Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beast Mode: Buffalo Road Trip!

Yes, we're definitely due for a road trip blog. In this edition, that will be a good 95% of the blog if not more. Those are always easy for me to write, but the tough thing is to figure out what to include. Do I try to ramble on nonstop and mention all that I can? Or do I go with a few big stories and harp on that? As usual with a road trip post I make, I think everyone will at least be somewhat interested in parts of it, regardless if it's a trip they personally would want to make or not. I do a lot of Pirates baseball blogs in the summer and people who have no clue on baseball always find something that gets them laughing or surprised. I'll try to keep that style going. Strap up for a long edition.. And we begin!

First off, if anyone didn't read last week, the setting in question would be Buffalo, New York. If you're not good with geography or too lazy to look on Mapquest, it's in western New York, about 5 hours north or a bit more from my town. We rolled 10 deep in three cars that couldn't have been much worse on gas. We went with a Jeep Cherokee and two trucks. In attendance would be Matty Cakes, Ozzie, Spank, Big Hal, Grandpa Cakes, Ray, Claude, Scott, Donnie and myself. Cakes did the driving in his pimp Jeep Cherokee that I'm a huge fan of, it's all decked out with the works and has the suede interior. Ozzie took shotgun, while Spank and myself took the backseat. I was sure to take my car sick pills. As with most road trips, I go way overboard on junk food. Every stop we make, I'm loading up on something, with candy always being involved. I might be the champ when it comes to tearing up candy once I get started. Hot chocolate was consumed in bunches as well, even if it was warmer outside.

Along the way up, we listened to a lot of football scores and Cakes also brought along a good mixture of music that fit the ride. Unfortunately, as was true with Atlantic City, we didn't bring a copy of Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top so Ozzie could belt out the lyrics as the rest of us look on amazed. I guess you had to be there and I probably wrote about it at the time of that trip. What happened was that Ozzie heard Sharp Dressed Man on the radio and something in his mind got him to crank it way up and he was jamming away. It was just so unexpected that it made it 10 times funnier than it was, but I guess you had to be there.

We got to the Clarion that we stayed in and the room was huge. Big beds and they had internet hookups, so I was down with that. Also, it was good that we made it in time to see the 4th quarter of the Notre Dame loss to Michigan State. I'm normally calm during games and was for this one, but it was a good time seeing fellow Irish fans Ozzie and Spank screaming and jumping around the room during certain times of the game. The people on the trip that didn't know us probably wondered who the idiots were in Room 230 that had enough energy to bounce off the walls for a month straight. Who else is 30 years old and is going around the room trading spin kicks out of nowhere and whatever else like we're little kids? I of course took my laptop with me. I know I was only gone for one day, but for anyone that knows me, it's tough for me to be without it for even one day. That's my crack that I'm addicted to, whether that's a good thing or not. Anyways, while a few guys went to get a drink or two at the bar, I just chilled out in the hotel room online while watching college football. I was also talking to Shawna for a lot of that time too (yeah, call me whipped or whatever, you other guys are too), but that wasn't my reason for hitting up the bar. I'm just not a bar guy whatsoever since I never drink and I don't need to smell like an ashtray.

Let's focus on food for the trip. My only complaint on the trip probably and I think a few others can back me up on this would be the choice of restaurants. A lot of these other guys have been to Buffalo before, but I haven't. When I go to a new area, I at least want to try something local that the city is known for as far as food, not something I'd be able to get in my area at home from a chain. Our first place we hit up was Red Robin. I've seen them on commercials, but we don't have them near where I am. I actually liked my food here as I got a prime rib dip sandwich, but it was really loud in there and I had to scream to the guys next to me for a conversation. I ranked it a 6.5 out of 10, but Spank said his was so bad and salty that he didn't finish most of it and Spank can out eat just about anyone. To jump in time, on the way home, the rest of the crew decided on eating at Denny's, while some ate at McDonald's. Come on now. I'm not asking for a five star place, but if I'm out of town, I want something fairly different than normal.

When I'm away up north, I always like to see what they think when I ask if they have sweet tea. At Red Robin, the waitress was all "You're not from around here are you?" Imagine that, you must be a genius to know that we sound like hicks. Shut up you bum, you didn't even give good service, but I still gave a good tip just because that's how I am. At least she didn't get pissed when I asked, like the stuck up people in Atlantic City. They picked up on our accents easy, but we did on theirs too. They had the Canadian accents and I kinda got a kick out of hearing it. I'm big on hearing weird accents anyways.

To start the trip out, I went to bed on Friday night at 5:30 and woke up around 9:30. 4 hours there and no sleep on the ride up. I went to bed around 1:30 on Saturday night and wake up around 7:30 on Sunday morning. Before going to bed, me and Spank (forget the correct grammar, it sounds good that way to me) decided that we'd get in a run before breakfast. We accomplished that, so that got the day starting out on the right path. After running, we go to ask one of the workers for some extra towels. Spank is talking to this older woman and asks if we can pick up some bath towels. This is the dialogue:

Spank: Do you have any extra bath towels?
Woman: What?
Spank: Bath towels.
Woman: Whaaattt?
Spank: Bath.. towels..
Woman: Whaaaattttt? (in the Canadian accent)
Meanwhile, I'm standing there trying not to laugh at the scene between those two. She finally figures out the accent we have and sends us down the hall in the right direction. "Down there on the right! Down there!!" It seems like she's screaming it and Spank is asking me if he talked slow enough to her or what the problem was. It was a running joke the whole trip of us screaming like the woman did. Again, I guess you had to be there.

The fitness room though was garbage. They had one really nice treadmill, while the other didn't work. I mixed in some bike action and then ran hard for a while on the treadmill after that. Then it was time to go downstairs for breakfast. Me and Spank were the only ones who were pumped about that for some reason. We go down and it's a help-your-self breakfast. They didn't even have bacon, eggs, or pancakes. You serious? They had cereal, crappy bagels, a waffle maker, and things like that. What a bummer. We needed real food after that, but it wouldn't be long till we did it up big with tailgate time.

Our hotel was only about a mile or so from the stadium, so that made things easy. We end up getting to the tailgate area around 9:30. The grill was started right away and Hal doesn't mess around when it comes to setting this up, so HUGE props to him there. We went with angus burgers that turned out great, hot dogs, chips, beer for whoever wanted that, and we tore the food up. I've never been to a NFL game before. For as many NBA (oh my, it really is starting soon!) and MLB games as I've been to, I'm not sure why I've never been to a NFL stadium. The tailgate setup in Buffalo I was blown away by. I wish I got more pics of that, but I failed on that end. Cornhole, people with huge RVs, flat screen TVs, football being played, all kinds of food, and you name it for I don't even know how long it stretched. Two people stood out to me when walking around the tailgate scene to check stuff out. One was Andre Reed, former Bills wideout stud. I was walking around with Spank at the time and we ran into Cakes and Donnie. They say they just were inches away from Andre Reed just hanging at a tailgate. We had to go check it out just because. I thought it was pretty neat that one of the better wideouts ever was hanging with the random bums. After all was said and done, Spank and Cakes both got their Bills hats signed by Andre. Outside of Dre Reed, the Ultimate Warrior was also in attendance. Not the real dude, but even better. We even got a pic with this one. The guy was near 7 foot tall and we ran him down for a pic and threw up some funny poses. He did the military pressing of his arms, shaking the ropes, had a belt on, you name it. He'd be walking around in character and talking about the Warrior Nation and how it was about to take down Raider Nation.

Ralph Wilson Stadium I liked a lot. From the area around the stadium, to inside the stadium, we all agreed that Buffalo is stuck in the 1980s. The area the stadium is in seemed like a town from back home. It had a country feel. I liked the atmosphere though. The seats we had, unbelievable. Cakes hooked us up big by jumping on that and our group was 2nd and 3rd row up from the field. The thing that immediately got me was how huge these guys were in person. Robert Gallery of the Raiders is someone you have to see in person to appreciate. What a monster that dude is, just a freak, even amongst the other giants out on the field. The game itself was quality, right down to the buzzer. Our crew of 10 was split from Bills and Raiders fans, while I was one of the lone neutral guys, so that made it fun to watch the arguments. Speaking of Andre Reed, he was there with the rest of the Bills legends to put Bruce Smith into the Bills Wall of Fame. He gave a good speech and ended it by saying he was the best ever at his position.

The crowd at this game was over the top. I've probably never been in a crowd that big that kept things so rowdy. The place was literally shaking and it gave me goosebumps. I'm not a fan of either team, but just being there when the fans were going insane was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. I'd be there staring around and soaking in the moment. I could only imagine how Cakes and Spank felt during all of that since they are big Bills guys. The weather was a mix. The high that day was supposed to be 61, so we wore t-shirts. The morning at the tailgate was perfect weather. Once in the stadium, around the 2nd quarter it started to rain lightly. Things started turning cold and it's another world up there. I'd still like to experience a game in Buffalo in frigid conditions, that's what football is all about.

One thing that got the guys talking was the Buffalo Jills, the cheerleaders for the team. One, why do pro teams even need chicks out there? On a small scale like high school with lower crowds, they might be able to pump the crowd up. Here, they're just eye candy and nothing else. They don't even do flips or any of that stuff. They stand there, make a few moves, and that's it. I wasn't the only one that thought so, basically our entire crew can back me up, but these girls overall were brutal. I'm talking 10 pounds of makeup that made them look even worse up close, it was bad times. Eventually we started coming up with nicknames for them such as Meth Girl (face all sunk in and looked like she was all mangled), Old Chick, Giant Chick (this girl was towering over the rest, a big thumbs down), and many others. Spank was saying they need to learn how to do some cardio. The other thing I argued on, they didn't have that great of bodies if you ask me. I mean, call me sexist or whatever, but you have to have something up top to fill out those outfits, not looking like a dude. Maybe I'm spoiled, but I know what I like anyways.

We're now beginning our way back to the mean streets of West Virginia. The ride back, in most cases is very tiring and can't compare to the ride up. This one, I will disagree on. We played sports trivia for the entire 5+ hours on the way home and rocked it out. To me, that's about as good as it gets. Boring to some I'm sure, but count me in. Give me a big crew of legit sports trivia guys and I'm all over that for as long as people want to play. On the trip, buying the trusty 2008 sports almanac paid it's price and then some. It's a purchase that is made every year, I'm just not sure why I waited so late this year to get it. I usually get it in January when they come out. Also on the book list this time for whatever that's worth, I picked up Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich. Being a huge old school basketball fan, I figure the Pistol Pete book has to be good. I got these at the biggest Borders (book store for those in a coma) I've been in. The one at home is your standard style Borders. This one was enormous and had a coffee shop inside to add to the touch. I finally get home that night around 1:30 and after a shower, I roll to bed at 2:00 and wake up at 6:00 to get to work the next morning. We were all dragging that next day, but proved to be champs and toughed it out. All in all, another excellent road trip with the guys, no complaints on my end. A big sign of appreciation goes out to the Cakes family and the others in attendance that made things so fun.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: You know when they show their face in just a few pics that it's not too quality. However, she still likes to show the rest of her deal off:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Beast Mode! Yep, since it was a Buffalo blog, we're going with some Marshawn Lynch action on this. 10 minutes of goodness for the sports fans to a guy that is becoming one of my favorite players in the league. The dude is an idiot, but he still cracks me up. You get it all here. He does his Oakland thing, you see the classic clip of him driving the injury cart in college, talking about his Beast Mode grill, and the works. Matty Cakes, I'm definitely a fan now, hah.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays are back in business. This time we'll go with Thursday, September 25th. Barbara Walters goes for 77, the woman is getting up there. Actor Michael Douglas with a hot wife, 64. Model Cheryl Tiegs, 61. I'm not a Star Wars dude at all, but Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is 57. Former NBA baller Bob McAdoo is also 57. Actress Heather Locklear, 47 and still gets it done. Another NBA baller, Scottie Pippen, 43. Happy 40th to actor Will Smith. Weirdly enough, Catherine Zeta-Jones shares her birthday with her husband that we mentioned, 39. Actress Bridgette Wilson, 35. Current NBA baller, Chauncey "Big Shot" Billups, 32. Now that's what I call one impressive list! That's a tough one to top.

2. I noticed something a few weeks back. When checking out the new season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, it struck me. I feel like I'm so much older than these kids. Actually, I am, but it's still good drama and entertainment to check out on Wednesday nights on MTV. This will prepare me for the new season of Real World, located in Brooklyn, time to giddy up!

3. Want some facts on rats to end up on? Why rats? I have no idea, but that's what the staff here picked out for us this week. Male and female rats may have sex 20 times a day, dang. Rats also supposedly destroy a third of the world's food supply each year. 26% of all electric cable breaks and 18% of all phone cable disruptions are caused by rats.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

$2.50 Antifreeze & Donkeys Killing People

Thanks to last week's birthday boy for this week's pic selections, the one and only Uncle Wilbur..

I'm a small town guy. Most people know that about me and I figure I'll be around my area for a long time. Now that I say that, watch me move to some deserted island in the middle of nowhere. Anyways, I've never flown in my life. No, I haven't got on a big plane yet, it's not one of those stories. I've flown on a little tiny plane, but that doesn't count. I better get back on track before I lose the thought. I took a trek to Pittsburgh International Airport on Sunday morning. Weirdly enough, I've never even been to a big airport before, let alone done much there. Going in, I thought it'd be a madhouse, but I surprised myself with good timing, not getting lost and doing my thing. I made a wrong turn once I got inside the airport, but that was no biggie. I turned into the pay section of the parking lot and had to get a ticket. 30 seconds later, I drive through this booth and see Toll Booth Willie. I give a $20 since I have no clue what he'll charge and he looks at me weird. He must've seen I was only through for 30 seconds and knew I was some dumb lost redneck, so he tells me no charge and to go on through. Go figure.

This coming weekend, a few firsts for me will go down. Not only will I go to the state of New York, but I'll also be hitting up a NFL game. As weird as that is for me, I've never done either. I've been to a zillion NBA and MLB games, but never NFL for some reason. Saturday we roll 10-15 deep on our way to scenic Buffalo. And you thought I was going to say I was heading to New York City or something. Nope, I'm a small town guy as noted above, give me some time. Anyways, most of the group we're going with is split between Bills and Raiders guys, so that'll make things interesting. I'm going just because it has to be a real good road trip, I don't have to drive, get to hang with my crew, and sports is involved. I wish it was a game later in the year with some big snow in Buffalo, but I'm sure this will work out just fine. Next week, I'll be back with the road trip report of who all went, what excitement went down, and who knows what else. Those are always easy to write up.

Speaking of football, last weekend was the main game of the season I always want my Notre Dame boys to win. Yep, that's the Michigan game and I feel it's one of the best college football rivalries for the ages. Michigan spanked them last season, 38-0, so we had to change the tune. 8 turnovers for Michigan does that, you can't win that way. Locally, it's weird because most WVU fans hate Notre Dame fans and vice versa. Now that Michigan has Rich Rod at the helm, WVU fans probably were hoping that Notre Dame Stadium would blow up into pieces with both teams inside. I did hear a few people say they were rooting for Notre Dame this week though around here, so that says a lot. A 2-0 start after last season's disaster, I'm excited about that. They still have a ton of work to do, but with the rare easier schedule they have this season as compared to the normal top notch schedule, I see a solid year if all goes right. The defense is legit in the first few games, but they haven't been tested by a great team yet. The offense was much better this week than last, so I hope that improves. Also for good karma, I bought myself a Jimmy Clausen jersey last week. Now watch him get kicked off the team or something.

I do the movie review deal every so often. Have you ever had a half-movie review? What's that you ask? It's pretty much as it sounds, but of course I'll set ya straight with an explanation. These aren't new, but I haven't seen them, so I'll talk about the happenings regardless. Apparently for being with DirecTV for ages, they send me this deal where I get 3 free months of Showtime and it's cancelled after that, so a freebie. I used to have all of the movie channels and such, but found out I never really used them enough to make it worthwhile. Still, I've had the free Showtime channels for a week or two and have only watched one movie. Well, half. That'd be Employee of the Month with Dax, Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. I hit the DVR for the second part of it I missed, so I'll catch up, but the first half I thought was hilarious. I hear the rest of the movie is great too, so we'll see. I was at Shawna's the other day and we rented What Happens In Vegas since it just came out on DVD not long ago. About 45 minutes through it, the power goes out and that was that, doh. Based on those first 45 minutes, it was pretty good, but that happens. I don't think we complained much though, but I never did get around to putting it back in to watch week since it was due back. While at Blockbuster through all of this, I'm a sucker for sales or any kind of bargain. They do the 2 for $20 (also the 4 for $20) and how can you pass up those? I went to the 2 for $20 section and ended up getting 21 (which I've written about before when I hit it up at the theater, so go rent it) and The Great Debaters. I'm a huge Denzel guy and haven't heard a bad review of this movie, so I'll give it a try.

Soccer in my area is basically nonexistent. Well, it was when I was growing up at least. I've never been to a soccer game on any level until Monday night. Don't worry readers, I was home in time for Monday Night RAW. Now you have all of these kiddies playing it and it's catching on a bit for the youngsters. As I was saying, I hit up my first soccer game and what age level was it? It was a game of 4-6 year olds. Shawna's cousin was on one of the teams, so I figured I'd check it out. I wasn't sure what I got myself into, but it was entertaining. I guess I don't get out much and I'm usually not the most patient with the little kiddies, but they cracked me up. Some were pretty good, not that I know anything on soccer though, sorry Cali Jas. It wasn't miserable and I'm in again for Thursday night of the same. I earned some bonus points, so that can't hurt. I get home and get a message from The_Freak that was short and to the point, as he saw my away message and wrote back saying: "soccer?!". Let's back up. Driving to the field we needed to hit up, we weren't sure exactly where it was at. We drove past it once and got back on the road. I saw this white van rolling by and I guessed it had to be Soccer Mom, so I followed it, taking my chances. I lucked out, she drove right to the field and the stereotype fit. Sometimes things work out for bums that get lost.

Since the van got me thinking, it's time to stay on the car route. I know nothing about cars for the most part. I know how to change a tire if I had to, could change oil and all of that, but that's about it. I also don't have a clue on antifreeze either. Shawna's grandma needed it, so we went to pick it up for her. My guess on the price? $2.50. That shows where I'm coming from. It was at a gas station, so it was jacked up I'm sure, but it ended up being $17 for a gallon. When I heard $17, I thought no way that was even possible. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of windshield washer fluid prices, but you could've gave me 100 guesses on the antifreeze price and I'd still be way off. I guess I need to get out of living in the 1940s when it comes to some things.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: The_Freak took his turn last week, now we move back to regular ho contributor Arizona Jas. She's going with a thicker chick, but her pics and comments on the pics just might crack you up.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: You'd think a 4 second clip couldn't be any good at all. Maybe it's me, but I've been watching this one over and over. Now that's funny, I don't care who ya are.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm putting it here just because. Usually birthdays go here, but sometimes they just don't need to be in every single time, you know? I do have to keep everyone on their toes. This time, it'll be a movie review that is legit, not a half style we had above. I watched Baby Mama the other night and it wasn't too bad actually. It's pretty funny and you really can't go wrong with Tina Fey in glasses if you ask me. I was finished up with the blog and then forgot to write about this. It's not a movie you wanna watch the guys, but rent it with your chick. If I had to grade it on my scale, it's tough, but we'll go with 6.3 knocked up girls out of 10.

2. I can spend too much time on, but it's strangely addicting. I may have written about it before over the years, but it's a simple concept. It features average people out and about as they get pics with famous people. Then they come on this site and post messages comparing heights and what is always reported on if it's right or way off. Let's try a few random celebs, some of which might surprise you, some may not: Jimmy Hendrix: 5'10", Hillary Clinton: 5'6", Minka Kelly: 5'5", Kim Kardashian: 5'2", 50 Cent: 6'0" (I still doubt that), Leslie Nielsen: 6'1", Al Pacino: 5'6", and George Lopez: 5'10".

3. Here's today stat I wouldn't have guessed. Again, I have no clue how these are proven and it doesn't even seem right, but we'll roll with it: Donkeys apparently kill more people annually than plane crashes. Seriously? Again, I find that hard to believe, but it was reported. I might have to get the blog detectives out to research that.

* Yep, it's time to end in a special way here in blog land. Marching band, crank on those trumpets and roll out the red carpet. We'd like to announce an addition to the family. Cousin Jill and Gayle (if you've been a regular blog reader, you'll know that Gayle got our Dad of the Year Award) bring in Maxwell Joshua to the world. Max has a full head of dark hair and didn't look weird like some newborns do. :) We'd like to send the congrats out to Jill and Gayle!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thank Me You Bum

Here's one that bugs me and I can't be the only one. I'll set your scenario up so it's easy to understand. Most of us don't have much patience, especially when it comes to sitting in traffic. Yet, the same impatient people that we are, we're begging in our heads that someone will be nice and let us go and wave us on. I'm decent with this approach and try to help out when I can. The other day, I let this woman out in a spot that wasn't letting up with traffic anytime soon. I wave her on as I was in a good mood and she just drives on through. Ooooh, now that had me boiling. You gotta thank me you bum, I was nice enough to let ya get on with your day and quicker down the road than the guys in front of me did since they kept driving. I'm not asking everyone and their brother to let me out in traffic, but at least I'm going to give ya the big thanks if so. I bet that woman hates life too, just my guess. :)

Since the last paragraph dealt with cars, I might as well continue with another. I've talked about my driving before and my buddies can attest to this one. Generally, I do ok enough I guess in regular conditions. Still, nothing I'd ever say I was good at. What I'm probably the worst at would be parking. I'm not talking parallel or anything that difficult. Still, I've parallel parked once in my life, that was for my test, and that's it. I'm talking about backing up in this section. I'm terrrrible at backing up, it's beyond awful. The other night I roll in around 3:00 in the morning and sleep all day. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but I wake up and the parents joke with me wondering if I was drinking the night before. They know I never drink and I didn't catch the joke until they kept going. When they went to get the morning paper, apparently my backup job I made the night before was so bad that Mom had to get in my car and re-park it for me. The back end was out in the street I guess, who knew?

It was time for new food the other day. Saturday afternoon, I stepped into it to try sushi for the first time in my life. Yes, at 29 years old, I've never had it before. Hard to believe, I know. I'm the type that will try just about any food once to see how it is. I wasn't sure if I'd be into it, but Shawna is crazy pumped over sushi, so I was along for the ride. We hit up Shogun and I ordered chicken teriyaki, noodles, California rolls, shrimp tempura sushi, shrimp dumplings, ginger salad, soup, and then they threw in an orange just because. The sushi, it gets a thumbs up from me. I didn't expect to care much for it, but I approve. It's nothing I'd get all the time, but I'd get it again for sure. I haven't tried raw sushi yet, that's next on the list. For the locals, Shogun lunch specials are the way to go.

Last week I mentioned the return of 90210 on the CW Network. Tuesday was a 2-hour premiere and I had to check that out to see what the deal was going to be. Sad to say, but I'm a big fan of this new season so far. I hope it keeps me interested for the whole season. So far, they're on the right track. It's all about the crazy drama, the character build was good, and I dig the fact that there's a bit of old references in from the first era of 90210 that you can pick up on. I guess if you were around for the first 90210 and claimed to be a fan, you're getting up there. Shawna said it was before her time is why I am a fan of it and she wasn't, that hurts, hah. And it's not like I'm much older than her, pretty dirty. :) Here's a list of events from my boys TyLaw and Kasher from our message board:

Ty: I just had to excuse myself from watching the new 90210 which my girlfriend is still watching with some friends of ours. I gave it one beer's chance, but there was no way I could drink enough on a work night to watch anymore of it.
Kash: My sister and I grew up watching 90210 religiously together (this and Degrassi, which is basically the Canadian equivalent), hehe. I've DVR'ed tonight's episode and will watch it later. There's way too much TV I have to watch right now at the same time, I wish I had three video recorders.

A disturbance hit the waves of the blog fans last week. I always get a lot of messages online and in person of how people like or dislike the blog each week. Corndog is on top of things and he enjoyed last week's edition, yet the fans might've been disappointed since it was "Corndog-free". This time, Corndog is back for the action. It seems like a lot of the blog regulars are all in this edition before all is said in done, we try to fit in what we can. The MySpace clan will have already seen these, but Corndog made some for me the other day. A lot of people are doing them, but basically it's a site that turns your present pics into old school style pics. Corndog made two for me, one that makes me look like a 1970s pimp with the flowing hair (I was a big fan of that one, it cracked me up) and the other I called the 1960s smooth and suave look. Maybe it's just funny to us, who hard to tell, but it's worth mentioning.

Random ramblings from The_Freak:

The_Freak (11:25:04 PM): Here's one for you..
The_Freak (11:25:27 PM): When you go to Red Lobstah and load up on the "endless shrimp" kind of deal, why do they only give you this tiny ass bowl/plate of them?
Me (11:25:38 PM): Good point right there..
The_Freak (11:25:38 PM): And then space them out 20 minutes or so apart to make you wait.
The_Freak (11:25:44 PM): That deserves chin music.
The_Freak (11:25:48 PM): Or like Olive Garden
The_Freak (11:26:00 PM): The "refills" take a long time, and they get smaller as you go.

High school football. I go to a good bit of my old crew's basketball games, but for some reason, I rarely hit up football. The overall talent in my area is nothing worth writing home about. I've probably been to maybe 2 or 3 football games of my boys since I graduated ages ago. I decided to hit up last Friday night's game as it was the first home game of the season. Keep in mind that they didn't get a single win last year and that's usually how it's been the past decade plus, not many good seasons in there unfortunately. It was a packed house and to make matters better, we didn't even have to drive since Shawna's place is in walking distance. Great cool weather and we got to kill time by hanging out with our crew. As far as the game, it was about what I expected, my boys looked rough, but it was all in the experience of course. We left at 9:30 when the 3rd quarter was over since we had to go get Chinese by 10:00. Hey, I have my priorities straight. I rarely leave games early, but that one is a good reason for me. After 10:00, I wouldn't have been able to get honey chicken, it could've been a bad night. Luckily though, the world didn't end as I got there on time and we got our food.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: The creator of this section is due for another turn. He drops off this dirty. This come to us from The_Freak. No private pics, but she has enough on her main page that it'll work.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Since sushi was a part of the blog this week, we'll keep that trend going in the video section. I mentioned it to Arizona Jas that I tried it and we got to talking on that since she's a sushi fan. She sends along this vid, which is about as fresh of stuff as you'll get. Sick maybe, but the part where they had him talking is what got me:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Any birthdays for Wednesday, September 10th? This is a day where it doesn't seem that we have a long list. We'll start with NBA old schooler Bob Lanier, 60. Joe Perry of Aerosmith, 58. I don't think he's that big of a name, but actor Colin Firth, 48. The Big Unit, Randy Johnson of baseball fame, throwing heat for his 45th, dang. Big Ben Wallace, NBA baller, 34. We also have a few others to mention. It's not the 10th, but it'll fall during the week. On the 13th, we'd like to send the big birthday wishes out to Uncle Wilbur and Arizona Jas. You two have fun tearing it up out West.

2. Did you know that fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails? Now you know.

3. Today's weird fact that I wonder how it was proven, but we'll give it anyways: A married man is 4 times more likely to die during sex if his partner isn't his wife.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Dirty Salad Bars & Candy Corn

Hopefully if you're reading today, you're not doing any kind of labor. Why's that? Well, if you're in the US or Canada anyways, it'd be Labor Day for ya. As I type this part, it's Labor Day, but you're reading this on Tuesday in most cases since it's almost that time at the moment, so try to pretend. I know I was pumped to have a 3-day weekend, I'll take that as often as I can. I have all sorts of topics to get going in this post. All you have to do is sit back, kick your feet up, and see where I can take you. You might even get some weird words of advice on things you would've never gave 5 seconds thought about. I'm here to spice up those topics that may be generic to some, but I'll make it out to be something you end up caring about.

Earlier in the summer I wrote about joining Facebook. How has it held up since that time? For me, I guess I'm missing out on the madness some have been part of for years. Facebook to me is kind of garbage, I'm not a huge fan of it. Sure, it's all modern and has the fun options, but it hasn't appealed to me that much. Maybe it's because I've been with MySpace a lot longer and like it much better. I'm used to the setup there. I guess it's like how it is with a lot of things, you're used to what works for you. I'll still stay on there of course, but I don't get consumed and ate up with it like I do with MySpace. Could that change in due time? Hard to tell.

I did my good deed of the week on Friday. After school, since I haven't done it in a while, it was time to give some blood. Earlier in the week, the blood people called and are all saying how my type of blood they were in major need of. Whether that's a load of junk or not to get people to show up, who knows, but I like helping people out when I can. They sold me on saying that, so I went since I have the champ blood, O positive. I was joking around with Arizona Jas one day about it and said that I should've rolled into the blood area and did the John Cena, "The champ is here!" just to see their reactions. It's painless, but not enough people do it. The only downfall was that I had to take a day off of working out and running, but that didn't bother me too much, I was tired from not much sleep for the work week anyways, so I was due. While there, the dude that took my blood is also a big video game fan we found out. We got to talking about Madden and how he's a Wii guy too, so that was some good random chat while I had a needle jammed inside me. Seriously though, and I don't preach too much, go out and give some blood if you get the chance. Someone out there you might be able to help.

Dirty or not? I'm not talking about chicks, but we're talking about salad this time. Confused yet? Well, even if you are, I'll set you straight. I went back and forth with Shawna on this one and we're different here. We went to Ruby Tuesday the other night just because it was something different that neither of us go to much. I figured it can't be too bad since they have a salad bar you can get for yourself. I was excited for that part before my main meal, although it doesn't take a lot to excite me when it comes to food as I'm usually in, even as a little dude. Shawna said it was all me and she tapped out on getting the salad bar. I get what she's saying, what if some punk kid working there just spits into it or something like that? Or some little kid that gets their grubby fingers inside that? I'll take my chances, it might make me tougher for liking dirty stuff, hah. You all know my theory on Waffle House type food anyways. On that salad I went with the green lettuce (I'm not technical with salads, I just hate the hard white lettuce, that's a big no-no), cheddar cheese, green peppers, french dressing, and some onions.

Thursday night was big action out in East Shinnston. It was the 2008 Shinnston Fantasy Football League, held at none other than Maulberry's estate. Ten of us in the league this year. Those in attendance for the live draft (nothing is better than a live in-person draft) include: Commissioner Sweet P, Ozzie, Matty Cakes, Pill, Jimmy Mills, Bart, Simzilla, Fortney, Maulberry, and myself. It's a blast with that crew and we finished up in about 2½ hours. We loaded up on pizza and junk food to go along with a football game on TV and us trash talking all night. A thing we always get a kick out of is how the variety of our favorite NFL teams are with our buddies. In that bunch we had fans of the Bears, Raiders, Bills, Niners, Falcons, Steelers, Bengals and Colts. Most of those teams are garbage outside of the Steelers and Colts, but we stick with our teams and go at it.

I know, you're wondering who I drafted. I'm getting there, just hold your horses, I gotta have the proper buildup for it. While at the draft, I'm a little different in that I have a huge sweet tooth. Along with the other things I brought, I also had a jar of Nutella icing. If you've never tried Nutella before, you're honestly missing out on some total goodness. While the draft was going on, I was there with my jar of it, spoon in hand and going to town. Most people crank through beer or have 5 packs of cigs during a draft, but me? I'm there with my jar of icing. With that in mind, here is yourrrr 2008 E-Town Junkies!

QB: Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle)
David Garrard (Jacksonville)
Brady Quinn (Cleveland)

RB: Joe Addai (Indianapolis)
Ryan Grant (Green Bay)
Earnest Graham (Tampa Bay)

WR: Torry Holt (St. Louis)
Dwyane Bowe (Kansas City)
Anthony Gonzalez (Indianapolis)
Sid Rice (Minnesota)
Ron Curry (Oakland)
James Hardy (Buffalo)
Limas Sweed (Pittsburgh)

TE: Tony Scheffler (Denver)
Vernon Davis (San Francisco)

K: Nick Folk (Dallas)

D: Buffalo

Saturday it was festival time. This year I didn't hit up the annual Tally Rally (Italian Heritage Festival) as it's basically the same every year. The food rocks, but I eat that type of stuff regularly anyways and I don't have to be elbow to elbow to people in the crowds. Instead, I went with the parents to hit up the Jackson's Mill Jubilee. I've talked about it before the past few years, so I'll do it again. I basically go to tear up some good greasy food and to get out a bit. It's more wide open and a country type feel. You park and get to jump on a big tractor and they drive you to the grounds. Yep, redneck style there I guess, even I can handle that every now and then. I heard a few things on how so many people there were way overweight. Now, I realize some people can't help it, but I guess I have a different mentality and haven't been to that point before. Why would these people keep forcing grease down their body, with no exercise? A little bit of a belly, that's fine since most people have that I'm sure, but I'm talking the extreme people. These people live the typical WV stereotype, no wonder we're always among the nation's leaders in heart disease. I'm not being negative, or not trying to be, but how fun can it be to be 350+ pounds and never care to do anything about it? I turned into a fat boy this night myself as I started off with an Italian steak sandwich with cheese and hot peppers, then rolled with a huge funnel cake, and left with a big bag of kettle corn. Kettle corn, a huge thumbs up for me, especially if it's legit and they make it right in front of you.

I also loaded up on my favorite hot mustard out there, straight from Thistle Dew Farms of Proctor, WV. It's so good that I even order it online from time to time to keep the business flowing. They also had me test some hot pepper butter with pretzels and that had me sold as well. What I'm going to do is give these people a free advertisement. I wouldn't steer you wrong with this mustard selection, but if you don't want to buy it, I guess that's your own fault, it's that good. Click here and check it out yourself:

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: Arizona Jas had a real good submission in earlier last week, but since that, the profile no longer exists. Go figure. Instead, I had to find one myself and we're going with this chick born in Aruba. Apparently she has 3 million plus friends, uh..

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's see what's happening for Wednesday, September 3rd. We'll start with fans of the baby boomer generation to send the birthday candles to Al Jardine of the Beach Boys. He's 66 on the day. Former Houston Oilers wideout Ernest Givins, known for the Electric Slide celebration, 44. Actor Charlie Sheen, 43. We have a decent bit of other athletes that share this birthday, but none that are overwhelming enough to get in here, plus everyone wouldn't know them all. It's not the 3rd, but it's the 5th and we'd like to wish none other than The Governor, Clark Riley a Happy 29th!

2. Since I'm a candy freak, it's time to get on that level right now. They're out! What's that? Candy corn is what I'm talking about. I'm sure they're out more often than just this time of year, but they're out in abundance right now and I've already started tearing into these. Cheap candy, but really good, I'm a fan. I know not a lot of other people are, but that means more to myself. How can you not like candy corn? The ones with the chocolate at the ends, they're not nearly as good as the original kind, but I can go both on that.

3. I'll end with some TV time. We have the new season of 90210 starting on Tuesday night on CW. I admit, I used to watch the old bunch when I was younger and thought it was decent. I'd never say I was a huge fan, but enough that it kept me intrigued. Now, we have a new bunch, will it be worthless or something worth checking out? I'm setting the DVR just to see what it's all about and we'll go from there.