Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Ides Of March

My sleep schedule is messed up as everyone knows, but I had a good one going into this past weekend. Wednesday night I go to bed at 1:00 and take a chance that I don’t have to work in the morning due to snow. Thankfully, I hit that one right and woke up around 10:30 or so. Thursday night and we’re getting more snow, even more than the night before. Again, I take a chance and stay up till about 1:30. Doh! The plan backfired on me and I had to wake up at 6:00. Not good times there. The day was good, but I was in a coma at work most of that day. I get a nap on Friday evening from 4:00-6:00. After that, I battle in MVP Baseball 2005 for most of the early night, then I get on here. I’m on here till 7:15 AM and figure I better get to sleep. I had a haircut on Saturday at 11:00, so I set my alarm for 10:30. I come home and then sleep from 12:30-5:00. Saturday night/early Sunday morning rolls around and I get to bed at 7:00. I set my alarm for 1:00 so I can go workout and take care of some business the rest of the day. Then Sunday night, I didn’t get called for a job on Monday so I took a chance of not getting called in the morning. The morning calls are the absolute worst. Sweet, no morning call and I end up wake up around 10:30 to start the week off hot. Yes, I'm an insomniac.

I know you’re dying to know how the latest trip to the barber went. It was worth the price of admission as usual. When I go in, for the locals, Pat Belcastro was in there. Pat always has some good stories so I had to get caught up with him. Also, we messed with our barber for having a candle in the shop. Started calling him feminine and of course that got him fired up. Yeah, I use candles too, but I don’t get all fired up about it like my barber would, so that’s the fun of it. He wasn’t throwing around f-bombs like a madman today, so that was rare. Then as I got my haircut, Jeff Swiger rolls in and has some good ones to tell as well. You could just hang out there all day and get the town gossip. We all got the high school basketball chat going, so that’s never a bad thing. No chick stories or Johnny cussing people, but it’s something different everytime in there.

I got a few new CDs the other day, so time to give a little update on those.

50 Cent: The Massacre. This one features 22 tracks and I’m into this one a lot after first listen. A lot of different producers on these songs. Of course Dre is producing some, but not as many as I’d like to see. I’d say my favorite tracks early on are Piggy Bank and A Baltimore Love Thing.

Ghetto Mafia: Da Return Of Ghetto Mafia. It took a while, but the crew of Decatur, Georgia is back in action. One of the boys was in jail for a while, so the team was just hanging out. Check this one out if you’re into some mean gangsta rap. These guys bring it.

TRU: The Truth. This is Master P and his boys. I haven’t listened to this one yet to give an opinion, but I would think it should be halfway decent. If you’ve heard one Master P song, you’ve heard them all. But I’ve always liked him a lot, so he just keeps growing on me. Plus, his clothing line (P. Miller) is worth buying if you like that type of gear.

On the wrestling tape collection, to the dismay of many, I’m getting rid of the majority of my stuff. It hurts to do it, but it would’ve taken forever to put that on my computer with as much as I have. I’ll save the important things, but the collection will be cut way back. Last night was the first RAW I haven’t taped since the summer of 1998. See how quick a collection can grow? I’d sell them, but that’d be a crazy amount to ship and have to worry about, so I’m just junking them. I’ll build my DVD wrestling collection up soon enough. I am however saving all of my ECW tapes, as those are my pride and glory. I’ll have other things saved too, but no point of having every single thing kept. All that work for nothing? Nah. I loved them forever, but it’s time to go with the tapes. Don’t let that think that my wrestling passion is gone, because it’s the same as ever. As I type this up, I’ve already gotten rid of 6 full garbage bags of tapes. Yes, you read that right. And I still have a ton to trash.

Which brings us straight to RAW this week. Considering I didn’t tape it this week, I won’t do a screaming JR report at the end of my wrestling chat. We have a good bit to talk about though, so buckle your seatbelts. Triple H comes out to start the show, cutting a great promo in my opinion. HHH can work the mic as good as anyone and he began by saying that Batista is a boy and that he’s not afraid of him. Later in the show, Batista comes out in an interview with JR and HHH and Flair interrupt. They both jump in the ring to attack him, but Batista busts up Flair. HHH then plays the scared heel role and backs off, which I think is big in getting this storyline over even more. Muhammad Hussan is still a bum who is getting pushed way too fast. Mmm.. anytime Trish Stratus is on TV, it’s good times. Our main event straight up delivered. Edge faced HBK in a Street Fight. These guys took some pretty good bumps too and HBK sliced his head open way too far and you can guess that it was bad, but it made for good TV. They brought out a ladder and made use of that. HBK was still part of my favorite Ladder Match of all time, when he faced off with Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X. Edge sets up for some Sweet Chin Music, but HBK counters with a Spear, each doing the other dude’s move. Nice show here.

We have some major developings with WrestleMania XXI. This week on RAW, Orton talked to Superstar Billy Graham and listed to Superstar’s advice for Orton to make a difference this year. Orton was reading a new mag with Undertaker on it and thought of an idea, so it looks like we’ll have that match for Mania. Jericho also announced a 6-Man Ladder Match, sweet! Also, Piper’s Pit returns at Mania and who is the guest? None other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Sure, he can’t wrestle anymore (I’m sure he could if he really wanted to), but he’ll draw viewers in as he was part of the WWE’s strongest era ever arguably. Then, they announced that Hogan would be part of the Hall of Fame induction the night before for whatever that’s worth.

MVP Baseball 2005 is a great game, but it’s tough. There is such a huge difference between playing on Rookie and Pro that is amazes me. Rookie is crazy easy and that makes things no fun to me. Pro is so tough (for me at least) to get consistent offense going. I can pitch like a madman, but it does no good if you can’t get runs to support it. At least it’s challenging though and it’s worth the price of a $30 admission.

I’m going to end on that note as I watch the big snow continue to come down. I had a delay on Friday and haven’t worked since. Not too shabby. And to clear things up to That’s Me, something to which we joked around with already, but I’ll mention again. On the thong issue in the last Blog, there’s a difference between a huge chick and a big chick. I said I can handle a good thick chick, but just don’t want someone like 300 pounds wearing slutty clothes.

Oh yeah, my real ending now..

3 Very Quick Thangs:

1. Everyone pretty much knows already, but if you need to get a hold of me on the chat programs, here’s your chance to add me to your lists. AOL Instant Messenger (DruDown894), Yahoo Messenger (edbeegus), MSN Messenger (, and ICQ (Bird33, 6107079). Don’t forget the underscore in my MSN deal there.

2. Best candy of all time? Cadbury Eggs.

3. Today’s random website that you need to check out:


That's Me said...

hehe Bird, thanks for clearing that one up for us~!~ Still gotta love your stories.. the barber ones are toooo funny. Oh, and by the way, I kinda like that new ending. PS.. I need to update my blog... but in the meantime, you keep up the good work :-)

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