Thursday, August 18, 2005

Moo Tubes

Wondering about the topic there? It's from my girl Lexie and she used that since she's eating some of the yogurt out of a tube deal. I didn't have a clue what she was talking about, but I like having random stuff in here, so there ya go. I better at least get a comment on this one for giving you props Lexie. :)

It must be because it’s summer time and I have nothing else to do, but I’m hooked on these weird MTV dating shows. I never was that big on Date My Mom before, but now I think I’m immersed as they would say on SportsCenter. For those who don’t know that one, it’s where a dude goes on 3 dates. He goes on a date with the Mom of the girl that, based on the date with her, he gets to go on a date with their daughter. He only gets to pick one at the end of the show. It just cracks me up how messed up some of these people are. Then again, that makes for good TV. It isn’t as good as Next, but it’s worth checking out.

Then we had Real World going on this week as well. Finally, after two weeks in a row of death and sadness, we got drama back. This one was between Wes and Johanna. Wes is jealous because Johanna wants this bartender. Wes thinks she leads him on when she really doesn’t want him. So Wes’ plan is to play games as well. He brings this chick home and gets some off her. He thought that’d make Johanna jealous, but hard to tell if it will work or not. Some dirty games on both sides there, but at least it’s better than the last 2 weeks of stuff. Next week, Danny returns, so hopefully that gets something going.

Beach volleyball? Well, sort of. I’ve been on a volleyball kick lately and it’s good times. Don’t knock it for a good workout until you’ve tried. The past few times, we’ve played on solid ground with shoes on (most people anyways). Last night we played in Bridgeport in the sand. Definitely different playing in sand, but I think I like it better. We had roughly 14 or so of us and split into 3 teams. I was bleeding after the first play though. I’m the type who loves to dive around and play as hard as I can at any sport, so I can’t just let a close ball drop on the ground. My left knee was gushing pretty good and then sand started getting in it once I kept diving more through the night. 3 hours of play, all in all, a fun time to be had. After that, it was a Denny’s trip with Cork. Nothing spectacular went down in this one. I went back to my original combo of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and then some cheesesticks. Raspberry tea too.

Always trying to get different exercise in, yesterday I was bored without having to workout, so I went on the bike trail with Dad. He goes about 14 miles a day, 5 times a week or so, doing it real big. He gets it done for an old man. I went 7 on Tuesday and it was a pretty good workout. Once I got off the bike, I could already tell how crazy sore I was going to be.

RAW this week I loved. It was from Montreal and with HBK around, that was going to get the crowd rowdy due to the 97 Survivor Series saga that everyone knows about. He starts off by bashing Bret Hart and they were ready to kill him. Then Hart’s music plays and the roof about blows off the building. HBK then starts laughing and said that he had them believing the return. The main event was Hogan against Angle. HBK runs down and interferes, causing for the bell. Then HBK sets up for Chin Music and stops in midkick and takes Hogan down and locks on the Sharpshooter. The crowd was insane during all of this action and the show ends right there. Very nicely done.

SummerSlam is on Sunday and what does that hold in store for us? A few matches I’m really excited for. The main match is HBK and Hogan. Hogan can’t do anything, but the crowd will be wild for this one regardless and HBK will hold more than his own and Hogan’s as well. I’m looking forward to the SmackDown Ladder Match and that’s Eddie Guerrero against Rey Mysterio. They could fight every PPV for all I’m concerned, I hope it delivers. Two big title matches, although I doubt either of them will be anything spectacular. On the RAW side, we have WWE Champion John Cena taking on Jericho. I still think Cena needs a lot better ringwork, but the fans like him, so that’s all that matters I guess. On the other side, we have World Champion Batista facing JBL. This one should be your basic slugfest and lots of blood. For internet fans, a big one is Matt Hardy matching skills with Edge. I think this one has lost its luster a bit, but should still be worth watching. The Legend Killer Randy Orton comes back from injury to battle The Undertaker. Angle gets a match with Eugene at one of the biggest shows of the year? At least both can wrestle a quality match, so hopefully it turns out even though I wish Angle was in a higher standing bout. And lastly, we get Benoit versus Orlando Jordan. I think this one could surprise a lot of people. They’ve been working a good bit together and should know each other well by this point. Some great and some not so great matches, but I’m pumped up and will be tuned in.

A few CDs to make note of. The first is the latest from Haystak and it’s called From Start To Finish. If you don’t know him, think of him as another Bubba Sparxxx. They rap about the same type of New South stuff and they’re both whiteys. The other one is a mixtape from Paul Wall. You know what you get with mixtapes. Most songs are about 2 minutes in length and it’s done over beats of popular items out there currently.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. My Yanks can’t beat the Devil Rays of all teams. What gives? This season, they are 4-8 or 4-9 against those bums. Now that’s bad times.

2. The CD collection is now up to 638.

3. Sunday is the A#FL Fantasy Football Draft, which pits the best of the best from #basketball! w00t!


lexie said...

HAh...NICE...I got to experience the whole "POP" thing today w/ the cinnamon was so funny.... : )

lexie said...

O ya i forgot...Thanks for givin me the : )

Kristen said...

hey ed..guess i'm tired so i cant think of anything specific to comment on. just putting one here..know it makes things better. have fun up there..

Britto said...

Thanks for the comment.

Stephanie said...

Hey what is up? Not much here. Last night was not the most fun. Everything worked out between me and Julian though. I explain to him that I loved him with all my heart and just because me and Matt you know doesn't mean I love him any less. I explain to Jenny that I wasn't trying to still her man either. I explained that I know she loves him and I only love him as a friend. I even explained it to Matt. I told him that I wasn't into him like that. He said he wasn't into me like that either. He just doesn't like it when someone treats me like I am worthless. I told Julian he can't treat me like I am nothing and he said he just wasn't in the best mood. I told him that was no excuse and he said he was sorry. I told him I would leave him if that happened again. So everything is good. How is your life? Well I think this is enough for today. I might leave you another comment when you write something more. bye i love you always! Stephanie p.s. your just like a big bro to me!