Friday, March 25, 2005

6 Quick Thangs

What’s up with this topic? Well, I goofed in my last Blog and didn’t even notice. My girl That’s Me had to let me know in the infamous comment box that I forgot my new ending style that I’ve been using. Since I slacked on the last Blog (at least in that department), I’m going to both open and finish thing chat with my rundown. First things first:

3 Quick Thangs (3 more to come at the end if you’re in a coma and are lost by how I explained that; 3+ 3 = 6 for the math geniuses, to get 6 Quick Thangs):

1. It’s pretty sad when little middle school kids know everything about drugs, get busted with them, and I don’t have the slightest clue of what they look like or do. Guess I could be worse off.

2. Is there a better old school logo/colors combo in sports than the 1970s Atlanta Braves gear?

3. Doritos might be the most addicting thing on earth, even more so than porn.

While scanning the legendary Lobstah (, Kasher posted a topic that struck my mind. Apparently there is going to be the release of The Sandlot 2. It’s not going to the movie theaters though, it’s going straight to home sale, ouch. Should I feel happy or sad about this? I’m not really sure how to act. A completely different cast obviously, so that will be rough to see. The first one is my all time favorite movie, so I will at least check this one out whenever it hits the stores.

Also in the movie scene, I rolled to Wal-Mart the other day. As a tradition on a Wal-Mart trip, you have to Ric Flair Strut straight to the cheap DVD bin. Yep, the $5.96 bin or whatever it’s up to now. To the side of that, they also have some under $10, so I scanned that one as well. I see a Special Ten Years Edition 2-Disc set of Reservoir Dogs. I’m probably one of few who hasn’t seen this movie, but based on Lobstah (plugged it again, sweet) reviews, I had to catch up on this so called classic. The main selling point to me at least was seeing The Matador. Yes, the one and only Michael Madsen from ESPN Tilt. If he’s one of the main characters, I’m in for the buy. And the buy only cost me $7.96. I robbed Wal-Mart good on that one. I’ll let you guys know what I thought when I watch that one sometime this weekend if all goes right.

I’m all over the movies lately. At work this time, in one of my classes we watched Once Upon A Time… When We Were Colored. This class I subbed for had a project during February’s Black History Month. This movie was on the list, but they didn’t get a chance to see it and get their learn on. I’ve never seen it before, so I might as well watch it and get paid for it. Before the movie started, this white chick kept asking another teacher why they always had to watch black movies. Directly in front of her was this black kid and he straight up went off. Gats pulled from his side, pointed it to her head, well.. He was fired up, but without the gats. The movie is from 1995 and features Leon and Clair Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad). I never thought the kids would like this one, but they did and it gets a thumbs up from me too. It’s set in the 1950s Dirty South with racial overtones. It even features South Park’s Chef, Isaac Hayes.

Speaking of the Dirty South, how was RAW this week? It was set in Birmingham, Alabama. We’re getting very close to WrestleMania, so things are rocking it out big time. HBK starts the night off right. How’s that? With a match! Straight off the bat, no ring talk, just how wrestling should be. He took on the underrated Rob Conway and got the clean win. Nice match. We also had a top notch Tag Match with Edge and Christian doing their usual going against Jericho and Benjamin. Please bring the tag division back onto RAW, it’s seriously lacking and they can do a lot with it. Where have the Dudley Boyz been? I see they’ve wrestled some with OVW, but get them back on RAW. Why have Benoit fight Tyson Tomko? That’s a slap in the face to Benoit. Our main event was Triple H’s Pick Your Poison and it was a Lumberjack Match with Batista locking horns with Kane. Did his arms explode and ooze of roids in the middle of the ring? It wasn’t much of a match as all chaos ended up breaking loose. Batista does end up getting the Batista Bomb for the win though if you care. RAW ends with HHH standing on the announce table staring down Batista. Mania is $50 this year, but that won’t stop me. You can’t put a price on wrestling.

I went on a little CD downloading rampage the past day or so. I guess that means it’s time to let you all know what is added to the new collection. First, I had to buy another CD case for the collection as it’s never ending. Now I have 4 big cases, 2 with 256 and 2 holding 206. I have to leave some spaces in there since I add on a regular basis, so it works out decent. It’s a pain putting them in there alphabetical though. It can take a good while and it cranks your back doing it all bent over and stuff. Anyways, onto the latest downloads:

Eminem: Off The Wall. This is a 2000 production that didn’t make it in the stores. You get a lot of Dre beats here which you can’t ever go wrong with. You also get the raw and funny Eminem who tells it like it is. The controversial Eminem if you will, funny stuff. Check this one out if you get a chance.

The Game: West Coast Resurrection. I haven’t listened to any of this one yet, so I’m not sure what to expect. This is basically an entire album alongside a Bay Area legend, JT The Bigga Figga. Based on that, it can’t be bad I wouldn’t think, but then again, I love Bay Area rap as you all know.

G-Unit: The Realest Killaz. A compilation tape featuring 32 tracks on this beast. Dave Chappelle even makes an appearance on this album. I liked this one all the way through on first listen.

New Edition: The Best Of New Edition – The Millennium Collection. This goes way back to the very young days with the crew. Yep, that same New Edition that is composed of Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Ralph Tresvant, and Johnny Gill. Some straight pimp music here to get ya in the mood.

Pimp C: The Sweet James Jones Stories. One half of UGK, Pimp C is in that bunch with Bun B. Pimp was sentenced to 8 years in prison for a gun assault charge. The album is out, straight from jail, with Rap-A-Lot Records. A nice crew on this one such as Bun B of course, Lil Flip, Twista, Z-Ro, and the underrated Devin The Dude. Pimp C reminds me of a thug version of Bubba Sparxxx as he has that southern drawl.

Run DMC: Artist Collection. This can’t be bad can it? You name it, the classics of Run DMC, the greatest rap group of all time, are on this piece. I don’t even think I have to say anything else. You need this.

I just got in from balling it up in the mean streets of Big Elm, our local Tuesday and Thursday night action. We’ve had some real competitive games as of late, so that’s always good to see. I’m happy most of the time to get out there to run and gun and make some fancy passes. As of late, I’ve held my temper in check. 99% of the time, I’m about as calm and laid back as it gets, or I think so anyways. When I play ball, I’m a totally different person. I guess it’s the competitive edge in me, but every now and then I’ll have a near roid rage and flip out. I might even kick junk, throw a little tantrum, cuss like a madman (which I try not to do too often outside of playing sports or video games) or whatever. Yeah, I’m an idiot, but I hate to lose is all. Why play at half speed? That’s no fun.

3 More Quick Thangs:

1. Is there anyone out there that plays ball who can handle the guy who guns all the time yet isn’t any good? I didn’t think so either.

2. My back is all kinds of mangled once I’m done playing ball, but I never hurt while I’m on the court. It’s after I get in the shower usually afterwards. Can I hire anyone out there to give me massages? Going once, going twice..

3. "Roses are red ... violets are blue ... if you look at another girl ... I will beat you." -- Doug Christie's wife reciting a poem she had written during this month's episode of HBO's Real Sports


Susie said...

Great blog! I`ve been slacking big time on mine. (Oh well--spank me!) Like I told you have quite the CD collection, took me long enough to look through it, now you added more?! (you go!) Oh..BTW..I`ve been told I give a mean rub down. ;) Talk at ya later!

That's Me said...

not quite a "slacker" LoL .. still good reading going on, with or without that great finale! Thanks for that lil math lesson, I bet you're a great teacher :=) the kids probably love seeing you when they get to class( yea!!we get to watch a movie, we have that cool sub) hehe Oh, loved excerpt from the poem by 'the wife' GOOD ONE~!~
until later

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