Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Chicken Fries

You know what? I pretty much live on the internet and the things we do for fun late at nights are stupid, but that still doesn’t take away from the fun factor. Anyways, for the past week or so, I haven’t been to bed before 6:00 AM. Outside of my own Blog, I’m a big fan of others out there as well. I randomly start searching people in my area or just anywhere after a while and you see some characters out there. I’m sure people think my Blog is different and filled with a bunch of junk, so to each their own. I got to the point where I would leave comments to random people just because there was nothing else to do. That and the fact that when they read a comment and don’t have a clue who I am, that makes it even more funny. Is more funny correct? Close enough. Blogger, Xanga, My Space, MSN My Space.. Tons of journals out there that you can search in your spare time. It’s quality.

For those who never know, you can check out my comments to a post at the bottom of each one. To comment or read, click the where it says "0 comments" or how many ever and you can read those or comment yourself. I appreciate the faithful who give me comments.

Hard to believe August is here already. That means it’s video game football season. As I said in the last one, I was counting the days until Madden 2006 comes out. I reserved it the other day and got some good news in return. This Sunday, my local mall is having a huge Madden tournament. I’m wondering a few things. Can they have a tourney with nobody even playing the new version yet? Will it be last year’s version? Will all systems be represented? Me being a GameCube guy, I’m not going to smack heads on XBox people and them vice versa with me. I may check that out, who knows. Also, they’re having a Midnight Madness on Monday so people can get it early. They’re opening the store at midnight just so the maniacs who need it right at that instant can get it. Of course I’ll be there. What else do I have to do after RAW?

Speaking of RAW, this will be the wrestling paragraph. Stay with me or jump to the next, whatever you feel like. Not much along the lines of matches this week which is never good, but you can’t win every week. We did have one of my favorite skits in a long time and it featured HBK re-enacting the Hogan interview he recently did with Larry King. HBK dressed like Hogan and they had a fake King doing the interview. Afterwards, he rips his stuff off and hits some Sweet Chin Music on King. It’s worth watching Heat or any of the weekend shows to see this skit if you missed it. Also, we got the first words from Matt Hardy in a WWE ring since he’s been out of action due to the controversy. I thought it came across nicely and hopefully him and Edge can tear the house down at SummerSlam. We’ll see. Interesting seeing Tatanka tonight. Rob Conway is all jacked out now. The end saw Cena take down Carlito, nothing out of the ordinary. Please don’t put Rob Schneider on RAW ever again unless he’s going through a flaming table.

Since the last post, there hasn’t been that much action going down really. I would like to congratulate my boy Riley for getting married on Saturday in North Carolina. He’s doing things big by living in Chapel Hill. For those in a coma, that’s where the Tarheels are located at. Which brings up a funny thing I saw tonight. One of the ESPN college basketball analysts made a bold statement. Be prepared for this now. I forget who said it exactly, but they said that UNC won’t be as good as they were last year. Really junior? They lost their starting 5 and 6th Man. Great prediction you bum, it took a lot of thought to figure that out. And I’ll put this at the end of this paragraph since it’s also basketball related. I reserved the new And1 Mixtape DVD Volume 8 the other day. Won’t get it for a week or more, but it’ll be worth it hopefully. I already have the first 7 volumes, so I might as well load up on this one too.

Super fast Sunday night TV recap. Canseco might be the most civil person of the cast of this season’s The Surreal Life. Bam’s Hummer is done for good. Don Vito got revenge on him and had it demolished at a rock quarry. Busey is the man on Celebrity Fit Club. Buddy threatened to shoot one of the trainers. I think I’m the only person into The Andy Milonakis Show. It’s so stupid that it’s hilarious. I doubt it lasts another season though.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I thought Burger King had some creative commercials there for a while with the huge king mascot and even some of those goofy ones with Darius Rucker jamming out. Now they’re going downhill with these new chicken fingers (great food idea, bad commercials) ones with this stupid chicken band. It’s awful.

2. For the allergy sufferers, Zyrtec does the trick.

3. What’s the fascination with anime? I’m not hating on it, but don’t understand it I guess. Fill me in if you know.


Kristen said...

Ok, got a few comments on this one. Just like you and the pop tarts..I tried out Andy. Had to turn it off after about 5 minutes...hah. Guess we're even. You're right about the stupid commercials. The 99cent tenders are WAY better than the fries though. Oh, and I love sports journalists. Sometimes they need to be wearing their "mr. obviousman" costume. Sorry it's long. Have fun up there.

Susie said...

Vito did a "job" on Bam`s Hummer, that`s for sure! Seems like Vito is the man this season, hehe. Nice door they put in his bedroom though! :) Take care, sorry I am slacking!

Corndog said...

The grill at wal-mart here in logan used to have some awesome chicken fries. when i worked there *at walmart, not in the grill part* there was this lady that worked in the grill that would always hook me and my buddy up.
when we payed for 1 order of them, she'd load us down w/ a huge double order of them.

Fratts said...


Can't believe you're busting on the chicken fries band. Anyway, I'm just sitting here waiting on Jill to go into labor. Does that make you want some chicken fries? Anyway, great blog. I'll check in from time to time. Say hi to your parents and Cork.

That's Me said...

wow.... must be really bored to check out the blogs :) haha.... wasn't impressed with the "chicken fries" ... talk to ya soon :)