Friday, July 02, 2004


What’s up you big pimps? I’m back with another dose of madness for you to hopefully enjoy. I’ll start out with a group new CDs I got this week. What did I load up on in alphabetical order? Akon’s Trouble, Goodie Mob’s One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show, Jadakiss’ Kiss Of Death, Lil Wayne’s The Carter, and Spice 1 & MC Eiht’s The Pioneers. All of these came out this week or last, so I’m up to date on the rap scene as usual. The Pioneers is an awesome CD if you’re into some good Bay Area rap. Between me and Cork lately, we’ve been going mad on some CDs. It’s almost impossible for us to organize them anymore, as we’re always loading up on like 5 or 10 a week. And I’m one of these weirdos who organizes his CDs by alphabetical order. That’s more work than I need, but I freak out if stuff isn’t all neat and perfect. Obsessive compulsive? I dunno.

Today (well, yesterday when you read this post) is Canada Day! I guess it’s like our July 4th? Who knows. Tonight I just got done watching some of my town’s fireworks. We have them tonight since nearby towns have them the rest of the week. It’s packed out here for this night. This will be a quick into for July 4th. Sunday night you know what you all have to do? I insist you watch the GREATEST movie evarrr in The Sandlot. It’s all about the 4th of July there. You even get them playing ball under the fireworks one night.

I’m jumping all over the place in this Blog, but you’ll have to deal with that one. As Judge Smails said the other day to end my Blog, you’ll get nothing and like it! But I’m giving you something, so don’t cry, dry your eyes. How about the Yankees game I just listened to on the radio? First of all, as I’ve said a million times, it just doesn’t get any better than baseball on the radio, not even porn. 13 innings! We just got done SWEEPING the Red Sox. Now they’re 8½ games out of 1st Place, with the Devil Rays on their tail. What’s gotten into Boston lately? It’s getting ugly up there. We beat them without our best two pitchers as well. Kevin Brown is injured and Mike Mussina wasn’t scheduled to go this series. As I was talking to #basketball legend, Blahah, we talked all through the game about the Yanks/Sox matchup. He got to watch it on TV in the mean streets of Maine, while I got the radio broadcast from the Yanks. But I’ll post his comments he said as we tied the game and then ended it with a John Flaherty homer:

DaBoMB0034: damn.
DaBoMB0034: miguel cairo?! WHO THE FUCK
DaBoMB0034: what was a great win turns into a devasting loss
DaBoMB0034: before you know it, the devil rays will be in 2nd

Anyways, during the game, check out the play Jeter made in the 12th inning. Or as Max Kellerman would say in his New York accent to get co-host and Sox fan Michael Holley fired up, “Jetaahhhhhh!” Say what you want about him being overpaid (I’ll argue that), say what you want about his stats not being the same as other star shortstops (I’ll agree, but stats aren’t everything), but give me the intangibles. Yankee haters hate that term, but give me Jeter any day of the week on my team compared to the other shortstops out there. He’s been the glue to our team for the past decade. Even with A-Rod here (best player in the game arguably) on our team, Jeter still runs the show in The Bronx. Susie, don’t worry, he’ll be ok. 

What’d I get into today? I woke up at 12:30 (not bad eh?) and hung out for a while and then mowed grass. After that, I shot up some ball and got a decent workout in. Cheese raviolis for dinner though, mmm.. Seems like my buddies get into all kinds of chick drama. Hopefully that gets better for them. You need to check out the drama Cork has going on (might be settled now?) and the advice that DerekHood gives him. Cork isn’t afraid to spill it all out. He’s doing some serious Big Pimpin, not bad mane. While you’re bored, give those guys some comments in their Blogs at and They’d appreciate it. Also, the one and only ManDingo updated his a few hours ago at

Whooo!! Getting all excited for an eBay auction I won that may come in tomorrow. Or if not, hopefully by Saturday? What is it? I’ve probably talked about it here before, but it’s every single Beavis episode evarrr. Even the ones that ran on Liquid Television before they had their series. And a few copies of the movie. All for $20. That’s a steal and you can’t put a price on something like that, which is the greatest show in the history of TV shows. I’ll go down fighting as I argue that one.

I want to right more, but I’m in a daze. I’ll catch back up with you guys soon. Time to watch Caddyshack on TBS. One.

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