Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dibble's Crazy Eyes

Today’s title and this following pic is brought to us by The_Freak. Gotta love the Nasty Boys crew of the Cincinnati Reds 90s dynasty. Rob Dibble’s face on the far right is just classic

I went to Denny’s last night with Cork. Been a while since I’ve been compared to our normal schedule. We got there around 3:00 AM and it was a big crowd tonight, so we had some action. I figured I’d at least get some Blog stories out of the deal. One of our regular waitresses who we like a lot because she just doesn’t care what people think came in after partying with her girls. She walks by the table of guys next to us and flashes them in the middle of the restaurant. Was pretty funny stuff. I unfortunately didn’t get to see, but Cork did. Gotta hate on missing out on action like that. Other than that, some other people we knew who we ball with showed up, so there’s always someone in the building who we know, even at 3:00 in the morning. I loaded up on The Super Bird with no tomatoes and some rice. Rice rocks.

For the past week or two, our crew has been huge into Poker on PokerChamps. I’ve told about that place before, but now we’re really hooked. I’m not going to spend real money on it, but the free tourneys are enough to keep me coming back for more. Usually they have a tourney every hour. They’ll take a break every so often, but you can find games easy. We’ve been in tourneys as big as 2500 people. My highest finish is 94th, so I want to work on getting it up there even farther. My boy Posey finished 2nd in one not long ago, so that impressed me. It’s a lot more fun playing with people you know. We have so much time on our hands late at night, that when one of us gets eliminated, we’re bored enough to go sit and watch them play at their tables until they get bounced.

I finally got the digging done out here for the new water line we have to put in. I know to appreciate my college degree now. Forget manual labor. That stuff is not for me. I did a good job with it though as I didn’t want to drag it out and have it last like a week. It took away from my working out schedule though as I had to take a few days off. Maybe I needed that. I sure got a workout doing the digging anyways, but I don’t want to do any of that for a long time. The back is mangulated. Yes, mangulated. Maybe I’m whining, but digging ditches is not good times.

I loaded up huge on CDs last night. While starting this post, I didn’t have any since the last post. When I woke up this afternoon at 3:00, I was happy to see that I had 6 downloads done. Of course I haven’t listened to any yet since I’m in the process of finishing up burning them at them at the moment, but maybe you want to hear what I got and maybe you don’t. Either way, you get this stuff. In alphabetical order, to make things easier, our first one is the latest from The Diplomats titled Dipset - More Than Music Volume 1. Cam’ron, Juelz, Jim Jones, JR Rider, among others. Up next we have the Hustle & Flow Soundtrack. I want to see this movie, but it won’t come to my area since WV is a bunch of whitey redneck racists around here. Bummer there. Third, out of the Dipset camp, we have City of God from Jim Jones which isn’t released in stores. Killa Tay is our cleanup hitter, straight from the Bay Area. This is 2001 production called Thug Religion. Some legends come at with the fifth and that’s Best 1200 from Public Enemy, only released in Japan. Seems like a weird combo there, but who knows. You can’t go wrong with Public Enemy stuff. Lastly, we have a guy called T Dre who I know absolutely nothing about. But I got his stuff in a Bay Area room, so I figure I’ll personally be all over this one. We’ll see. California Lifestyle is the name of this beast. There you have it, 6 more to the collection. I’m a machine.

I passed on NCAA Football 2006 this year to get Madden 2006 instead. That one comes out on August 9th, so I hope to get that one as soon as I can. Maybe I’ll get lucky and will be able to get it on the 8th, that Monday. Been a few years since I’ve gotten a Madden, as last year I got college instead. I like to switch it up. I’ll be getting Madden for GameCube. I have a GameCube and PS2, but I can’t stand how slow the PS2 loads up compared to the Cube. That bugs me bad. I know what most of you will tell me. Get an XBox. I figure I will one day to have it to the collection, but I’m always a Nintendo loyalist first and foremost.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. August is here and that can only mean one thing. Fantasy football season. It’s not my favorite of the fantasy leagues by any means, but I’ll be hitting up both a NFL and NCAA fantasy league this year. Stay tuned.

2. The past 3 nights I’ve went to bed after 6:00 AM. Not too shabby for whatever that is worth.

3. Baseball trade deadline on Sunday! It’s going to be fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Digging Ditches

Tuesday and we’re back again for the madness. The weekend didn’t feature anything crazy go down. I basically spent it watching a lot of wrestling and hanging out online. Wait, that’s what I do everyday, so I guess nothing has changed with that. But as usual, I’m due for another post, so I better get my thinking cap on to figure out something to chat about.

You know what is rough? Digging ditches. 96 degrees today and I had to dig a ditch at our place so we can put in new water lines. I was doing it in the middle of the day too like an idiot. I almost threw up I drank so much Gatorade. The company that is putting the pipes in was going to charge us $600 just to dig the line, forget that. We have to dig it 2 feet deep and roughly 15 feet long. I appreciate that I don’t do manual labor everyday, that wouldn’t be for me at all. I’m sunburnt, the back is hurting, but I’ll be back out there tomorrow to finish up. I did that on 4 hours sleep too, not too shabby.

Here’s a thing that always cracks me up. I can get along with anybody and if someone wants an opinion from me, I’ll tell them what I honestly think. That’s the way it should be right? Anyways, I’m no expert on relationships, but I always get asked opinions on that stuff. If you remember a few months ago in here, my little things on me being the Love Doctor. Was a joke, but it was catchy, so I used it. I guess some people didn’t like my opinion on what is asked. Hey, I was asked and I answered. I’m not going to just tell you what you want to hear so it’ll sound nice. I’m not even doing it in a confrontational manner either, just telling the facts. So there’s my opinion on that type of thing.

The past few days I’ve been treated to some of the best from #basketball. Some of my buddies were on trips and we like to send postcards to each other out of tradition. I’m a sucker for sending out Christmas cards. Anyways, Wilbur made a journey from Washington state across the country to I believe as far East as Michigan in his RV. 4953 total miles, 10 states visited, $1600 on gas, and from what Wilbur says, it took 20-25 years off his life due to stress, hah. 6500 miles total when you count in the time he drove the rental Jeep. To make a long story short, I got a card from Wilbur when he was in Michigan, good to see. Also, my boy Dominik from Germany came to the States recently too. He sent me a postcard from Miami Beach and tells stories about how he got to spend time in Turner Field (Braves place) being in the dugouts and locker room. Then he mentions how some thug took him on a tour of the ghetto of the ATL.

Also dealing with #basketball, DerekHood sent me a package the other day too. In the package was a 3-page hand written letter. He does it big when he sends CDs and stuff out here. He sent me and Cork some local Arkansas music to check out. Only one of these I will listen to. The other was for Cork. First we have a group called Rafael Colmore. This is a thug and whitey duo. The whitey jams on a guitar and the black dude does the rapping. I never was big into mixing rock and rap, but I’ll give it a try. This CD is called Rock-Hop Volume 1. The other CD he sent is whitey music and it’s from a guy called Barrett Baber and the title is Fratbar Superstar. Derek describes him as “sort of whitey stuff like John Mayer of Howie Day or something, but better. Just for a little history, he’s a preacher’s kid who used to sing in a private college choir before coming here, and he once pulled people out of a plane after it crashed.”

And then there are the CDs that I got this week, which are three new ones to the collection. First, we have the latest from Capone called Pain, Time, & Glory. This one is pretty good I thought. C-Murder, Bun-B, Devin The Dude, Butch Cassidy, Akon, and Raekwon are on this joint. The next I got was Soulife from Anthony Hamilton. For those into pimpin’ music, this is about as good as it gets. No huge names on this one, but you don’t need that with this guy. Lastly, we get a mixtape from D12’s Proof. I love the name of this album as it is Grown Man Shit Mixtape. It’s what you get from a mixtape. You can listen to it, but it’s nothing mind blowing.

I spared the non-wrestling fans space in this one. I’m putting my wrestling stuff at the end of this post, so here we go. Sunday night was the Great American Bash. Simply one of the worst Pay Per Views I’ve seen in a good while. Only two matches were good. That was Eddie Guerrero getting beat by Rey Mysterio and Orlando Jordan defeating Benoit. No epic matches though. Nothing else was worth talking about. Batista is still a bum, I don’t care what kind of reaction he gets. He has to prove something to me in the ring. He can’t wrestle and he can’t talk on the mic. My favorite sign of the night was “Batista Fears The Mic”. I couldn’t say it better myself.

Then we have RAW action. Not an awesome show here either, but anything was better than Sunday’s show. HBK cut one of the best in-ring promos in quite some time. Yes fans, the old HBK is back in action. He trashed Hogan during this interview and the crowd still didn’t boo him. He was saying how he wants to go down as the best in-ring performer in WWE history. Probably a very good chance of that. Flair didn’t do his top of the line work in the WWE, so I won’t consider him as part of the argument. Bret Hart? Chris Benoit? Randy Savage? Nothing else to say about RAW that was great.

Third wrestling paragraph? Say it ain’t so! It is so! DVD time now. Sunday night after the Pay Per View I watched Shawn Michaels Boyhood Dream. This is a past production, but they recently put it on DVD. It showcases his first win of the title against Bret Hart at WrestleMania XII during the infamous Ironman Match. The rest of the DVD shows his big title defenses of 1996. It’s worth the get. On Monday, I got what I’ve been waiting for. It’s the June 10th Hardcore Homecoming show at the ECW Arena that I still hate myself for not making the trip for. This video was so hot on the internet that it was on a 2-week backorder, so I had to wait. It’s a 2-disc setup and I’ve seen the first 15 minutes just to get a feel. I got some crazy goosebumps so far. This one also features the No Rope Barbwire Original 3-Way Dance between Sabu, Shane Douglas, and Terry Funk. As you know, I can talk about ECW stuff forever, but I’ll stop right now.

There you have it. Wrestling talk, relationship advice happenings, CDs, #basketball, digging ditches, and whatever else went down in this issue. Can you feel it? Of course you can.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. “Can youuuuu diggggg itttt?”- Shaq (It’s not as good in text, but oh well.)

2. Birthdays today? Mick Jagger is 60, Kevin Spacey 44, Sandra Bullock 39, Wayne Wonder 37, and Kate Beckinsale 32

3. The Big Unit with 11 Ks tonight and 2 hits in 8 innings. Not too shabby.

Friday, July 22, 2005

He Brakes For Midgets

Here we are again in scenic Blog Land. You know you want to be here, because otherwise you wouldn’t be a computer junkie like myself. I’ve been getting some good comments in here lately, so that’s always good to see the variety. Keep them coming, it makes me want to continue putting up the life and times in big, bad Shinnston.

I was at yet another Pirates game last night in Pittsburgh. They did battle with the Rockies and messed them up good. This had to be the hottest I have ever been at a game in my life. It was brutal. Not to mention, we didn’t take the boat over on this trip. We walked over 2 bridges just out of boredom. It was a long walk, but I didn’t mind. Zach Duke has a chance to be a good pitcher in due time. The kid is off to a 3-0 start with the Bucs and has a great ERA. Will he keep it up? I’m not placing big expectations on him, but he has been fun to watch since they’ve brought him up.

Cork showed me this dandy from The Smoking Gun. For those who don’t know what this site is about, it has a bunch of mugshots of celebrities and other bums who have a nice story to go with it. Most have probably been there before, or at least I know my crew knows about it. Anyways, this one has me cracking up good. Check out the t-shirt on this guy’s mugshot. I guess you can’t plan what to wear before you get busted up by the law. I do find it hilarious though. Go here for that action: It’s worth the look. Disturbing maybe, but you know it’s funny. Admit it.

Real World Austin was on Tuesday and this season has started out to be fairly uneventful. It’s not to the level as Real World Philly, but none were that bad. The storyline this week? Wes and Nehemiah have this thing called a Groupie Drawer. Pretty creative stuff I thought. What they have is a drawer in the house of girls’ phone numbers. They randomly picked one each and called those girls up. After calling a few girls, they find out two of the numbers in the drawer are the exact same. Hah, that’s genius. Come to find out, these guys don’t have any game at all. The other action in this one had Rachel meet a guy she thought she liked a lot. Come to find it, he already had a chick. That’s dirty. This stuff happens far too often to both guys and girls and it fires me up. Maybe I’m weird, but I’d feel awful if I ever cheated on someone, but I guess it’s the popular thing to do now. “Come on! You can do it! Everyone does it!” I guess that’d be better with a voice thing, but you get what I mean. Next week, Wes finds this girl who has friends that are college cheerleaders. Danny thinks he wants in on that instead of being with Melinda. Come on, give us some drama storylines instead of this junk. Either way, I still watch.

Good news in the world of wrestling. This fall on Saturday nights, either at 10:00 or 11:00, Spike TV is picking up NWA-TNA Wrestling. Yep, Total Nonstop Action. Sure, it’s not big money wrestling, but it’s 2nd to the WWE. Let’s face it, WWE is wrestling and they have the monopoly. TNA will give us a nice alternative to watch and they have some great wrestlers on that roster, not just a bunch of older guys in there for namesake only. I’ve been watching them on satellite for a good while now, but for those who haven’t seen TNA before, you just may like the product. They have some awesome cruiserweights here, or as they call it, the X-Division.

Any magazine subscribers out there? I’m only subscribed to two right now, but have been with them for a while. The first is SLAM, a basketball mag mainly devoted to the hip hop style. On the cover of the latest is the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili, Duncan, and Big Shot Bob Horry. This is real cheap, usually you can find it for $12 or less for a year. This issue is 150 pages long too, quality stuff. The other one I get is Game Informer, the best video game mag out there. You can pick up this at Babbage’s or GameStop, same deal. By getting a year of this, you also get 10% off old games, so you can’t go wrong with that action. On the cover of the latest is King Kong. I just got the newest ones in the mail a few days ago of both, so I haven’t had time to check these out.

Just one CD this time around? Say it ain’t so! The one I loaded up on is Me Being Me from Frayser Boy. He’s part of Hypnotize Mind Posse ran by the Three 6 Mafia. Other than that, I haven’t listened yet to give an opinion. One that comes strong is Mind Control from Canibus that I mentioned in the last Blog. A very good album here, pick it up if you’re into lyrical rappers that delivers.

WWE Great American Bash is this Sunday. It is a SmackDown production and I’ll give a quick prediction of the matches announced so far. 8 matches announced already and that could be it. First, we have The Undertaker beating Hassan. Hassan is either done with that character due to controversy or they’ll switch him to RAW after this. Then I look for Eddie to beat Rey Jr. in what should be an epic match. They know how to get it done. Benoit gets my pick to win the US Title over Orlando Jordan. Batista against JBL for the World Title? This is a toughie, but I’m going to take JBL here. Melina taking on Torrie in a Bra & Panties Match? The fans win here, but I’ll pick Torrie since she’s a veteran. Tag Title Match time as I’m taking the champs (MNM) to retain over Heidenreich and Animal. Christian will take down Booker T. And to end things, the bWo will smack The Mexicools around. The bWo is one awesome gimmick for those who never saw it in their heyday in ECW.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today’s birthdays? George Clinton of P-Funk fame turns 65, Alex Trebek is also 65, Danny Glover is 58, Don Henley is 58 too, Keith Sweat is 44, John Leguizamo 41, David Spade 41, and HBK is supposedly 40.

2. I just put on some Chap-Ice vanilla flavored chapstick, fear.

3. My blood type is Type O Positive.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just Add Busey

Props go out to The_Freak for picking today’s title. It’s in reference to Gary Busey, who makes the new season of Celebrity Fit Club worth watching.

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. Or however that old school song went. What’s on tap for this issue? We got TV action of course, the Hillybilly Horseshoes Tournament from Sunday, CD talk, and my meeting with a hedgehog. More on this stuff later. Nothing huge planned the rest of the week though. Thursday night I’m going to yet another Pirates game to see the Rockies again. There shouldn’t be anyone at this game since it’s two bums going at it and there is no promotional giveaways at the gate for this one. I’m pumped regardless though.

Not too long ago, I was saying how I wanted a hedgehog as a pet. Me and Cork went out to eat some Mexican yesterday in Fairmont. No, not a Mexican chick, Mexican food. Get your mind out of the gutters. We were at the scenic Middletown Mall which is a big hole in the wall that only has a purpose for old people to walk in and get exercise. There’s about 3 stores still open in it and a lot of hair cutting places. Anyways, they do have an awesome video game store in there, featuring lots of old school stuff that we load up on. After we did that, we went to the pet store in there and I was curious to if they had hedgehogs. I didn’t think so, but when we asked, they sure as well did. They have four of these bad boys and I’ve never touched one before, but have always been curious. The spikes don’t hurt you, they’re just a little prickly. The prices at this shop? Some were $109 and some were $150. I’ve heard I can get them for cheaper than that, so I may look into that one day. These little guys rule.

I can’t believe I just spent a paragraph on hedgehogs, but you never know what you’re going to get in The Madhouse of Bird33. So you’re wanting to know how the Hillbilly Horseshoes Tournament went on Sunday? I know you’re dying to know. I’ve talked about it before, but here’s a very quick recap. This is a game instead of using actual horseshoes, you use washers and instead of rings you have a 1x3 plank of wood with a little hole in the middle that you throw in. I won’t break down the point value for the game, but that gives an idea. Seems weird maybe, but it’s very competitive and gives some good trash talking battles. The setting was in the mean streets of Gypsy at the Barnes Boys’ house. We had 12 teams playing (2 on a team) and every dude pitched in $5 for the festivities. I was teamed up with Murphy (the Lobstah guys might know his name from the Pickup Ball thread in there as he plays ball with us a good bit), one of the brother-in-laws of the Barnes Boys. We had quite a few skunk games in there and made it to the Finals against Big Barney and Cork. Problem was, we had to beat them twice since they made it that far undefeated and it was a double elimination tourney. We smacked them around the first Best Of 5 Series and then it was on. We started out great, but they pulled the comeback and forced the second and deciding series to Game 5. Needless to say, me and Murph Dogg lost, but we had fun doing so. The entire tourney took 5 hours to complete. $5 for 5 hours of fun? You can’t beat that with a stick.

I could fill way too much space with the Sunday night TV shows in here, but I’ll spare you guys every now and then. Surreal Life this week had the crew bowling off against some disabled kids. Janice Dickinson was calling them retards in front of them and their parents heard as well. This got everyone fired up and was pretty dirty. 52 years old and looks good though. I know that sentence seems weird, but you’d agree too. She wants Canseco bad. Canseco didn’t do anything wild this time. He might be have the least amount of drama so far. He should be the one scared of them, not the other way around. Also, on Bam this week, it was a good one. Vito got initiated into a biker group and Gwar came for a concert. Phil and Ape babysitting Gwar was some good TV. These guys are a weird mess. Nothing major went down on Hogan Knows Best this week. Celebrity Fit Club is worth the price of admission just to watch Gary Busey. A total maniac, but he works perfect on this show. He lost something crazy like 12 pounds last week, probably due to all of that crack he uses.

We have a new addition to the Blog Family. This one is from one of the funniest guys that I’ve known. The #basketball guys already know him, but if not, check out the new Blog setup from none other than Corndog. Straight from Logan County and filled with hilarious stories, it’s going to be worth the look. Drop him some comments, he’d appreciate it. Go see The Original Husky Boy and his site at My other Blog buddies are slacking. June 24th for the latest post Walz? July 6th for Susie. Susie, I know you’re up there big pimpin’, but we’re do for a new post, hah.

RAW last night.. What? They started out with a match? Sweet! The rematch of Benjamin and Carlito. These guys can go, but Benjamin has been messing up a lot on some high risk maneuvers. I guess that’s why they call them high risk. Angle made the school teacher, Matt Striker tap out. For those who don’t know, Striker got fired from his teaching job because he used his sick days and went to go wrestle instead, hah. I love it. Hogan accepts HBK’s challenge for the SummerSlam extravaganza. I like that HBK brought back his old heel slogan, “The showstopper.. the main event.. the ICON!” The rest of the show isn’t worth talking about. No Triple H, no Flair, no RVD even though he’s hurt. Stretcher Match next week on RAW, Edge against Kane.

Only one CD added to the mix, but it’s one we’ve had trouble finding for a long long time. It is Pimpin’ On Wax, the 1999 production of JT Money. Download some JT Money if you don’t know him. No idea how he never made it big in the rap scene. And as I’m typing this out, Cork just brought over 3 more CDs to the collection. First we have And Then There Was X from DMX. The next one is Mind Control, the latest from Canibus. The third is I Got That Work from the Big Tymers. Considering I just got all of these, I haven’t listened to any yet to give a review.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today’s birthdays? Anthony Edwards of Top Gun fame turns 43, Stuart Scott of ESPN is 40 and needs to be fired as soon as possible, while baseballer Preston Wilson is 31.

2. I have a setup in my video game room now where I have 5 systems connected to each other: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, and PlayStation 2. I have others, but that’s all I’m going to attach together for now.

3. Who? Mike Jones.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

"Drunken Stories Are The Berst"

Props go out to my girl Jenn Jenn who gave me this topic just now. She mangled the typing there and changed it in her message to me when I asked her to give me the topic, but I liked "berst" instead of best. Kind of gives it a neck/gangsta flow.

Ok, let me get this straight. Maybe I was kept out of this rumor or secret, but I’m baffled now. Crispy is 29 years old? What?! Yep, that Crispy, a.k.a. Andy Milonakis. Supposedly, unless all of these articles that I’m reading are messing with us, that is his real age. You guys know I love this show early on, but that’s just messed up. Kind of just makes ya think, but he’s still the man. I guess I just can’t call him a kid anymore, but for this Blog’s perspective, he’ll still be a kid. Make sense? Probably not.

I get behind in times with certain things. It took me a long time until I finally converted over from cassettes to CDs. I did that around 2001 or so and now I have CDs like mad. Well, I’ve been using floppy disks for years. I save all kinds of stupid things such as epic chats in #basketball, pictures over time, all of my fantasy league information, and who knows what else. Now I finally loaded up on a jump drive. Yeah, it took me a while and I wish I had done it sooner. I got a 256MB drive for $30. I’ve already gotten well worth the money I put into this. Now instead of having hundreds of floppies around, I can now store them on this tiny drive that slides into a USB slot. For those behind times like I was, you need one of these. They’re very handy and easy to use.

For the Hold Em Poker fans, there’s a new one out there that you need to check out. Or new to me at least. Cork hooked me up with this place and it’s one of few that still does regular Hold Em Tournaments for free. The place to go is Every hour there are tourneys to get in on and the setup is nice. Big tourneys too. Most of them have over 1500 people playing, so it’s intense. You best check that out. And why did ESPN reveal the 2005 World Series of Poker Champion before they put the show on TV starting this Tuesday? Weird. But I’ll still watch.

What is new for me in the world of CDs? Well, I’m here to tell you the latest. First, we have Bow Wow giving us Wanted. This one is pretty good I think. Bow Wow is maturing quick. Only 11 songs on this beast, but give it a try. Everyone knows of the one released with Omarion called Let Me Hold You, but my favorites on this one is Caviar featuring Snoop and Like You with Ciara. I also got Back Like Cooked Crack from Juelz Santana. This is Part 1 which came out last year. Part 2 is out as well from 2005. I also get Slum Village’s creation, Prequel To A Classic.

Snoop goes old school by using a chorus that reminds you of the Snoop of old. He breaks out Evander Holyfield as they team up with this:

[Bow Wow]
On a mission, wishin’ upon a star
Young Bow Weezie getting Caviar

In the back of a limo
A demo this is the real
Breakin’ niggas down like they Evander Holyfield

For those in a coma on the rap scene, the Evander Holyfield part reminds us all of the greatest song of all time. Not just the greatest rap song, but THE greatest song ever. I won’t even argue it. Here’s a piece of Snoop’s work from Nuthin’ But A G Thang off of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. Yes, that’s THE greatest album of all time. Here ya go:

Now you know I ain't with that shit, Lieutenant
Ain't no pussy good enough to get burnt while I'm up in it
[Dre: Yeah!] And that's realer than Real Deal Holyfield
And now you hookers and hoes know how I feel
Well if it's good enough to get broke off a proper chunk
I'll take a small piece of some of that funky stuff

Today we have planned a big Hillbilly Horseshoes Tournament if it doesn’t rain a lot. Hopefully I can have some good stories from that and maybe even some pics if you’re lucky enough to get such a thing from the madness. Then we’ll mention Sunday’s crazy night of TV with MTV and VH1 having me flipping left and right. Monday is RAW. Dang, I don’t mess around up here.

I guess I’m back to the longer posts in this one. I tried something different in the last edition. You never know what you might get in here, so just hold on for the ride. You know you like it.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I didn’t get NCAA 2006 this year. GameCube doesn’t get it for one, which is dirty. And I’m not big on PS2’s loading slowness, even though I’m still playing San Andreas like a machine. I’m holding off until August to get Madden 2006.

2. Any famous people with a birthday today? We have David Hasselhoff turning 52, Eric Moulds of the Bills turning 32, and Jason Jennings of the Rockies turning 27. Nothing special.

3. Rice Krispies Squares will be made today. Prepare for me to talk about wiping out an entire pan in just one day’s time. I’m pumped.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Entirely Too Much TV

I’ve been busy this week with a teaching conference that ends tomorrow. It was a lot of fun, but time consuming. I barely had time to come home, workout, and get on here for a bit before bed. I’m not used to waking up at 6:30 during the summer. Anyways, it’d take me about 10 pages to sum up just the main TV shows I’ve watched since Sunday. What I’m going to do is try something different for this post and I might bring it up again if it works for the fans. You know how we do the 3 Quick Thangs? Well, we’ll still end with the 3 Quick Thangs, but I’m going to call this section here the 7 Quick Thoughts. Not huge like a normal post, but I’m allowed to change things up.

7 Quick Thoughts:

RAW this week? Matt Hardy returns! HBK continues the great heel turn..

Real World was awful. No drama whatsoever. Yet, I’m still hooked. Danny is pissed that his slut Melinda kissed Wes. Whatever.

VH1 Surreal Life started on Sunday. How can you go wrong with not only Jose Canseco, but Balki from Perfect Strangers? The chicks were scared to death of Canseco at first, but now they all want him. I guess he’s a pimp like that. Must be the roids.

Bam this week was good. Vito and Mike Valley were on one team and Bam’s boys were on another as they pulled pranks on each other. Bam won when he literally tore a house down of one of Mike Valley’s buddies. That’ll do it.

You guys need to see Hogan Knows Best on VH1 on Sundays at 10:00. He’s crazy protective of his daughter. It’s some good entertainment.

Andy Milonakis Show this week. John Stamos was stuck in a tree and they got him out. Once they got him out, he had rabies and they had to shoot him. Yep.

I’m at this teaching conference this week with roughly 300 people. I’m one of few that hasn’t been married or has 37 kids running around. I’m in no hurry. It’s good times.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’ve been jumping rope a lot lately at the end of my workouts. Might not seem like much, but it’s one of the better cardio workouts if you ask me. I consider myself in shape, but it puts the pressure on ya.

2. I wrote about him last time, but download some C-Rayz Walz. Some straight hip hop here. No shooting people’s heads off, just spittin’ game. Very quality.

3. I see bits and pieces here and there because I flip through, but these Laguana Beach girls can’t actually exist in person can they? They need put in the Crossface Chickenwing.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hee Seop!

Weekend time and nothing crazy went down these past few days. As usual though, I’ll be sure to figure out something to chat about in here, so don’t worry about that. This morning I went to bed at 7:30 and woke up at 2:30. For this week coming up, I have to wake up early for a class I have to take to keep my teaching certificate. A waste of time basically, but just as long as I get my credit. I’ll probably be in that class with a bunch of old women who won’t shut up, but hopefully it ends up halfway decent.

Thursday at midnight I went to see the premiere of Fantastic 4 with Cork in Fairmont. I liked this one. It’s not awesome, but it’s worth seeing I think. All of the main characters played their role well, but I think Michael Chiklis did it best with his acting of Ben Grimm/The Thing. Of course Alba looks hot as usual. I just wish she didn’t do weird stuff with her hair like she did in this movie. Just leave it down and get it back to the darker color, but I won’t complain. A chick I didn’t know, Kerry Washington was in this one playing a blind girl and she’s quality. After that, we hit up Denny’s and not a lot of action went down on this trip. We were there around 2:30 or 3:00 and usually that’s when the rowdy redneck drunks come in for entertainment, but it was just some old people there that night. Still, buffalo chicken is great. DQ has the best, but Denny’s does good.

Friday night was interesting. A normal night of watching TV and playing video games with Cork until late and then he goes home around 3:00 or so. He gets online and tells me I won’t believe what happened. I figured our bum cops in town pulled him over for no reason, but I was wrong. He had a flat tire and had to roll to Go-Mart to put air in it. Then I followed him to Clarksburg to drop the car off to the tire guys so they could fix it in the morning before he worked. I didn’t mind though, it got me out of the house at 3:30 in the morning. We did that and then hit up some late night Hardee’s. Hardee’s is dirty fast food I always thought, but it’s usually not bad. Their prices are high for fast food though I’ll say.

I watch too much TV. I can’t get enough of the new season of MTV Made. I’m disappointed I didn’t get anyone to post on the Made chick in the last Blog, but that’s ok. I was wondering what chicks thought of that. Guess it’s normal to them. I watched a replay of the whitey rapper too and that was good. He was awful for the first 45 minutes, but he really came around in the end. Who was his Made coach? A rapper by the name of C-Rayz Walz. Not the Walz the local guys know, but this guy is known for his freestyling. I’ve heard the name before, but never owned any of his CDs. I got two of his albums the other day. One is Limelight – The Outroduction and the other is Ravipops – The Substance. I haven’t listened to both, but from what I’ve heard, it’s a good listen.

For the basketball fans, I picked up a new book this week. I finished The Miracle of St. Anthony, an awesome tale of Bob Hurley and his team from Jersey City, St. Anthony High School. The latest I loaded up on is called Inside The Cage and it’s by Wight Martindale, Jr. This goes into a year’s look into the famed court on West 4th Street in Greenwich Village of NYC. It also highlights the past decades of the court and the legends who made it what it is today. It looks like it’ll be a quick read since it’s not an enormous book, so I’ll keep you posted.

I just picked up a college football magazine for this year. I ended up getting CBS Sportsline’s issue that was $7. Mags aren’t cheap anymore. This one has Chad Henne, Ted Ginn, Drew Tate, and Charlie Weis on the cover. My Irish getting represented there. Their Top 5 is USC, Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, and Ohio State. My boys are 33rd with this poll, so we’ll see. WVU is 55th.

Next Sunday, there is HUGE action in Gypsy. Yep, it’s a Hillbilly Horseshoes Tournament at the Barnes Brothers’ house. Supposedly, we already have at least 20 guys in and I’m sure we’ll have more. We’re throwing in some money to make it fun and it’ll be a quality time for all to be had. I might even take pictures of the madness.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Cheese quesadillas are good times for everybody.

2. For those wondering, my good luck charm in my wallet is a 1987 Topps Don Mattingly All Star card and a 4-leaf clover.

3. Hee-Seop Choi in the Homerun Derby!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

That Made Girl Did What?!?

This one isn’t huge, but I have a topic that I wanted to rant about, so you’ll get that for sure. I’ll start out by talking about RAW and then Real World. The main part of this piece deals with the latest episode of MTV Made. Ugh, how fired up I am over that. Maybe you girls can enlighten me on that. Hopefully I’m not the only one who sees it this way. Then I end with a few words of wisdom and we’ll see how I finish up this thing.

On RAW this week, there’s only one thing to talk about and it’s huge. Something I’ve been waiting on for a long time has finally happened. Again, at the end of the show, HBK and Hogan teamed up. They faced Angle and Carlito (who both had some hilarious cracks on Hogan’s daughter to open the show) and beat them of course. Afterwards, they celebrated and the fans were loving it. Then out of nowhere, BAM, Sweet Chin Music lands perfectly on Hogan! Hogan goes down like a ton of bricks and HBK is standing over top of him and walks out of the ring without saying anything. Yes! HBK is a bad guy again, let’s hope anyways and he brings back the cocky attitude. We’ll know the real deal next Monday, so you best tune in. As I was watching, my jaw dropped just like the fans at the arena did that night. Good stuff to see.

Real World this week? Very weak, but not as weak in the same sense as Real World Philly was. No huge drama this time though, but you’ll have that. Danny’s dad comes to be with him as he gets surgery on his eye. Also, Rachel wants Wes bad and he doesn’t want her. Wes wants Jo and he gets shot down. Doh, shot down! Hah. The love trianagle begins. Just pick Rachel, she’s less drama so far at least and looks good too. Next week, Wes kisses Mel (the slut that wants Danny) and Danny doesn’t know what to think. He gets fired up, so we’ll have to see that action on Tuesday.

Ok, time for me to go on a rant. Do you guys watch MTV Made? I love this show. Anyways, the latest one has this tom boy chick who wants to be a girlie girl. The first 45 minutes of the show is going great. The girl actually gets turned to looking fairly good and starts to have guys noticing her. This one guy asks her to the prom and of course she says yes. So a few days later, she finds out this baseball star wants her and she’s pumped for that because she wants him too. So what does she do? She goes to the baseball guy and asks him to the prom. He at first says he can’t do that to the guy who first asked her and the girl actually said it was ok with the other kid. You kidding me? So now that dirty girl calls the first kid and tells him that she’s not going to the prom with him. She feels bad and writes a letter and takes it to his house. She leaves it on the door and doesn’t give it to his face. That took some guts huh? Please. Anyways, she ends up going to prom with the baseball guy and we never even get an update on the dude who got dumped. The bad part about it all is that her girl friends and her Made coach told her to get rid of the first guy. I know I’m a dude and don’t know how girls think, but that’s some dirty stuff there. Go to prom with the first dude and afterwards if you want to get some off the baseball guy, you can do that. Don’t be a punk to the first dude. Ugh.. that episode fired me up till no end. I won’t even get as mad as I did last night. Oh yeah, she dumped the first prom kid, 2 days before prom! Time to get to something happy.

Only one CD this time? What is up with that? I end up getting Bizarre’s latest, Hanni Cap Circus. Yep, Bizarre from D12. Think of Eminem’s funny raps and you’re basically getting the same style here with Bizarre. There’s two Eminem characters in my opinion. First, you have Funny Eminem who I’m not big on that much. He’s creative with that, but not the kind of rap I’m after. Then you have Mean Eminem, who just tells it how it is without using the stupid jokes. I like that one better. I’ve only heard about 5 songs from Bizarre’s CD so far, maybe he’ll get meaner too. I like what I’ve heard though, but I just want it to be a little less on the comedy side.

I’m not a big pet guy. I’ve always had a few here and there. My cat now is 16 years old and kicking good. I’ve never had a weird pet though is what I meant. I saw a picture of a hedgehog the other day and that’d be good times to have one of those bad boys. What do those things eat though? Anybody have any weird pets?

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I just put on some Gillette Power Caps Surf scent deodorant. I’ll cap the rest of me off with Axe Voodoo. Pimp pimp hooray.

2. My boy DerekHood brought up a picture of a new pair of Oakley sunglasses that Manny Ramirez wears. I never did get the whole sunglasses deal. I’ve owned a few pairs in my life and I’d never ever pay a crazy amount for weird looking ones. Maybe I’m the weird one since I was never part of this craze. Check these out at:

3. Going to see a midnight showing of Fantastic 4 tonight. I hope it delivers.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Andy Milonakis Show

Happy 4th of July to everybody out there. I doubt I do anything too crazy for the day, but not a lot changes in my big town. On Friday night, we had our fireworks and those are usually quality. We get an insane amount of people to my dead town for this time each year. Watching fireworks always reminds me of The Sandlot scene to where the boys are playing under them. Somehow, my town spends all of their money each year on this stuff instead of things we actually need. All I’m asking for is a decent basketball court. It’s not like that would even cost much money, but you can’t tell anybody anything in this town. Oh well, I still love it here.

I got sunburnt good this weekend. My arms, legs, and neck are roasted. I did put sunscreen on me, but I guess I didn’t hit all of the spots. June 30th was my first time swimming all year, so that’s what I deserved. Also during the weekend, I went with my parents to stay at a place they have in the mean streets of Harman, West Virginia. I didn’t miss a thing in my town of course and liked that it just let me be a bum away from home. If you’re ever up in that area, make sure to hit up Serriani’s, an Italian joint in Thomas, West Virginia. You won’t be disappointed. These places are in the middle of nowhere, but still worth checking out if you’re into the scenery part of the state.

I also got in some tennis action over the weekend. While it was nice to get in the exercise, I pulled my chest muscle again. I get this injury every few months and I know I need to take time off every now and then, but I hate to miss my workouts, so I keep chugging along. So I have the sore right shoulder and chest going, but I’ll survive. In a stat I’m always proud of, in 11+ years of working out steady, I’ve never missed more than a week at a time and haven’t had any serious injuries. The few times I missed that amount of time was for a few ingrown toenail surgeries and things of the like. I might not look like a roid freak and there’s a lot more guys in the area that are jacked up, but I like my chances of being the steadiest guy in the gym in my town. Then again, with how my town is, that’s probably nothing too major to brag about with these bums.

Sunday Stew recap time. As usual, I’ll probably just normally talk about Bam and Milonakis. On Bam this week, it was Ape’s birthday and Phil was putting together a photo album of her life. Bam saw it and came up with some ideas he saw in the pics. He saw one of an old VW Bug she had and got the same paint job and everything and gave it to her. He also gave her a horse that was similar to what she had as a kid. The funny part of the show was when Ape was at some art class and Vito comes in naked with a sign on him. Bam found a pic of Vito naked on a motocycle in 1979 and wanted to recreate that. Of course Ape goes crazy and gets him out of there, ripping the sign off him, not knowing he was naked in front of the whole class. Then for her main present, Bam drives up to Atlantic City to pick up Billy Idol who is Ape’s favorite. They go to a show, hang out backstage with him, and they all end up in Ape’s hotel room partying like rock stars. The end.

On Milonakis this week, he’s over the top as usual. Nobody seems big on this show yet, but hopefully you all get on board soon. It’s a different kind of comedy, but one I find hilarious. One segment I liked was when he was with one of his thug buddies and they were freestyling. They were rapping about pancakes and Andy wondered what rhymed with syrup. The thug says hyrup and then they go and eat pancakes and put syrup (except it says hyrup on it) on it. I know, seems dumb, but it was good enough to have me laughing out loud. Not to mention, we had Snoop on TV looking for his body double until he discovers Andy and he fills in for him on an interview. Snoop doesn’t like how it goes and starts dishing out pimp slaps. Andy has a thing he does called Pancake Face and that’s what it is. It’s a pancake with eyes and a mouth cut out. Snoop put that on his face, good s tuff. Next week, John Stamos gets stuck in a tree. Worth checking out. I’m probably weird for liking this show a lot, but who knows. Who knew?

A couple of CDs to mention this time around. The first is Savage Life from Webbie. This one comes strong and I was surprised with this. The second one I got was Young Jeezy’s Let Get It – Thug Motivation 101. I haven’t listened to Young Jeezy’s yet, but I’m hoping it delivers.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I never did get around to watching Assault on Precinct 13. I wish I knew how many times I’ve rented a few movies at once, only to not watch them all and having to take them back.

2. Today is George Steinbrenner’s 75th birthday for those keeping track at home.

3. I’m sure I’ve hyped it up before, but for the big Real World fans out there, hit this one up: