Thursday, July 07, 2005

That Made Girl Did What?!?

This one isn’t huge, but I have a topic that I wanted to rant about, so you’ll get that for sure. I’ll start out by talking about RAW and then Real World. The main part of this piece deals with the latest episode of MTV Made. Ugh, how fired up I am over that. Maybe you girls can enlighten me on that. Hopefully I’m not the only one who sees it this way. Then I end with a few words of wisdom and we’ll see how I finish up this thing.

On RAW this week, there’s only one thing to talk about and it’s huge. Something I’ve been waiting on for a long time has finally happened. Again, at the end of the show, HBK and Hogan teamed up. They faced Angle and Carlito (who both had some hilarious cracks on Hogan’s daughter to open the show) and beat them of course. Afterwards, they celebrated and the fans were loving it. Then out of nowhere, BAM, Sweet Chin Music lands perfectly on Hogan! Hogan goes down like a ton of bricks and HBK is standing over top of him and walks out of the ring without saying anything. Yes! HBK is a bad guy again, let’s hope anyways and he brings back the cocky attitude. We’ll know the real deal next Monday, so you best tune in. As I was watching, my jaw dropped just like the fans at the arena did that night. Good stuff to see.

Real World this week? Very weak, but not as weak in the same sense as Real World Philly was. No huge drama this time though, but you’ll have that. Danny’s dad comes to be with him as he gets surgery on his eye. Also, Rachel wants Wes bad and he doesn’t want her. Wes wants Jo and he gets shot down. Doh, shot down! Hah. The love trianagle begins. Just pick Rachel, she’s less drama so far at least and looks good too. Next week, Wes kisses Mel (the slut that wants Danny) and Danny doesn’t know what to think. He gets fired up, so we’ll have to see that action on Tuesday.

Ok, time for me to go on a rant. Do you guys watch MTV Made? I love this show. Anyways, the latest one has this tom boy chick who wants to be a girlie girl. The first 45 minutes of the show is going great. The girl actually gets turned to looking fairly good and starts to have guys noticing her. This one guy asks her to the prom and of course she says yes. So a few days later, she finds out this baseball star wants her and she’s pumped for that because she wants him too. So what does she do? She goes to the baseball guy and asks him to the prom. He at first says he can’t do that to the guy who first asked her and the girl actually said it was ok with the other kid. You kidding me? So now that dirty girl calls the first kid and tells him that she’s not going to the prom with him. She feels bad and writes a letter and takes it to his house. She leaves it on the door and doesn’t give it to his face. That took some guts huh? Please. Anyways, she ends up going to prom with the baseball guy and we never even get an update on the dude who got dumped. The bad part about it all is that her girl friends and her Made coach told her to get rid of the first guy. I know I’m a dude and don’t know how girls think, but that’s some dirty stuff there. Go to prom with the first dude and afterwards if you want to get some off the baseball guy, you can do that. Don’t be a punk to the first dude. Ugh.. that episode fired me up till no end. I won’t even get as mad as I did last night. Oh yeah, she dumped the first prom kid, 2 days before prom! Time to get to something happy.

Only one CD this time? What is up with that? I end up getting Bizarre’s latest, Hanni Cap Circus. Yep, Bizarre from D12. Think of Eminem’s funny raps and you’re basically getting the same style here with Bizarre. There’s two Eminem characters in my opinion. First, you have Funny Eminem who I’m not big on that much. He’s creative with that, but not the kind of rap I’m after. Then you have Mean Eminem, who just tells it how it is without using the stupid jokes. I like that one better. I’ve only heard about 5 songs from Bizarre’s CD so far, maybe he’ll get meaner too. I like what I’ve heard though, but I just want it to be a little less on the comedy side.

I’m not a big pet guy. I’ve always had a few here and there. My cat now is 16 years old and kicking good. I’ve never had a weird pet though is what I meant. I saw a picture of a hedgehog the other day and that’d be good times to have one of those bad boys. What do those things eat though? Anybody have any weird pets?

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I just put on some Gillette Power Caps Surf scent deodorant. I’ll cap the rest of me off with Axe Voodoo. Pimp pimp hooray.

2. My boy DerekHood brought up a picture of a new pair of Oakley sunglasses that Manny Ramirez wears. I never did get the whole sunglasses deal. I’ve owned a few pairs in my life and I’d never ever pay a crazy amount for weird looking ones. Maybe I’m the weird one since I was never part of this craze. Check these out at:

3. Going to see a midnight showing of Fantastic 4 tonight. I hope it delivers.


Kristen said...

Ooohhh, better be careful. Smelling like that, you'll probably get jumped by a few chics tonight at the movie. Hope you enjoy it.

Corndog said...

Maybe that chick on made will get pregnant at the prom w/ the baseball stud, and he'll leave her.
that would make it all better.

and glad to hear youre smelling good

Jodi said...

it would have been funny if the baseball guy ended up not going with her. um, i used to have 2 hedgehogs when i was younger, they were kinda neat. the only pets that i have now are fish.

Anonymous said...

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