Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Johnny Bananas

Here we go with the latest. Let's jump right into this thing. Last weekend I was busy and had a streak of waking up at 6:00 AM or earlier for 6 straight days. Not cool. I had 2 tests to take on Saturday starting at 7:30. And to start this week off, I've gotten about 4-6 hours of sleep each night, so I'm a machine. One of these days I might just pass out and fall asleep from being in a coma in the middle of me getting my teach on.

After my test on Saturday, I got bored to spend some money. I had my checkbook with me and figured why not. I ended up getting 4 pair of shoes, one K-Swiss and 3 pair of pimpin' shoes. I'm like a chick when it comes to clothes and shoes. I don't need them all, but I guess it doesn't hurt things. This weekend it might be clothes shopping. The weekend after that, I'll probably load up on wrestling DVDs. It's a never ending cycle.

So the Cougs (my old high school) are playing on Thursday, one win away from going to the state tournament. For those who know me, I've been to most of the Cougs game this year except for a few on the road. Now their biggest game of the year is upon us and what are my plans? To play basketball at The Lighthouse that night of course. I've been hearing it from my boys for bailing out on the Cougs, but I'd much rather play ball than watch it anyday of the week. And this weekend it'll be warm enough to play outside ball, awesome. I'm a huge outside ball fan.

Tuesday night was chicks night on American Idol. Some quick impressions? Mandisa, not to be confused with our very own ManDingo, straight messed those other girls up something awful. She tore things up. She's the big chick for those not following along at home. My girl Paris did pretty well and Katharine and her ghetto booty really improved. Everybody's favorite Kellie Pickler has nothing to worry about in advancing for a while. She's not the best singer, but since she's a real hot dumb redneck who plays her character great, she'll sail through as Simon likes to say.

Real World drama? The crew goes to a gay bar so they can give into the gay dude's demand. Johnny Bananas hates it, but gives it time, and then walks out to go to a straight bar. Him and gay boy argue at the house when they get back and Bananas throws him into the pool with his clothes on, good times. Then they're boys later since gay dude understands where Bananas is coming from.. The second big scene is of Anorexic Paula flipping out once again. I'm not sure how I can feel sorry for this chick. She's a total disaster, but won't take any advice or help.. At the end, Janelle finally convinces her to get some help. Next week? Slutlana flips out and cries. What is it with all (well, most anyways) chicks crying over stupid things? It makes for good TV though. Hopefully Johnny Bananas can evolve into a character like CT (the best Real World character ever), Big Bad Brad, and The Miz. That's high stakes though, but we'll see. I might even hate the dude in a few weeks, who knows.

I think I go through those big 100-packs of blank CDs quicker than anyone. Between making stuff for myself and sending a ton out since I'm a nice guy like that, my CD burner doesn't stop. The new song to check out for today? It's the latest from Lil Wayne, Weezy F. Baby, and it's called Hustler Musik.

Wrestling time? Check out the latest cover of Muscle & Fitness. It features 60-year old Vince McMahon all hopped up on roids and he's a beast still. Things are getting closer to WrestleMania as that is April 2nd and a lot of the card is set. Also, we get the return of Saturday Night's Main Event on March 18th at 8:00 PM EST, on NBC. That night will have HBK going man up with Shane McMahon in what I think will be a good one. Shane can go for a non-wrestler. This Sunday is what I'm looking forward to though. This will be the first TNA Pay Per View I've gotten in a while and it is Destination X. The main reason will be to see the Ultimate X Match with Samoa Joe (simply the man) vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles. I'm wanting Match of the Year level credentials on this one. I have that much confidence in it succeeding.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. The movie Failure To Launch looks promising. It's of this 35-year old guy who still lives at home and his parents try to set him up with a chick to move him out. That'll be me, so it should be worth it to see. Sarah Jessica Parker is in it though and to me, she's filthy looking.

2. For the thug fans out there who the Real World drama isn't enough for? Try Season 3 of College Hill on BET, the black version of Real World. It's quality.

3. Don't click this if broken bones make you want to throw up, but thanks to Kasher for finding this pic of this guy getting mangled on a skateboard:


DirtyKash said...

The skateboard video is actually 1722.html, not 172.html

yvonne said...

once again the blog is outstanding. Vince is my man...he will always look good. i found a spelling error though...oops. take care up there. be safe. SPRING BREAK 2006 BABY!!

Kristen said... sleep and yet you're still a monster in shopping. Sounds good. Yea..first time I saw the previews to the movies..I thought of you. Glad I'm not the only one who doesnt think she's hot. Well..have fun up there. Later

DirtyKash said...

kristen dunst?

Stephanie said...