Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Midnight Love

I tried to get Mustang and Aly to help with a Blog title, but they were going blank. No biggie. We can't have our A-games everynight. :)

What’s up everybody? Nothing too exciting here actually, but that shouldn’t stop the posts from coming. Since last night, all kinds of drama went down. Well, not really, but that got your attention, right? With some BET Midnight Love (12:00-1:00 hour of pimpin music) as I type this out, I want everybody to feel the love of the Blog.

RAW last night you ask? We had two matches on this show. I know that seems unusual, but I’ll explain. First, they had a 20-Man Battle Royal to determine who faces the World Champion at SummerSlam. As all of this boils down, none other than one of my favorites comes out on top. That guy would be Randy Orton. I know that is Tata’s guy. Or is her guy Kasher? Kasher is Big Pimpin here in my Blog, so check that out in the comments. He’s getting his swerve on. It must be the Midnight Love he has in his veins. Anyways, you can’t go wrong with a good Rumble. That is, unless you have commercial breaks. Are you kidding me? I realize sponsors have to be paid to get the show running, but don’t take time out of a Rumble. Another gripe I have is the stupid RAW Diva Search. If I wanted to see people getting voted off, I’d watch the reality shows. If I wanted to see dirty chicks bounce around naked, I’d get internet porn. I don’t want that on a WRESTLING show. I’m straight old school with this one. Give me matches anyday of the week. Our main event though was big time. It was a 60-Minute Ironman Match. This pitted Chris Benoit (champ) taking on Triple H. How do you win this? Whoever garners the most pinfalls in 60 minutes is your winner. Benoit ended up retaining here, with help from Eugene who came back for revenge on our resident roid freak, Trips. I’m disappointed here. These guys are both good wrestlers, yet we get more COMMERCIALS. That definitely takes the flow out of watching an hour long match. I’d say we lost about 5-10 minutes of this match during commercial. Sad sad sad. For the non-wrestling fans, let’s say you’re watching a baseball game and suddenly during the 4th inning, they go to a commercial while play is going on. Anyways, on a positive note, SummerSlam is a few weeks away and that’s a biggie. Orton might get the main belt and we also get Eddie Guerrero against Kurt Angle in what will be an instant classic.

Last night (this morning?) I went to bed at 8:30. I’m not sure if that’s something to brag about or not, but the moral of this story as always is that I’m an idiot. Why go to bed when you’re having fun and you’re not tired? I really didn’t want to go then, but I had to. I then wake up at 2:00 to do absolutely nothing all day long. I did leave the house from 7:00-8:00 though to hit up some chapel time at my church. That was the only time I stepped out of my door.

Tuesday night now means World Series Of Poker. Tonight they decide to show the chicks tournaments. No disrespect to the loyal chick fans of the Blog out there, but this just wasn’t interesting at all. The chicks were too prissy. This is Poker, get your serious face on and get all mean. Instead, we see some of them crying. You don’t get the same intensity you get when they show the guys playing. I did however like this one chick who pretty much bashed the rest by saying that she wanted no part of the chicks tables. She wanted to play with the dudes. The good thing is that some of these chicks looked good though, so I guess not all is bad. Some can play I’m sure, but you can’t tell me that looking across the table at a Hold Em table and that a chick is going to intimidate you. Then again, Hold Em is luck, so I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or chick. What bugs me is why they separate the tables. Just have them all go at it. I’m not a good Poker player, but I could sit down at a Hold Em table and do halfway decent I think. 7-Card Stud, now that’s where I’d get my eyes blacked and rocked good by the legends.

What’s new in the land of mIRC? Tonight I stepped into the oh so hallowed grounds of Undernet #basketball. Not a lot was happening there (brings tears to my face when that happens), so Rahl invites me into #baseball. It’s part of the #Balls Empire and I haven’t been there in ages, so I was due to say hey to some good buddies I haven’t talked to in a while. It was hopping! I think I’ll go there a decent bit now, but #basketball still rules all mankind. Rahl, Kasher, Wilbur, MilkMan, Dack, HeadCase, and the cast of many other legends. It doesn’t get better than good #Balls Empire chat. I’m convinced of this.

The new Kevin Garnett Adidas commercial is a good one. You’ve seen it. He has a lot of people from the city on his shoulders and he’s carrying them around. And they’re jamming to the He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands song whatever that one is. A relatively short post for me today, but hopefully it holds everyone down for a bit. One.


Cork said...

When Posey and I went to Atlantic City we sat at a 7-card stud table for at least 5 hours. I lost something to the tune of $250 and I think he lost $50. I'm sure the numerous long island ice teas didn't help me out to much. I probably lost $15 just tipping the drink bringer. Good times though.

josh said...

Nice title. Midnight Love is the ultimate in P.I.M.P. TV. You bring a lady over, let the Hennessey flow, and turn on a little Midnight Love action and you'll be set.

Anonymous said...

i always tend to forget to read this. lol but thats me i guess always forgetting everything. but ill read it now since u gave me the link again. i cant really relate to anything u talked about though, i dont watch wrestling or that poker thing. actually come to think of it, i never really sit and watch tv, im always doing something ::wink wink:: haha j/k ok i think i need to shut up

<3 never,

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