Friday, July 16, 2004

Battle Of The Titans!

This will be the last Blog you’ll get to read on a regular basis for the next week. I’m rolling out to Ocean City, Maryland at around 3:00 on Saturday morning. The Blog while I’m gone will have my CD list as I promised. Tonight I have to go out with a bang since I’ll be on a little vacation.

I want to start things out with the Battle of the Titans. I’ll set the story in stone so everyone will able to follow this one closely. Recently, Cork and a guy he works with who we call Jimmy See The Baby (more on that in a second) were trash talking each other over who could win a 100-yard dash. This kept up for a while and they settled on having the race at our old high school’s track. They each put $5 in the pot just to have something to race for. Cork has been playing a good bit of tennis and getting in shape. Jimmy doesn’t really do anything, but still he thought he could run well. Jimmy is probably about my size if that gets you a Tale of the Tape to go by. But why do we call him Jimmy See The Baby? Do you remember the Starburst commercial with the Chinese people in a restaurant? If you’re a wrestling fan, you would see it on RAW about 10 times each show. It’s been out for at least a year or more. The old lady comes in carrying the baby and she’s showing it off to the family members. “Jimmy” comes into the restaurant and the old lady gets all excited and yells, “Jimmy! See da baby!!” I’ve seen that commercial a thousand times probably and it never ever gets old.
Anyways, they were done working around 10:00 and call me to get ready for the festivities. We had a few local chicks at the track walking around, so having some random fans was good times. The crew who made the trip across town to the track/football field? Cork and Jimmy obviously, along with their boss Larry (old school Italian; gotta love him), his wife Sheila, Jimmy’s sister Nancy, and myself. I was the starting line guy, Sheila was in the middle of the track, and Larry and Nancy were waiting on a photo finish. I set them off and Cork takes a quick early lead. About 50 yards into the race, Jimmy puts on the afterburners (mind you he’s running this race in a pair of jeans) and ends up winning by about 10 yards. It was a pretty close race actually and both sides showed respect afterwards. Jimmy collected his $5 and we were ready to go home. Or were we?
For the fun of things, Cork offered to run again. Jimmy was up for it and we set them off. Again, Cork dominated the first 50 yards. That’s when the trouble began. At about the halfway mark, Cork gets a little hardcore and goes faster than his steady pace he had going. He flips over and comes down crashing on his shoulder. I couldn’t tell how bad it was since I was on the starting end again for the second race. By the time we get to the other end, Cork’s knee is already a mess. We get in the car where we’re able to see under the lights and it wasn’t good times. Cork is going to be hurting bad in the morning from the fall. His shoulder he’s having problems moving, his knee is all mangled, and the palm of his right hand is all torn up. But Cork got up like it was nothing and shook things off. He’s hardcore and the WWE should sign him. Hang in there mane.
Kobe decides to stay with the Lakers. Surprise surprise huh? He’ll actually make $30 million MORE than he would’ve made by signing with any other team (was talking to the Clippers). That number is just hard to think of how it relates to regular bums like us. His new contract is for 7 years and near $137 milliooooon dollars. Still, the Lakers made a mistake I believe. They let Shaq Diesel walk away and in return I don’t like the trade. Not too often does a guy 7’2” and 350+ pounds with skill come into the league. You just don’t trade that away. He’ll do much better in the East against bum centers. Can you say total domination? One thing the Lakers did good was by not trading The Daddy to a team in their division. Now that Shaq is with Pat Riley, he’ll be sure to be in good shape when camp opens up. Too bad Boston has to face him more often now, doh! But although the Lakers team could be in trouble, Kobe is still the man. Despite the rape allegations, he comes to ball every single game and in my opinion is the most talented player in the league. Shaq is the most dominant and Kobe the most talented. That probably sounds confusing, but oh well.
How is NCAA 2005 going today? I love the game, but it’s tough to me. I’m off to a rough 3-4 start with my Irish. Today I’ve gotten in three games so far, with losses to Stanford and Boston College, with a win against Navy. Is it just me or is the passing game impossible on this version?
Before rolling to the Battle of the Titans, I hit up Sam’s Club in the mean streets of Fairmont. For those who don’t have a Sam’s Club nearby, it’s basically a huge wholesale store where you can buy in bulk. They have anything you want. A neat concept and I hit it up a good bit, but the only thing I don’t like is having to buy like $10 worth of stuff because that’s the smallest package they have. What am I going to do with 18 pounds of Skittles? I like candy as much as the next dude, but come on now. While there I got to talk to my girl Crystal. I talk to her all the time on here, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, so I had to get all caught up on the big happenings in Fairmont. You may remember her by a nickname that DerekHood gave her, Classy Miss Massey. I gotta give props to all my buddies out there, so eventually, you’ll probably get mentioned in this Blog if you’re around me in some form or shape.
I loaded up on a lot more CDs since the last time you read my Blog. Last night I went a little nuts I guess. What’d I do? I ended up getting five more full albums. They are as follows: Daz Dillinger’s R.A.W., 5th Ward Weebie’s Da Unexpected, Paper Tha Way I See It Iz How I Spit It from Tre, The Dunn Language by Mobb Deep, and Bad Azz’s new one (one of Snoop’s boys) titled Executive Decision.
And some lyrics I’m laughing at that I’ll end up on tonight..

Rapper: 5th Ward Weebie – Song: Where Ya Baby Mama? – Album: Ghetto Platinum 
Ya baby mama in the club and ya know she actin' bad
She's a ho, she's a ho
Ya baby daddy in the club and ya know he actin' bad
He's a ho, he's a ho
Ya baby mama actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Ya baby daddy actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Ya baby mama actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Cause she's a ho, she's a ho 


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