Thursday, July 29, 2004

Roll Out! Roll Out!

I’m off for yet another trip. This weekend for those who haven’t read my last few posts, I’m rolling to the ATL. Yep, I’m going to Atlanta. This will be my first time in the true Dirty Dirty South, so it should be an experience. Since I’m not much of a travel guy, I’ll be going through states I’ve never been, such as Tennessee and Georgia to name a few. I’m not going through Charlotte, as I’ll be going the other route through Knoxville and Chattanooga. Supposedly it’s quicker, who knows. On the trip with me is Cork and my cousin Mitch. We’re going to stay with some cousins of mine, so a free place to hang is always quality. The main reason I’m going is to check out a baseball game, as we’ll be watching the Braves lock horns with the Mets.

Since I last left you, I’ve accomplished something things today (actually yesterday now that it’s technically Thursday). Usually it’s time to be a bum, but I’ve actually been busy for one. I wake up at 11:30 (in the summer, oh my!) and head over to workout. Being that I was still sore from Monday’s workout, I was unable to do Chest today. Yes, I worked out while at the beach, but not free weights. You just don’t get the same workout on a machine that you do for free weights. It just doesn’t compare to me. After I got done getting all crunked out in the gym, I paid a visit to the greatest barber the land has seen.

No crazy stories from my barber this time. Nobody walked in for him to go off on and throw f-bombs at. And the phone didn’t ring off the hook to get him mad, so that lessened the value. Still, it’s always a nice time to get my hair cut and to hear the wise words of wisdom from my barber. Then around 3:30, I hit up a big shopping spree. I was out of blank CDs (imagine that at the pace I burn them), so I had to load up on a pack of 50. That’ll probably be gone in a matter of just a few short weeks. Greedy, yes, but it’s free. And free is the best word in the English language. I buy a pack of 50 for Cork as well, since he took care of my fantasy leagues for me while I was at the beach and taped a few wrestling shows for me. That was the main reason I went shopping, but also one more. I got the latest WWE DVD, Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story. I watched roughly 90 minutes of Benoit talking and going over highlights and was hooked. I wanted it for the ECW footage, and it has the highlight of Benoit breaking Sabu’s neck, thus The Crippler nickname. Just some brutal stuff.

The rest of the night played out pretty well. I watched some baseball outside of the Benoit DVD. I waited on Cork and Spank to come over at 11:00 to play some ping pong. It doesn’t get much better than late night ping pong. Then again, I say that about a lot of stuff, but it’s really good. Of course we had to jam some good old school rap. Tonight’s feature was between Shaq Diesel from Shaq himself and Str8 Off The Streets Of Muthaphukkin Compton from Eazy-E. Weird combo there huh? Spank was champ tonight. Early on, I held my own and was winning, but at the end of the night I got whooped. You got wuhhhhhkkkkkdddd as CT would say. I did hit maybe my best series of shots of all time though. How’s that? Spank hit a shot to the outside side of my backhand. I didn’t have a prayer to get to the ball normally, so I threw the paddle from my right hand to my left and just took a lucky swing while diving to the ground on my knee. I somehow got that in and he hits the next shot to my forehand side, and I have to take off running to that side like a madman. I switch hands back to my right hand and give a crazy spike while running out the door, and it just grazes the corner of the table. I needed a camera for that madness. Needless to say I was all kinds of fired up.

Around 1:45 or so, Cork picks me up to go to Denny’s. Gotta love the late night Denny’s stops. I order my usual of pancakes with strawberries, and also an order of cheesesticks. Nice order there huh? Then it all began. I figured if I was leaving for the ATL at midnight the next day (same day?), then my best bet would be to stay up crazy late and sleep all day, thus being all geared up for the drive. I went to bed at 8:00, but could’ve stayed up later. I didn’t want to sleep till like 6:00 though, since I needed to hit up the bank before then. So what time did I wake up? Just a few minutes before 4:00 PM, fear! I’m still convinced that nobody wants a piece of me in a staying up all night contest. Never really been challenged, but I’d hold my own for sure.

Time to rant on chicks again before I end this thing. I’m talking to Tata now and I just don’t get it. I know what Cork and Derek will tell me, and they’re probably right, but here’s my theory. I don’t get why a chick would want to stay with a dude who beats on her or just treats her like a bum. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the whole romantic thing. Even so, I couldn’t get all violent and act psycho like a lot of guys to do “win over” their girl. That’s just not my style. You might want to check out Cork’s “Porked And Beans” post and how he ranks his chicks. It’s pretty intense and maybe you fall into one of these categories, maybe not. Single is cool for me right now anyways though.

So we’re off to the ATL. We’re leaving at midnight and it should be a fun road trip indeed. I’ll be back with pictures and for sure a good Blog. This will be the last Blog up until Monday night or so I’m guessing. Not sure exactly when we get back, but early Monday morning possibly. I will leave you with some Atlanta lyrics though for the weekend. And since we’re rolling out, I’ll let Luda tell us how that goes:

Rapper: Ludacris -- Song: Roll Out -- Album: Word Of Mouf

Man, that car don't come out until next year
Where in the fuck did you get it?
That's eighty-thousand bucks GONE!
Where in the fuck did you spend it?
You must have eyes on your back, cause you got money to the ceiling
And the bigger the cap, the bigger the peelin
The better I'm feelin, the more that I'm chillin
Willin, drillin and killin the feelin
Now who's that bucked-naked cook fixin three-course meals?
Gettin goosebumps when her body tap the six inch heels
What in the world is in that ROOM, what you got in that ROOM?
A couple a gats, a couple of knives
A couple of rats, a couple of wives, now it's time to choose

Roll out! Roll out! Roll out! Roll out!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Midnight Love

I tried to get Mustang and Aly to help with a Blog title, but they were going blank. No biggie. We can't have our A-games everynight. :)

What’s up everybody? Nothing too exciting here actually, but that shouldn’t stop the posts from coming. Since last night, all kinds of drama went down. Well, not really, but that got your attention, right? With some BET Midnight Love (12:00-1:00 hour of pimpin music) as I type this out, I want everybody to feel the love of the Blog.

RAW last night you ask? We had two matches on this show. I know that seems unusual, but I’ll explain. First, they had a 20-Man Battle Royal to determine who faces the World Champion at SummerSlam. As all of this boils down, none other than one of my favorites comes out on top. That guy would be Randy Orton. I know that is Tata’s guy. Or is her guy Kasher? Kasher is Big Pimpin here in my Blog, so check that out in the comments. He’s getting his swerve on. It must be the Midnight Love he has in his veins. Anyways, you can’t go wrong with a good Rumble. That is, unless you have commercial breaks. Are you kidding me? I realize sponsors have to be paid to get the show running, but don’t take time out of a Rumble. Another gripe I have is the stupid RAW Diva Search. If I wanted to see people getting voted off, I’d watch the reality shows. If I wanted to see dirty chicks bounce around naked, I’d get internet porn. I don’t want that on a WRESTLING show. I’m straight old school with this one. Give me matches anyday of the week. Our main event though was big time. It was a 60-Minute Ironman Match. This pitted Chris Benoit (champ) taking on Triple H. How do you win this? Whoever garners the most pinfalls in 60 minutes is your winner. Benoit ended up retaining here, with help from Eugene who came back for revenge on our resident roid freak, Trips. I’m disappointed here. These guys are both good wrestlers, yet we get more COMMERCIALS. That definitely takes the flow out of watching an hour long match. I’d say we lost about 5-10 minutes of this match during commercial. Sad sad sad. For the non-wrestling fans, let’s say you’re watching a baseball game and suddenly during the 4th inning, they go to a commercial while play is going on. Anyways, on a positive note, SummerSlam is a few weeks away and that’s a biggie. Orton might get the main belt and we also get Eddie Guerrero against Kurt Angle in what will be an instant classic.

Last night (this morning?) I went to bed at 8:30. I’m not sure if that’s something to brag about or not, but the moral of this story as always is that I’m an idiot. Why go to bed when you’re having fun and you’re not tired? I really didn’t want to go then, but I had to. I then wake up at 2:00 to do absolutely nothing all day long. I did leave the house from 7:00-8:00 though to hit up some chapel time at my church. That was the only time I stepped out of my door.

Tuesday night now means World Series Of Poker. Tonight they decide to show the chicks tournaments. No disrespect to the loyal chick fans of the Blog out there, but this just wasn’t interesting at all. The chicks were too prissy. This is Poker, get your serious face on and get all mean. Instead, we see some of them crying. You don’t get the same intensity you get when they show the guys playing. I did however like this one chick who pretty much bashed the rest by saying that she wanted no part of the chicks tables. She wanted to play with the dudes. The good thing is that some of these chicks looked good though, so I guess not all is bad. Some can play I’m sure, but you can’t tell me that looking across the table at a Hold Em table and that a chick is going to intimidate you. Then again, Hold Em is luck, so I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or chick. What bugs me is why they separate the tables. Just have them all go at it. I’m not a good Poker player, but I could sit down at a Hold Em table and do halfway decent I think. 7-Card Stud, now that’s where I’d get my eyes blacked and rocked good by the legends.

What’s new in the land of mIRC? Tonight I stepped into the oh so hallowed grounds of Undernet #basketball. Not a lot was happening there (brings tears to my face when that happens), so Rahl invites me into #baseball. It’s part of the #Balls Empire and I haven’t been there in ages, so I was due to say hey to some good buddies I haven’t talked to in a while. It was hopping! I think I’ll go there a decent bit now, but #basketball still rules all mankind. Rahl, Kasher, Wilbur, MilkMan, Dack, HeadCase, and the cast of many other legends. It doesn’t get better than good #Balls Empire chat. I’m convinced of this.

The new Kevin Garnett Adidas commercial is a good one. You’ve seen it. He has a lot of people from the city on his shoulders and he’s carrying them around. And they’re jamming to the He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands song whatever that one is. A relatively short post for me today, but hopefully it holds everyone down for a bit. One.

Monday, July 26, 2004


Now that I’m back to normal life for a few days, it’s time for the format you’re all used to in here. You can probably almost figure out my daily schedule by now. I just try to make it look like we do something major out here in the mean streets of Shinnston, but that’s pretty hard to disguise.

Sunday was a pretty boring day. I’m not even sure I have anything at all worthwhile to write about from then. I am just glad to have the internet back. Sadly, we’re so hooked that we can’t go a week without being online. I was at the point on my beach trip where I had to find an internet cafe to hang out in for a few hours. I guess I could be hooked on worse things huh? And as far as the city life goes, forget that mess. It’s fun to see and visit, but give me my town in the middle of nowhere any day of the week.

I can update everybody with the happenings in NCAA 2005 though. Since I’ve returned from the beach, I’m not in my 3rd Year in my Dynasty with Notre Dame. My first year was brutal, as I finished around 85th Place. The 2nd Year was mean though, as I finished in the Top 10, and had a final record of 10-2. Things are looking up hopefully. I still can’t pass or kick worth a lick, but that’ll improve. I’m not great at this game, that’s for sure, but I’m loving every penny I paid for it. I doubt I get Madden this year since I’ll have a lot of time spent with NCAA instead. This winter will have some hot games though, as it’ll be tough to get them all. Tiger Woods 2005 is a must of course. Also, we have Resident Evil 4 coming out for GameCube, Live 2005, Def Jam Vendetta 2 (or whatever it’ll be called), a new Zelda coming out eventually (oooh.. starting to get cold chills here), and news on the new Nintendo system called Revolution.

I was able to get back to the lifting scene today. While on vacation, I was able to workout, but it wasn’t the same. I didn’t have any free weights, but they did have some nice machines there. It just doesn’t compare to me, no matter how nice a machine is. Give me a free weight workout ten times out of ten. I didn’t set any records today though, but rolled through it pretty smooth, as I lifted with my boy Spank. He went nuts and benched 260 for 8 times.

After that, it was ping pong action. My Dad as he was telling us was “taking names and kicking asses” and he sure was. He played 12 games and got beat twice by Spank. I didn’t beat him at all. Me and Spank were even today though, but we got our brains beat in by Dad. That’s how it rolls sometimes though. On the update on the 50-game series that me and my Dad have going, at the moment I’m up 25-22. Today’s games didn’t count towards that. I’ve done better in controlling my anger in sports compared to years past, but it always flares up. Dad was joking around saying that I need to go to anger management sessions. I haven’t snapped any paddles lately though since having the new table, so that’s a move in the right direction. The funny thing is that normally I’m so calm and laid back, but not during sports. It’s weird.

Today my 3-year old cousin is at the house. My parents are watching her today. I hang with her some, but man, I couldn’t handle a kid right now. I don’t see how some of my buddies do it. I guess they don’t have a choice, but that’s a lot of hassle. Kids are cool, but right now I put them in the same class as big cities that I mentioned earlier. They’re fun for a while, but it’s a full-time job having one. I can handle a lot of stuff, but a screaming kid isn’t one. In all reality, it’ll be a while before I have one. Unless something crazy goes down, which I doubt, you never know. For a guy who has one serious relationship ever, I doubt the baby making and marriage idea is anytime soon. I’ll let my buddies handle that stuff for now. I may catch up one of these days, but I still feel like a kid. Who wants to grow up anyways, even at 25?

On an update on the travel plans, I’m rolling out to the ATL on Thursday night at midnight. I’m going to visit some of my cousins. My cousin Mitch and also Cork is making the trek with me. I’m excited because I’ll be hitting up some states that I’ve never been through before, so that’s an accomplishment in itself. This small town guy doesn’t get out much, sorry. I’m also pumped to see a baseball game there. That’s the main reason I wanted to go, as we’re seeing the Braves take on the Amazin Mets. This will make the 5th Major League Baseball stadium I’ve been to (Old Three Rivers, PNC Park, Camden Yards, and Jacobs Field), so that should be fun. Not sure what else will go down in the ATL. The road trip there will be interesting enough, as those are always fun to do with the boys. Maybe bust out some sports trivia on the way.

This eveing you ask? I’m getting so pumped for RAW tonight. More than usual. It’s the highlight of my week anyways, but this week it’s a 60-Minute Ironman Match between Triple H and Benoit. That should hopefully be a classic if all goes right. So it’s time for Cork to head on over to watch some baseball before RAW begins. What a night.. See you guys soon.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Beach Trip & Thoughts

Welcome back everybody. For those who were in a coma, I was gone for the past week as I was getting my vacation on at the beach. Usually I just ramble on and on, and today won’t be any different, but I’m going to put this Blog up in sections. This will be about my past week at the beach, so hopefully I can spice thangs up for your enjoyment. This is a true story of seven strangers, who were picked to live in a house.. Wait, not that Real World. This one is mine, straight from the mean streets of Ocean City, Maryland. Just be prepared for a really long Blog. I was away for a week, I have to come back to you with authority.

Weather: The weather all week was amazing. We didn’t have rain during the actual day, not once. Twice it rained in the morning, but I’m sleeping then anyways. By the time I woke up, it was sunny and ready to get to business. The water wasn’t bad at all. Some big waves were going while the temperature was perfect. It was about 85 everyday and sunny, so not too shabby.

Sleep: Where’d I sleep at? We stayed on 99th Street at a place called Century I. I sort of felt at home, because I had half of the house and my parents had the other half. They had their bedroom and bathroom upstairs. I was downstairs, which also had a big kitchen, living room, and my bathroom. We had cable in two rooms, which worked out sweet too. Two balconies that was oceanfront and one outside of my bedroom that was on the street side to where I could see action.

Food: I did some serious eating this week. For the past month or so, I’ve been doing great not eating much junk food as far as candy goes. Not this week. I went back to my roots. Due to the kitchen there, we were able to have some homemade cooking. That’s a big reason while I’ll live at home until I’m 40 years old. As far as the homemade stuff, we had Dad’s breakfast everyday (pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs..), of course Mom had to make her spaghetti, and then chicken one night. As far as the eating out deal goes (not chicks unfortunately, for the porn fans out there), I’ll recap what I did there. We ate at The Bonfire (one of the best places to eat there, but not my ultimate fave) and had all you can eat prime rib and crab legs. I went wild in there and tore stuff up like mad. Then one night we went to this place called Finnegan’s. It was an Irish restaurant, with a pub setting. I ate a Philly Cheesesteak there and had some fries. In the bar part of this place, it was nothing but thugs, and when a lot of whiteys walked in to eat, they immediately walked out since everyone is racist it seems. More on that later, as I have a LOT to vent about on that topic, whether you’ll like my point of view or not. Stay tuned. My favorite place (maybe of any place evarrr) is an Italian joint called Ristorante Antipasti. Straight off the boat Italians here, with full accent and everything, so that alone made it quality and I knew I would get great food. I get a platter called Rigatoni Pecoria, which is Tally sausage on rigatoni with cheese and peppers. This restaurant is ranked in the Top 5 in the nation supposedly, who knows. But I can definitely see why. Another day we went to a place called Ledo Pizza. Again, straight off the boat Italians here, so I knew good food was about to come up. I know I’m biased, but it was good stuff. I eat enough Italian, but how could I go a trip without Chinese? This is where I got a late night pickup at Charlie Chiang’s, and got my favorite, General Tso’s Chicken with fried rice, mmm.. Below, you’ll see links of each of the places I ate at if you’re that bored to read some menus or whatever.

Chicks: First, everyone wants to know if I hooked up with some dirty there, and the answer to that one is no. Let me explain though a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t get to fulfill a fantasy of mine by having a chick in the shower, but one of these days I can hope, hah. A few problems here. At the beach, of course chicks are going to be all over the place. One problem was that the chick was either 14 years old or she was a Mom. Some real nice MILFs though. Not many chicks near my age were single. If they were there, they were there with some dude, so that doesn’t help matters much. A disappointment I had with the chicks is that not many thug chicks were around. I can deal with that since West Virginia doesn’t have any (at least not in my area of the state), but I figured with it being on the East Coast, I’d see some good black chicks around. For those keeping score at home, that ranks second on my chick list. My #1 choice of a chick as everyone knows is a good Italian girl. Overall though, nice eye candy all around, so don’t let me fool you there. I’ll end the chick section with a quote I got while running around one night:

I was walking through the streets one night around 11:00 or so and these younger guys about 20 years old were about to catch the bus, crack down some beers and go the boardwalk after girls. I said hey to them just as a regular thing, and without knowing me, wanted me to go with them. Here’s what their leader said to me, “Yeah! We’re going to drink some beer at the boardwalk! Yeah! These 16-year old girls just got their license. Let’s go break their hymens! Throw your license away and tell them you’re 17. It’s that easy.” Yep, you see it all. And no, I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

Walking: I did some major walking while there and my legs are crazy sore from it now. On Tuesday night, I walked 70 blocks since I was bored and wanted to see what was going on at night. Wednesday was the big night of walking though. I walked a total of 82 blocks on the beach in the evening and late that night, I walked 68 more blocks on the street. So that’s 150 blocks. w00t! You talk about having some sore calves. Why did I do that? No clue. Being there by yourself (with my parents, but they were in bed early; most people would think that’d be horrible, but I’m an only child and an a pretty independent dude as far as motivating myself), you think of good ways to kill time. While walking around, I got to see the cops bust all kinds of people, a 64 Chevy Impala pimped out taxi (I hate myself for not riding that thing), and whatever else the nightlife had to give.

TV: I see this Blog is getting to be crazy long, so deal with me. Cable here was great I thought. I got the cable that Baltimore has if anyone is familiar with that. That means I got to watch SmackDown on Thursday night, something I never get to do in my area unfortunately. And the highlight of every week is watching RAW, so I couldn’t miss that for anything. Everything else was normal, the SportsCenter watching, BET, MTV, and you know how it goes. A few things did change though. I was hooked on dating shows this week such as Blind Date, Eliminidate, the MTV show where they have a pimp talk to some guy going out on a date, and Ex-Treme Dating. The guys out there all know who Jillian Barberie is and she’s now on my annoying list. I don’t care how hot she is, if you watch this show, she’ll get on your nerves till no end. The concept of the show is nice though if you want something to watch late at night. And I watched Letterman every night (I need to get regular cable back upstairs) as he cracks me up good.

I had to take my GameCube (won’t tell big stories on that; go to Lobstah to read what I’ve been doing there), did a lot of shopping (not enough space to type here to bore you all with, but did load up on a nice Celts hoodie), and hit up a Catholic Church right across the place from our condo. But I’m not writing on that stuff since I want to hit up two big topics for me, then I’ll be done with you guys until the next Blog..

Tats: I must be so out of the game here. I just don’t understand the big hype over tattoos. Fill me in on this one if you could. It’s your body to do what you want to, better you than me, but it’s just not my thing. What I wonder is what happens when all of these people are like 60 years old and they have these weird symbols and crap on their bodies still? And you girls especially. Get original. Don’t get a thing on the small of your back like EVERY single girl out there. I know a lot of guys are into that on a girl, but it’s just not me. It looks trashy in my opinion. Guys I can see with tats on since they want to look all mean, but the tats on chicks just has zero appeal to me, sorry.

Racism: Hopefully I didn’t scare anyone off with my tat remarks, but I may on this one, because I’m about to go off. Hear me out though. Is there racism no matter what area of the country you go to? This is sad to me. We’re not in the 1920s anymore people. Being a whitey, I can just see the aspect of people bashing other races, and whiteys don’t normally get that. It’s from the outside looking in. But when I’m around people that do nothing but hate on other minorities, I wish I could stop it somehow. When you confront a whitey who bashes a black guy, they get all uppity and act like they have nothing against blacks. Don’t front on me like that, we can all see right through it. Yet there’s not a lot I can do about it other than just let that person complain about how they hate a certain minority group. Being in West Virginia (and I’m sure it’s like this everywhere), I’m tired of seeing this everyday. What’s the big deal anyways? People with these views act all tough in talk, but when they’re around a certain minority group, they get intimidated. Now what, tough guy? I know I’m talking to a wall here or myself, but maybe one day we’ll all get along. That won’t ever happen here in West Virginia though.

Sorry for the last few things, but I wanted to get that off of my chest. 99% of the time I’m laid back, but I think I can write about whatever in here if I choose to. I am in a great mood though, so if you read through all of that mess, I applaud you, and leave you with this quote:

Charles Barkley, commercial for basketball shoes, 1993: "These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it."

Friday, July 16, 2004

CD List

This Blog will be up for a week. I'm rolling out to Ocean City, Maryland for some vacation action. Feel free to leave comments in my Blogs.. A few plugs and then I'll post my list. Check out the CDs you like, maybe we can trade something or work something out. I'm easy to deal with.
Cork's Blog:
DerekHood's Blog:
ManDingo's Blog:
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Real World/Road Rules Blog: 
Sorry about that.. Gotta get my shoutouts there..
Bird33's CD List
112: Hot & Wet
213: The Hard Way
5th Ward Weebie: Da Unexpected
Akon: Trouble
Archie Eversole: Ride Wit Me
Avant: Private Room
The Notorious B.I.G.: Ready To Die
Baby a.k.a. #1 Stunna: Birdman
Bad Azz: Executive Decision
Lloyd Banks vs. Cassidy: Big Mike Presents Round 2 - The Future Is Now
Lloyd Banks vs. Cassidy: Kochese Presents Round 3 - The Final Chapter
Lloyd Banks: Money In The Bank
Lloyd Banks: Hunger For More
Barbershop 2: Back In Business: Soundtrack
Beanie Sigel: The Reason
Beastie Boys: Licensed To Ill
Beastie Boys: To The 5 Boroughs
B.G.: Chopper City In The Ghetto
Big L: The Big Picture
Big Lurch: It's All Bad
Big Punisher: Capital Punishment
Big Tymers: Hood Rich
Big Tymers: Big Money Heavyweights
Black Eyed Peas: Elephunk
Bone Crusher: AttenCHUN!
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Faces Of Death
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: E. 1999 Eternal
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: The Art Of War (WWI)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: The Art Of War (WWII)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Thug World Order
Boo & Gotti: Perfect Timing
Lil Bow Wow: Doggy Bag
Bow Wow: Unleashed
Bubba Sparxxx: Dark Days, Bright Nights
Bubba Sparxxx: Deliverance
Joe Budden: Joe Budden
Busta Rhymes: When Disaster Strikes...
Busta Rhymes: E.L.E. - The Final World Front
Camoflauge: I Represent
Cam'ron: S.D.E.
Cam'ron: Come Home With Me
Cam'ron: Purple Haze Mixtape
Cappadonna: The Struggle
Cassidy: Split Personality
Cee-Lo: Green And His Perfect Imperfections
Cee-Lo: Green Is The Soul Machine
Chingy: Jackpot
Choices Soundtrack
Choppa: Straight From The N.O.
Clipse: Lord Willin'
Common: Like Water For Chocolate
Coo Coo Cal: Disturbed
Coo Coo Cal: Still Walkin'
Coo Coo Cal: All Or Nothing
Cormega: Legal Hustle
Cradle 2 The Grave Soundtrack
Crooked I: Young Boss - Volume 1
Crucial Conflict: The Final Tic
Crucial Conflict: Good Side Bad Side
D12: Devil's Night
D12: D12 World
Da Army: A Soldier Dies Once - Volume 1
Da Band: Too Hot For TV
David Banner: Mississippi The Album
David Banner: MTA2- Baptized In Dirty Water
The Dayton Family: Dope House
Daz: R.A.W.
Daz: DPGC: U Know What I'm Throwin' Up
Dead Prez: RBG - Revolutionary But Gangsta
Delinquent Habits: Delinquent Habits
Devin The Dude: Just Tryin Ta Live
Devin The Dude: To Tha X-Treme
The Diplomats: Diplomatic Immunity - Disc 2
Dirty: The Pimp And Da Gangsta
DJ Clue: The Professional #2
DMX: It's Dark And Hell Is Hot
DMX: Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood
DMX: Grand Champ
The D.O.C.: No One Can Do It Better
Tha Dogg Pound: Dogg Food
Do Or Die: Headz Or Tailz
Do Or Die: Victory
Dr. Dre: The Chronic
Dr. Dre: Concrete Roots
Dr. Dre: Chronic 2001
Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg: The Wash Soundtrack
Dru Down: Explicit Game
Dru Down: Can U Feel Me
Dru Down: Pimpin' Phernelia
Dru Down: Gangsta Pimpin
Dru Hill: Dru World Order
DSGB: 'Til Death Do Us Apart
E-40: In A Major Way
E-40: Loyalty And Grind
E-40: Grit And Grind
E-40: Breakin News
ECW Themes: Volume 1
ECW Themes: Volume 2
Eightball: Almost Famous
Eightball: Lost (Disc 1)
Eightball: Lost (Disc 2)
Eightball & MJG: Living Legends
8 Mile Soundtrack
Eminem: Infinite
Eminem: The Slim Shady LP
Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP
Eminem: The Eminem Show
EPMD: Out Of Business
EPMD: Greatest Hits
Essential Contemporary Crying Music: Volume 1
Essential Contemporary Crying Music: Volume 2
Fabolous: Street Dreams
The Fast And The Furious Soundtrack
2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack
Fat Joe: Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)
Fat Joe: Loyalty
Field Mob: From Tha Roota To Tha Toota
Fiend: There's One In Every Family
50 Cent: Power Of The Dollar
50 Cent: 50 Cent Is The Future
50 Cent: Guess Who's Back
50 Cent: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Freeway: Philadelphia Freeway
Freeway: Best Of Freeway
Funkmaster Flex: 60 Minutes Of Funk Volume 4
Gangsta Lou: Almost Famous
Geto Boys: Greatest Hits
Ghetto Mafia: Straight From The Dec
Ghetto Mafia: On Da Grind
Ghostface Killah: Bulletproof Wallets
Ghostface Killah: The Pretty Toney Album
Goodie Mob: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
G-Unit: Beg For Mercy
G-Unit: DJ Mello Presents The Best Of G-Unit
GZA: Liquid Swords
Anthony Hamilton: Comin From Where I'm From
Hot Boys: Let Em Burn
Marques Houston: MH
Hyrdo & G-Ron: Illegal Procedures
I Got The Hook-Up! Sountrack
Ice Cube: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
Ice Cube: Death Certificate
Ice Cube: War And Peace Volume 1 (War Disc)
Ice Cube: War And Peace Volume 2 (Peace Disc)
Ice-T: Gang Culture
Inspectah Deck: Uncontrolled Substance
Inspectah Deck: The Movement
The Isley Brothers: Body Kiss
Jadakiss: Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
Jadakiss: Kiss Of Death
Jadakiss: DJ F Sharp Presents Top Five Dead Or Alive - Part 1
Jagged Edge: J.E. Heartbreak
Jagged Edge: Hard
Ja Rule: Venni Vetti Vecci
Ja Rule: Rule 3:36
Ja Rule: Pain Is Love
Ja Rule: The Last Temptation
Ja Rule: Blood In My Eye
Jay-Z: Reasonable Doubt
Jay-Z: The Black Album
Jermaine Dupri: Life In 1472
Jermaine Dupri: Instructions
Jim Crow: Crow's Nest
J-Kwon: Hood Hop
Joe: And Then...
Mike Jones: Ice Age
Roy Jones Jr.: Round One The Album
JT Money: Blood, Sweat, And Years
Juelz Santana: From Me To U
Juvenile: 400 Degreez
Juvenile: Juve The Great
Kanye West: The College Dropout
Knoc-Turn'al: The Way I Am
KRS-One: Return Of The Boom Bap
KRS-One: I Got Next
KRS-One: A Retrospective
KRS-One: Spiritual Minded
Lil Flip: Leprechaun
Lil Flip: Undaground Legend
Lil Flip: U Gotta Feel Me - Disc 1
Lil Flip: U Gotta Feel Me - Disc 2
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz: Put Yo Hood Up
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz: Kings Of Crunk
Lil Ken: Str8 Out Tha Stable
Lil Kim: La Bella Mafia
Lil Mo: Meet The Girl Next Door
Lil Wayne: 500 Degreez
Lil Wayne: The Carter
LL Cool J: Radio
LL Cool J: Bigger And Deffer
LL Cool J: G.O.A.T.
LL Cool J: 10
Loon: Loon
Ludacris: Back For The First Time
Ludacris: Word Of Mouf
Ludacris: Chicken & Beer
Luniz: Operation Stackola
Mac Dre: Ronald Dregan Dreganomics
Mac Mall: Immaculate
Mack 10: Bang Or Ball
Mack 10: Ghetto, Gutter & Gangsta
Mark G: Muthafuckin Boda
Ma$e: Harlem World
Masta Killa: No Said Date
Master P: Ghetto D
Master P: MP Da Last Don - Disc One
Master P: MP Da Last Don - Disc Two
Master P: Ghetto Postage
Master P: Good Side, Bad Side- Disc One
Master P: Good Side, Bad Side - Disc Two
Memphis Bleek: M.A.D.E.
Method Man: Tical
Method Man: Tical 0 - The Prequel
MJG: No More Glory
Mobb Deep: Hell On Earth
Mobb Deep: The Dunn Language
M.O.P.: The Mash Out Posse
Mos Def & Talib Kweli: Black Star
Murphy Lee: Murphy's Law
Mystikal: Mind Of Mystikal
Mystikal: Unpredictable
Mystikal: Ghetto Fabulous
Mystikal: Let's Get Ready
Mystikal: Tarantula
Nappy Roots: Watermelon Chicken And Gritz
Nappy Roots: Wooden Leather
Nas: Illmatic
Nas: It Was Written
Nas: I Am...
Nas: Nastradamus
Nas: Stillmatic
Nas: God's Son
Nate Dogg: Ghetto Preacher
Nate Dogg: Music And Me
Naughty By Nature: Naughty By Nature
Nelly: Country Grammar
Nelly: Nellyville
Nelly: Da Derty Versions: The Reinvention
The Neptunes: Clones
N.E.R.D.: In Search Of...
N.E.R.D.: Fly Or Die
N.W.A.: Greatest Hits
Obie Trice: Cheers
Ol' Dirty Bastard: Return To The 36 Chambers
ONYX: Bacdafucup Part 2
Outkast: Stankonia
Outkast: Big Boi And Dre Presents Outkast
Pastor Troy: Universal Soldier
Pastor Troy: By Any Means Necessary
Petey Pablo: Diary Of A Sinner - 1st Entry
Petey Pablo: Still Writing In My Diary - 2nd Entry
Pimp C: Live From Harris County Jail
Playa Made: Pass Da Mic 2003 (Miyagi/Yella Fella)
Project Pat: Ghetty Green
Public Enemy: There's A Poison Goin' On
Puff Daddy: No Way Out
Raekwon: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
Raekwon: The Lex Diamond Story
RBX: The RBX Files
RBX: No Mercy, No Remorse
Redman: Doc's Da Name
Redman: Malpractice
Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack
R. Kelly: Chocolate Factory
Royce Da 5'9": Build And Destroy - CD 1
Royce Da 5'9": Build And Destroy - CD 2
Royce Da 5'9": Death Is Certain
Ruben Studdard: Soulful
Run DMC: Ultimate Run DMC
RZA: As Bobby Digital In Stereo
RZA: Digital Bullet
RZA: Birth Of A Prince
Adam Sandler: Shhh...Don't Tell
Scarface: The Untouchable
Scarface: The Fix
Erick Sermon: Chilltown, New York
Shaquille O'Neal: Shaq Diesel
Mr. Short Khop: Da Khop Shop
Slick Rick: Behind Bars
Slum Village: Detroit Deli
Smilez And Southstar: Crash The Party
Snoop Dogg: Doggystyle
Snoop Dogg: The Doggfather
Snoop Dogg: Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss
Spice 1: The Ridah
Spice 1 & MC Eiht: The Pioneers
State Property: Chain Gang Volume 2
St. Lunatics: Free City
Styles: Gangster And A Gentleman
Super Mario Smash Brothers Melee: Smashing.. Live!
Talib Kweli: Quality
Talib Kweli: Beautiful Struggle
Tech N9ne: Anghellic
Carl Thomas: Let's Talk About It
Three 6 Mafia: When The Smoke Clears
Three 6 Mafia: Da Untouchables
T.I.: I'm Serious
Timbaland: Tim's Bio- Life From Da Basement
Timbaland & Magoo: Indecent Proposal
Timbaland & Magoo: Under Construction, Part 2
Too $hort: Gettin' It (Album 10)
Too $hort: Can't Stay Away
Too $hort: Married To The Game
Tre: Paper Tha Way I See It Iz How I Spit It
Trick Daddy: Based On A True Story
Trick Daddy: Book Of Thugs
Trick Daddy: Thug Holiday
Trillville & Lil Scrappy: Welcome To Trillville
Trina: Diamond Princess
T-Rock: Rock Solid 4:20
2Pac: 2Pacalypse Now
2Pac: Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
2Pac: Me Against The World
2Pac: R U Still Down? (Disc 1)
2Pac: R U Still Down? (Disc 2)
2Pac: All Eyes On Me (Book 1)
2Pac: All Eyes On Me (Book 2)
2Pac: Makaveli
2Pac: Greatest Hits Volume 1
2Pac: Greatest Hits Volume 2
2Pac: Resurrection Soundtrack
Twista: Mobstability
Twista: Adrenaline Rush
Tyrese: I Wanna Go There
UGK: Ridin' Dirty
Usher: Confessions
Usher: Greatest Hits
Vanilla Ice: To The Extreme
Paul Wall: Chick Magnet
Warren G: Regulate... G Funk Era
Warren G: I Want It All
WC: Ghetto Heisman
Westside Connection: Bow Down
Westside Connection: Terrorist Threats
Mario Winans: Hurt No More
Wu Tang Clan: Enter The Wu (36 Chambers)
Wu Tang Clan: Forever (Disc 1)
Wu Tang Clan: Forever (Disc 2)
Wu Tang Clan: The W
Wu Tang Clan: Iron Flag
WWE Anthology (CD 1: The Federation Years)
WWE Anthology (CD 2: Attitude)
WWE Anthology (CD 3: NOW!)
WWE Originals
Wyclef Jean: Preacher's Son
X-Ecutioners: Revolutions
Xzibit: At The Speed Of Life
Xzibit: 40 Days & 40 Nights
Xzibit: Restless
Xzibit: Man Vs. Machine
Ying Yang Twins: Thug Walkin'
Ying Yang Twins: Alley
Ying Yang Twins: Me & My Brother
YoungBloodz: Against Da Grain
YoungBloodz: Drankin' Patnaz
Young Gunz: Tough Luv
Z-Ro: Life
Z-Ro: King Of Ghetto

Battle Of The Titans!

This will be the last Blog you’ll get to read on a regular basis for the next week. I’m rolling out to Ocean City, Maryland at around 3:00 on Saturday morning. The Blog while I’m gone will have my CD list as I promised. Tonight I have to go out with a bang since I’ll be on a little vacation.

I want to start things out with the Battle of the Titans. I’ll set the story in stone so everyone will able to follow this one closely. Recently, Cork and a guy he works with who we call Jimmy See The Baby (more on that in a second) were trash talking each other over who could win a 100-yard dash. This kept up for a while and they settled on having the race at our old high school’s track. They each put $5 in the pot just to have something to race for. Cork has been playing a good bit of tennis and getting in shape. Jimmy doesn’t really do anything, but still he thought he could run well. Jimmy is probably about my size if that gets you a Tale of the Tape to go by. But why do we call him Jimmy See The Baby? Do you remember the Starburst commercial with the Chinese people in a restaurant? If you’re a wrestling fan, you would see it on RAW about 10 times each show. It’s been out for at least a year or more. The old lady comes in carrying the baby and she’s showing it off to the family members. “Jimmy” comes into the restaurant and the old lady gets all excited and yells, “Jimmy! See da baby!!” I’ve seen that commercial a thousand times probably and it never ever gets old.
Anyways, they were done working around 10:00 and call me to get ready for the festivities. We had a few local chicks at the track walking around, so having some random fans was good times. The crew who made the trip across town to the track/football field? Cork and Jimmy obviously, along with their boss Larry (old school Italian; gotta love him), his wife Sheila, Jimmy’s sister Nancy, and myself. I was the starting line guy, Sheila was in the middle of the track, and Larry and Nancy were waiting on a photo finish. I set them off and Cork takes a quick early lead. About 50 yards into the race, Jimmy puts on the afterburners (mind you he’s running this race in a pair of jeans) and ends up winning by about 10 yards. It was a pretty close race actually and both sides showed respect afterwards. Jimmy collected his $5 and we were ready to go home. Or were we?
For the fun of things, Cork offered to run again. Jimmy was up for it and we set them off. Again, Cork dominated the first 50 yards. That’s when the trouble began. At about the halfway mark, Cork gets a little hardcore and goes faster than his steady pace he had going. He flips over and comes down crashing on his shoulder. I couldn’t tell how bad it was since I was on the starting end again for the second race. By the time we get to the other end, Cork’s knee is already a mess. We get in the car where we’re able to see under the lights and it wasn’t good times. Cork is going to be hurting bad in the morning from the fall. His shoulder he’s having problems moving, his knee is all mangled, and the palm of his right hand is all torn up. But Cork got up like it was nothing and shook things off. He’s hardcore and the WWE should sign him. Hang in there mane.
Kobe decides to stay with the Lakers. Surprise surprise huh? He’ll actually make $30 million MORE than he would’ve made by signing with any other team (was talking to the Clippers). That number is just hard to think of how it relates to regular bums like us. His new contract is for 7 years and near $137 milliooooon dollars. Still, the Lakers made a mistake I believe. They let Shaq Diesel walk away and in return I don’t like the trade. Not too often does a guy 7’2” and 350+ pounds with skill come into the league. You just don’t trade that away. He’ll do much better in the East against bum centers. Can you say total domination? One thing the Lakers did good was by not trading The Daddy to a team in their division. Now that Shaq is with Pat Riley, he’ll be sure to be in good shape when camp opens up. Too bad Boston has to face him more often now, doh! But although the Lakers team could be in trouble, Kobe is still the man. Despite the rape allegations, he comes to ball every single game and in my opinion is the most talented player in the league. Shaq is the most dominant and Kobe the most talented. That probably sounds confusing, but oh well.
How is NCAA 2005 going today? I love the game, but it’s tough to me. I’m off to a rough 3-4 start with my Irish. Today I’ve gotten in three games so far, with losses to Stanford and Boston College, with a win against Navy. Is it just me or is the passing game impossible on this version?
Before rolling to the Battle of the Titans, I hit up Sam’s Club in the mean streets of Fairmont. For those who don’t have a Sam’s Club nearby, it’s basically a huge wholesale store where you can buy in bulk. They have anything you want. A neat concept and I hit it up a good bit, but the only thing I don’t like is having to buy like $10 worth of stuff because that’s the smallest package they have. What am I going to do with 18 pounds of Skittles? I like candy as much as the next dude, but come on now. While there I got to talk to my girl Crystal. I talk to her all the time on here, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, so I had to get all caught up on the big happenings in Fairmont. You may remember her by a nickname that DerekHood gave her, Classy Miss Massey. I gotta give props to all my buddies out there, so eventually, you’ll probably get mentioned in this Blog if you’re around me in some form or shape.
I loaded up on a lot more CDs since the last time you read my Blog. Last night I went a little nuts I guess. What’d I do? I ended up getting five more full albums. They are as follows: Daz Dillinger’s R.A.W., 5th Ward Weebie’s Da Unexpected, Paper Tha Way I See It Iz How I Spit It from Tre, The Dunn Language by Mobb Deep, and Bad Azz’s new one (one of Snoop’s boys) titled Executive Decision.
And some lyrics I’m laughing at that I’ll end up on tonight..

Rapper: 5th Ward Weebie – Song: Where Ya Baby Mama? – Album: Ghetto Platinum 
Ya baby mama in the club and ya know she actin' bad
She's a ho, she's a ho
Ya baby daddy in the club and ya know he actin' bad
He's a ho, he's a ho
Ya baby mama actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Ya baby daddy actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Ya baby mama actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Cause she's a ho, she's a ho 

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Buried Under 235

I’ll start things out today with one of my worst workouts ever. Most of the time when I talk about attempting to get all buffed and roided out, it’s a good day in the gym, but not this one. I was feeling good. I started out today by doing some Chest. As I was into my bench press, I figured I’d go up sort of heavy. I went up to 235 pounds today and wanted to get rep it a few times. I got the first one up pretty easy and wanted to try another. As I brought the second one down, I almost was able to get it, but I got BURIED! For those who have never been buried when lifting, it’s not fun times at all. So I was sitting there with nearly 80 pounds more than my weight crushing my chest. I tried rolling it down my body to where I could get some kind of force to overturn it. No luck there either. So I had to pull all stops out and do what I knew would hurt me and it did. I had to lean to my right (just picture me laying there on my back with this jamming into my chest) and let the bar and weights go crashing down. While this process was going on, it gave me a bruise and cut on my lower ribs and I was “busted wide open” as Jim Ross, the WWE announcers would say, near my bellybutton and drew blood. Instantly, my workout was shot. I still managed to hit Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps, but nothing to write home about. This is only the third time I’ve ever gotten buried while lifting in what has been over 10 years of lifting steady for me, without ever missing over a week of action.

Now onto things that are more relaxed. When I left off last night, my boys Cork and Posey came over to do battle in pong at around 1:30. Posey is living near Baltimore now, so he can only come to the mean streets here once a week for card night with Cork. He hasn’t played pong in a while, but he got right into the thick of things. His game is similar to Spank’s in that he uses a real heavy paddle with a ton of padding to get the spin effect, while I use the lightest paddle I can get of wood, no padding. Just the type of players that infuriate me to no end, but they do a good job of playing that game. Here I am wanting to just murder the ball and put it away as quick as possible and they bring the slow spin stuff that can mess with your head. It’s a conflict of styles and always interesting to see how it goes down. Posey did some trash talking to Cork before I guess and said that Cork couldn’t beat him. Cork busted out the hickory stick and laid it to him a few games.

My digital camera came today in the mail today too, so that was nice to see. The thing is so tiny. It can fit in a pocket easily and is simple to use. I haven’t done a lot with it yet, but I made a good buy I believe. I’m scared I’ll lose it at that size though, but we’ll see how that one ends up. I ended up getting the Sony Cyber-shot 4.1 mexapixel. This is the first cam I’ve had that uses AA batteries. Weird going from a lithium battery in my old cam to a cam with AA batteries. That’s a step down instead of a step up, but it seems to work just fine, especially that I bought a battery charger for it. It’s the rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for the computer geniuses out there.

For those not caught up in Lobstah (shame on you for not being), I’ve been doing a lot of playing on NCAA Football 2005 on GameCube. Me and my buddies are all over this. It seems as if everyone in #basketball does nothing all day long but play this. As a matter of fact, the ones of us online now that are taking a break from playing, are talking together about our accomplishments on the game. Is it a wonder we’re all single? Oh well. When it comes to video game time, nothing can come between that. So far in my Dynasty with Notre Dame, I’m 2-2. I started out rough, but now things are flowing together. My run game and defense is simply awesome, but my passing game has to be the worst out of any #basketball guy. If anyone is worse than me at passing, I feel bad for you. But I’ll run the guts out of it all game and rack up the stats, hoping to gain running back Ryan Grant the Heisman.

ManDingo has a quiz for us, if you haven’t checked his Blog in the past few days..

NCAA 2005 is…

(a) Awesome.
(b) Awesome.
(c) Awesome.
(d) All of the above.

Pop quiz as soon as my hand comes unglued from my controller. Don’t worry it may be a while.

I may have had the greatest Blizzard of all time tonight. I strut to Dairy Queen between games of NCAA and see that they have a new item. Or I think it’s new? Chocolate Covered Strawberry Blizzard. I had to jump all over that one and it’s worth every penny. It’s the same chocolate they dip ice cream cones in, so you know that’s quality.

From about 4:00-6:00 last night, I was due for some new CDs. Imagine that one. I ended up getting four new ones last night. What’d I roll with? I got Adam Sandler’s new one, Shh…Don’t Tell, which is absolutely hilarious. Then I get an older Public Enemy album titled There’s A Poison Goin’ On, one from Texas rapper Big Lurch called It’s All Bad (very good surprisingly for not knowing anything about him before downloading), and Mac Dre’s Ronald Dregan Dreganomics. Cork loaded me up with a few today as well when I went to go workout. He got the 213 album, The Hard Way, which isn’t released yet (213 is Snoop, Nate Dogg, and Warren G) and also Talib Kweli’s newest, Beautiful Struggle.

Thanks to TheFreak of #basketball fame for providing us with this story he found:

This guy down in VA basically grew up in a low-income family, and his dad used to take him to Prince William Pirates games. A minor leaguer there signed a ball for him, and being young the guy figured the player wouldn't make it big, so he used the ball to play fetch with this dog. The guy who signed the ball: Barry Bonds.

A CD that I’m disappointed in that I haven’t tried to get yet is from one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Randy “Macho Man” Savage. A CD you say? Yes, he tried to be a rapper. In one song, he bashes Hulk Hogan and it’s funny stuff:

Rapper: Randy Savage – Song: Be A Man – Album: Be A Man
Be a man Hulk Come on don't be scared
Your runnin' from Macho that's what I heard

Be a man Hogan Come on don't be a chump
I never thought Hulk would go out like a punk

Be a man Hulk Come on don't be scared
You're runnin' from Macho that's what I heard

Be a man Hogan Boy you's a chump
Cuz Hulk Hogan is a real big punk

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Hola to all of you amigos out there. I took two years of Spanish in high school and remember about three words of that language. Sad. Same goes for every other language I’ve ever taken such as French, Italian, and Latin. Where do we begin with this Blog? Since I focused on the WWE in our last chat, I’ll just hit up RAW, but won’t get into a ton of detail since it’s a free show and if you’re a wrestling fan, you know what went down anyways. And if you’re not a wrestling fan, you’re probably glad the entire Blog isn’t dedicated to that action.

The show was from the mean streets of Manchester, New Hampshire. Seriously now, what goes down in New Hampshire? I can’t tell you a thing about that place. It ranks right up there with West Virginia, Idaho, the Dakotas, and Wyoming on the scale of national respect. Can we just make all of these states into one? Call them the bum states or something. Anyways, they decide to run RAW from there last night. Edge took out Orton last night at Vengeance and at RAW he beat Batista for his goal to eventually take down all of Evolution. I’m just not seeing the intensity from Edge and I think the crowd agrees. He needs something a little more. Is it Christian he lacks? Jericho took on Kane after he had Kane and Lita on the Highlight Reel. Please, get Lita off TV. The only purpose she serves is to see how bad her acting will be from week to week. Me and Cork can’t wait to see that stuff. But Kane busts Y2J in the nads and it’s over, blah. Jericho doesn’t deserve this. Since it was Hurricane’s birthday (or so some signs in the crowd said), I guess it was his present to wrestle the greatest wrestler of all time, Ric Flair. Flair’s ear got busted wide open somehow, but he locked in the Figure Four to make Hurricane tap out like a little girl. Our main event had Benoit putting his title on the line against Eugene. This ended in a no contest as Evolution came down and put the beat downs to both Benoit and Eugene. Not a bad show, but not anything worth writing home about either. Then again, I wrote it to you, so is that like eating my own words?

After watching RAW, nothing huge went down the rest of the night. From 12:00-1:00, I spent an hour at my church’s chapel for anyone who knows how that goes down. Or as Michael Vick said last week about rumors coming out about him being gay, he commented something like, “My boys know me, they know how I get down.” That just cracks me up good. I could listen to stupid interview lines forever, especially from gangsta thugs.

I set my alarm for 9:30. Yes, you read that right. I rolled to bed at 5:00, so I got a good 4½ hours to gear up for HUGE happenings. I woke up that early so I could get NCAA Football 2005 for GameCube. I could’ve got it late last night, but that would’ve cost me to miss a live episode of RAW, and that would’ve been a sin I’d never be forgiven for. When I got the game, I immediately rip it open and check out the inside. Christmas in July. Then I head on to Staples to order my digital camera that I’ve been talking about. It may be here in the mail tomorrow, but I doubt that one. A few days tops though, so peep that. I hope it’s decent. And what trip to Clarksburg/Bridgeport wouldn’t be complete without a Wal-Mart stop? I had to load up on some frozen Chinese food. Cashew Chicken, good times. Also got some pimpin swim trunks at JC Penney’s today at a bargain.

How is NCAA Football 2005? I’ll start with the bad. There really isn’t too much bad, but my only complaint is how the wide receivers have butterfingers. And it’s not just Notre Dame either. Cork has mentioned this same thing. But if that’s the only thing that bugs me, the game is just fine. The running game goes real smooth and you can play smashmouth all the way down the field. Also, the option plays run well and brings me a blast from the past of the Lou Holtz Era from Notre Dame. Old school teams are on there too, so that’s always an added quality. I haven’t jumped into the Dynasty Mode much yet, but we’ll see how that goes. The levels (to me) are fairly hard in this year’s model. Varsity (2nd level out of 4) is rough to me and that shouldn’t be the case. I may have to bust heads on Junior Varsity and move my way up. If you’re keeping track at home, the 3rd level is All-American and the highest of high levels is Heisman. A neat thing they have this year is that you can create your own signs. There’s no limit to what you can put on them either. I feel like a middle school kid all over again now that I can put crazy stuff on the signs for the fans on the game to hold up during big plays. Then I can laugh like Beavis for about 10 minutes straight at what I’ve created.

I’m going to bore everyone with some more excerpts from the new Flair book that I’ve been ranting on now for about a week. I could write the party stories, him Big Pimpin, how much money he spent, road trip stories, talking about roids (he did them actually, but never for long periods of time supposedly), and things of that nature. I know nothing about the drinking craze, but if you party like rock stars, this will make sense to you. He said that from 1976-1991, he bought himself 100 kamikaze drinks each week, not to mention his other money spent on booze. Maybe I’ll touch on that stuff another day, but here’s something that had me cracking up:

So Scotty (Steiner) did pretty much whatever he pleased. I remember the Steiners amusing themselves by taping up “Hacksaw” Butch Reed’s hands and feet. Reed was such a fun-loving guy that he didn’t care. Then I asked Reed’s tag-team partner at the time, Ron Simmons (Faarooq), “When are they gonna do that to you?”

Simmons looked me dead in the eye: “Never.”

“Well, what would happen if they did try to fuck around with you?”

“Flair, I’m unfuckable.”

What’s new on the CD front? You’ll see my entire list if you already haven’t before a million times (listed in my AOL Instant Messenger profile; if I’m right on this, AOL members check that out, but maybe that’s changed?) on Friday night when I leave for the beach. I’ll update you on what I’ve gotten the past few weeks though, with some help from Cork Dizzle of course. The last time I wrote about CDs, I was on a KRS-One kick and that’s always good stuff. Since last week, me and Cork add four more to our collections. I got Devin The Dude’s new one To Tha X-Treme and also Erick Sermon’s new one, Chilltown, New York. Then Cork loads me up with Coo Coo Cal’s latest called All Or Nothing as well as one everyone knows from Vanilla Ice, To The Extreme. Funny how we got two CDs with the same name this past week. Devin is about as laid back as a rapper as you’ll ever see. If you’re into the mood to just lean back and jam, he’s your guy. He looks like your local crackhead, but he’s a talent. Also, you’ve probably never heard of Coo Coo Cal, but you need to. He’s straight from Milwaukee and has a style all to his own. He’s got a few CDs out there, so check those out if you can find them online. More than likely, you won’t find him at your local music store, but never say nevarrrr.

Later tonight, I have my boys Cork and Posey coming around 1:30. Since Posey is in town for the weekly Poker showdown at A’s, he wants to do battle in some ping pong. I’m always up for that. Me and Dad have a series going now and the winner will be determined by who wins 50 games first. As of typing this, Dad leads 16-15, so it’s tight competition. Posey hasn’t played since we got the new table, so he’s due. He could hang at the college tables, so I figure he still has it. It’s like riding a bike. It doesn’t take you long to get back into pong if you’ve been away from the game.

To end things tonight, I’ll give a few quick thoughts on the last Real World San Diego action. Tonight they showed an hour’s worth of stuff they claimed they should’ve shown before. It’s just a scheme to get hardcore fans like myself watching again. And sadly, it works. Some highlights of the show? More scenes of Brad going crazy on people is always great entertainment, The Bootyologist (not to be confused with our own DerekHood) throwing some smooth lines to the chicks in the hot tub, Jamie looking good as usual, and Cam being annoying. Not that I would know anything about hooking up with chicks in hot tubs unfortunately, but how many can turn down Big Pimpin in a hot tub? I like my odds on that one if it ever comes down to that.

Doh! As I was about to post this, I get a note from the Blog elite saying that they’re doing maintenance until 1:00 my time, ouch. A lot of you will be in bed by that time, so it’ll be a good wakeup present for you.

And remember, if all else fails, bust out the hot tub. It has to work doesn’t it? As for now, I’m out, holla.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Randy Orton vs Edge: A Classic!

Since the last time we talked, there has been a lot go down in E-Town. I’ll begin with a few quick things, move onto WWE Vengeance, then hit up the night life that me and Cork had. Do you think you can handle the madness I’m about to give you today? I’m not so sure, but try to do your best here and hang on for the ride. As the chorus from Dr. Dre’s Let Me Ride would say:

Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride
Hell yeah..
Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride
With all the niggaz sayin…
Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride
Hell yeah…
Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride

Last night was the first Pay Per View that Cork has missed in a long time. He had to work last night, so I’ll forgive him for this one. Well, he technically didn’t miss it, so I won’t dock that off of his record. How so? He got off work around 10:00 and made it in time for the main event, so that worked out fairly decent. For the non-wrestling fans, it’s time for you to get your learn on. For the wrestling fans, let me know what you thought of the show either by seeing it yourself or by what you’ve read. You’ll also see how good (or downright awful) I did on my predictions this time around..

Tajiri & Rhyno vs Coachman & Cade. Tag Match. This one wasn’t announced before the show, so I didn’t give a prediction. Not a horrible match for what you’d think. Tajiri and Rhyno work well as a team together. Will they stay together? And I think Cade is an up an comer. He just needs his girly hair changed and needs a true gimmick (character/storyline). Coach is surprisingly improving as well, for not really being a regular wrestler. Tairi and Rhyno end up winning this battle.

Jericho vs Batista. I predicted Jericho here. I was dead wrong. This match wasn’t too bad and Batista is getting better. He’s a straight up roid freak for anyone who hasn’t seen this guy. Jericho ended up getting beat CLEAN (I would’ve never guessed that) in a sense. While getting pinned, Y2J’s leg was on the rope and the ref didn’t see, thus Batista wins.

La Resistance (C) vs Ric Flair/Eugene. Tag Title Match. A weird combo with Flair and Eugene together, but it was entertaining. When Eugene was in, he did impressions of Flair that was really good. He did the Flair Strut, the Woooooo!, the chops, knee drops, and even to the point that he’d fall over like Flair would. When Flair got in, the fans were loving it. A hot crowd last night, but for some reason (I can’t blame them), they were rooting for the bad guys. More on this in a minute. Another one I get wrong, as the Frenchies keep the belts due to Eugene flipping out on the ref and the Frenchies late in the match, getting disqualified.

Matt Hardy vs Kane. This is the pregnancy storyline. Who is the baby’s daddy?! Ooooh, the suspense! This has baby mama drama written all over it. Yet another one I get wrong, ouch. Kane gets beat straight up, but this feud is FAR from over. Kane didn’t do half bad, but maybe that was disguised by the fact that a lot of the match was outside of the ring. Hardy was even wrestling legitimately hurt, which he did a good job of. Props to Version 1.0.

Randy Orton (C) vs Edge. Intercontinental Title Match. WOW! These guys tore the roof off the place. They were given probably 40 good minutes of solid action. Orton had the crowd eating out of his hand, and he’s supposed to be the bad guy. See what I mean about the crowd cheering the bad guys on the night? Edge becomes new champ here, as it’s one I actually got right, go me. Orton held the belt for 7 months, impressive. Orton is now a legitimate main event player if they want to put him in that echelon now, and he’s only 24.

Molly Holly vs Victoria. A chick’s match here and most people used that for a bathroom break. These chicks can go too, it’s a shame that since they don’t take their clothes off, the fans don’t care. I can see where they’re coming from though, but at least their match isn’t horrible. If I wanted naked chicks, I’d check out porn like every other guy does. When I’m watching wrestling, I want some quality matches. Oh well. Anyways, Victoria wins with a kick to the face. Or as 50 Cent would say in the song Patiently Waiting with Em about busting up faces:

You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house
And if you got a glass jaw you should watch yo mouth
Cause I'll break yo faaaaaaaaace
Have yo ass runnin, mumblin to the jake
You goin ‘gainst me dog, you makin a mistake, I'll split ya
Leave ya lookin like the Michael Jackson jackets wit all them zippers
I'm the boss on this boat, you can call me skipper
The way I turn the money over, you should call me flipper

Triple H vs Chris Benoit (C). World Title Match. These guys were given a long time to go, as rightfully so. These guys both have it down. I always crack up at how about a year ago or so everyone thought HHH was done. They said his skill was gone since he got too buff for his own good and he started to get a few injuries. Well guess what? He’s doing it as good as ever if you ask me and can do it both in the ring and on the mic. Benoit keeps the belt, as Eugene had a part. They bumped the ref and he was knocked out (imagine that). Eugene comes and gets a chair. He stood for a few and didn’t know whether to turn on HHH and hit him or blast Benoit. Benoit busts Eugene in the face for some reason. Then him and Benoit are fighting over the chair, Eugene pulls too hard and accidentally busts HHH who was behind him. So at the end of the show, Benoit walks out with his title and HHH and Eugene are left looking at each other.

A pretty nice Pay Per View indeed if you ask me. The Orton/Edge and the HHH/Benoit matches were worth the price alone. There really wasn’t a brutal match on the show. Nothing that was so awful that you didn’t want to watch, even the chicks or the Kane match. Next PPV on the list is one of the biggies. SummerSlam! That has both sides bringing their rosters, so that should be interesting. Also, my predictions you ask? I went 1-5, ugh! Better luck next time let’s hope.

Once the PPV was over, Cork wanted to do some night tennis. I figured I’d jump on that and see what went down. We started playing around 11:30 and for the locals, we played at the lake courts/rain courts at Bridgeport. It was nice weather and fairly cool to play in, so that was decent. The fog was nuts though. There are four courts on this area we play at and you couldn’t even see the far two courts it was so foggy. Then it was a late night trip to Denny’s. It’s been a while since I’ve been, so I figured I’d hit that up for old times sake. I load up with the Super Bird, a thing of fries, and an order of cheesesticks. For some reason, it was packed for Sunday at like 2:00 in the morning. Don’t people work on Monday mornings? Or are they all bums like me and Cork?

From here on out, it’s a HUGE next couple days for me. Tonight I could’ve picked up NCAA Football 2005, but I wouldn’t have had time to play it tonight. So I’m waking up at like 9:00 AM tomorrow (what?!?!) to get this bad boy and also order my digital camera if all goes right. So instead of rushing up to GameStop tonight to have it early, I’m holding off till tomorrow morning for when the doors open. Tonight though is RAW! And a RAW after a PPV should be pretty good. What will Evolution do with Eugene? Will Orton get a rematch? What will Kane do after getting whooped? Also tonight, we get the Home Run Derby, which I could care two cents about. Back in the day it was pretty neat since it was novelty and they hadn’t done it in years. Now, big deal. To me anyways. You’re being pitched 60 mile an hour pitches exactly where you want them. What roid freak isn’t going to mash that 500 feet in that situation? Tomorrow night we get the MLB All Star Game and more importantly, the last episode of Real World San Diego, the vacation to Mexico. Sure, we had the Reunion special, but this is “stuff you didn’t see” or some BS, but I’m hooked, so I’ll watch. Also, all day tomorrow I’ll be playing NCAA. I’m all jacked up for that.. And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes ever, from the man, the myth, the legend himself, The Nature Boy Ric Flair:

"Pal, to walk that aisle - Woooooo! - looking as only I can look, night after night, year after year, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm the best there is ... you have to go to bed every night saying to yourself, 'To be the man, you've gotta beat the man.'And, pal, to beat Ric Flair is a whole different world than you know....I just happen to be your master. The ring is my household. I know the squared circle more than any man alive."

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Yo Adrian!

Last night after I left you guys thinking about the importance of money, today’s Blog will go in another direction. I’ll hit a few topics and not really focus on one, to keep everyone interested in the happenings here. BIG HAPPPENINGS! Anyways, check out ManDingo’s latest Blog ( titled “Craig Wilson’s Mullet”, as I think it’s his best one yet. Quite a few funnies in there. A quick preview of what you’ll get to taste in this Blog: a Pacific Poker update, more digital cam talk, chick drama (but not with me), WWE Vengeance, working out, and an And1 quote that you have to wait to see.

First things first. I got in a few Hold Em Tournaments on Pacific Poker last night. The first one I didn’t do so hot. There were a whopping 963 people taking part and I came in 717th Place. Nothing to be happy about there. Then at midnight, I joined in one with ManDingo. This was his first Hold Em Tourney on Pacific Poker and he ended up in 222nd Place out of 274. In this one, I came in 130th Place. I’ll take that, but I still need to get way up there. I compare this to Monopoly. Even if you get your brains bashed in, it’s still an awesome time. So it’s a win-win situation. I’ll update on anything else that goes down. Let me know if you want in on this hot action.

You know what is weird to me? Chicks and their drama. Not with a guy. This is between each other. How come when two chicks are buddies, more often than not, they end up rumbling and demand to never talk to each other ever again. It’s bound to happen. Two of my girl buddies, one you know as Tata from my comments if you read those, and another girl I know are rumbling. I just don’t get it. Hopefully you girls can fix that. Let’s say for example, me and Cork. I could call him any name in the book probably, get all up in his face if I had to, and we’d be buddies the next day like it was nothing. Vice versa goes for him if he did that to me. With us, we’d probably just laugh about it anyways no matter what we called each other, since we’re laid back. This happens playing ball a lot with our buddies. They want to rumble or even come to blows, but the next day, they’re cool with each other. Why can’t chicks do the same thing? Is there really a point to go nuts on a buddy and then regret doing that one day down the line? Someone please explain this to me. I think we need the wise words of The Bootyologist, DerekHood to chime in to give us the right answer on this topic.

I think I’ve decided on a new digital camera. That is if I can find it in a store around here. It’s a Sony Cyber-shot 4.1 megapixel. The price on it is pretty good too, so maybe I can’t pass this one up. I’ll know more tomorrow when I call places. That or get the advice from the #basketball elite in Lobstah ( since they’re more of a computer genius than I am. Yes, I know I give a lot of cheap plugs in here, but it’s my Blog, I might as well hype up Lobstah and my buddies’ Blogs.

As far as today goes, I can recap that fairly quick. I woke up at 11:30. What?! Yes, I was up before noon on a summer day. That’s some dedication there. I even went to bed at 3:00, another good time for me, when normally it’s like 6:00 or so. I went to go get buff today and had maybe my best ab workout in quite some time. Nobody cares about my workouts I doubt, but like I said, I like to hit all kinds of topics so everyone gets a piece of the madness. What I did today was go for 10 minutes straight without taking a break between reps. That doesn’t sound like much, I know. But just try it and see how bad you’re hurting afterwards. Basically doing as many crunches as you can in 10 minutes. Not just regular crunches, that’d be too easy. I’m not sure of technical terms, but spinning crunches (as if you were hanging from a bar), raised legs crunches, side to side crunches, and all of that fun. By the time I was done with that section of my workout, I was soaked. I also hit Chest, Biceps, and Triceps hard today as well. Then at 5:00, I did the church thang and came home to eat.

7:00 rolls around and I put it on ESPN to watch some of the new episodes from the And1 2004 Summer Tour for the next hour. I can’t get enough of streetball, so I had to tune in. One of the best quotes I’ve heard in a long time was said by Mark Jackson’s brother, The Escalade. He was doing a little interview and talking to the people at home, you know, regular bum whiteys like me. Anyways, he says to the fans at home, “While you spend your summers cuttin’ grass, I bust ass.” This quote is also Cork’s Blog title today. The Professor was doing his stuff out there with the thugs as usual. And we also got a little Skip To My Lou, Rafer Alston clips. Props to Skip for getting a big deal with the Toronto Raptors last week. Good to see streetball legends make it big time.

Pay Per View this weekend! That’s right. Gear up for WWE Vengeance. Time for my predictions. I can’t do any worse than I did on the last one. Remember though, two PPVs ago, I went 100% for what hardly ever happens. Let’s get it started. Not Black Eyed Peas style, as we heard that song 78 million times during the NBA Playoffs. Our main event has World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit doing battle with Triple H. This should be a real nice match as both can go pretty good. Benoit being one of the best technical wrestlers there is in the world today. I’m going with Triple H to steal his thunder and bring back the gold to Evolution. We also get the Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton facing off against Edge. Edge has been given a mega push since his return from injury after missing over a year with his neck. Every wrestler in the company has a mangled neck. I’m going with Edge here, but I’m going to hate Orton losing his belt. Chris Jericho battles against Batista. Jericho needs to get back into the main event spotlight, so I say he goes over Batista here by making him tap tap tap. Tag Champions La Resistance take on an odd duo of Eugene and Ric Flair. Flair will put on a show for sure. I say we see a title turn here (even though the Frenchies have been a nice team) since Eugene is getting this big push. Kane takes on Matt “Version 1.0” Hardy. The storyline here is that Kane may have gotten Hardy’s chick pregnant, but we’re not sure whose baby it is. For as good as a wrestler that Hardy is, he’s in the middle of this crap? And right now he’s banged up, so this match will be brutal since Kane can’t carry anyone. I’ll go with Kane here, with a possible Lita heel turn. The only other match announced at this point is Victoria against Molly Holly. I’ll go with Holly here, since she needs revenge for Victoria shaving her head after one match. A few more matches can be added, but that’s all we have on tap for now. Should be a good card overall with the exception of a couple dud matches. Cork misses out on this action, as he’ll be working hard.

Does it get much better than watching Rocky 1? AMC has been all over the Rocky movies the past few weeks and that’s always the highest of high quality. Cork wants a thing that lists all of Rocky’s pickup lines. Some great quotes come out of these movies and you’re just laughing at most of them and getting pumped up at at other scenes. Why I don’t have the Rocky DVD box set yet is beyond me. And is Adrian not the dumbest chick ever? Rocky brings her over to the house and she just stands there in a coma like she’s retarded. Then Rocky sounds like he’s retarded when he talks, so it makes the move that much more exciting.

I only got one CD yesterday, but it should be a decent one. It’s Erick Sermon’s new one called Chilltown, New York. And since I brought up Sermon, I’ll post a lyric from a good old school group he was half of, EPMD with Parrish Smith:

Group: EPMD – Song: Strictly Snappin’ Necks – Album: Unfinished Business

Straight up, right now, I'm on a mission
Front face the center and face your competition
As I rock, you jock, and in shock
and have fear -- when the E is on the spot
Yeah boy, you hit the jackpot
So chill as I flex my skill and rap talent
Smooth hardcore, no time for love ballads
I'm not kickin the slow jams that's cool
But nah the hardcore, that make the brothers act fool
That's the way I would want stuff lookin
The crowd yellin, and buckwhylin like Brooklyn boy

Friday, July 09, 2004

Money, Cash, Hoes

Today's title deals with money, so I figured what better way than to use a DMX and Jay-Z feature song, Money, Cash, Hoes..

As Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBiase always said, “Every man has his price”. That is what today’s Blog revolves around. I have a few money stories to talk about in a sense, so get out your wallet, step up to the counter, and hit the checkout line. This is the express lane baby. So give me your credit cards as you walk in and then you can Cowboy Up to the Bird33 Super Mart while doing the Ric Flair Strut. Woooooo!

Last night was boring times for sure. Up until around 1:00 or so. At 1:00, I watched the Guns N Roses Behind The Music special once again on VH1. It’s that good, so you better check it out for those party stories. Slash was a total mess. During a lot of their photo shoots, they actually had to hold him up or he would’ve fallen over since he was so messed up. Or he’d be on stage smoking his cigs and it’d drop out of his mouth into his pants and all over his nads. The funny thing is that he’d be in a trance so he’d just keep on jamming, not knowing his nads were on fire. Or Adler (their drummer) was even kicked out of the band because he turned into a heroin junkie. They were all junkies, but Adler is to the point now that his speech is all slurred during these interviews and such. It’s a sight to behold. VH1 might not have anything on good as far as videos go, but their 80’s shows are pretty good. I eat that cheezy stuff up.

After 1:00, it started to pick up. Cork introduced me to Pacific Poker ( . I’ve been playing some Texas Hold Em lately online, either through Yahoo or PokerStars, but I think I like the setup of Pacific Poker better. Last night, me and Cork were in a big tourney. There were 123 guys at this one and it started at 4:00 AM. It was a nice battle and has you on your toes. You get eliminated once your chips are all gone. You start out with $1000 in Monopoly money. For my first Hold Em tourney, I think I did well. I ended up in 57th Place. Cork held his own too, coming in 37th. Next time (probably tonight), I hope to get a much better ranking. Maybe we can get the #basketball crew in a huge tourney one night and just bust heads on the rest of the players in the game. They wouldn’t want any of the madness from #basketball.

Now I’m in a jam with my digital camera. I’ve had it for a good few years now and the battery mangulated on me. The bad part is that a new battery will cost me $50. Or I think that’s the problem anyways. If so, what point is it to buy a battery for $50 when I can buy a pretty good new digital cam for like $150-$200? I’m debating that one. Again, more money. But as a lot of people would say, you can’t take it with you. I’m pretty good with managing my money though and don’t usually tend to go overboard too often. I also stay far far away from the credit card game. That stuff can get scary. If I don’t have the cash available, I’m not going to spend with money that I technically don’t have at the moment and pay interest on it later.

I decide to do the shopping thang today since I was off from getting buff. First, I run to the post office to mail some CDs out to Mustang in the mean streets of Michigan, home of Em and Rob Van Dam. One of my regular CD mailouts is to Mustang, so she’s pumped on getting then. Hopefully it gets there on Monday. She’s not afraid to speak up and let me know when she needs new CDs, so you should do that too. If anyone else is up for a trade, let me know. One of these days (probably next week while I’m at the beach), I’ll put my CD list as my Blog. Until then, if you have AOL Instant Messenger, which most do, just go into my BuddyProfile and click my info under my nickname of DruDown894. Let me know what you like and we’ll work something out. 99% of my stuff is rap or pimpin R&B, so if you’re into that, I should have something you like for sure. Or as Oakland rap legend E-40 would say, fo shiggadale.

Oh yeah. I was supposed to talk about shopping, right? I got on a CD tangent there, but you can deal with that. The first place I had to hit up after going to the post office and bank was Chinese. I’ve been way overdue for some good Chinese food, so I go to my favorite place, Super China Buffet in Eastpointe. This is the place by Little Caesars, down from Damon’s for the locals who get that confused with the newer one. I still haven’t been to the big new one yet, as I stay loyal with my crew at Super. As far as my order, I get the all time greatest Chinese food, General Tso’s Chicken, as well as Sesame Chicken, Cheese Wontons, Pork Fried Rice, and Lo Mein Noodles. Then I top it off with watermelon, jello, and ice cream on my dessert plate. The weird thing is that they have an American waitress there now. What?!?! You have got to be kidding me. I’ve talked about this before (on Lobstah maybe?), but no way should an authentic Chinese restaurant have an American waitress. No disrespect to fair job laws and all of that crap, but that takes things down a notch if you ask me. That’s like me rolling in there and asking for a job, or even going to a Mexican restaurant for a job. You just don’t do things like that. Sort of like the Italian thing. Some non-Italians can cook good Italian food, but it can’t compare to the real thing. Same can be said for Chinese. Anyways, this poor chick spilled hot tea all over the place. She was about 6 foot tall and 85 pounds, so it was brutal. But I hook her up with a good tip as I always do since I’d be screwed in that situation as a waiter and know how tough it’d be, even if the main chick was my actual waitress basically.

Then I go to Circuit City to check on my cam battery, but no dice. No stories to tell there, sorry. I move on to Wal-Mart to get my stroll on. There, I load up on some buff t-shirts as well as my college football magazine for this year. I picked Sporting News this year and it was $7. The cover has OSU wideout Santonio Holmes and Penn State QB Zack Mills. Santonio. What a name, hah. That’s straight thug there.

My next trip was to load up on clothes. Here’s where I went way overboard. I have too many clothes the way it is, but stupid me, when I see a bargain, I jump all over it like it’s hot. Drop it like it’s hot as the Cash Money Millionaires would say. I went to Gabriel Brothers a.k.a. Gabes (cheap outlet store here where you can load up huge) and then to Goodwill (even cheaper). I like Goodwill because I can get some good shirts to play ball in and cut off the sleves. $2 a piece and I got 5 t-shirts at Goodwill plus a pair of pants for $14. Can’t beat that at all, even if they are hand-me-downs. I’m not scared. Or as Bone Crusher would say, I ain’t neva scared! Two of the Goodwill shirts had the #33 on the back, so that was a must buy. Another one I got was a rare Bob Cousy t-shirt. For those not up to date with basketball history, The Couz is one of the greatest point guards ever, for the Celtics of old. Of these five shirts, I cut up 4 to play ball in. I wouldn’t cut up a Celtics shirt and Mom said that would be like cutting up a cross or something if I did. That’s how much the Celts mean in our house. You just don’t disgrace anything Celts. Even my old Celts shirts that don’t fit anymore, you can’t get rid of that stuff. That’s like my baseball cards. It’s with you for life, or 4 Life as the nWo would say. Tooooo sweeeeeet!

One last thing to cover and I’ll be done with you guys on this Blog. I went to GameStop and reserved NCAA 2005 for GameCube. I paid for it in full already, so I’m excited. On Tuesday, they said they should have it at the store when the doors open at 10:00. At 10:00, I’ll be there. Me actually waking up before noon in the summer? Say it ain’t so! But that’s the price you pay for being a video game freak. Just like Ted DiBiase told you all in the beginning of this price, “Every man has his price.”

And thanks to Blahah for helping us pick today’s rap lyric of the day. He asked what my topic was all about in this post and I tell him money. He recommended a few, but here’s one he picked that you all know and love:

Group: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Song: Foe Tha Love Of $ -- Album: Creepin’ On Ah Come Up

Foe tha' love of money
Gotta make that money man
It's still the same now

Gotta get on the grind
Pop in the clip of my nine
And bitch if you slip
You hit the chalk and fall in the night time
Gotta get mine
Ain't takin no shorts or no losses
Hop on the phone
Callin' my nigga sin at home
Polishin' that MAC-10 crome
Gotta a lick so bring yo shit
Cause once again it's on
To the dome with a fifth of burb
we wig to the curb so we swerve

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Coliseum Basketball

I’m going to start out a little unorganized today. Usually I go in order of the HUGE happenings in my life and pick up the next Blog where I left off. Today I’m hitting a different direction. I’m going to lead things off with some basketball action and it was quality. My boy Clark invited me yesterday to come to Morgantown (45 minutes away) to play some hoops. Where at? The WVU Coliseum. I haven’t had a chance to play there before yesterday, but I’m glad I did. Not too often do you get a chance to play on the main floor of a Division-I court, so props to Clark for hooking that one up. It should be a regular thing now, so I’ll keep everyone posted on how the games are going. We only had 7 guys last night, as 3 didn’t show up. That’s the only complaint because we weren’t able to run fullcourt. Still, the halfcourt games were intense, but I’m ready for some full action, because that’ll be straight up run and gun ball, which I love best. Most little guys would say that though. As far as how I played last night, I was happy with myself. You can shoot the lights out like crazy in that gym. Or I thought so anyways. I might not be able to jump 2 inches off the ground and never can block a shot or get many rebounds, but I think I’ll take my shooting against anyone, especially from long distance range. That and I got to run a lot of point last night, which is always good times. Even competition, running point, and firing up 3’s? That’s my kind of day there. Also, more props to Clark for hooking me up with some Riptide Rush Gatorade, powder form, enough to make 6 gallons. Sweet!

Now it’s time to backtrack. I woke up yesterday for my standards to get a haircut at 11:00. Usually the haircut would be the highlight of the day, just for my barber alone, but ball overshadowed it for once. Still, it was a great trip. He wasn’t crazy wound up this time, but you always get your money’s worth no matter what. A few quotes I’d like to share. I forget what the exact topic was at the time, but we were talking about some of the legends in town, and my barber pulls off this one, “There are some crazy motherfuckers in this town!” Gotta love that. Then I asked him about his son (around 30 or so) and his daughter (19 and the hottest chick in town if I were voting) about their beach trip they’re on now. They both took their girlfriend and boyfriend and left the parents at home. Why? My barber wouldn’t go to the beach no matter what. To that topic he replied, “Fuck the beach! You couldn’t get me to that motherfuckin place!”

I make a shopping run with Mom after I get my hair chopped off. We roll to AAA to get some directions to Ocean City, Maryland even though we’ve been there a lot. We just haven’t been there in a while and wanted to be safe, plus get an updated list of restaurants in there area and such for when we go, starting next weekend. Then it’s off to the West Virginia hangout known as Wal-Mart. I didn’t need anything, but of course you can’t just go to Wal-Mart and not buy stuff. I loaded up on a lot of frozen food (chicken, Chinese food) and some donuts. I’ve cut way back on my sugary foods. I haven’t had a candy bar or anything of that nature in a while. I’m kind of surprised at myself with that one. But I can’t totally not eat junk food, as I had to load up on the donuts. I’m already on 3½ years without having a pop. I never thought I’d be able to do that one, but I rarely have any cravings now unless it’s for a Cherry Coke or Mr. Pibb, the high test stuff. Without that stuff, it does a wonder on making your abs better. That’s your health tip of the day, heh.

I got home and watched the Yankees game with my parents and Spank. They got the beat downs again, this time 10-8 to the Tigers. The Tigers owned us, as they took 2 of 3 in this series. Tigers 0wnzorz j00! Now today we start a 4-game series with the red hot Devil Rays before going on All Star Break. Boston still doesn’t want any though as they’re in a season long coma. During the game, me and Spank hit up some Mega Man 4 for old school Nintendo. This may be the toughest Mega Man out there. You really have to work in some of these boards as we were both struggling. Cork is all over it though, as Mega Man is one of his favorite series of games evarrrr. Maybe in his Blog, he’ll update you with the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

The Flair book is going great. I could post so many stories that they could be entire Blogs of their own. This will be done in no time. I’d have it done in a few days if I wasn’t such an internet freak. What confuses me is that 95% of the time I’m on here, I’m doing absolutely JACK SQUAT as our own DerekHood would say. It’s true. You all are the same way. I’ll be sitting here at 1:00 and thinking I’m so tired that I need sleep. The next thing I look up and it’s 6:00 AM and I haven’t done a thing. It’s screwed up, but I guess I’ve been hooked to the internet for about 10 years now, so I wouldn’t know any other way.

I almost forgot a very important thing to me. Yesterday I finally received my Beavis package in the mail. I got every single episode evarrr and also the movie for only $20. I ripped that person off big time. I can’t put a price on something like that. It even has the pilot episodes from Liquid Television if you remember that from MTV. Frog Baseball! Even though I’ve seen them all a million times, it’s still awesome to watch again and again and again. Some life we live in Shinnston huh? Anyways, it’s funny to see the artwork in the earlier episodes compared to the last few seasons they ran. Even the voices have changed a little.

And I’ll end thangs with some words from the lyrical genius, $haq:

Rapper: Shaquille O’Neal – Song: What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock?) – Album: Shaq Diesel

I'm the hooper, the hyper
Protected by Viper
When I rock the hoop yo, you'd better decipher
In other words you'd better make a funky decision (whoo)
'cause I'm a be a Shaq knife, and cut you with precision
Forget Tony Danza, I'm the boss
When it comes to money, I'm like Dick Butkas
Now who's the first pick? me, word is born and
Not a Christean Laettner, not Alonzo Mourning
That's okay, not being bragadocious
Supercalifragelistic, Shaq is alidocious
Peace, I gotta go, I ain't no joke
Now I slam it (what?) jam it (unh)
And make sure it's broke

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


What’s new since the last update in here? Actually the same old in the mean streets of Shinnston, but I’ll do what I normally do, hype my repetitive schedule (although I like it a lot) up like I’m actually doing something huge. Gives the impression that big happenings go down in West Virginia huh?

I’ll begin things with the greatest part of my week, WWE Monday Night RAW. Last night, Eugene (plays the role of a retarded character) played General Manager as his “uncle” Eric Bischoff was out of town. They start the show off with a game of musical chairs and the last man standing would get a shot at the Intercontinental Title against Randy Orton the same night. It was in Winnipeg (Jericho’s hometown), so he got the shot. It didn’t get any better than Flair doing the Flair Strut around the chairs as the music was going. Also during the show, Edge gets up in Triple H’s face and says that he’s going to bring down all of Evolution. HHH told him that nobody has been able to since. During the Jericho & Orton Title Match, Orton wins with some help by Batista distracting him. Sadly, there are really only two matches to talk about. One was the Jericho match which I already said the winner to and our main event of HHH, Flair, and Eugene taking on Edge and Benoit. HHH is playing this great mind game to Eugene like he’s a friend of Evolution. They are accepting Eugene into the group to get HHH bigger things he wants. Late in the match, Benoit was about to make HHH tap, but HHH told him to blast Benoit with a chair. Eugene was reluctant, but did so to help his boy HHH. This Sunday we have the Pay Per View of Vengeance. I’ll run down that card and make my predictions later in the week.

I roll to bed around 4:15 last night. Crazy early for my summer schedule, but I’m allowed. I even set my alarm for 11:30 since I had thangs going on. I really didn’t have anything huge going down, but that just adds to the reading excitement. I went to go workout around 1:30 and listened to the Jim Rome Show while doing so. Nothing eventful in the gym today, but it was still a productive workout. When I get home, I had to mow grass. I get there and see that my boy Spank is battling my Dad in ping pong. I play a few quick games and then go mow the grass. By that time, they’re done playing, so I battle Spank for another half hour or so. When we were finished, we looked like we got out of the shower. I know that’s hard to believe for the non-pong players, but the guys who play know exactly what I mean. The table was actually drenched in sweat and we had to keep wiping it down, with the garage floor being all slick since we were all stinky nuts out there.

Then it’s shower time and I had to head up to the mall to pick up Ric Flair’s new book, To Be The Man. Spank said he’d go along, so I pick him up for the ride. Even if you’re just a casual wrestling fan, you need to pick this book up. I can see this book shouldn’t take long to read because I’m already not wanting to put it down. I could write an entire Blog on Flair, but I won’t bore everyone with that. I’ll keep my obsession of Flair to myself, although not a porn obsession, so don’t get any crazy thoughts there. Not much of a mall trip though. We stroll through once, hit up GNC and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and come home. I had Italian sausage and hot peppers waiting for me at home (a top 3 dinner of mine), so there was no way I was missing that. Mom’s cooking is a huge reason why I’ll be living at home till I’m 40 years old.

Tuesday Night huh? That usually means Real World, but I’ll touch that here in a few. At 9:00, it started the 2004 World Series Of Poker on ESPN. I’m not a big time card guy like some of my buddies, but this is kind of addicting. I’ve even been playing Poker online some. I know the basics, but learning little tricks of the game like the legends do is always good times. Cork is a local Poker legend for those reading.

As far as the Real World San Diego Reunion went, everyone was there. Yes, even stupid Frankie. What a mess that chick is. And she acts like she’s all different now. She of course broke down and cried like a little girl. I was hoping Brad would go off on her and get cuffed by the cops. That would’ve been more realistic. But the best thing about the show? It’s not over! Next week we get never before seen footage from their trip to Mexico. Nice. They keep sucking me in, I love it.

If you're big into 80's stuff, make sure you check out VH1's Behind The Music of Guns N Roses. You won't be disappointed. How that group is still alive today is beyond me, but even for me being mostly a rap guy, you can't help but like some good old GNR. I like Axl a lot, but what a punk he was to those guys. When you hear the term, "party like rock stars", these guys did that to a tee. It's nuts and an entertaining hour well spent if you watch. Trust me. I eat shows like that up.

Happy Birthday Tata!

Rapper: KRS-One -- Song: H.I.P.H.O.P. -- Album: I Got Next
So you wanna be the million dollar man, kid what’s your plan
Make a deal with the devil settle for a hundred grand
Not enough I call your bluff, hit you with the stuff
Deal with this and think you’re tough, gimme a call when things get rough
You get no Vette and, if I could stay leaded
I’m leavin rappers one-legged from fakin like the prosthetic
you’re artificial by cripple, rap is like your pistol
Grim Reaper, I got the whistle, death I pull no tissue
Hit you, like the Mac-11, MC’s subtract by seven
Callin callin for the reverand, lookin at hell like heaven
I’m on the map, makin it like the crazy on the track
Oh what the hell I get my mail while I raid you til it crack