Sunday, August 14, 2005

Poop On Ryan Seacrest's Star

A contest you all might enjoy and we have it right here to deliver. I’m sure everybody knows of the Hollywood sidewalk that has the stars laid in it if they make it big time. They get a dedication and all of that glitzy stuff. Anyways, my boy The_Freak came across this gem to share in this space. It’s from another Blog and was posted in April, but it’s still pretty funny in my opinion. The subject of my Blog today tells exactly what this is all about, but it’s better if you read some of this article and what this dude has in store. Here is that link, enjoy:

I was bored last night before playing some Poker on PokerChamps. I get hungry late at night as everyone knows and I can’t just sit around and not eat. I know I’m a little dude, but I can put away some junk food. So on Saturday night I got a craving to make cinnamon rolls. You know the kind that is in the little tube and you turn it and it pops so you can lay them on an oven tray. The popping part gets me everytime, but I guess I’m easily excited. Well, the directions say to heat the oven to 400 degrees (not to be confused with an album from Juvenile called 400 Degreez) and cook them on a greased up tray for 8-12 minutes. Sounds easy huh? I set my timer for 8 minutes and check them after 4 minutes. A lot of them are burnt bad on the bottom already, ugh. And I hate burnt stuff. So I put them on lower heat for another minute or so and then cranked the icing all over them. Quick and easy to make, but I guess I better put it down to like 300 or so next time. And you know what gets me? They give you this tiny packet of icing to put on 8 rolls. I want a ton on each one of them. It’s kind of like getting McNuggets at McDonald’s and they give you those BBQ sauce things big enough for a 2 year old. Come on now, give me a tub of that stuff.. I’m not asking for a fat boy portion, but anything is better than that little thing. I can’t be the only one with this problem can I?

By the way, if you’re confused on how to make a comment on here, at the end of the post there is a thing that will say “0 comments” or how many ever are already posted. The envelope will just email it to one of your buddies, but just click to the left of that and you’re in business.

Some of you might appreciate this next tidbit too. Maybe I’m weird since I still laugh at middle school type humor, but you can’t go wrong with that stuff. We’ll go old school with this one and present a site that you may or may not know about. We’ve all heard a zillion Your Mom jokes and I could listen to those for hours on end. Told ya it doesn’t take much to excite me. Anyways, they have it branched off on the site to a certain subject of the jokes. My girl Lexie got me hooked on this one last night. Here’s the site and then I’ll put a few good ones up that I liked for a preview after I post the site address:

Your Mom is so poor, she can’t even pay attention.
Your Mom’s like a bus, 50 cents and she’s ready to ride.
Your Mom is so hairy, I thought she was my uncle.
Your Mom is so fat, she walked by the TV and I missed 3 episodes.
Your Mom’s so nasty that when she got in the bathtub, the water jumped out.

I started up my Madden franchise the other day. I’m using my Bears and they’re not exactly ranked high on there. I’m rocking things out defensively so far and love playing that side of the ball. Offensively, I’m picking it up big time. After going undefeated in preseason, I’m off to a 2-1 start so far in the regular season. Not that anyone cares, but you get all of that extra information, free of charge. I am proud to say that I have a 107-yard interception return TD with Jerry Azumah. He straight burnt those guys like there was no tomorrow.

As an ECW faithful, I’m really pumped about some news I read the other day. Their founder, Tod Gordon is coming out with a tell-all book about his side of the action with ECW. Granted, Gordon is no Paul E., but I still have respect for him for what he was able to help bring up from the bottom. Then again, Paul E. is near god-like status for me.

Next edition, whenever that is will feature talks about volleyball action I’m playing tonight, TV happenings, RAW, and whatever else you guys have an idea for me to chat it up about. Until next time, we end as we usually do..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I was mowing grass yesterday when it was 94 out with a heat index of 97. I don’t know how you people in the Dirty South handle the crazy hot stuff. Bring on the snow.

2. A nice article from The Boston Sports Guy on an underrated sports movie in my opinion, Blue Chips. Check out this article at

3. Sure you don’t want any GMail action? Let me know, it’s good times.


Chirssy said...

Hey there,yea the pop gets me every time too :-p. Your Blogs are interesting, sometimes always gives a laugh or two bc of all your indept details...hehe but that makes them fun to read, keep them goin.

Kristen said... setup going on. coolness. I love the popping thing too..get canned buscuits just so i can do that. Btw..I have gmail "action" going on. I have like 4 email addresses. We all know about you and food..sorry about the rolls. Have fun up there.

Anonymous said...

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Susie said...

Hehe..I could just see ya getting all excited over the "pop". Great blog, keep them coming! Gotta go.....Bam`s on! :)

dAiSy cLoWn... said...

Hellos Eddie... you always gots crazy things going on... you're always cute... with your permission i'd like to scan your head... see what's going on in there... hee hees... take care...

lexie said... took me forever to think of what to put but i think i got it....your blog was really funny kept me laughin the whole time...I cant think of nething else to put in here but when i do ill post another : )-