Sunday, March 13, 2005

Once An Ass, Always An Ass!

I’m opening this one up with a topic from my boy Clark and he also provided the picture to go with it. So that makes two posts in a row that I’ve used a topic from one of my buddies. Maybe you’ll be the next one that gets to use a topic, who knows. Who knew?

It’s weekend update time (not Norm MacDonald style, but close enough) and I’m glad I have something to talk about this time around. Not that anything huge went down of course, but I’ll hit the randomness as I usually do. A quick rundown of what we’ll talk about this time: Rap beef, NCAA basketball, NBA basketball, video games, Denny’s, and much much more. I guess that’s what I always talk about isn’t it? Oh well, you get an extra dose this time around.

I can’t get enough of rap beef. Sure, a lot of it is just hype to get some of their music sold (people still actually buy CDs?), but it still makes for something interesting to follow along with. It seems now that 50 Cent is playing tough guy here and has everyone against him. I like the dude’s music, but I don’t think he’s actually smart by doing this. I updated what has been going down on that in the last update, but in this one we have some more. As 50 was trashing Fat Joe and Jadakiss, they came back a few days later with some tracks bashing him. If you’re a rap fan or not, you need to check out these disses:

Fat Joe Diss To 50:

Jadakiss Diss To 50:

Both of these guys come with straight fire. I was watching 106 & Park the other day and Fat Joe was on to talk about some of this stuff. He said at first he was cool with all of the beef and didn’t think much of it, but when 50 kept running his mouth, he wasn’t about to back down. He said on air that Dr. Dre called him (Fat Joe) up wondering what the beef was and how serious it was. Fat Joe was saying how much he respects Dre and how’s he’s the best at what he does, but can’t respect 50. Dre has been in this mess too many times in the past and I doubt he wants to do it all over again. For all of the controversy he went over while in NWA with the media, then against Eazy-E and Ice Cube when they left NWA (he’s boys with Cube now of course, but Cube has one of the better disses ever when he trashed NWA back in the day), being a mentor to Snoop as he was growing up, right in the middle of the 2Pac/Biggie situation, and even having a sitdown with Eminem about his beef with Ja Rule. The madness! It’s like wrestling or a soap opera. You know you can’t turn your eye on it, you want more. We don’t want anyone killed since it’d hurt the rap game as far as music being put out from these guys, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if that ever went down.

You guys know I recently bought MVP Baseball 2005 for GameCube. It’s a great game, but for how good it is, I can’t put down Animal Crossing. This is one of the most addicting games ever and Cork and Spank would agree with me on this. It’s pretty much a kiddie game and when you first see it, you’ll crack on it for being a game you wouldn’t necessarily play. Spank was big on doing that and saying how he wanted a mean game with blood, but now he has to play this game everyday to update his town. We’re all pretty much like that. If you have a GameCube, get out and pick this game up used for cheap. It’ll be money well spent.

The Denny’s trip went down on Friday night. After a night of video games, me and Cork got hungry. It was bringing the snow down and was rough outside, but we figured it’d be fun times to get out there in the snow and see what the ruckus was all about. We leave the house around 2:10 or so and get home around 4:00. I didn’t figure many people would be up there since it was bad, but the usual crowd of drunks are regulars. One redneck came there in a Dodge Ram and almost drove through the restaurant windows, literally. Then there was a table filled with gay dudes, doh! One I worked with when I did the telemarketing gig. I guess if they mind their business around me and aren’t all over each other, they can do whatever. I don’t even like seeing a dude and chick all over each other in public for that matter, let alone two dudes. Drunks and gays in the same building? Two things I'm not big on at all, oh well. What’d I eat on this trip? I switched it up, imagine that. This time I ordered a hot ham and cheese sandwich, fries, and cheesesticks.

Time for some basketball action. As I type this, the NCAA Tournament picks haven’t been made yet, but even after a loss to Georgia Tech in the ACC Tourney, North Carolina should still remain a #1 seed. They can’t start out their games slow like they have the past few though. That’s not their game. They need to get out there and run and gun. I’m ready for another 20/20 game from Sean May as well. In the local scene, West Virginia is sitting pretty as well after losing last night to The Cuse in the Big East Tourney. They were struggling to even get into the 64 Tourney before the season was over, but now they sealed it with the big performance over the past few days. I’m guessing they get a #9 seed, so we’ll have to wait on that. How about pro ball? The Celtics are getting it done in a major way. On Friday, it may have been the biggest game of the year in the entire league as they downed the World Champion Pistons in Double OT by a score of 115-113. Since Walker has been in town, they’ve lost only one game and have won 6 of their last 7 games. Hopefully we can keep it up so Webber can cry more while being with the rival Sixers.

Any new CDs to the bunch since we last updated? You know it. Here we go with that rundown:

Beanie Sigel: The B. Coming. This one has a lot of people on it and although I haven’t listened to it all, it seems pretty good. It features Snoop, Freeway (anything with Freeway on it I’m interested in), Young Gunz, Bun B., Redman, Cam’ron, Twista, Peedi Crack, and Jay-Z.

Fozzy: All That Remains. For those who don’t know, this is wrestler Chris Jericho’s band. That alone is worth the get just for comedy’s sake. Jericho is the lead singer here and it’s not really that good. His guitar dudes jam pretty well, but most of the songs I’ve heard of his are pretty bad. A few though are good, but I don’t think I could listen to the entire CD at once. I barely made it through a few songs.

Purple City: Road To The Riches. This is the Dipset’s latest album. How many names will these guys come out as? Their individual albums are pretty much the entire crew anyways. Is there really much difference between a Cam’ron, Jim Jones, or The Diplomats CD? Still, it makes for a good listen.

Slim Thug: Already Platinum. If you’re into the Texas rap groove, this is for you. You might know Slim Thug from a video featuring Pharrell or his latest with Mike Jones and Paul Wall called Still Tippin’ which has a great beat. This one also has a lot of people on it such as T.I., Jay-Z, and Bun. B to name a few. You get the deep voice with good flow here, so pick it up.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’m not into all kinds of piercings on a girl, but if you’re keeping track at home, I love a nose stud and a belly button ring.

2. I think I set the record this weekend for amount of Girl Scout Cookies I’ve eaten. I’m addicted to Samoas.

3. Hit me up with some comments. You know you want to.


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I LOVE Thin Mint Girl scout cookies..yummy... A Denny's trip about now sounds delicious!!!

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