Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Anthony Sayre Is A Stud

Props goes out to my girl Ashlee for the weird title here, but it'll work. I guess that's what I get for asking for help on a title. :)

I can’t explain how sometimes I can write every other day in here and other times it takes 4 or 5 days. Or gasp, a week! Anyways, it’s time for another update so hopefully everyone is ready for the intense action I have to deliver. If you’re scared of the consequences that reading this can bring, then I guess you can’t hang. A lot of small topics to crackalate on this week, so away we go..

Friday night I hit up a late night Denny’s trip with Cork. It’s been a while, so we were due. Plus, I had to go check out the hot waitress we like who had a new hairdo. It gets a thumbs up from me, even if she did get rid of her long hair. But enough of that, I load up with my usual combo of cheesesticks and pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. I like my chances of being the only guy that night in the North Central West Virginia area who ordered up that combo. Speaking of hot chicks, it’s never cool when you chat it up with a girl (another sub working one day) and come to find out that she’s married, doh! And she was this tiny gymnast looking girl, a whopping 4’11” or so. Tall girls don’t rank high in my books usually, so that’s a perfect height for me. Yeah, I know I’m weird, but I know what I like, so deal with it.

I finally bought a PlayStation 2 off of my boy Barney. It’s a nice setup and between the games I bought off of him and the ones that Spank pretty much gave me, we’re in business. I ask this question. Can you honestly go wrong buying any hockey video game? I’ve never seen a bad hockey game in my life that I can think of. We’re hooked right now on NHL 2001 and it delivers. I’ll have to get a newer version soon if all goes right. Also, WWE SmackDown Just Bring It is horrible and this is coming from a wrestling fan. On other note in the video game department, we’re still huge into Animal Crossing. This is a game that may or may not have a real ending, but it consumes you (“Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, it CONSUMES you!”) like no other. Don’t knock it until you play it.

Viva La Bam returned on Sunday and that is always great to see. A new time this year, 10:30 PM EST. The opening episode of the new season had Ape and Phil taking a trip to Europe for their anniversary. It was originally supposed to be a private trip, without the kids. But we all know that Bam and his band of misfits had to go and wreck the anniversary. Don Vito makes this show though. You gotta love the subtitles they give him when he attempts to talk. Next Sunday is Part 2 of the Euro Trip. Bam and the boys are going all over the country to find different types of food to cook for the anniversary dinner. That should definitely end up in a mess.

All of this rap beef is back and getting larger than life. It’s probably not good in the long run, but for the average rap fan like myself, I eat it up. I’m sure a lot of it is just built up to get some publicity and I can understand that, but who knows how much. First, on my favorite 50 song on his new CD, Piggy Bank, he calls out Fat Joe and Jadakiss to name a few due to their involvement with Ja Rule in New York, New York. 50 then goes on 106 & Park and says that the other guys are just talk and nobody will do a thing. Who’s to say some little punk won’t take those words to heart? Anyways, this week Fat Joe unveils a new video that supposedly trashes 50. The BET preview has Joe saying that he backs down from nobody and we’re about to see a real massacre. Then, in news straight from rap mogul Cork, he gives me this bit of info from the legendary Sway Dizzle. Apparently, and I don’t know the details, The Game was asked on the radio if he has 50’s back in this war of words. Game then says that he’s not going to do that since he actually likes the guys that 50 is bashing. 50 then gets on Hot 97 and fires The Game on air. Interesting. Cork could weigh in with more since he saw the news break, but this is great. The question I want to know is where Dr. Dre sides on this. I’ll root for his side whatever way that goes. Like this is a basketball game or something, heh.

Big Elm ball is in full effect. Playing ball a few times a week doesn’t get much better. We’ve had some good competition and things have been getting better by the week.

Any new CDs? Just a few, so I’ll note those:

Bushwick Bill: Phanton Of The Rapra. This is a 1995 release by the hard spittin’ midget from the Geto Boys. Sounds weird if you’re not a Geto Boys fan, but get any of their stuff if you like some seriously mean rap. This is a small CD of 12 tracks and it’s not that long, but it’s still pretty good.

Pastor Troy: Face Off Part II. I’m disappointed in this one and I’m usually a real big Pastor Troy fan. He wasn’t as rough as he normally is. Usually he just screams and yells and really gets into it, but he switches things up in this one. On one listen through it so far, it didn’t impress me, but maybe it’ll grow on me.

I won’t say a lot on RAW this week. I do want to touch on some crowd chants though. To make a long story short and it’s all over the net now, Matt Hardy and Lita split up after 4 years of being together. What went down? Matt’s boy (or so he thought) hooked up with Lita while Matt was still with Lita. Confusing yet? Anyways, Matt dogged her and called it quits. When something like this happens, wrestling fans pick right up on it. At Raleigh, North Carolina this week, Edge and Lita got hounded something awful and I thought it was funny. Chants of them wanting Matt, chants of how they screwed Matt, etc. You get the idea.

I rushed the end of this, but I wanted to get it out before I was over a week since the last post. It’s brutal enough, but they all can’t be perfect.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’m sure I’ve ranted on this before, but lose the makeup girls. A very little bit is ok, but why crank it on there like a clown? I’m pretty simple. Give me a chick in a big pair of sweat pants and something normal and no makeup any day of the week.

2. If you haven’t tuned in to see BET’s College Hill yet, you are seriously missing out. Some straight up true drama here. It’s worth the price of admission. Thursday nights at 9:00 PM EST and reruns on Saturday night/Sunday morning at 2:30 AM EST. Thug life.

3. Chris Leben is back on The Ultimate Fighter!


AshlEE (reppin' Tha Wood hahaha) said...

Wow, you really used it! lol Don't even pretend like Ant isn't a stud, lol. 6'2 Junior, averaged like 23 points a game, double double c'mon - the guy is the ULTIMATE stud ... after you, of course :P Be sure to check out my journal the next time I post. I'm typin' up an hilarious article that was in the Charleston paper today on Duke, or anti-Duke, lol. Made my day if I do say so myself. Thanks for always commenting <3 Ash <3

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