Friday, July 09, 2004

Money, Cash, Hoes

Today's title deals with money, so I figured what better way than to use a DMX and Jay-Z feature song, Money, Cash, Hoes..

As Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBiase always said, “Every man has his price”. That is what today’s Blog revolves around. I have a few money stories to talk about in a sense, so get out your wallet, step up to the counter, and hit the checkout line. This is the express lane baby. So give me your credit cards as you walk in and then you can Cowboy Up to the Bird33 Super Mart while doing the Ric Flair Strut. Woooooo!

Last night was boring times for sure. Up until around 1:00 or so. At 1:00, I watched the Guns N Roses Behind The Music special once again on VH1. It’s that good, so you better check it out for those party stories. Slash was a total mess. During a lot of their photo shoots, they actually had to hold him up or he would’ve fallen over since he was so messed up. Or he’d be on stage smoking his cigs and it’d drop out of his mouth into his pants and all over his nads. The funny thing is that he’d be in a trance so he’d just keep on jamming, not knowing his nads were on fire. Or Adler (their drummer) was even kicked out of the band because he turned into a heroin junkie. They were all junkies, but Adler is to the point now that his speech is all slurred during these interviews and such. It’s a sight to behold. VH1 might not have anything on good as far as videos go, but their 80’s shows are pretty good. I eat that cheezy stuff up.

After 1:00, it started to pick up. Cork introduced me to Pacific Poker ( . I’ve been playing some Texas Hold Em lately online, either through Yahoo or PokerStars, but I think I like the setup of Pacific Poker better. Last night, me and Cork were in a big tourney. There were 123 guys at this one and it started at 4:00 AM. It was a nice battle and has you on your toes. You get eliminated once your chips are all gone. You start out with $1000 in Monopoly money. For my first Hold Em tourney, I think I did well. I ended up in 57th Place. Cork held his own too, coming in 37th. Next time (probably tonight), I hope to get a much better ranking. Maybe we can get the #basketball crew in a huge tourney one night and just bust heads on the rest of the players in the game. They wouldn’t want any of the madness from #basketball.

Now I’m in a jam with my digital camera. I’ve had it for a good few years now and the battery mangulated on me. The bad part is that a new battery will cost me $50. Or I think that’s the problem anyways. If so, what point is it to buy a battery for $50 when I can buy a pretty good new digital cam for like $150-$200? I’m debating that one. Again, more money. But as a lot of people would say, you can’t take it with you. I’m pretty good with managing my money though and don’t usually tend to go overboard too often. I also stay far far away from the credit card game. That stuff can get scary. If I don’t have the cash available, I’m not going to spend with money that I technically don’t have at the moment and pay interest on it later.

I decide to do the shopping thang today since I was off from getting buff. First, I run to the post office to mail some CDs out to Mustang in the mean streets of Michigan, home of Em and Rob Van Dam. One of my regular CD mailouts is to Mustang, so she’s pumped on getting then. Hopefully it gets there on Monday. She’s not afraid to speak up and let me know when she needs new CDs, so you should do that too. If anyone else is up for a trade, let me know. One of these days (probably next week while I’m at the beach), I’ll put my CD list as my Blog. Until then, if you have AOL Instant Messenger, which most do, just go into my BuddyProfile and click my info under my nickname of DruDown894. Let me know what you like and we’ll work something out. 99% of my stuff is rap or pimpin R&B, so if you’re into that, I should have something you like for sure. Or as Oakland rap legend E-40 would say, fo shiggadale.

Oh yeah. I was supposed to talk about shopping, right? I got on a CD tangent there, but you can deal with that. The first place I had to hit up after going to the post office and bank was Chinese. I’ve been way overdue for some good Chinese food, so I go to my favorite place, Super China Buffet in Eastpointe. This is the place by Little Caesars, down from Damon’s for the locals who get that confused with the newer one. I still haven’t been to the big new one yet, as I stay loyal with my crew at Super. As far as my order, I get the all time greatest Chinese food, General Tso’s Chicken, as well as Sesame Chicken, Cheese Wontons, Pork Fried Rice, and Lo Mein Noodles. Then I top it off with watermelon, jello, and ice cream on my dessert plate. The weird thing is that they have an American waitress there now. What?!?! You have got to be kidding me. I’ve talked about this before (on Lobstah maybe?), but no way should an authentic Chinese restaurant have an American waitress. No disrespect to fair job laws and all of that crap, but that takes things down a notch if you ask me. That’s like me rolling in there and asking for a job, or even going to a Mexican restaurant for a job. You just don’t do things like that. Sort of like the Italian thing. Some non-Italians can cook good Italian food, but it can’t compare to the real thing. Same can be said for Chinese. Anyways, this poor chick spilled hot tea all over the place. She was about 6 foot tall and 85 pounds, so it was brutal. But I hook her up with a good tip as I always do since I’d be screwed in that situation as a waiter and know how tough it’d be, even if the main chick was my actual waitress basically.

Then I go to Circuit City to check on my cam battery, but no dice. No stories to tell there, sorry. I move on to Wal-Mart to get my stroll on. There, I load up on some buff t-shirts as well as my college football magazine for this year. I picked Sporting News this year and it was $7. The cover has OSU wideout Santonio Holmes and Penn State QB Zack Mills. Santonio. What a name, hah. That’s straight thug there.

My next trip was to load up on clothes. Here’s where I went way overboard. I have too many clothes the way it is, but stupid me, when I see a bargain, I jump all over it like it’s hot. Drop it like it’s hot as the Cash Money Millionaires would say. I went to Gabriel Brothers a.k.a. Gabes (cheap outlet store here where you can load up huge) and then to Goodwill (even cheaper). I like Goodwill because I can get some good shirts to play ball in and cut off the sleves. $2 a piece and I got 5 t-shirts at Goodwill plus a pair of pants for $14. Can’t beat that at all, even if they are hand-me-downs. I’m not scared. Or as Bone Crusher would say, I ain’t neva scared! Two of the Goodwill shirts had the #33 on the back, so that was a must buy. Another one I got was a rare Bob Cousy t-shirt. For those not up to date with basketball history, The Couz is one of the greatest point guards ever, for the Celtics of old. Of these five shirts, I cut up 4 to play ball in. I wouldn’t cut up a Celtics shirt and Mom said that would be like cutting up a cross or something if I did. That’s how much the Celts mean in our house. You just don’t disgrace anything Celts. Even my old Celts shirts that don’t fit anymore, you can’t get rid of that stuff. That’s like my baseball cards. It’s with you for life, or 4 Life as the nWo would say. Tooooo sweeeeeet!

One last thing to cover and I’ll be done with you guys on this Blog. I went to GameStop and reserved NCAA 2005 for GameCube. I paid for it in full already, so I’m excited. On Tuesday, they said they should have it at the store when the doors open at 10:00. At 10:00, I’ll be there. Me actually waking up before noon in the summer? Say it ain’t so! But that’s the price you pay for being a video game freak. Just like Ted DiBiase told you all in the beginning of this price, “Every man has his price.”

And thanks to Blahah for helping us pick today’s rap lyric of the day. He asked what my topic was all about in this post and I tell him money. He recommended a few, but here’s one he picked that you all know and love:

Group: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Song: Foe Tha Love Of $ -- Album: Creepin’ On Ah Come Up

Foe tha' love of money
Gotta make that money man
It's still the same now

Gotta get on the grind
Pop in the clip of my nine
And bitch if you slip
You hit the chalk and fall in the night time
Gotta get mine
Ain't takin no shorts or no losses
Hop on the phone
Callin' my nigga sin at home
Polishin' that MAC-10 crome
Gotta a lick so bring yo shit
Cause once again it's on
To the dome with a fifth of burb
we wig to the curb so we swerve


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great shopping trip.. and I agree on the whole goodwill thing.. You can find some clothes there that the tag hasn't even been taken off of!! Plus, you can never not go to wal-mart and find something awesome!


Anonymous said...

sorry bird, but those chinese buffets arent really authentic chinese restaurants. heh. if you want real chinee foo, go to your closest chinatown. dunno where the closest one is to WVa, maybe pittsburgh? but it aint no surprise to see white americans as waiters/waitresses at these american chinese restaurants.


Anonymous said...

Great "long" blog.....Luv the "long" ones..Sounds like you had fun shopping. ;) Take care!


Anonymous said...

As for the real Chinese. Well i agree with the other posting you dont fund it unless you hit up a china town. Most of the "Chinese food" is really Korean.Thats straight from the Korean lady that lived next to my best friend.She was from Korea, before she moved to the US. At any rate its still good food.

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