Wednesday, July 07, 2004


What’s new since the last update in here? Actually the same old in the mean streets of Shinnston, but I’ll do what I normally do, hype my repetitive schedule (although I like it a lot) up like I’m actually doing something huge. Gives the impression that big happenings go down in West Virginia huh?

I’ll begin things with the greatest part of my week, WWE Monday Night RAW. Last night, Eugene (plays the role of a retarded character) played General Manager as his “uncle” Eric Bischoff was out of town. They start the show off with a game of musical chairs and the last man standing would get a shot at the Intercontinental Title against Randy Orton the same night. It was in Winnipeg (Jericho’s hometown), so he got the shot. It didn’t get any better than Flair doing the Flair Strut around the chairs as the music was going. Also during the show, Edge gets up in Triple H’s face and says that he’s going to bring down all of Evolution. HHH told him that nobody has been able to since. During the Jericho & Orton Title Match, Orton wins with some help by Batista distracting him. Sadly, there are really only two matches to talk about. One was the Jericho match which I already said the winner to and our main event of HHH, Flair, and Eugene taking on Edge and Benoit. HHH is playing this great mind game to Eugene like he’s a friend of Evolution. They are accepting Eugene into the group to get HHH bigger things he wants. Late in the match, Benoit was about to make HHH tap, but HHH told him to blast Benoit with a chair. Eugene was reluctant, but did so to help his boy HHH. This Sunday we have the Pay Per View of Vengeance. I’ll run down that card and make my predictions later in the week.

I roll to bed around 4:15 last night. Crazy early for my summer schedule, but I’m allowed. I even set my alarm for 11:30 since I had thangs going on. I really didn’t have anything huge going down, but that just adds to the reading excitement. I went to go workout around 1:30 and listened to the Jim Rome Show while doing so. Nothing eventful in the gym today, but it was still a productive workout. When I get home, I had to mow grass. I get there and see that my boy Spank is battling my Dad in ping pong. I play a few quick games and then go mow the grass. By that time, they’re done playing, so I battle Spank for another half hour or so. When we were finished, we looked like we got out of the shower. I know that’s hard to believe for the non-pong players, but the guys who play know exactly what I mean. The table was actually drenched in sweat and we had to keep wiping it down, with the garage floor being all slick since we were all stinky nuts out there.

Then it’s shower time and I had to head up to the mall to pick up Ric Flair’s new book, To Be The Man. Spank said he’d go along, so I pick him up for the ride. Even if you’re just a casual wrestling fan, you need to pick this book up. I can see this book shouldn’t take long to read because I’m already not wanting to put it down. I could write an entire Blog on Flair, but I won’t bore everyone with that. I’ll keep my obsession of Flair to myself, although not a porn obsession, so don’t get any crazy thoughts there. Not much of a mall trip though. We stroll through once, hit up GNC and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and come home. I had Italian sausage and hot peppers waiting for me at home (a top 3 dinner of mine), so there was no way I was missing that. Mom’s cooking is a huge reason why I’ll be living at home till I’m 40 years old.

Tuesday Night huh? That usually means Real World, but I’ll touch that here in a few. At 9:00, it started the 2004 World Series Of Poker on ESPN. I’m not a big time card guy like some of my buddies, but this is kind of addicting. I’ve even been playing Poker online some. I know the basics, but learning little tricks of the game like the legends do is always good times. Cork is a local Poker legend for those reading.

As far as the Real World San Diego Reunion went, everyone was there. Yes, even stupid Frankie. What a mess that chick is. And she acts like she’s all different now. She of course broke down and cried like a little girl. I was hoping Brad would go off on her and get cuffed by the cops. That would’ve been more realistic. But the best thing about the show? It’s not over! Next week we get never before seen footage from their trip to Mexico. Nice. They keep sucking me in, I love it.

If you're big into 80's stuff, make sure you check out VH1's Behind The Music of Guns N Roses. You won't be disappointed. How that group is still alive today is beyond me, but even for me being mostly a rap guy, you can't help but like some good old GNR. I like Axl a lot, but what a punk he was to those guys. When you hear the term, "party like rock stars", these guys did that to a tee. It's nuts and an entertaining hour well spent if you watch. Trust me. I eat shows like that up.

Happy Birthday Tata!

Rapper: KRS-One -- Song: H.I.P.H.O.P. -- Album: I Got Next
So you wanna be the million dollar man, kid what’s your plan
Make a deal with the devil settle for a hundred grand
Not enough I call your bluff, hit you with the stuff
Deal with this and think you’re tough, gimme a call when things get rough
You get no Vette and, if I could stay leaded
I’m leavin rappers one-legged from fakin like the prosthetic
you’re artificial by cripple, rap is like your pistol
Grim Reaper, I got the whistle, death I pull no tissue
Hit you, like the Mac-11, MC’s subtract by seven
Callin callin for the reverand, lookin at hell like heaven
I’m on the map, makin it like the crazy on the track
Oh what the hell I get my mail while I raid you til it crack


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I actually watched wrestling last night.. go me.. Though, I never did see my man!!


Bird33 said...

Your man was on in the 2nd hour. So you were probably in bed last night, but he was there. :)