Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dibble's Crazy Eyes

Today’s title and this following pic is brought to us by The_Freak. Gotta love the Nasty Boys crew of the Cincinnati Reds 90s dynasty. Rob Dibble’s face on the far right is just classic

I went to Denny’s last night with Cork. Been a while since I’ve been compared to our normal schedule. We got there around 3:00 AM and it was a big crowd tonight, so we had some action. I figured I’d at least get some Blog stories out of the deal. One of our regular waitresses who we like a lot because she just doesn’t care what people think came in after partying with her girls. She walks by the table of guys next to us and flashes them in the middle of the restaurant. Was pretty funny stuff. I unfortunately didn’t get to see, but Cork did. Gotta hate on missing out on action like that. Other than that, some other people we knew who we ball with showed up, so there’s always someone in the building who we know, even at 3:00 in the morning. I loaded up on The Super Bird with no tomatoes and some rice. Rice rocks.

For the past week or two, our crew has been huge into Poker on PokerChamps. I’ve told about that place before, but now we’re really hooked. I’m not going to spend real money on it, but the free tourneys are enough to keep me coming back for more. Usually they have a tourney every hour. They’ll take a break every so often, but you can find games easy. We’ve been in tourneys as big as 2500 people. My highest finish is 94th, so I want to work on getting it up there even farther. My boy Posey finished 2nd in one not long ago, so that impressed me. It’s a lot more fun playing with people you know. We have so much time on our hands late at night, that when one of us gets eliminated, we’re bored enough to go sit and watch them play at their tables until they get bounced.

I finally got the digging done out here for the new water line we have to put in. I know to appreciate my college degree now. Forget manual labor. That stuff is not for me. I did a good job with it though as I didn’t want to drag it out and have it last like a week. It took away from my working out schedule though as I had to take a few days off. Maybe I needed that. I sure got a workout doing the digging anyways, but I don’t want to do any of that for a long time. The back is mangulated. Yes, mangulated. Maybe I’m whining, but digging ditches is not good times.

I loaded up huge on CDs last night. While starting this post, I didn’t have any since the last post. When I woke up this afternoon at 3:00, I was happy to see that I had 6 downloads done. Of course I haven’t listened to any yet since I’m in the process of finishing up burning them at them at the moment, but maybe you want to hear what I got and maybe you don’t. Either way, you get this stuff. In alphabetical order, to make things easier, our first one is the latest from The Diplomats titled Dipset - More Than Music Volume 1. Cam’ron, Juelz, Jim Jones, JR Rider, among others. Up next we have the Hustle & Flow Soundtrack. I want to see this movie, but it won’t come to my area since WV is a bunch of whitey redneck racists around here. Bummer there. Third, out of the Dipset camp, we have City of God from Jim Jones which isn’t released in stores. Killa Tay is our cleanup hitter, straight from the Bay Area. This is 2001 production called Thug Religion. Some legends come at with the fifth and that’s Best 1200 from Public Enemy, only released in Japan. Seems like a weird combo there, but who knows. You can’t go wrong with Public Enemy stuff. Lastly, we have a guy called T Dre who I know absolutely nothing about. But I got his stuff in a Bay Area room, so I figure I’ll personally be all over this one. We’ll see. California Lifestyle is the name of this beast. There you have it, 6 more to the collection. I’m a machine.

I passed on NCAA Football 2006 this year to get Madden 2006 instead. That one comes out on August 9th, so I hope to get that one as soon as I can. Maybe I’ll get lucky and will be able to get it on the 8th, that Monday. Been a few years since I’ve gotten a Madden, as last year I got college instead. I like to switch it up. I’ll be getting Madden for GameCube. I have a GameCube and PS2, but I can’t stand how slow the PS2 loads up compared to the Cube. That bugs me bad. I know what most of you will tell me. Get an XBox. I figure I will one day to have it to the collection, but I’m always a Nintendo loyalist first and foremost.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. August is here and that can only mean one thing. Fantasy football season. It’s not my favorite of the fantasy leagues by any means, but I’ll be hitting up both a NFL and NCAA fantasy league this year. Stay tuned.

2. The past 3 nights I’ve went to bed after 6:00 AM. Not too shabby for whatever that is worth.

3. Baseball trade deadline on Sunday! It’s going to be fun.


Kristen said...

Glad that you're through with the ditches. You're right, that is bad stuff. Sorry you missed out on the Denny's boob action. Hope you catch some next time. Have fun up there.

[Angie] said...

HAHA. Dont feel bad Ive been staying up late also. Sorry about the Denny's thing. You know what I would say.

emily said... left a post on my xanga and i just wanted to say whats up and see where you are from charleston wv but im in school at wvu in morgantown...maybe we will talk later...em

emily said...

hey i got your sn on aim is radkat321

Anonymous said...

well that sucks about all the hard work but atleast you are finished. That guy n the pic does look kinda crazy.