Monday, July 26, 2004


Now that I’m back to normal life for a few days, it’s time for the format you’re all used to in here. You can probably almost figure out my daily schedule by now. I just try to make it look like we do something major out here in the mean streets of Shinnston, but that’s pretty hard to disguise.

Sunday was a pretty boring day. I’m not even sure I have anything at all worthwhile to write about from then. I am just glad to have the internet back. Sadly, we’re so hooked that we can’t go a week without being online. I was at the point on my beach trip where I had to find an internet cafe to hang out in for a few hours. I guess I could be hooked on worse things huh? And as far as the city life goes, forget that mess. It’s fun to see and visit, but give me my town in the middle of nowhere any day of the week.

I can update everybody with the happenings in NCAA 2005 though. Since I’ve returned from the beach, I’m not in my 3rd Year in my Dynasty with Notre Dame. My first year was brutal, as I finished around 85th Place. The 2nd Year was mean though, as I finished in the Top 10, and had a final record of 10-2. Things are looking up hopefully. I still can’t pass or kick worth a lick, but that’ll improve. I’m not great at this game, that’s for sure, but I’m loving every penny I paid for it. I doubt I get Madden this year since I’ll have a lot of time spent with NCAA instead. This winter will have some hot games though, as it’ll be tough to get them all. Tiger Woods 2005 is a must of course. Also, we have Resident Evil 4 coming out for GameCube, Live 2005, Def Jam Vendetta 2 (or whatever it’ll be called), a new Zelda coming out eventually (oooh.. starting to get cold chills here), and news on the new Nintendo system called Revolution.

I was able to get back to the lifting scene today. While on vacation, I was able to workout, but it wasn’t the same. I didn’t have any free weights, but they did have some nice machines there. It just doesn’t compare to me, no matter how nice a machine is. Give me a free weight workout ten times out of ten. I didn’t set any records today though, but rolled through it pretty smooth, as I lifted with my boy Spank. He went nuts and benched 260 for 8 times.

After that, it was ping pong action. My Dad as he was telling us was “taking names and kicking asses” and he sure was. He played 12 games and got beat twice by Spank. I didn’t beat him at all. Me and Spank were even today though, but we got our brains beat in by Dad. That’s how it rolls sometimes though. On the update on the 50-game series that me and my Dad have going, at the moment I’m up 25-22. Today’s games didn’t count towards that. I’ve done better in controlling my anger in sports compared to years past, but it always flares up. Dad was joking around saying that I need to go to anger management sessions. I haven’t snapped any paddles lately though since having the new table, so that’s a move in the right direction. The funny thing is that normally I’m so calm and laid back, but not during sports. It’s weird.

Today my 3-year old cousin is at the house. My parents are watching her today. I hang with her some, but man, I couldn’t handle a kid right now. I don’t see how some of my buddies do it. I guess they don’t have a choice, but that’s a lot of hassle. Kids are cool, but right now I put them in the same class as big cities that I mentioned earlier. They’re fun for a while, but it’s a full-time job having one. I can handle a lot of stuff, but a screaming kid isn’t one. In all reality, it’ll be a while before I have one. Unless something crazy goes down, which I doubt, you never know. For a guy who has one serious relationship ever, I doubt the baby making and marriage idea is anytime soon. I’ll let my buddies handle that stuff for now. I may catch up one of these days, but I still feel like a kid. Who wants to grow up anyways, even at 25?

On an update on the travel plans, I’m rolling out to the ATL on Thursday night at midnight. I’m going to visit some of my cousins. My cousin Mitch and also Cork is making the trek with me. I’m excited because I’ll be hitting up some states that I’ve never been through before, so that’s an accomplishment in itself. This small town guy doesn’t get out much, sorry. I’m also pumped to see a baseball game there. That’s the main reason I wanted to go, as we’re seeing the Braves take on the Amazin Mets. This will make the 5th Major League Baseball stadium I’ve been to (Old Three Rivers, PNC Park, Camden Yards, and Jacobs Field), so that should be fun. Not sure what else will go down in the ATL. The road trip there will be interesting enough, as those are always fun to do with the boys. Maybe bust out some sports trivia on the way.

This eveing you ask? I’m getting so pumped for RAW tonight. More than usual. It’s the highlight of my week anyways, but this week it’s a 60-Minute Ironman Match between Triple H and Benoit. That should hopefully be a classic if all goes right. So it’s time for Cork to head on over to watch some baseball before RAW begins. What a night.. See you guys soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm' headin' out this weekend to WV!!!


DirtyKash said...

^^^ The chick who wrote the comment above mine sounds hot.

josh said...

She wants you bad, Kash

Anonymous said...

Ya'll crack me up!


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