after an extended vacation in Dallas and most recently Atlanta. Sure, I’m biased towards Walker and always will be, but he’s my boy. Our fans are split on this one, but you guys already know where I stand. Pierce can take a backseat now as far as leadership goes. This is Antoine’s team and he knows it. Pierce always had the game, but never had the intensity and energy that Walker brought. Even on the sidelines, Walker is like a little kid over there bouncing up and down. I was watching the Return of Toine tonight and my boy Spank kept saying our bench looked like an And1 crowd as much as they were hopping around and being thugs. A team of Toine, Pierce, and Dirty Davis together? Should be some great shooting percentages there, hah. But I do love the trade.

With baseball season looming (I can smell the infield grass already), it was time to load up on some video games. Well, video game rather. I ended up getting MVP Baseball 2005 for get this, $30! Yep, that’s like giving it away for nothing. ESPN is only $20, so you can’t really go wrong with baseball games this year. Here’s my problem though. I ended up getting MVP for GameCube simply for the fact that I like their loading speed compared to PlayStation and I think they’re better in graphics. That and I’m a Nintendo loyalist. So I go to pay for the game and know that I need a memory card. If you know anything about GameCube memory cards, you know they don’t hold as much stuff as PlayStation models. This game takes a whopping 500+ blocks to save a dynasty! So that means I had to get the big 1019 card for $35. I actually paid more for a memory card than a game, that’s just ricockulous. This one is worth getting though. The Owner Mode is enough to keep you interested. It has a very in-depth owner section that you can do just about anything in except for hand out roids to your crew.

Speaking about roids, I can hardly put the Canseco book down. It’s that good. I know people take shots at the guy, but this book is downright entertaining. I’m only about a third of the way through the book and I can post passages that’d have you crying laughing. So far I’d say that my favorite part of the book is mainly that he doesn’t hold anything back. The parts that he talks about doing stuff with chicks and what other players do is definitely worth the get. Also, you get stories of him buying rich boy cars like crazy, racing people with them, etc. Here’s one I liked that had me rolling. I posted this in Lobstah too, but it’s good enough to put in here as well:

But one definite side effect of steroid use is the atrophying of your testicles. I can confirm that. Whatever size they start out, they will definitely shrink if you are taking steroids over a period of time. But here's the point I want to emphasize: what happens to your testes has nothing to do with any shrinking of the penis. That's a misconception. As a matter of fact, the reverse can be true. Using growth hormone can make your penis bigger, and make you more easily aroused. So to the guys out there who are worried about their manhood, all I can say is: Growth hormone worked for me.

I liked how I ended my last Blog, so I might start putting a few of these random deals in each time and we’ll call it:

5 Very Quick Thangs:

1. Is there anything worse than seeing a chick who is huge that has thongs and whatever else hanging off her body? Don’t get me wrong, I like thick chicks as much as the next dude, but there’s also a stopping point for a little guy like me.

2. There is no possible way you can eat just one Dorito. Doritos should be considered a drug. They’re that good. One of the best inventions of all time, right up there with NBATV.

3. Anyone recommend any movies I should rent soon? I’m looking more along the lines of comedy first, sports, or possibly a chick flick. I’m not into the scary movies, so don’t put that.

4. Oh my.. I can barely contain myself. On June 10th, The Franchise Shane Douglas is putting together an ECW Reunion show at the mecca of all wrestling houses, the ECW Arena in Philly. Also, on June 12th, the WWE is running an ECW Pay Per View in New York.

5. Did I mention that Toine is back? Employee #88. Yes, #88.

Rappers: UGK - Song: Pop The Trunk – Album: Celly Cel’s The G-Filez

[Pimp C]
Smoke somethin'
I just bought me a Coupe Deville
Took out the air bag put in a wood wheel
Now all the ATL niggas wanna jack cuz I'm from Texas
Never seen candy with the fifth on the back
I'm comin' down the west end, niggas tryin' to jack
And bust a right Coney Island pop the trunk and started cappin'
Niggas was happenin' put they Bourbon to the floor nigga
Hard to bust back but I was penetrating they doe
Nigga in PA, it's like the wild, wild west
Cuz we all pack pistols and we all wear vests
When the shit pop out, who gon stunt
Nigga ain't shootin' me first I fin to pop the trunk

[Bun B] - These niggas keep talkin' like they want the funk
[Pimp C] - But niggas love to talk shit I fin to pop the trunk
[Bun B] – Runnin’ off at they dick suckas gettin' it crunk
[Pimp C] - Nigga I'm high off this weed I fin to pop the trunk
[Bun B] - Steady frontin' like a man but you show me a punk
[Pimp C] - Man I knew he was a bitch I had to pop the trunk
[Bun B] - All we really came to do is just smoke some skunk
[Pimp C] - These niggas steady runnin' me hot I'm fin to pop the trunk


That's Me said...

watch it Bird..LOL ... exactly what is "the point" I'm a thong wearing girl myself and I'm not a size 2 by any means!! but still love your posts!!

That's Me said...

good flick.. if you haven't read the book, which I'm sure you haven't is "The Notebook" but if you have read the book, it is a lil disappointing. but still good stuff!~~!

J.D. said...

I think I'd be all over a trip to Philly. I didn't even know the ECW Arena was still around, I figured they would have turned it into something else by now.

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