Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The King Of Kings

Ok, we're back in action for a real long post. The short post idea wasn't a hit with the fans, so I'll try to step the game up and bring it like I'm capable of. So what does that mean? Stories of what I've been doing, fantasy baseball, American Idol, Real World, and a bunch of WrestleMania hype. And away we go..

I'll bore everyone with my fantasy baseball team. The average fan won't know most of these guys, but I always go young and for the potential breakout players. Folks, here is youuuurrrrr 2006 St. Paul Apostles:

1B: Conor Jackson (ARI)
2B: Marcus Giles (ATL), Josh Barfield (SD)
3B: David Wright (NYM), Ryan Zimmerman (WAS)
SS: Billy Hall (MIL)
C: John Buck (KC)
OF: Hideki Matsui (NYY), Jonny Gomes (TB), Jeremy Hermida (FLA), Wily Mo Pena (BOS), Joey Gathright (TB), Brandon Watson (WAS)
SP: Johan Santana (MIN), CC Sabathia (CLE), Justin Verlander (DET), Jae Seo (LA), Seth McClung (TB)
RP: Frankie Rodriguez (ANA), Damaso Marte (PIT)

We finished the draft in about 3 hours, which was awesome for an 18-man league. We all kept 5 players from previous years and held the draft in the illustrious halls of IRC. Blog commentator Kasher is the commish and he'll do a fine job. I'm looking forward to Sunday, as we have Opening Day and WrestleMania 22 both! Too much action!

Idol this week? Elliott straight brought the goods this week and he did great. I ranked him 1st on the week, but that doesn't mean I have him winning on the season. My boy Taylor disappointed me this week by not bouncing around like a fool. Paris I had #2 this week and she's the chick I'm rooting for. ManDingo who I still think is by far the best "singer" of the group, had a lower showing than normal. Chris rocked it out with Creed, but not his best, although he did it in his mean voice, too mean for American is what Simon said. I say Bucky is gone, but what do I know? And Paula is good times, even at 43.

How about Real World? Slutlana is a total whiner. She could be fun to watch just because she flips out and cries like a baby every single segment. On the other hand, she's one of the hottest Real World chicks we've had in quite some time, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. The gay guy rocked it out in a triathlon for whatever that's worth. On the job front, the group votes Jose as manager and Slutlana as assistant. Jose doesn't have any problems with anyone, yet anyways. Slutlana turns into a little girl once she learns the crew didn't vote her. Oh yeah, more crying and drama from her next week, it should be funny.

It's time for my WrestleMania 22 predictions. It's this Sunday, 4 hours long, and starts at 7:00 PM. I literally can't wait. My week could be horrible (although it's great so far) and just looking forward to Mania would get the juices flowing. I could be way off, but it's always fun to make predictions, starting from the bottom of the card:

Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle. Playboy Pillow Fight. The real winner here is the fans of course. It's Mania, we've seen both naked in Playboy before, why not just take it all off on the show? If I have to pick, I'll say Candice wins this thing.

Boogeyman vs. Booker T. This storyline isn't bad. It has Booker being scared to death of Boogeyman and faking injuries so he doesn't have to face him. Teddy Long caught on and made this match. I'll pick Boogeyman, although I'm not big on him so far.

Trish Stratus (C) vs. Mickie James. Women's Title Match. This one has all the makings of a great match. I know what you're thinking. Sure, it'll be nice to look at, but these girls can really go in the ring. Mickie James' character, as I've said before, is downright awesome. Hopefully they continue to make it fresh after Mania. I'll say Mickie goes over here to become new champ.

Big Show/Kane (C) vs. Masters/Carlito. Tag Title Match. It's your classic big oafs (Show/Kane) with the intimidation factor. Show and Kane don't interest me one bit right now. I still say they keep the titles though.

Chris Benoit (C) vs. JBL. US Title Match. This match isn't getting any hype, but it could end up as one of the better in-ring festivals on the card. Why? Because Benoit is in the match and he can make anyone look like a million bucks. JBL has the psychology, so I think these two will mesh well. I'll pick Benoit.

Mick Foley vs. Edge. Hardcore Match. When I first heard of this match a few months ago, I wasn't excited. Now that they have an awesome storyline and how great Foley is on the mic, I'm getting pumped up. I wish they'd show some of Mick's ECW promos, they were legendary. Sure, Foley is broken in half and can barely walk, but some rest will give him the chance to get busted up big time in this match and go through punishment. Edge wins in what I think will be a quality ending.

Undertaker vs. Mark Henry. Casket Match. This is the bathroom break of the night. What a joke this thing will be. It'll be sloooow. Hopefully something happens to make me care, but I don't about this one. I'll pick Taker to keep his undefeated Mania streak going. If he wins, he'll be 14-0.

Ric Flair vs. RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Lashley vs. Matt Hardy vs. Fit Finlay. Money In The Bank Ladder Match. This could turn out to be solid stuff. I'm looking forward to this one. I can't see any of the SmackDown guys winning this one. I'll pick Flair so he can go after the gold to become the 17-time champion eventually. The winner of this match, gets a title shot anytime they choose within the next year. Speaking of Ladder Matches, my favorite match of all time happened at WrestleMania X, Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon. It's incredible.

Vince McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels. No Holds Barred Match. By the way, did anyone see Vince on RAW this week? Guy is 60 and he's jacked out more than 90% of the company. How has he not had a heart attack or been mangled from roids? HBK is like Benoit in that he can wrestle anyone. Will Bret Hart come out for this match? I still don't think he does, but the crowd would pop big. If RAW was in Canada the next night, that'd be ideal for Bret to get involved. I'm picking HBK here and both guys will be a bloody mess.

Kurt Angle (C) vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. World Heavyweight 3-Way Match. Angle is worth the price of ordering this pay per view. Currently, he's right up there with Bryan Danielson in my rankings for best wrestler in the world. Ugh, give me Danielson vs. Angle vs. Benoit one of these days, I'm begging. Danielson faces Lance Storm on Saturday night as the Ring of Honor fans will witness a clinic. Anyways, this match should rock. It'd be better without a 3-Way, just make it Angle against Rey, but it'll still be nice because Angle puts on a show. I'm going with Orton to be new champ.

John Cena (C) vs. Triple H. WWE Title Match. The buildup for this one has been well done in my opinion. I'm not the biggest Cena fan, but I think HHH will be able to make him look good. It'll be interesting to see if the fans keep booing Cena and cheering HHH. That cracks me up. I'm rooting for my boy HHH and think he'll be holding gold at night's end. They don't call him the King of Kings for nothing.

No new CDs since the last post, but you know I go in streaks with that type of thing. Movies for this week? King Kong came out yesterday and most want to see that. I figure it can't be half bad can it? Anyone seen it yet?

3 Quick Thangs:

1. No love for the "Lep Ra Con" in the last post. I guess everyone was too lazy to open that link. Like I said, trust me, it's well worth it to watch that thing.

2. I've been hooked on Chinese food for a while, but I'm obsessed with Honey Chicken right now. It's some great action.

3. I turned my taxes in yesterday. I know a lot of people have already gotten theirs back, but I'm slacking this year. No clue what I'll do with that money when it gets in though.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who All Seen The Leprechaun Say YEAHHH!

This will be a shorter post than usual, but I'll try something different. I know some people start reading my posts and get bored because I write novels, but there's something for everyone.

I'm typing this post in anticipation for a huge evening planned. How's that? If you've been paying attention, it's the day of the A#BL Fantasy Baseball Draft. 18 guys in all, the draft will take a good 4 hours or so I'm guessing and it'll be some madness going down. The crew is rounding up from all over the world (literally) and we're able to get the festivities started. Before I get into last week's stories, I'll list where the guys are from in this league: 4 in Canada, Philly, 2 in Washington State, 3 in Arkansas, Houston, 4 in West Virginia, Germany, Maine, and wherever Dack is at these days.

This week's movie was In The Mix featuring Urrrsher. The reviews online for it were bad, but a lot of my kids wanted to see this one and so did I. It ended up being a pretty good movie in my opinion. IMDB ranked it 1.9 out of 10, that's not even close if you ask me. It's not a classic by any means, but you won't come away hating the movie. The main chick in this movie, Emmanuelle Chriqui, totally beautiful. You better check her out. Even chicks would like her, hah.

Clark was asking in the last comments for me to talk about my old school Spelling Bee accomplishments. I used to rock these out back in the day like no other. I guess it was my thing when I was a little kid. From 1st-4th Grade, I got 1st Place in my grade every year. Then from 5th-7th Grade I got 2nd Place. 8th Grade I blew up and ended up in 5th Place. In 4th Grade, I made it to the county Bee and was the only 4th Grader in the bunch if memory serves me correct. I placed 18th out of 30 there, not bad for a kiddie. I still have all of my trophies too.

Denny's trip last night for me and Cork. It's been a while since we've been, so we had to get out of the house and see the late night happenings. We got up there around 1:30 and stayed about an hour. It was a dead night up there. Sorry, I don't have any stories of drunken dirty strippers coming in and arguing, nor do I have any stories of the rednecks fighting the thugs. There wasn't even that high quality of chicks to look at, it wasn't that good. But I did load up on my pancakes with strawberries and a thing of cheesesticks. You know you want that combo the next time you go.

1 week till WrestleMania, I can barely contain myself!

3 Quick Thangs:

1. It's gaining popularity quick. Have you seen the thugs in Mobile, Alabama talk about how they spotted a leprechaun? Some hilarious stuff that you have to watch. Go here:

2. Take my word on this, don't EVER buy any Gatorade Rain. It's some horrible stuff and this is coming from a huge Gatorade fan. This stuff is watered down and it is just nasty.

3. "Who all seen the leprechaun say YEAAAHHHHH!"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

American Dragon

It's been a while, so why not fire up a new post for everyone to read and enjoy. We take you on a ride from the past week to see what I've been into. Let's get right into the action.

On Friday night, I went to bed before midnight. I don't know what was up with that. I guess getting about 5 hours a night all week wasn't cutting it without a nap, so I just crashed. Yeah, since I don't party like a rock star, I'm online during the weekends and watching NBA. You know how I roll. You know you're jealous of that exciting life, hah. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking of Friday, this week at work we watched Supercross. I'm not a dirtbike guy and wouldn't even know how to start one up, but usually those type of movies are good. This one is worth the get. A simple storyline of two brothers who are trying to make it professionally on the supercross scene. The racing scenes and tricks were well done. Hot chicks are in it too, so you really can't go wrong. Anyone seen In The Mix with Usher yet? It comes out today and it's getting some horrible reviews. Still, I'm thinking of maybe getting that one, who knows. On the cartoon scene, Chicken Little came out this week too for rent and it also got bad reviews. Any ideas for my movie this week for the kiddies to watch?

I'm taking a serious beating in my NCAA 64 Tourney brackets this year. I'm already down a championship game team (Iowa who I had playing UConn). And to mention that, I've had quite a few upsets that I banked on not go my way, but that's not surprising. On top of that, my Tarheels got ousted by George Mason. Who even knows anything about George Mason? I realize my guys lost their top 6 players from last season's title team, but I thought things would go better than they did. In this area, it's Mounties Mania as the WVU fans are getting rowdy for Thursday's Sweet 16 rematch with Texas. I think it's a possible win. I'll root for them to do ok. I don't root against WVU basketball like I do for football, that's on another level.

Here's a story I've never mentioned. A while back at my school, this kid got fired up at one of the higher ups. So what does the kid do to show his anger? He literally whips it out and wizzes all over their desk. And no, I couldn't make that up if I tried. You know you're laughing on the inside, but that's messed up stuff you'd see in the movies or something. So there's the juvenile delinquent story of the day for you all.

Wrestling time, so feel free to skip or read. Saturday Night's Main Event returned after almost 15 years. It was a 2-hour show on primetime NBC. It was an awesome show and I wish they'd do it more often. Shane McMahon is nuts, he's a good wrestler for not being an active full time performer. Him and HBK had a solid match. To tie things in with RAW, I think the Mickie James/Trish Stratus angle is the best one going in the company right now. Mickie James has been excellent and she's playing her role with the best of them. Next week is the last RAW before WrestleMania, so that will surely be a hot one to feast on. Vince McMahon said he's going to take on John Cena, that should be funny.

This Sunday at 4:30 Eastern, it's my yearly fantasy baseball draft with the best the internet has to offer. I'm talking a keeper league with 18 members and we're all hardcore into it. Sure, we're fantasy nerds, but we admit it. I could be hooked on much worse. I'm keeping David Wright, Marcus Giles, Hideki Matsui, Johan Santana, and Frankie Rodriguez. I really like my young keepers and hope to have a great draft on Sunday. I'll be sure to bore you with that sometime next week.

A CD update. I got a few more to add to the list over this week. What did I load up on?

AP-9: On Tha Block. This is some Bay Area rap and it's great. I've never heard of the guy before to be honest, but since I saw he's Bay Area related, I said it can't be bad at all. I guessed right and it's a great album.

DMC: Checks, Thugs, & Rock N Roll. Yep, that DMC of Run DMC fame. This one is strange as it features a lot of rock/rap mixture. I read a thing on how DMC's voice is shot from yelling all mean at shows over the years. If true, I noticed that for sure as he's not nearly as mean and doesn't get to scream things out like old school DMC would do. Not bad though, but not a classic. Still, the group as a whole (and Rev Run is on one song) is probably the greatest of all time. So they could do anything and still get my respect for being true legends.

E-40: My Ghetto Report Card. More Bay Area stuff here and E-40 has always been one of my favorites. A style all to his own, there is none like him. He's joined forces with Lil Jon to do some of his production. Don't let that scare you away though as E-40 still keeps it Bay Area on this CD. I liked it from Forty Fonzarelli. A ton of people on this too of course.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Hey Clark, awesome game you got to see last night from your Michigan boys. Double OT ending at the buzzer, some crazy stuff there. That place had to be a madhouse in person.

2. The first day of spring was yesterday. And as I look out the window today, it's bringing the snow down. Sweet. This was a very weak winter in my area, I was disappointed as I'm a big fan of snowstorms.

3. The big wrestling fans won't have a problem recognizing this guy as he's been awesome now for a while at a young age. Possibly the greatest wrestler in the world today, if not #1, he's way way up there. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson. And courtesy of Ring Of Honor Videos, here's this gem to enjoy, trust me:

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Boogie Down Productions

Today's title comes from The_Freak, so props to him on that.

You know what gets me? Bargain stores. It's when I get into a big shopping spree and buy way too many clothes or wrestling DVDs. I guess I could be spending it on worse things. Last week, I loaded up on the shoes as I typed about. This past weekend I tore up the bargain shopping. I literally don't have room for all my clothes, but I still went out on Saturday night and loaded up. If something is on crazy sale, I'm a chump and normally give in, especially if it's clothes. Goody's was running this big sale on Saturday and were open till midnight. I was getting $50 sweaters for $5, rich boy golf polos for $7, and things of the like. I also had to hit up Gabes for the locals, you know what I'm talking about. How can you go wrong getting name brand stuff for like a few bucks? And they're one of few places around that you don't have to order some good ol' urban wear or whatever you want to call it. I just call it thug clothes: Sean John, P. Miller, Rocawear, etc. I also have a bunch of CDs to talk about towards the end, as well as the sports chat and whatever else I can gather up for the fans.

Although it's been a week since the last post, nothing too crazy has been going down. It's a busy week in the world of sports though with college and high school b-ball tourneys, baseball gearing up, wrestling, and who knows what else. In less than 2 weeks, I'll be drafting for my fantasy baseball league I'm part of with the band of misfits from the hallowed grounds of #basketball. As far as knowledge and everyone playing a big role in how the league is ran, I'd put our group up there with anyone when it comes to fantasy sports. Fantasy sports is probably one key reason while I'm single and choose to be right now, hah. Speaking of the EDDFL, with me always trying to be crazy organized, I screwed up stats for our league this week and I rarely mess it up like that. I'll miss a few points here and there randomly, but this week I must've been in a coma when I did the stats. Hopefully I can redeem myself.

A quick rundown of the NCAA 64 Tourney. I won't bore you with my entire brackets. The guys who are interested are in a tourney league with me anyways, so they'll see it there. I will give my personal Final Four opinion though. I usually pick way too many upsets and end up getting burnt each year, but it's fun. I am rolling with Iowa, Gonzaga, UConn, and Boston College. The Finals I have UConn taking down Iowa, 81-69. My UNC boys get a 3rd seed and match up against Murray State in Round 1. I like the draw they are in and have them in the Elite 8, getting knocked out by UConn who I think is an awesome team.

On the wrestling thing, two things to mention and I won't keep you too long. Sunday was the TNA Destination X Pay Per View. This is the first PPV I've gotten in a while for TNA, but it was a good one. Match of the night and one of the better ones I've seen recently was the 4-Way International X-Division Match that had Chris Sabin (US) take out Petey Williams (Canada), Sonjay Dutt (India), and Puma (Japan). These guys tore it up. The match I basically bought the PPV for was Ultimate X featuring Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles. This one was unfortunately cut short becaues my boy Samoa Joe temporarily lost sight. Daniels is the new X Champ as Joe relinquishes it due to Daniels grabbing the belt first. Still a great match, but it was short. On the RAW side of things, the main scene is the buildup towards WrestleMania. Vince and Shane had HBK come down to take a piss test live on TV. The doctor came out and had a sample and HBK told them he'd rather be pissed off than pissed on and launches the wizz in their faces for a hilarious reaction. We know it's not real, but Vince is the best actor in that company. I've been saying it for a long time. HBK got beat in a Cage Match by the Spirit Squad. The more I see of these guys, the better they get. Flair cost my boy RVD a win against Shelton Benjamin. Afterwards, RVD and Flair had a staredown, good stuff. The main event had Cena, Kane, and Big Show win by DQ over Triple H, Masters, and Carlito in a 6-Man due to chairshots. The end had HHH and Cena in the ring and out of nowhere comes Randy Orton and busts Cena with a RKO. It came off good I thought.

It's time for a big CD update. Cork came out the other day with a stack of 8 to add to the collection. All rap, so I'll bore 95% of you guys reading that aren't rap fans. Here's what we rolled with:

The Notorious B.I.G.: Life After Death (2 Disc-Set). For some reason, I never had this set before. I haven't listened to it all yet, but from what I've heard it's not too shabby. I'm on record to saying that Biggie is overrated though. People hail him as a legend, and while he's talented, I don't think he's in the elite level of rappers of all time. Maybe that's just me. But will I listen to it? Sure.

Bubba Sparxxx: The Charm. Only 11 songs on this one. It's not bad, but not nearly as good as some of his older stuff. The Otherside with Petey Pablo is a nice listen. Killer Mike, Frankie J, and Ying Yang Twins are all part of this CD. I just felt that Bubba wasn't as "New South" as he normally is.

Cappadonna: Pillage. This is a 1998 release from the Wu-Tang member. I was big on this one. And rap fans definitely remember the classic line from Cap of him saying that his slang is editorial. Most of the Wu is on this CD and it's well above average. It's crazy how many different solo and group Wu stuff we have in the collection.

DJ Clue: The Incredible. Everyone is on this beast. Fabolous, Joe Budden, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Fat Joe, 50, Busta Rhymes, The Game, Foxy Brown, Memphis Bleek, Remy Ma, B.I.G., and that's just some. I haven't listened yet, but it has to be good you'd think.

The Game: Ghost Unit. This stuff here is strong. This has Game straight ripping into G-Unit. Don't get it for the disses, get it for the actual raps and how well the flows are. I was impressed with this one.

Juvenile: Reality Check. I'm a big Juve fan anyways, but this one is worth checking out. Not as strong as his classics, but he comes with it fairly well here. It's also loaded up with people such as Eightball, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Wacko, Skip, Trey Songz, Bun-B, Brian McKnight, Fat Joe, and Ludacris. Bun-B is on everybody's CD. Rodeo and Get Ya Hustle On are the ones released so far out of this album.

State Property: The Lost Files. My favorite CD of this new batch. Great stuff here. I'm a huge Freeway fan and he's part of 6 tracks on this album. You get him, Peedi Crack, Young Chris, and the whole gang. Go get it. It's a hot one.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Don't forget to pimp out your green on Friday, St. Patrick's Day. Everyone knows I have plenty of that between my Celtics and Notre Dame gear.

2. I've ranted on it before, but everyone and their brother has tats now. Maybe it'll make me feel old, but it's going to be kind of funny to see some of these girls with Chinese symbols on their back and guys with weird dragons on their body when they're like 50 years old. Be original at least.

3. It's time for the random coin flip. This time we're using a 1992 penny.. And we get TAILS.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Johnny Bananas

Here we go with the latest. Let's jump right into this thing. Last weekend I was busy and had a streak of waking up at 6:00 AM or earlier for 6 straight days. Not cool. I had 2 tests to take on Saturday starting at 7:30. And to start this week off, I've gotten about 4-6 hours of sleep each night, so I'm a machine. One of these days I might just pass out and fall asleep from being in a coma in the middle of me getting my teach on.

After my test on Saturday, I got bored to spend some money. I had my checkbook with me and figured why not. I ended up getting 4 pair of shoes, one K-Swiss and 3 pair of pimpin' shoes. I'm like a chick when it comes to clothes and shoes. I don't need them all, but I guess it doesn't hurt things. This weekend it might be clothes shopping. The weekend after that, I'll probably load up on wrestling DVDs. It's a never ending cycle.

So the Cougs (my old high school) are playing on Thursday, one win away from going to the state tournament. For those who know me, I've been to most of the Cougs game this year except for a few on the road. Now their biggest game of the year is upon us and what are my plans? To play basketball at The Lighthouse that night of course. I've been hearing it from my boys for bailing out on the Cougs, but I'd much rather play ball than watch it anyday of the week. And this weekend it'll be warm enough to play outside ball, awesome. I'm a huge outside ball fan.

Tuesday night was chicks night on American Idol. Some quick impressions? Mandisa, not to be confused with our very own ManDingo, straight messed those other girls up something awful. She tore things up. She's the big chick for those not following along at home. My girl Paris did pretty well and Katharine and her ghetto booty really improved. Everybody's favorite Kellie Pickler has nothing to worry about in advancing for a while. She's not the best singer, but since she's a real hot dumb redneck who plays her character great, she'll sail through as Simon likes to say.

Real World drama? The crew goes to a gay bar so they can give into the gay dude's demand. Johnny Bananas hates it, but gives it time, and then walks out to go to a straight bar. Him and gay boy argue at the house when they get back and Bananas throws him into the pool with his clothes on, good times. Then they're boys later since gay dude understands where Bananas is coming from.. The second big scene is of Anorexic Paula flipping out once again. I'm not sure how I can feel sorry for this chick. She's a total disaster, but won't take any advice or help.. At the end, Janelle finally convinces her to get some help. Next week? Slutlana flips out and cries. What is it with all (well, most anyways) chicks crying over stupid things? It makes for good TV though. Hopefully Johnny Bananas can evolve into a character like CT (the best Real World character ever), Big Bad Brad, and The Miz. That's high stakes though, but we'll see. I might even hate the dude in a few weeks, who knows.

I think I go through those big 100-packs of blank CDs quicker than anyone. Between making stuff for myself and sending a ton out since I'm a nice guy like that, my CD burner doesn't stop. The new song to check out for today? It's the latest from Lil Wayne, Weezy F. Baby, and it's called Hustler Musik.

Wrestling time? Check out the latest cover of Muscle & Fitness. It features 60-year old Vince McMahon all hopped up on roids and he's a beast still. Things are getting closer to WrestleMania as that is April 2nd and a lot of the card is set. Also, we get the return of Saturday Night's Main Event on March 18th at 8:00 PM EST, on NBC. That night will have HBK going man up with Shane McMahon in what I think will be a good one. Shane can go for a non-wrestler. This Sunday is what I'm looking forward to though. This will be the first TNA Pay Per View I've gotten in a while and it is Destination X. The main reason will be to see the Ultimate X Match with Samoa Joe (simply the man) vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles. I'm wanting Match of the Year level credentials on this one. I have that much confidence in it succeeding.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. The movie Failure To Launch looks promising. It's of this 35-year old guy who still lives at home and his parents try to set him up with a chick to move him out. That'll be me, so it should be worth it to see. Sarah Jessica Parker is in it though and to me, she's filthy looking.

2. For the thug fans out there who the Real World drama isn't enough for? Try Season 3 of College Hill on BET, the black version of Real World. It's quality.

3. Don't click this if broken bones make you want to throw up, but thanks to Kasher for finding this pic of this guy getting mangled on a skateboard:

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Peanut Butter & Jelly

We have some action to talk about in this post and I know everyone is ready for it. What's the preview of what you are about to receive? American Idol, Real World: Key West, RAW, a ton of new CDs I loaded up on, and a story of a buddy of mine who had their first ever PB&J sandwich at the age of 22, and whatever else I feel is worthy for your eyes to read..

I'll start with the story you're most curious about. That is the sandwich thing. My girl Becky is 22 years old and writes me to tell me something crazy. She had her first ever peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She didn't want me to post that story in here, but I told her it was definitely getting some ink and needed to be heard. I
immediately wrote a lot of my buddies online at the same time and they didn't know what to think on that madness. And the worst part of the story? She didn't even like it! Doh! How can you not like PB&J? First ever one she had. :) Anyways, I told her I'd have to pick on her for that, but she provided me with a great opening story.

Real World is back and off to a hot start. One week is down and this season emerges from Key West. Here's the rundown of the cast as fast as I can do it. There are 3 chicks and 4 dudes. And yes, we have the token gay dude like always. Why do we need that EVERY single season? Try something different. Throw in some rednecks, criminals, midgets, you name it. But nope, they want the gay dude shoved in our faces. The gay guy is Tyler for whatever that's worth. John is another dude, he's 23 and looks to be the party like a rockstar guy of the bunch. My favorite scene of him so far is when he loaded up the dishwasher with soap and after a while, tons of soap overflowed all over the floor. The roomies come in to clean it up and what does John do? He lays on the couch like a bum and watches. Good stuff. Then we have Jose, who is 20 and just got out of a 5+ year relationship. That's mean. He also owns houses and stuff and is in real estate. At 20 years old?? Zach is a 22 year old dirty looking guy from Washington. He has this big fro and is a Jew. He's cracking me up good so far. On the chicks, the first is Janelle, a 22 year old thug that is pretty hot. After her we have Svetlana, a true Russian chick that is smokin' hot. Based on looks and body, she wins hands down easily. Lastly, we have Paula who is going to be a total disaster. Chick is like 75 pounds, is bulemic, and already broke down and went nuts for people telling her she needs to eat. Yes! We got some drama!

Another show I'm hooked on right now is of course American Idol. This week's performances were solid. The girls night, I have to change my rankings around. I'm still rooting for my girl Paris, but I'm dropping her to #2 in the ranks I feel as if they are now. Pickler jumped to the top in my book last night. She can only be halfway decent out there and still have a great shot at winning since she's hot and has the crazy good accent. Can't help but like her. Other chicks I thought did good were Mandisa the Big Chick I put at #3 and Lisa at #4. The dudes? We have a new guy atop those rankings too. Chris is rocking it out something big. He's by himself right now and nobody is close. My boy Taylor Hicks is who I'm rooting for and he's done very well. Elliott was strong this week and I'm glad Bucky got things going. Bucky would fit right in my town at some redneck bar.

I finally got back in the groove of CDs and it's time to give a breakdown of what we rolled with:

Bizzy Bone: Thug's Revenge. I can't keep up with all of the CDs that Bone Thugs put out. And now most of them have been going crazy with solo stuff with the exception of Wish Bone who is my favorite of the bunch. I haven't checked this one out, but I'm usually into Bizzy's stuff. This one just came out in 2006 and he has another that comes out on March 21st, dang.

B-Rich: Born Rich. This is one of those that I have no clue about the rapper. I saw him on a list and figured I'd go after it and see what he had. I haven't done anything with this one though, but we'll see.

Dilated Peoples: 20/20. Here's some conscious rap that speaks true hip hop. You want some intellectual flows with storytelling? These guys have been around and know how to do it. This is a good one.

Jaheim: Ghetto Classics. My favorite of the new group of CDs I loaded up on. For those who don't know Jaheim, you're missing out. He does some awesome pimpin' R&B and is one of the best out there in my opinion. He mixes great with rappers too. Jadakiss and Styles P are on this album. You want a few songs to download off this? Go for the one released with Jada, Everytime I Think About Her, Daddy Thing, and Fiend with Styles.

Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina: Tales Of II Andres. Bay Area rap and it's a great duo here on this CD. Not sure how to hype that up if you're not into Bay Area, but I like this one a lot.

Ne-Yo. In My Own Words. This cat can spit some pimpin' game. You've all heard So Sick that has been released and it's nice. The rest of this album is also nice, gives you a good feel and he's talented.

Spice 1 & MC Eiht: Keep It Gangsta. More Westcoast stuff here. On this one we have Spice 1 hailing from Sactown and Eiht from the rough streets of bullet-infested Compton. CPT! Both of these guys I'm a huge fan of and another I'd recommend.

I was going to write a big thing on wrestling, but my editors told me I've exceeded my word limit for the day. Until next time, carry on folks.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. UNC at Duke, Saturday night at 9:00 PM. It's going to get rowdy down there, should be great stuff to see. Fear Ty Hansbrough.

2. The movie for work tomorrow is going to be Transporter 2. I've seen in it theaters and it's great. I've talked about it in here before, so hopefully the kiddies enjoy it too.

3. The new Kanye video cracks me up, Touch The Sky.