Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thank Me You Bum

Here's one that bugs me and I can't be the only one. I'll set your scenario up so it's easy to understand. Most of us don't have much patience, especially when it comes to sitting in traffic. Yet, the same impatient people that we are, we're begging in our heads that someone will be nice and let us go and wave us on. I'm decent with this approach and try to help out when I can. The other day, I let this woman out in a spot that wasn't letting up with traffic anytime soon. I wave her on as I was in a good mood and she just drives on through. Ooooh, now that had me boiling. You gotta thank me you bum, I was nice enough to let ya get on with your day and quicker down the road than the guys in front of me did since they kept driving. I'm not asking everyone and their brother to let me out in traffic, but at least I'm going to give ya the big thanks if so. I bet that woman hates life too, just my guess. :)

Since the last paragraph dealt with cars, I might as well continue with another. I've talked about my driving before and my buddies can attest to this one. Generally, I do ok enough I guess in regular conditions. Still, nothing I'd ever say I was good at. What I'm probably the worst at would be parking. I'm not talking parallel or anything that difficult. Still, I've parallel parked once in my life, that was for my test, and that's it. I'm talking about backing up in this section. I'm terrrrible at backing up, it's beyond awful. The other night I roll in around 3:00 in the morning and sleep all day. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but I wake up and the parents joke with me wondering if I was drinking the night before. They know I never drink and I didn't catch the joke until they kept going. When they went to get the morning paper, apparently my backup job I made the night before was so bad that Mom had to get in my car and re-park it for me. The back end was out in the street I guess, who knew?

It was time for new food the other day. Saturday afternoon, I stepped into it to try sushi for the first time in my life. Yes, at 29 years old, I've never had it before. Hard to believe, I know. I'm the type that will try just about any food once to see how it is. I wasn't sure if I'd be into it, but Shawna is crazy pumped over sushi, so I was along for the ride. We hit up Shogun and I ordered chicken teriyaki, noodles, California rolls, shrimp tempura sushi, shrimp dumplings, ginger salad, soup, and then they threw in an orange just because. The sushi, it gets a thumbs up from me. I didn't expect to care much for it, but I approve. It's nothing I'd get all the time, but I'd get it again for sure. I haven't tried raw sushi yet, that's next on the list. For the locals, Shogun lunch specials are the way to go.

Last week I mentioned the return of 90210 on the CW Network. Tuesday was a 2-hour premiere and I had to check that out to see what the deal was going to be. Sad to say, but I'm a big fan of this new season so far. I hope it keeps me interested for the whole season. So far, they're on the right track. It's all about the crazy drama, the character build was good, and I dig the fact that there's a bit of old references in from the first era of 90210 that you can pick up on. I guess if you were around for the first 90210 and claimed to be a fan, you're getting up there. Shawna said it was before her time is why I am a fan of it and she wasn't, that hurts, hah. And it's not like I'm much older than her, pretty dirty. :) Here's a list of events from my boys TyLaw and Kasher from our message board:

Ty: I just had to excuse myself from watching the new 90210 which my girlfriend is still watching with some friends of ours. I gave it one beer's chance, but there was no way I could drink enough on a work night to watch anymore of it.
Kash: My sister and I grew up watching 90210 religiously together (this and Degrassi, which is basically the Canadian equivalent), hehe. I've DVR'ed tonight's episode and will watch it later. There's way too much TV I have to watch right now at the same time, I wish I had three video recorders.

A disturbance hit the waves of the blog fans last week. I always get a lot of messages online and in person of how people like or dislike the blog each week. Corndog is on top of things and he enjoyed last week's edition, yet the fans might've been disappointed since it was "Corndog-free". This time, Corndog is back for the action. It seems like a lot of the blog regulars are all in this edition before all is said in done, we try to fit in what we can. The MySpace clan will have already seen these, but Corndog made some for me the other day. A lot of people are doing them, but basically it's a site that turns your present pics into old school style pics. Corndog made two for me, one that makes me look like a 1970s pimp with the flowing hair (I was a big fan of that one, it cracked me up) and the other I called the 1960s smooth and suave look. Maybe it's just funny to us, who hard to tell, but it's worth mentioning.

Random ramblings from The_Freak:

The_Freak (11:25:04 PM): Here's one for you..
The_Freak (11:25:27 PM): When you go to Red Lobstah and load up on the "endless shrimp" kind of deal, why do they only give you this tiny ass bowl/plate of them?
Me (11:25:38 PM): Good point right there..
The_Freak (11:25:38 PM): And then space them out 20 minutes or so apart to make you wait.
The_Freak (11:25:44 PM): That deserves chin music.
The_Freak (11:25:48 PM): Or like Olive Garden
The_Freak (11:26:00 PM): The "refills" take a long time, and they get smaller as you go.

High school football. I go to a good bit of my old crew's basketball games, but for some reason, I rarely hit up football. The overall talent in my area is nothing worth writing home about. I've probably been to maybe 2 or 3 football games of my boys since I graduated ages ago. I decided to hit up last Friday night's game as it was the first home game of the season. Keep in mind that they didn't get a single win last year and that's usually how it's been the past decade plus, not many good seasons in there unfortunately. It was a packed house and to make matters better, we didn't even have to drive since Shawna's place is in walking distance. Great cool weather and we got to kill time by hanging out with our crew. As far as the game, it was about what I expected, my boys looked rough, but it was all in the experience of course. We left at 9:30 when the 3rd quarter was over since we had to go get Chinese by 10:00. Hey, I have my priorities straight. I rarely leave games early, but that one is a good reason for me. After 10:00, I wouldn't have been able to get honey chicken, it could've been a bad night. Luckily though, the world didn't end as I got there on time and we got our food.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: The creator of this section is due for another turn. He drops off this dirty. This come to us from The_Freak. No private pics, but she has enough on her main page that it'll work. http://www.myspace.com/crisstini

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Since sushi was a part of the blog this week, we'll keep that trend going in the video section. I mentioned it to Arizona Jas that I tried it and we got to talking on that since she's a sushi fan. She sends along this vid, which is about as fresh of stuff as you'll get. Sick maybe, but the part where they had him talking is what got me:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Any birthdays for Wednesday, September 10th? This is a day where it doesn't seem that we have a long list. We'll start with NBA old schooler Bob Lanier, 60. Joe Perry of Aerosmith, 58. I don't think he's that big of a name, but actor Colin Firth, 48. The Big Unit, Randy Johnson of baseball fame, throwing heat for his 45th, dang. Big Ben Wallace, NBA baller, 34. We also have a few others to mention. It's not the 10th, but it'll fall during the week. On the 13th, we'd like to send the big birthday wishes out to Uncle Wilbur and Arizona Jas. You two have fun tearing it up out West.

2. Did you know that fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails? Now you know.

3. Today's weird fact that I wonder how it was proven, but we'll give it anyways: A married man is 4 times more likely to die during sex if his partner isn't his wife.


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