Saturday, July 24, 2004

Beach Trip & Thoughts

Welcome back everybody. For those who were in a coma, I was gone for the past week as I was getting my vacation on at the beach. Usually I just ramble on and on, and today won’t be any different, but I’m going to put this Blog up in sections. This will be about my past week at the beach, so hopefully I can spice thangs up for your enjoyment. This is a true story of seven strangers, who were picked to live in a house.. Wait, not that Real World. This one is mine, straight from the mean streets of Ocean City, Maryland. Just be prepared for a really long Blog. I was away for a week, I have to come back to you with authority.

Weather: The weather all week was amazing. We didn’t have rain during the actual day, not once. Twice it rained in the morning, but I’m sleeping then anyways. By the time I woke up, it was sunny and ready to get to business. The water wasn’t bad at all. Some big waves were going while the temperature was perfect. It was about 85 everyday and sunny, so not too shabby.

Sleep: Where’d I sleep at? We stayed on 99th Street at a place called Century I. I sort of felt at home, because I had half of the house and my parents had the other half. They had their bedroom and bathroom upstairs. I was downstairs, which also had a big kitchen, living room, and my bathroom. We had cable in two rooms, which worked out sweet too. Two balconies that was oceanfront and one outside of my bedroom that was on the street side to where I could see action.

Food: I did some serious eating this week. For the past month or so, I’ve been doing great not eating much junk food as far as candy goes. Not this week. I went back to my roots. Due to the kitchen there, we were able to have some homemade cooking. That’s a big reason while I’ll live at home until I’m 40 years old. As far as the homemade stuff, we had Dad’s breakfast everyday (pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs..), of course Mom had to make her spaghetti, and then chicken one night. As far as the eating out deal goes (not chicks unfortunately, for the porn fans out there), I’ll recap what I did there. We ate at The Bonfire (one of the best places to eat there, but not my ultimate fave) and had all you can eat prime rib and crab legs. I went wild in there and tore stuff up like mad. Then one night we went to this place called Finnegan’s. It was an Irish restaurant, with a pub setting. I ate a Philly Cheesesteak there and had some fries. In the bar part of this place, it was nothing but thugs, and when a lot of whiteys walked in to eat, they immediately walked out since everyone is racist it seems. More on that later, as I have a LOT to vent about on that topic, whether you’ll like my point of view or not. Stay tuned. My favorite place (maybe of any place evarrr) is an Italian joint called Ristorante Antipasti. Straight off the boat Italians here, with full accent and everything, so that alone made it quality and I knew I would get great food. I get a platter called Rigatoni Pecoria, which is Tally sausage on rigatoni with cheese and peppers. This restaurant is ranked in the Top 5 in the nation supposedly, who knows. But I can definitely see why. Another day we went to a place called Ledo Pizza. Again, straight off the boat Italians here, so I knew good food was about to come up. I know I’m biased, but it was good stuff. I eat enough Italian, but how could I go a trip without Chinese? This is where I got a late night pickup at Charlie Chiang’s, and got my favorite, General Tso’s Chicken with fried rice, mmm.. Below, you’ll see links of each of the places I ate at if you’re that bored to read some menus or whatever.

Chicks: First, everyone wants to know if I hooked up with some dirty there, and the answer to that one is no. Let me explain though a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t get to fulfill a fantasy of mine by having a chick in the shower, but one of these days I can hope, hah. A few problems here. At the beach, of course chicks are going to be all over the place. One problem was that the chick was either 14 years old or she was a Mom. Some real nice MILFs though. Not many chicks near my age were single. If they were there, they were there with some dude, so that doesn’t help matters much. A disappointment I had with the chicks is that not many thug chicks were around. I can deal with that since West Virginia doesn’t have any (at least not in my area of the state), but I figured with it being on the East Coast, I’d see some good black chicks around. For those keeping score at home, that ranks second on my chick list. My #1 choice of a chick as everyone knows is a good Italian girl. Overall though, nice eye candy all around, so don’t let me fool you there. I’ll end the chick section with a quote I got while running around one night:

I was walking through the streets one night around 11:00 or so and these younger guys about 20 years old were about to catch the bus, crack down some beers and go the boardwalk after girls. I said hey to them just as a regular thing, and without knowing me, wanted me to go with them. Here’s what their leader said to me, “Yeah! We’re going to drink some beer at the boardwalk! Yeah! These 16-year old girls just got their license. Let’s go break their hymens! Throw your license away and tell them you’re 17. It’s that easy.” Yep, you see it all. And no, I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

Walking: I did some major walking while there and my legs are crazy sore from it now. On Tuesday night, I walked 70 blocks since I was bored and wanted to see what was going on at night. Wednesday was the big night of walking though. I walked a total of 82 blocks on the beach in the evening and late that night, I walked 68 more blocks on the street. So that’s 150 blocks. w00t! You talk about having some sore calves. Why did I do that? No clue. Being there by yourself (with my parents, but they were in bed early; most people would think that’d be horrible, but I’m an only child and an a pretty independent dude as far as motivating myself), you think of good ways to kill time. While walking around, I got to see the cops bust all kinds of people, a 64 Chevy Impala pimped out taxi (I hate myself for not riding that thing), and whatever else the nightlife had to give.

TV: I see this Blog is getting to be crazy long, so deal with me. Cable here was great I thought. I got the cable that Baltimore has if anyone is familiar with that. That means I got to watch SmackDown on Thursday night, something I never get to do in my area unfortunately. And the highlight of every week is watching RAW, so I couldn’t miss that for anything. Everything else was normal, the SportsCenter watching, BET, MTV, and you know how it goes. A few things did change though. I was hooked on dating shows this week such as Blind Date, Eliminidate, the MTV show where they have a pimp talk to some guy going out on a date, and Ex-Treme Dating. The guys out there all know who Jillian Barberie is and she’s now on my annoying list. I don’t care how hot she is, if you watch this show, she’ll get on your nerves till no end. The concept of the show is nice though if you want something to watch late at night. And I watched Letterman every night (I need to get regular cable back upstairs) as he cracks me up good.

I had to take my GameCube (won’t tell big stories on that; go to Lobstah to read what I’ve been doing there), did a lot of shopping (not enough space to type here to bore you all with, but did load up on a nice Celts hoodie), and hit up a Catholic Church right across the place from our condo. But I’m not writing on that stuff since I want to hit up two big topics for me, then I’ll be done with you guys until the next Blog..

Tats: I must be so out of the game here. I just don’t understand the big hype over tattoos. Fill me in on this one if you could. It’s your body to do what you want to, better you than me, but it’s just not my thing. What I wonder is what happens when all of these people are like 60 years old and they have these weird symbols and crap on their bodies still? And you girls especially. Get original. Don’t get a thing on the small of your back like EVERY single girl out there. I know a lot of guys are into that on a girl, but it’s just not me. It looks trashy in my opinion. Guys I can see with tats on since they want to look all mean, but the tats on chicks just has zero appeal to me, sorry.

Racism: Hopefully I didn’t scare anyone off with my tat remarks, but I may on this one, because I’m about to go off. Hear me out though. Is there racism no matter what area of the country you go to? This is sad to me. We’re not in the 1920s anymore people. Being a whitey, I can just see the aspect of people bashing other races, and whiteys don’t normally get that. It’s from the outside looking in. But when I’m around people that do nothing but hate on other minorities, I wish I could stop it somehow. When you confront a whitey who bashes a black guy, they get all uppity and act like they have nothing against blacks. Don’t front on me like that, we can all see right through it. Yet there’s not a lot I can do about it other than just let that person complain about how they hate a certain minority group. Being in West Virginia (and I’m sure it’s like this everywhere), I’m tired of seeing this everyday. What’s the big deal anyways? People with these views act all tough in talk, but when they’re around a certain minority group, they get intimidated. Now what, tough guy? I know I’m talking to a wall here or myself, but maybe one day we’ll all get along. That won’t ever happen here in West Virginia though.

Sorry for the last few things, but I wanted to get that off of my chest. 99% of the time I’m laid back, but I think I can write about whatever in here if I choose to. I am in a great mood though, so if you read through all of that mess, I applaud you, and leave you with this quote:

Charles Barkley, commercial for basketball shoes, 1993: "These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it."


DirtyKash said...

Epic blog Bird. Really really good. Liked the part where the under-20 dudes try to act tough. "Let's go break their hymens!" That must have been really hilarious. Little kid's actin' tough! Keep it up, big guy.

Anonymous said...

As for chicks with tats some look good but some dont.
The guys hitting up jailbait was classic though. Sounds like the food was amazing as always you lucky bum :P At any rate it sounds like the vacation was awesome glad you had fun

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