Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The King Of Kings

Ok, we're back in action for a real long post. The short post idea wasn't a hit with the fans, so I'll try to step the game up and bring it like I'm capable of. So what does that mean? Stories of what I've been doing, fantasy baseball, American Idol, Real World, and a bunch of WrestleMania hype. And away we go..

I'll bore everyone with my fantasy baseball team. The average fan won't know most of these guys, but I always go young and for the potential breakout players. Folks, here is youuuurrrrr 2006 St. Paul Apostles:

1B: Conor Jackson (ARI)
2B: Marcus Giles (ATL), Josh Barfield (SD)
3B: David Wright (NYM), Ryan Zimmerman (WAS)
SS: Billy Hall (MIL)
C: John Buck (KC)
OF: Hideki Matsui (NYY), Jonny Gomes (TB), Jeremy Hermida (FLA), Wily Mo Pena (BOS), Joey Gathright (TB), Brandon Watson (WAS)
SP: Johan Santana (MIN), CC Sabathia (CLE), Justin Verlander (DET), Jae Seo (LA), Seth McClung (TB)
RP: Frankie Rodriguez (ANA), Damaso Marte (PIT)

We finished the draft in about 3 hours, which was awesome for an 18-man league. We all kept 5 players from previous years and held the draft in the illustrious halls of IRC. Blog commentator Kasher is the commish and he'll do a fine job. I'm looking forward to Sunday, as we have Opening Day and WrestleMania 22 both! Too much action!

Idol this week? Elliott straight brought the goods this week and he did great. I ranked him 1st on the week, but that doesn't mean I have him winning on the season. My boy Taylor disappointed me this week by not bouncing around like a fool. Paris I had #2 this week and she's the chick I'm rooting for. ManDingo who I still think is by far the best "singer" of the group, had a lower showing than normal. Chris rocked it out with Creed, but not his best, although he did it in his mean voice, too mean for American is what Simon said. I say Bucky is gone, but what do I know? And Paula is good times, even at 43.

How about Real World? Slutlana is a total whiner. She could be fun to watch just because she flips out and cries like a baby every single segment. On the other hand, she's one of the hottest Real World chicks we've had in quite some time, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. The gay guy rocked it out in a triathlon for whatever that's worth. On the job front, the group votes Jose as manager and Slutlana as assistant. Jose doesn't have any problems with anyone, yet anyways. Slutlana turns into a little girl once she learns the crew didn't vote her. Oh yeah, more crying and drama from her next week, it should be funny.

It's time for my WrestleMania 22 predictions. It's this Sunday, 4 hours long, and starts at 7:00 PM. I literally can't wait. My week could be horrible (although it's great so far) and just looking forward to Mania would get the juices flowing. I could be way off, but it's always fun to make predictions, starting from the bottom of the card:

Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle. Playboy Pillow Fight. The real winner here is the fans of course. It's Mania, we've seen both naked in Playboy before, why not just take it all off on the show? If I have to pick, I'll say Candice wins this thing.

Boogeyman vs. Booker T. This storyline isn't bad. It has Booker being scared to death of Boogeyman and faking injuries so he doesn't have to face him. Teddy Long caught on and made this match. I'll pick Boogeyman, although I'm not big on him so far.

Trish Stratus (C) vs. Mickie James. Women's Title Match. This one has all the makings of a great match. I know what you're thinking. Sure, it'll be nice to look at, but these girls can really go in the ring. Mickie James' character, as I've said before, is downright awesome. Hopefully they continue to make it fresh after Mania. I'll say Mickie goes over here to become new champ.

Big Show/Kane (C) vs. Masters/Carlito. Tag Title Match. It's your classic big oafs (Show/Kane) with the intimidation factor. Show and Kane don't interest me one bit right now. I still say they keep the titles though.

Chris Benoit (C) vs. JBL. US Title Match. This match isn't getting any hype, but it could end up as one of the better in-ring festivals on the card. Why? Because Benoit is in the match and he can make anyone look like a million bucks. JBL has the psychology, so I think these two will mesh well. I'll pick Benoit.

Mick Foley vs. Edge. Hardcore Match. When I first heard of this match a few months ago, I wasn't excited. Now that they have an awesome storyline and how great Foley is on the mic, I'm getting pumped up. I wish they'd show some of Mick's ECW promos, they were legendary. Sure, Foley is broken in half and can barely walk, but some rest will give him the chance to get busted up big time in this match and go through punishment. Edge wins in what I think will be a quality ending.

Undertaker vs. Mark Henry. Casket Match. This is the bathroom break of the night. What a joke this thing will be. It'll be sloooow. Hopefully something happens to make me care, but I don't about this one. I'll pick Taker to keep his undefeated Mania streak going. If he wins, he'll be 14-0.

Ric Flair vs. RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Lashley vs. Matt Hardy vs. Fit Finlay. Money In The Bank Ladder Match. This could turn out to be solid stuff. I'm looking forward to this one. I can't see any of the SmackDown guys winning this one. I'll pick Flair so he can go after the gold to become the 17-time champion eventually. The winner of this match, gets a title shot anytime they choose within the next year. Speaking of Ladder Matches, my favorite match of all time happened at WrestleMania X, Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon. It's incredible.

Vince McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels. No Holds Barred Match. By the way, did anyone see Vince on RAW this week? Guy is 60 and he's jacked out more than 90% of the company. How has he not had a heart attack or been mangled from roids? HBK is like Benoit in that he can wrestle anyone. Will Bret Hart come out for this match? I still don't think he does, but the crowd would pop big. If RAW was in Canada the next night, that'd be ideal for Bret to get involved. I'm picking HBK here and both guys will be a bloody mess.

Kurt Angle (C) vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. World Heavyweight 3-Way Match. Angle is worth the price of ordering this pay per view. Currently, he's right up there with Bryan Danielson in my rankings for best wrestler in the world. Ugh, give me Danielson vs. Angle vs. Benoit one of these days, I'm begging. Danielson faces Lance Storm on Saturday night as the Ring of Honor fans will witness a clinic. Anyways, this match should rock. It'd be better without a 3-Way, just make it Angle against Rey, but it'll still be nice because Angle puts on a show. I'm going with Orton to be new champ.

John Cena (C) vs. Triple H. WWE Title Match. The buildup for this one has been well done in my opinion. I'm not the biggest Cena fan, but I think HHH will be able to make him look good. It'll be interesting to see if the fans keep booing Cena and cheering HHH. That cracks me up. I'm rooting for my boy HHH and think he'll be holding gold at night's end. They don't call him the King of Kings for nothing.

No new CDs since the last post, but you know I go in streaks with that type of thing. Movies for this week? King Kong came out yesterday and most want to see that. I figure it can't be half bad can it? Anyone seen it yet?

3 Quick Thangs:

1. No love for the "Lep Ra Con" in the last post. I guess everyone was too lazy to open that link. Like I said, trust me, it's well worth it to watch that thing.

2. I've been hooked on Chinese food for a while, but I'm obsessed with Honey Chicken right now. It's some great action.

3. I turned my taxes in yesterday. I know a lot of people have already gotten theirs back, but I'm slacking this year. No clue what I'll do with that money when it gets in though.


DirtyKash said...

Seth McClung??

Bird33 said...

Yep, he's my boy. Everybody knows the story on that by now, but I'm a fan since his minor league days. A total homer pick, that's how it goes. My girl Jenn that posts in here sometimes, used to the date the guy for those that don't know the basics on that.

DirtyKash said...

Wow! That's totally awesome, Jenn! You go girl! ROCK ON!

It's not quite Kris and Anna Benson, but hey, it's a start. :c)