Thursday, March 02, 2006

Peanut Butter & Jelly

We have some action to talk about in this post and I know everyone is ready for it. What's the preview of what you are about to receive? American Idol, Real World: Key West, RAW, a ton of new CDs I loaded up on, and a story of a buddy of mine who had their first ever PB&J sandwich at the age of 22, and whatever else I feel is worthy for your eyes to read..

I'll start with the story you're most curious about. That is the sandwich thing. My girl Becky is 22 years old and writes me to tell me something crazy. She had her first ever peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She didn't want me to post that story in here, but I told her it was definitely getting some ink and needed to be heard. I
immediately wrote a lot of my buddies online at the same time and they didn't know what to think on that madness. And the worst part of the story? She didn't even like it! Doh! How can you not like PB&J? First ever one she had. :) Anyways, I told her I'd have to pick on her for that, but she provided me with a great opening story.

Real World is back and off to a hot start. One week is down and this season emerges from Key West. Here's the rundown of the cast as fast as I can do it. There are 3 chicks and 4 dudes. And yes, we have the token gay dude like always. Why do we need that EVERY single season? Try something different. Throw in some rednecks, criminals, midgets, you name it. But nope, they want the gay dude shoved in our faces. The gay guy is Tyler for whatever that's worth. John is another dude, he's 23 and looks to be the party like a rockstar guy of the bunch. My favorite scene of him so far is when he loaded up the dishwasher with soap and after a while, tons of soap overflowed all over the floor. The roomies come in to clean it up and what does John do? He lays on the couch like a bum and watches. Good stuff. Then we have Jose, who is 20 and just got out of a 5+ year relationship. That's mean. He also owns houses and stuff and is in real estate. At 20 years old?? Zach is a 22 year old dirty looking guy from Washington. He has this big fro and is a Jew. He's cracking me up good so far. On the chicks, the first is Janelle, a 22 year old thug that is pretty hot. After her we have Svetlana, a true Russian chick that is smokin' hot. Based on looks and body, she wins hands down easily. Lastly, we have Paula who is going to be a total disaster. Chick is like 75 pounds, is bulemic, and already broke down and went nuts for people telling her she needs to eat. Yes! We got some drama!

Another show I'm hooked on right now is of course American Idol. This week's performances were solid. The girls night, I have to change my rankings around. I'm still rooting for my girl Paris, but I'm dropping her to #2 in the ranks I feel as if they are now. Pickler jumped to the top in my book last night. She can only be halfway decent out there and still have a great shot at winning since she's hot and has the crazy good accent. Can't help but like her. Other chicks I thought did good were Mandisa the Big Chick I put at #3 and Lisa at #4. The dudes? We have a new guy atop those rankings too. Chris is rocking it out something big. He's by himself right now and nobody is close. My boy Taylor Hicks is who I'm rooting for and he's done very well. Elliott was strong this week and I'm glad Bucky got things going. Bucky would fit right in my town at some redneck bar.

I finally got back in the groove of CDs and it's time to give a breakdown of what we rolled with:

Bizzy Bone: Thug's Revenge. I can't keep up with all of the CDs that Bone Thugs put out. And now most of them have been going crazy with solo stuff with the exception of Wish Bone who is my favorite of the bunch. I haven't checked this one out, but I'm usually into Bizzy's stuff. This one just came out in 2006 and he has another that comes out on March 21st, dang.

B-Rich: Born Rich. This is one of those that I have no clue about the rapper. I saw him on a list and figured I'd go after it and see what he had. I haven't done anything with this one though, but we'll see.

Dilated Peoples: 20/20. Here's some conscious rap that speaks true hip hop. You want some intellectual flows with storytelling? These guys have been around and know how to do it. This is a good one.

Jaheim: Ghetto Classics. My favorite of the new group of CDs I loaded up on. For those who don't know Jaheim, you're missing out. He does some awesome pimpin' R&B and is one of the best out there in my opinion. He mixes great with rappers too. Jadakiss and Styles P are on this album. You want a few songs to download off this? Go for the one released with Jada, Everytime I Think About Her, Daddy Thing, and Fiend with Styles.

Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina: Tales Of II Andres. Bay Area rap and it's a great duo here on this CD. Not sure how to hype that up if you're not into Bay Area, but I like this one a lot.

Ne-Yo. In My Own Words. This cat can spit some pimpin' game. You've all heard So Sick that has been released and it's nice. The rest of this album is also nice, gives you a good feel and he's talented.

Spice 1 & MC Eiht: Keep It Gangsta. More Westcoast stuff here. On this one we have Spice 1 hailing from Sactown and Eiht from the rough streets of bullet-infested Compton. CPT! Both of these guys I'm a huge fan of and another I'd recommend.

I was going to write a big thing on wrestling, but my editors told me I've exceeded my word limit for the day. Until next time, carry on folks.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. UNC at Duke, Saturday night at 9:00 PM. It's going to get rowdy down there, should be great stuff to see. Fear Ty Hansbrough.

2. The movie for work tomorrow is going to be Transporter 2. I've seen in it theaters and it's great. I've talked about it in here before, so hopefully the kiddies enjoy it too.

3. The new Kanye video cracks me up, Touch The Sky.


Anonymous said...

Gotta luv Kanye! ~smooches!~

Stephanie(ur lil sis) said...

OMG I LOVE PB&J'S!!! They are so good!!!! lol

DirtyKash said...

I downloaded the Dilated Peoples CD today - was a little bit hard to find, but eventually I got it off some dude on IRC.

Eh. Not so bad. Can't complain I guess. I still have close to 550 megs to fill on my MP3 player, so I need songs.

Werd, is Stephanie your little sister? Didn't know you had siblings. That's cool. She a Celtics fan?

Bird33 said...

Nope Kasher, no real siblings here. Just a figure of speech she uses that we joke about through the blogs. So maybe you can be my little brother? Hah. Good stuff of you checking out that CD.

Kristen said...

The PB+J stuff is really good. That blows my mind, cause I grew up on them. Tell your editors thanks..;)..nah, I usually read through the wrestling stuff anyway. Well, have fun up there. Later..

dirtykash said...

I totally forgot to write this:


DirtyKash said...

Well looks like you were right. Fear Hansbrough.

yvonne said...

hey check out that site everybody...kash thats for you. goes with what you were saying about peanut butter jeally time

that Kanye song is WACK! hope you are doing okay. take care...

DirtyKash said...

Yep Yvonne. That's an oldie. Thanks anyways, it's always a good watch. :c)

the_freak said...

Peanut Butter, Jelly, and a Webcam. Good stuff eh Bird?

Steph(unwated sister) said...

Don't hide that we are brother and sister. You hurt my feelings..Now Im going to cry!!!!! You should be ashamed...waaaaa...Nah I'm playing you know I love you!! For all of you that want to know. He's not my real brother. He's a brotherly figure. I can talk to him about anything and he helps me with my problems. So there ya'll go!! Love me!