Thursday, July 29, 2004

Roll Out! Roll Out!

I’m off for yet another trip. This weekend for those who haven’t read my last few posts, I’m rolling to the ATL. Yep, I’m going to Atlanta. This will be my first time in the true Dirty Dirty South, so it should be an experience. Since I’m not much of a travel guy, I’ll be going through states I’ve never been, such as Tennessee and Georgia to name a few. I’m not going through Charlotte, as I’ll be going the other route through Knoxville and Chattanooga. Supposedly it’s quicker, who knows. On the trip with me is Cork and my cousin Mitch. We’re going to stay with some cousins of mine, so a free place to hang is always quality. The main reason I’m going is to check out a baseball game, as we’ll be watching the Braves lock horns with the Mets.

Since I last left you, I’ve accomplished something things today (actually yesterday now that it’s technically Thursday). Usually it’s time to be a bum, but I’ve actually been busy for one. I wake up at 11:30 (in the summer, oh my!) and head over to workout. Being that I was still sore from Monday’s workout, I was unable to do Chest today. Yes, I worked out while at the beach, but not free weights. You just don’t get the same workout on a machine that you do for free weights. It just doesn’t compare to me. After I got done getting all crunked out in the gym, I paid a visit to the greatest barber the land has seen.

No crazy stories from my barber this time. Nobody walked in for him to go off on and throw f-bombs at. And the phone didn’t ring off the hook to get him mad, so that lessened the value. Still, it’s always a nice time to get my hair cut and to hear the wise words of wisdom from my barber. Then around 3:30, I hit up a big shopping spree. I was out of blank CDs (imagine that at the pace I burn them), so I had to load up on a pack of 50. That’ll probably be gone in a matter of just a few short weeks. Greedy, yes, but it’s free. And free is the best word in the English language. I buy a pack of 50 for Cork as well, since he took care of my fantasy leagues for me while I was at the beach and taped a few wrestling shows for me. That was the main reason I went shopping, but also one more. I got the latest WWE DVD, Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story. I watched roughly 90 minutes of Benoit talking and going over highlights and was hooked. I wanted it for the ECW footage, and it has the highlight of Benoit breaking Sabu’s neck, thus The Crippler nickname. Just some brutal stuff.

The rest of the night played out pretty well. I watched some baseball outside of the Benoit DVD. I waited on Cork and Spank to come over at 11:00 to play some ping pong. It doesn’t get much better than late night ping pong. Then again, I say that about a lot of stuff, but it’s really good. Of course we had to jam some good old school rap. Tonight’s feature was between Shaq Diesel from Shaq himself and Str8 Off The Streets Of Muthaphukkin Compton from Eazy-E. Weird combo there huh? Spank was champ tonight. Early on, I held my own and was winning, but at the end of the night I got whooped. You got wuhhhhhkkkkkdddd as CT would say. I did hit maybe my best series of shots of all time though. How’s that? Spank hit a shot to the outside side of my backhand. I didn’t have a prayer to get to the ball normally, so I threw the paddle from my right hand to my left and just took a lucky swing while diving to the ground on my knee. I somehow got that in and he hits the next shot to my forehand side, and I have to take off running to that side like a madman. I switch hands back to my right hand and give a crazy spike while running out the door, and it just grazes the corner of the table. I needed a camera for that madness. Needless to say I was all kinds of fired up.

Around 1:45 or so, Cork picks me up to go to Denny’s. Gotta love the late night Denny’s stops. I order my usual of pancakes with strawberries, and also an order of cheesesticks. Nice order there huh? Then it all began. I figured if I was leaving for the ATL at midnight the next day (same day?), then my best bet would be to stay up crazy late and sleep all day, thus being all geared up for the drive. I went to bed at 8:00, but could’ve stayed up later. I didn’t want to sleep till like 6:00 though, since I needed to hit up the bank before then. So what time did I wake up? Just a few minutes before 4:00 PM, fear! I’m still convinced that nobody wants a piece of me in a staying up all night contest. Never really been challenged, but I’d hold my own for sure.

Time to rant on chicks again before I end this thing. I’m talking to Tata now and I just don’t get it. I know what Cork and Derek will tell me, and they’re probably right, but here’s my theory. I don’t get why a chick would want to stay with a dude who beats on her or just treats her like a bum. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the whole romantic thing. Even so, I couldn’t get all violent and act psycho like a lot of guys to do “win over” their girl. That’s just not my style. You might want to check out Cork’s “Porked And Beans” post and how he ranks his chicks. It’s pretty intense and maybe you fall into one of these categories, maybe not. Single is cool for me right now anyways though.

So we’re off to the ATL. We’re leaving at midnight and it should be a fun road trip indeed. I’ll be back with pictures and for sure a good Blog. This will be the last Blog up until Monday night or so I’m guessing. Not sure exactly when we get back, but early Monday morning possibly. I will leave you with some Atlanta lyrics though for the weekend. And since we’re rolling out, I’ll let Luda tell us how that goes:

Rapper: Ludacris -- Song: Roll Out -- Album: Word Of Mouf

Man, that car don't come out until next year
Where in the fuck did you get it?
That's eighty-thousand bucks GONE!
Where in the fuck did you spend it?
You must have eyes on your back, cause you got money to the ceiling
And the bigger the cap, the bigger the peelin
The better I'm feelin, the more that I'm chillin
Willin, drillin and killin the feelin
Now who's that bucked-naked cook fixin three-course meals?
Gettin goosebumps when her body tap the six inch heels
What in the world is in that ROOM, what you got in that ROOM?
A couple a gats, a couple of knives
A couple of rats, a couple of wives, now it's time to choose

Roll out! Roll out! Roll out! Roll out!


Cork said...

Ed, I'm with you on the romantic stuff but for some reason chicks don't dig that to much, or at least not the ones I encounter, thats why i always get dicked over. My theory of why a woman stays with a guy that treats her like shit is because A) they are retarded, B) their self esteem is so low b/c of said guy that they think they can't get another guy, C) they think said guy will kill them, or D) all of the above.

I think it's more B than anything but all 3 apply I'm sure. Women suck...unless they suck :)

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I need.. a romantic guy that can cook some awesome italian food. Yummy.. Yeah.. I don't know why gals stay with guys that beat them either.. It's stupid. Just like.. would you like a girl that's an open book, or a mysterious one?


Anonymous said...

OI! im happy i knew at least one rap song ur talking about now...i used to be all whooed about that back in my rap days. lol. and women do suck, at least i do...

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