Monday, September 01, 2008

Dirty Salad Bars & Candy Corn

Hopefully if you're reading today, you're not doing any kind of labor. Why's that? Well, if you're in the US or Canada anyways, it'd be Labor Day for ya. As I type this part, it's Labor Day, but you're reading this on Tuesday in most cases since it's almost that time at the moment, so try to pretend. I know I was pumped to have a 3-day weekend, I'll take that as often as I can. I have all sorts of topics to get going in this post. All you have to do is sit back, kick your feet up, and see where I can take you. You might even get some weird words of advice on things you would've never gave 5 seconds thought about. I'm here to spice up those topics that may be generic to some, but I'll make it out to be something you end up caring about.

Earlier in the summer I wrote about joining Facebook. How has it held up since that time? For me, I guess I'm missing out on the madness some have been part of for years. Facebook to me is kind of garbage, I'm not a huge fan of it. Sure, it's all modern and has the fun options, but it hasn't appealed to me that much. Maybe it's because I've been with MySpace a lot longer and like it much better. I'm used to the setup there. I guess it's like how it is with a lot of things, you're used to what works for you. I'll still stay on there of course, but I don't get consumed and ate up with it like I do with MySpace. Could that change in due time? Hard to tell.

I did my good deed of the week on Friday. After school, since I haven't done it in a while, it was time to give some blood. Earlier in the week, the blood people called and are all saying how my type of blood they were in major need of. Whether that's a load of junk or not to get people to show up, who knows, but I like helping people out when I can. They sold me on saying that, so I went since I have the champ blood, O positive. I was joking around with Arizona Jas one day about it and said that I should've rolled into the blood area and did the John Cena, "The champ is here!" just to see their reactions. It's painless, but not enough people do it. The only downfall was that I had to take a day off of working out and running, but that didn't bother me too much, I was tired from not much sleep for the work week anyways, so I was due. While there, the dude that took my blood is also a big video game fan we found out. We got to talking about Madden and how he's a Wii guy too, so that was some good random chat while I had a needle jammed inside me. Seriously though, and I don't preach too much, go out and give some blood if you get the chance. Someone out there you might be able to help.

Dirty or not? I'm not talking about chicks, but we're talking about salad this time. Confused yet? Well, even if you are, I'll set you straight. I went back and forth with Shawna on this one and we're different here. We went to Ruby Tuesday the other night just because it was something different that neither of us go to much. I figured it can't be too bad since they have a salad bar you can get for yourself. I was excited for that part before my main meal, although it doesn't take a lot to excite me when it comes to food as I'm usually in, even as a little dude. Shawna said it was all me and she tapped out on getting the salad bar. I get what she's saying, what if some punk kid working there just spits into it or something like that? Or some little kid that gets their grubby fingers inside that? I'll take my chances, it might make me tougher for liking dirty stuff, hah. You all know my theory on Waffle House type food anyways. On that salad I went with the green lettuce (I'm not technical with salads, I just hate the hard white lettuce, that's a big no-no), cheddar cheese, green peppers, french dressing, and some onions.

Thursday night was big action out in East Shinnston. It was the 2008 Shinnston Fantasy Football League, held at none other than Maulberry's estate. Ten of us in the league this year. Those in attendance for the live draft (nothing is better than a live in-person draft) include: Commissioner Sweet P, Ozzie, Matty Cakes, Pill, Jimmy Mills, Bart, Simzilla, Fortney, Maulberry, and myself. It's a blast with that crew and we finished up in about 2½ hours. We loaded up on pizza and junk food to go along with a football game on TV and us trash talking all night. A thing we always get a kick out of is how the variety of our favorite NFL teams are with our buddies. In that bunch we had fans of the Bears, Raiders, Bills, Niners, Falcons, Steelers, Bengals and Colts. Most of those teams are garbage outside of the Steelers and Colts, but we stick with our teams and go at it.

I know, you're wondering who I drafted. I'm getting there, just hold your horses, I gotta have the proper buildup for it. While at the draft, I'm a little different in that I have a huge sweet tooth. Along with the other things I brought, I also had a jar of Nutella icing. If you've never tried Nutella before, you're honestly missing out on some total goodness. While the draft was going on, I was there with my jar of it, spoon in hand and going to town. Most people crank through beer or have 5 packs of cigs during a draft, but me? I'm there with my jar of icing. With that in mind, here is yourrrr 2008 E-Town Junkies!

QB: Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle)
David Garrard (Jacksonville)
Brady Quinn (Cleveland)

RB: Joe Addai (Indianapolis)
Ryan Grant (Green Bay)
Earnest Graham (Tampa Bay)

WR: Torry Holt (St. Louis)
Dwyane Bowe (Kansas City)
Anthony Gonzalez (Indianapolis)
Sid Rice (Minnesota)
Ron Curry (Oakland)
James Hardy (Buffalo)
Limas Sweed (Pittsburgh)

TE: Tony Scheffler (Denver)
Vernon Davis (San Francisco)

K: Nick Folk (Dallas)

D: Buffalo

Saturday it was festival time. This year I didn't hit up the annual Tally Rally (Italian Heritage Festival) as it's basically the same every year. The food rocks, but I eat that type of stuff regularly anyways and I don't have to be elbow to elbow to people in the crowds. Instead, I went with the parents to hit up the Jackson's Mill Jubilee. I've talked about it before the past few years, so I'll do it again. I basically go to tear up some good greasy food and to get out a bit. It's more wide open and a country type feel. You park and get to jump on a big tractor and they drive you to the grounds. Yep, redneck style there I guess, even I can handle that every now and then. I heard a few things on how so many people there were way overweight. Now, I realize some people can't help it, but I guess I have a different mentality and haven't been to that point before. Why would these people keep forcing grease down their body, with no exercise? A little bit of a belly, that's fine since most people have that I'm sure, but I'm talking the extreme people. These people live the typical WV stereotype, no wonder we're always among the nation's leaders in heart disease. I'm not being negative, or not trying to be, but how fun can it be to be 350+ pounds and never care to do anything about it? I turned into a fat boy this night myself as I started off with an Italian steak sandwich with cheese and hot peppers, then rolled with a huge funnel cake, and left with a big bag of kettle corn. Kettle corn, a huge thumbs up for me, especially if it's legit and they make it right in front of you.

I also loaded up on my favorite hot mustard out there, straight from Thistle Dew Farms of Proctor, WV. It's so good that I even order it online from time to time to keep the business flowing. They also had me test some hot pepper butter with pretzels and that had me sold as well. What I'm going to do is give these people a free advertisement. I wouldn't steer you wrong with this mustard selection, but if you don't want to buy it, I guess that's your own fault, it's that good. Click here and check it out yourself:

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: Arizona Jas had a real good submission in earlier last week, but since that, the profile no longer exists. Go figure. Instead, I had to find one myself and we're going with this chick born in Aruba. Apparently she has 3 million plus friends, uh..

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's see what's happening for Wednesday, September 3rd. We'll start with fans of the baby boomer generation to send the birthday candles to Al Jardine of the Beach Boys. He's 66 on the day. Former Houston Oilers wideout Ernest Givins, known for the Electric Slide celebration, 44. Actor Charlie Sheen, 43. We have a decent bit of other athletes that share this birthday, but none that are overwhelming enough to get in here, plus everyone wouldn't know them all. It's not the 3rd, but it's the 5th and we'd like to wish none other than The Governor, Clark Riley a Happy 29th!

2. Since I'm a candy freak, it's time to get on that level right now. They're out! What's that? Candy corn is what I'm talking about. I'm sure they're out more often than just this time of year, but they're out in abundance right now and I've already started tearing into these. Cheap candy, but really good, I'm a fan. I know not a lot of other people are, but that means more to myself. How can you not like candy corn? The ones with the chocolate at the ends, they're not nearly as good as the original kind, but I can go both on that.

3. I'll end with some TV time. We have the new season of 90210 starting on Tuesday night on CW. I admit, I used to watch the old bunch when I was younger and thought it was decent. I'd never say I was a huge fan, but enough that it kept me intrigued. Now, we have a new bunch, will it be worthless or something worth checking out? I'm setting the DVR just to see what it's all about and we'll go from there.


Anonymous said...

fyi - the new 90210 has a yellowknifer on it...
hopes you check it out...

Bono said...

Candy corn is crap

Valerie said...

So, I'm reading your blog and it is quite entertaining. I appreciate your "Dirty Thug Ho of the Week" title- the last thing I won was a gift card from Linens n'Things for winning a company contest at my green collar job-just as good. Yay me!

Anonymous said...

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