Wednesday, June 30, 2004

13½ Hours And Then Some?

You know.. I had one of those legendary days on the internet yesterday. Or maybe it wasn’t so legendary, but I’ll see what you think. I woke up yesterday at 12:30 PM (not too shabby for the summer) and go to bed at 6:45 AM. Throughout that time, I was literally online for rough 13½ hours. I got out of my seat just a few times all day. I ate “breakfast” from 12:30-1:00. Then I get online till around 3:30. Spank comes over until 4:00 since he had to go to a cookout and we watch some Rucker Park streetball on NBATV. After that, I hop back on here till around 5:15. Then I take Mom to the car dealer to test drive a new car and we go to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. After eating Italian sausage sandwiches and baked beans, I get a quick shower. Then, with nothing else to do, I hop back online. So this is about 7:30 and I’m on there till about 9:57. I actually get out of my seat and sit in my other room to watch the Real World finale. Then at 10:30, I’m back here. Over the course of the next 8 hours that I was awake, I think I got out of my seat twice during that time period. One was to make some taquitos which took about 8 minutes and I brought that up and another was to go wizz and brush my teeth, floss, and all of that fun.

I wasn’t tired at 6:45 when I decided to go to bed, but I figured I better. It was daylight and my parents had been up since like 5:15. Birds were chirping and people were actually getting their days started. Imagine that one. I can handle that during the school year when I have to, but I’m not about to be waking up early when I get to be a bum all summer. I think someone is always awake at this house and there are only three of us. Yesterday reminded me of the glory years of #basketball. We don’t have the crowds we used to (yet still get good chats), but back in the day you could walk in at any time of the day and get some great sports talk going. It was always classic to walk in around 5:00 AM and hang with whoever was still awake and see the foreign crew stroll in. Those were times that we only got out of our seats a few times a night too, so I wasn’t the only one doing that. Sad probably, but it was some great entertainment. How can you pass up some mean games of sports trivia? I can remember many a night when me and DerekHood would still be in there until around 8:00 AM. Anyways, I wake up today at 1:20 after setting the alarm. Setting the alarm that late? Well, you’ll have that when you’re up all night like an idiot with an awful sleeping pattern. But remember the moral of this story. Nobody can beat me in a staying up late contest if I’m put to the test.

Back to last night we go. Two big things were on my list of TV watching last night. Besides, TV watching is what I do best. Those two things if you were in a coma since my post the other day? The BET Awards and the Real World Finale. First up was the BET Awards. I get stoked for this every year. MTV Music Awards are nice too and I don’t miss those, but I like the BET ones better since it’s 3 hours of music I like instead of seeing some things I’d rather not. Live performances this year included Kanye West, Jay-Z, Usher, Ludacris, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Outkast, G-Unit, and a bevy of others. I think that’s the only time in my life I’ve used the word bevy, so you guys get to experience the thrill of having some educated words in my Blog or something like that. Jay-Z had the nerve to bring Kid Rock and Dave Navarro on stage with him to jam guitars. You have to be kidding me. I’m a whitey just like those guys, but not many whiteys really fit in at the BET Awards. It was just a strange scene. I don’t think the thugs knew how to react. And I never was big on the whole rap/guitar jamming combo. Run DMC and Aerosmith worked it good, but that was straight old school and rare. Speaking of old school, my favorite part of the show was the 25 Years Of Hip Hop performances. Some legends of the old school rap world were there on hand to do their thang. Who showed up to perform? Public Enemy, The Sugarhill Gang, MC Lyte, Mellie Mel, and Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh. Slick Rick and Doug E had the roof coming off the place. Doing songs from 20 years ago and it had the place jumping. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award went to the Isley Brothers. Ron Isley may be the most pimpin guy of all time. Dude is in his 60s and still can do it. If you’re into the pimpin R&B stuff, check out some of his stuff over the years. Five decades strong he’s been going. You’ve seen him in some R-Kelly videos if you don’t know who he is, also credited as Mr. Biggs. For the guys looking to set the mood, you can’t go wrong with some Isleys. I will not argue that one. Try it on your chick. Just a bit of the daily advice you get in the Madhouse, thank you.

Then we got the Real World San Diego Finale. I was disappointed in this episode. One, it was only a half hour, when the last one should always be an hour long. I feel strong on this one. Secondly, there was only one drama maker and that was Big Bad Brad getting cuffed up once again. They were going bar hopping one night and Cam (who is underage) was having problems with her fake ID at the club. In da club gettin tipsy. So as the door chick is looking at her ID and asks her questions, Brad for some reason grabs the ID out of the door person’s hand and yells, “Run Cammy! Run!” I felt like I was watching Forrest Gump. Then three huge coppers throw Brad against the wall, rough him up, and give him the cuffs. As he’s in there, they tell him that what he did can be considered as robbery since he took the item in question out of the worker’s hand. The worst they were going to tell Cam is that she wasn’t allowed in and take her ID away. Big deal. But Brad was thinkin Big Pimpin and it worked. As Cammy was riding home in a taxi, she saw Brad on the streets walking. She got all excited that he talked his way out of getting put in jail and she wanted him like she always does. Maybe I’m doing things the wrong way here in Shinnston. I better turn into a hardcore drunken tough dude to attract chicks. Then sweep the chick off her feet with some heroic deed. Brad isn’t quite CT from Real World Paris level (then again, who is?), but he did make a name for himself this series. Next week we get the Reunion Special, which should be decent. Frankie Lavigne is back and is wearing some crazy mess on her head, which comes as surprise to nobody.

That’s it for today I believe. I could write about the working out and ping pong escapades, but I’ll save that one. Right now I have to get so fresh and so clean in the shower after doing those two things and hit up some Wal-Mart action with Cork Dizzle. Wal-Mart is big excitement in West Virginia. What else is there to do? It’s too gangsta around here to do anything else.

And a scene from the greatest movie evarrrrr, The Sandlot, taken from the great movie site of

[The Sandlot Kids and their arch-rivals come face-to-face]
Phillips: It's easy when you play with rejects and a fat kid, Rodriguez.
Benny: Shut your mouth, Phillips!
Ham Porter: What'd you say, crap face?
Phillips: You shouldn't be allowed to touch a baseball. Except for Rodriguez, you're all an insult to the game.
Ham Porter: Come on! We'll take you on, right here! Right now! Come on!
Sandlot Kids: Yeah!
Phillips: We play on a real diamond, Porter. You ain't good enough to lick the dirt off our cleats.
Ham Porter: Watch it, jerk!
Phillips: Shut up, idiot!
Ham Porter: Moron!
Phillips: Scab eater!
Ham Porter: Butt sniffer!
Phillips: Pus licker!
Ham Porter: Fart smeller!
Bertram: [sniffs] Ahh.
Phillips: You eat dog crap for breakfast, geek!
Ham Porter: You mix your Wheaties with your mama's toe jam!
Sandlot Kids: Yeah!
Phillips: You bob for apples in the toilet! And you like it!
Ham Porter: You play ball like a giiirrrrrrrrl!
[entire group stands in shocked silence]
Phillips: What did you say?
Ham Porter: You heard me.
Phillips: Tomorrow. Noon, at our field. Be there, buffalo-butt breath.
Ham Porter: Count on it, pee-drinking crap-face!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Most Head

Today’s winner of the topic choice of the day goes to none other than TheFreak. He’s a buddy of mine from the #basketball days of old in the glory years from the mean streets of Baltimore. Also a huge wrestling fan, he stumbled across a WWE house show (non televised show) result page and the ending caught his eye. The show was from a few nights ago in Salisbury, Maryland. To fill in fans on why this will be so funny, a “pop” is a good crowd reaction as far as cheers go for a face (good guy in wrestling terms), while “heat” is crowd noise generated towards a heel (bad guy). If you’re a good guy, you want to get some good pops. If not, you’re boring and aren’t attracting the fans’ attention. Same goes for if you’re a bad guy, you want negative cheers, if not you’re boring. Wrestling websites get reports sent in by fans that went to these shows and they’ll post it for their website. Most house show reports finish up with a ranking of pops and heat of the night. Here’s what one guy wrote in, and the typo is what had us cracking up. I feel like my middle school kids. I’m laughing at the same jokes I did when I was their age. I’ll never grow up. How does someone who was in middle school and high school during the Beavis Era not laugh at immature stuff? Anyways, here we go with the end of the report from some regular bum:

Overall the event was awesome. I had a blast.

Biggest Pops
1) Chris Benoit
2) Eugene
3) Edge
4) Jericho

Most Head
1) HHH
2) Kane
3) La Resistance
4) Trish

And all of this time I had a lot of respect for Triple H. And he’s doing this behind my back? If only his wife Stephanie McMahon would find out about this, hah. I can see Trish on this list. And even La Resistance since they’re Frenchies and the crowd thinks they’re gay anyways, but onto more serious things, such as what I’ve been doing..

Last night thanks to my girl Jenn Jenn (the same Jenn whose brother almost ate the 64-ounce steak the other day that you read about; if you missed her comments on the story, it’s under my Prime Rib posting, it’s a good one), I’m hooked on a new game online. What might this work of genius be? It’s a game called Password and it’s featured on For the #basketball guys, you all remember Uproar for our Sports Jeopardy battles on there that went down to the wire until blood was drawn in the wee hours. There’s a zillion games on there, but Password is pimpin. Go to “Game Shows” and you’ll find it there. You can play with up to 10 people in the room. Each person gets a chance to be the “clue giver”. A clue will pop up for the clue guy and he’ll give a hint. Everyone else tries to guess what his winning word it. Trust me, this is some hardcore addicting stuff and the games go by pretty quick too. Another game I’m hooked on lately is one of Yahoo’s and it’s called Pop And Drop. This game will get you frustrated after a while. You think it’s easy, but it’ll get ya. It’ll suck ya in till you’re up until daylight playing it. Good times for sure.

Today I lifted with my boy Spank and he showed off his freak of nature skills in the gym. I had a really big workout today, but didn’t set any records. Probably had my best ab workout in a while, maybe evarrrr, but who knows. Spank was there lifting with his girl Alicia while I’ve been there for about 45 minutes already. Spank starts out on the bench and starts throwing up weights like it’s nothing. Spank is about 6’0”/240 and is my buddy who was in Iraq for over a year if you know him as that dude. He had 275lbs on there at one point and I was spotting him just to be safe, although he didn’t need me for that weight. He ripped off 4 real easy and I made him rack it. I didn’t want to burn him out on that. So we jump up to 315lbs. He gets the first one up like it’s his job and almost got a 2nd one. I didn’t know how to react to that mess. He could’ve maxed out at around 330 or so we were thinking. He can bench press two of me basically, sick. I can’t be for sure, but I’d be willing to say that Spank has the town record at the moment. My Dad in his prime maxed out at 315lbs, so Spank is going to be way ahead of that. Back in the day when a lot of guys in my town and roids were the in thing to do during the late 80’s and early 90’s, we had some freaks who did some outrageous things. You don’t see that as much now, so that’s why I think Spank has the top mark. I could write a Blog up on just some of the numbers and stuff they did. I saw one guy bench 505lbs about 15 years ago, no lie. Dude was about 6’4”/275lbs or so and all jacked out on roids. Did they look good? Sure, they looked awesome. But I couldn’t ever do that one. To me that’s cheating, but oh well. It’s funny to see a lot of these guys nowadays and see what a mess they’ve become. Once you get off the roid cycle, in most cases, it turns to fat and you get way out of shape. The guys who I used to be amazed at as a kid when I’d watch them lift, now they sit home and can barely get out of the couch. No thanks to that one. I’ll just stay my little self and work on getting cut up more.

After working out, I got in some mad ping pong action. Me and Dad rolled out 7 games, I won 5-2 today. He’s gotten me the past few times, so I had to get even. Don’t let the old guy fool ya and tell you he doesn’t have it anymore, because he does. He’s still a pong legend around here. Then Spank came over around 4:30 for some intense action. We played for a good 2 hours of solid pongin madness. We played whoever won 10 games first would be the champ for the day. He got up early 2-0 on me. Then I went “Boom Bazooka Joe” (as Big Rand from Real World would say) on him for 7 straight games. So I was coasting along at 7-2 and dominating. Lo and behold I start slipping fast. Spank evens things out at 7 games a piece. Then we even it out at 8 a piece. After the final two games going to some of the best Deuce finishes evarrrr, he takes the day title and wins 10-8. I’m out there to win every single time and can get all kinds of fired up if I lose, but if lose, I don’t mind losing with some good close games the entire way.

If you’re still awake after reading this post, the conclusion is coming here in a bit. But I must get in the talk about RAW that I just got done watching. RAW is my favorite time of the week, so you get that whether you like it or not. Since I went off on last night’s PPV and already got some wrestling talk in courtesy of TheFreak’s find, I won’t talk about RAW too much, but you’ll get some. Jericho/Edge beat Orton/Batista in what was probably the best match of the night. These guys seem to work well together. Also, we see HHH give Eugene an invite to join Evolution and he takes it. HHH fights Regal tonight with Eugene as ref and Eugene ends up busting Regal up like crazy. I thought that was kind of funny. And in the main event, we saw Benoit make Kane tap out, to get him a shot at HHH at Vengeance. Lita comes out (worst actor evarrr) and tries to be buddies with Kane and then kicks him in the nads. Then he was about to give her a Chokeslam, but he put her down since she’s pregnant with what could be his kid. Only in wrestling.

Since you’re tired from reading this huge thing today, who knows when I’ll be back. It may be late tomorrow night (Tuesday) or it could be Wednesday. Tomorrow is a big TV night for me, as I have the BET Awards on at 8:00 and then the Finale of Real World at 10:00 (stop reading this paragraph now Meggie, unless you wanted to be spoiled as to why I’m excited to watch this week) which pits Bad Boy Brad getting cuffed up once again. That has to be worth it to see what he does to get the law all mean this time.

And to end with a classic quote from a classic movie, Caddyshack:

Spalding Smails: "I want a hamburger... no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake..."
Judge Smails: “You’ll get nothing and like it!”

Monday, June 28, 2004

WWE Great American Bash & A Few Other Thangs

I’ll start things out in this Blog (and take up the majority) with some review on tonight’s WWE Great American Bash. So for the non-wrestling fans, I’m not sure what to tell you. Just bear in, pull up a seat, check out the Blog, and enjoy the ride. You may just learn something. Can I continue my Pay Per View streak? At the last PPV, I went 100% in my predictions. That is VERY rare, even for us who read every single rumor there is about wrestling and keep up with it.

John Cena (C) vs Rob Van Dam vs Booker T vs Rene Dupree. Fatal 4-Way US Title Match. This is an elimination match for the belt. I picked Dupree to win this one. To much dismay, my boy RVD goes out first, ugh. He’s not been on good terms lately with the WWE. Second man out was Dupree, doh! This guy is becoming one of my favorites, but he was ousted early. So much for 100% this time around eh? So we’re down to Cena and Book for the title. Cena wins with a F-U to retain in what was a pretty nice match indeed. Afterwards, Dupree puts the moves on Dawn Marie in the back who was looking amazing, but the FBI and Lil Guido eventually are the ones to take her back to their hotel for some good times. It looks like Dupree is after Cena though, so that’s a nice one.

Charlie Haas vs Luther Reigns. Not much here as I’m not impressed at Reigns at all. Reigns is playing Kurt Angle’s bodyguard for those who may not know him. Haas just doesn’t seem to have it without Rico tagging with him anymore. He just needs an edge or a character makeover. A blah match, ugh. Luther wins a Roll The Dice type move.

Chavito Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr (C). Cruiserweight Title Match. Outside of the 4-Way, this is the only match I can say that I enjoyed and it was a really good one. Little guys are so underrated, but since Vinnie Mac doesn’t care about them, they’ll never rise to the top. Instead, he’d rather push guys like Luther Reigns instead. These guys battled for a good half hour or so probably. There’s not too many cooler moves than the Gory Bomb. Rey Jr wins with a rollup to keep his belt in the best match of the night. Not much to compare to though unfortunately.

Kenzo Suzuki vs Billy Gunn. Wow.. I heard a lot about Suzuki, but he sure didn’t impress me tonight. This one was brutal. Lots of missed spots, no crowd reaction, pathetic. Gunn teased some old DX stuff though, so I hard to mark out for that. Suzuki wins. Big deal. It was rough to watch.

Sable vs Torrie. Since neither of these chicks can wrestle, it was just for the guys (and some chicks who are into that thing) to get some eye candy as they bounced around and showed their stuff. Sable conned Torrie into thinking she was hurt, so Sable wins a rollup.

Mordecai vs Hardcore Holly. Wow. Another absolutely horrible match. Mordecai is a total joke. How this dude keeps getting on TV, I have no idea. Oh, that’s Vinnie Mac. I like Vince a lot, but not his reasoning for pushing big oafs who can’t do anything. This makes me want to put in my NWA-TNA tapes to see some great action. Fear The Phenomenal AJ Styles. Anyways, Mordecai wins with a Razor’s Edge. I wish Razor Ramon would’ve came down and busted his head.

Eddie Guerrero (C) vs John Bradshaw Layfield. WWE Title Texas Bull Rope Match. To win, you had to touch all 4 corners consecutively before your opponent started beating you down. In the last SmackDown PPV, they put on an awesome match. They were bleeding like pigs, to the point that Eddie seriously had to be taken to the hospital after the match since he lost so much blood. This one was the total opposite. So JBL is our new champ. Not a whole lot to say other than I was disappointed.

Dudley Boyz (C) vs The Undertaker. Concrete Crypt Match. If Taker didn’t “do the right thing”, his manager Paul Bearer would be buried in concrete. I can’t make this stuff up. Not a lot of actual match time here, but the end had Taker pull a reverse and he himself poured the cement on Paul Bearer, thus maybe showing his alliance to Paul Heyman? Taker wins the match, but it wasn’t for the tag belts.

Instead of going 100% here, I end up going a whopping 12.5%, doh! I got one dang match right this time. That’s how it goes in wrestling at times. A really bad Pay Per View. There for a while, we’ve had some nice ones, but this one isn’t that.

Back to the real world for anyone falling asleep on the wrestling chat. I got carried away there, but that’s life. Not much went down today in the mean streets. I woke up at 12:30 (not bad huh?) after going to bed at 4:15 (again, not bad huh?). Then after laying around the house, me and Cork hit up some Mexican. I stepped up with a beef enchilada and 2 cheese quesadillas. Then I get online to chat with my buddies until the Pay Per View started. Fun fun times here, right? Not much I can really do to hype up the Blog other than wrestling talk, which only is good for probably half of the viewing audience, but I have to talk about all kinds of things here. Some days you might hate my Blog. Some days it may be pretty good. But it’s there and regular, so be sure to hop along. I’ll see what I can hit you guys up with tomorrow. RAW tomorrow night, Real World and BET Awards on Tuesday, so I have a packed start to my week. Who knows what goes down after Tuesday though in the madhouse.

Sunday, June 27, 2004


Can I get some rest? I don’t think I’ve had more than 6 hours of sleep during any night of the week. But then again, I’m used to that and it’s all my fault. I guess I’ll never grow up. I always think I’m going to miss something late at night, so I just stay up with a driving headache until I’m almost falling asleep on my keyboard. We all know I’m not missing anything though, but it can’t hurt to try. The way I look at it, I’m doing the same exact thing at 6:00 in the morning on here that I’d be doing at like 11:00 in the morning. So why not just sleep all day long? As I roll into bed, I go downstairs to brush my teeth, floss, and all of that to get me all pimped out to sleep, and usually then my parents are already up, having their coffee and reading the paper. It’s weird. Someone is always awake at this house it seems and there’s only three of us.

I’m just getting in the house from being out all day for funeral duties. That whole experience ended up pretty well. It’s always emotional walking with the family to the casket for the last time. What really set it off was the actual funeral itself at the cemetery. My Grandpa served in the military back in the day, so he had the whole setup for that. A few Color Guards came and presented the casket, draped the flag on it, saluted it, and all of that official stuff. Then they played Taps with the trumpets (I think?) and that was pretty rough, but it was cool to see how the military dudes folded up the flag. I don’t have enough common sense to do something fancy like that, but it’s quality to see it done in person. After that, we had a huge dinner at my church for family and friends. They guessed that 150 or so would be there just to eat, so the old Italian ladies had to cook hardcore for that one. It was worth it though for sure. Good to see the out of state relatives. Some I’ve never really met before, so that’s always good times.

How about the sporting world? The Subway Series with the Mets hasn’t gotten off to a good start. We’re battling in Yankee Stadium this weekend and in Shea Stadium next weekend, so that’s always rowdy rowdy and bout it bout it. Yesterday’s game ended in a monsoon as it was postponed. Today’s game was a beatdown. Remember the Halsey kid I’ve wrote about before? The dude who doesn’t look like he’s shaved in his life. He pitched today and got murdered. 6 runs in 3 innings, doh! That gives his 2 major league starting appearances a 8.00 ERA. We got 6 hits all day, as 68 year old Al Leiter tore us to shreds. Tomorrow is the rubber match to be settled at 8:05.

What else goes down tomorrow? WWE Great American Bash. Don’t you mean WCW Great American Bash? Well, they took the name from WCW and use it for theirselves now. This looks like a pretty lame Pay Per View, but I hope I’m wrong on that one. It’s a SmackDown production and their side of the roster is not comparable to RAW’s if you ask me. Maybe I’m biased on that one, but who knows. Who knew? What are some big matchups in that one to catch your eye? How about Eddie Guerrero defending the WWE Title against John Bradshaw Layfield in a Texas Bull Rope Match. Or how about this one, which I’m most looking forward to: Fatal Fourway for the US Title that features the man Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Rene Dupree (budding young superstar), and John Cena. Dudley Boyz take on The Undertaker in a Concrete Crypt Match. If Taker doesn’t impress Paul Heyman, Paul Bearer (Taker’s manager) goes into a casket and has concrete poured on him. I can’t make this stuff up. And another huge match I like is Rey Jr against Chavito Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title. Those are the main matches worth mentioning. Torrie and Sable take each other one, but that’s just to rip each other’s clothes off. Not that us guys mind that (some of the girls reading may like that too huh?), but it’s not “wrestling”.

It’s time to plug out some links for the newbies to my Blog. Or if you might’ve forgot some of my favorite places to go, here’s your chance to catch up:

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So hit up those links of my buddies’ Blogs, some sports sites there, rap, and games. I’m covering all bases for you, free of charge. And Al Jefferson has the nerve to wear my boy Antoine Walker’s #8 Celtics jersey? Say it ain’t so! And I was liking this kid. That’s rough, but I’ll have to suck it up and stick with him. I’ll holla back soon. Fill up that comment box.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Greatest Day Of The Year

The greatest day in the world has just ended. Now I’m 365 days or whatever away from it happening again. What’s that? For those who know me well, you know my life revolves around the NBA. Tonight was the NBA Draft of course. I prepare for this one for quite a while. By the time it’s over with, I’m all sore and exhausted. I know what you’re thinking. How is that even possible? I go old school and write down each pick of the draft (59 picks this year) by player, the team who picks them, height, weight, position, and school. Over the 1st Round, it’s easy to write your picks down and relax a little. There are 5 minutes between picks there. The 2nd Round is what we like to call the Lightning Round. 2 minutes between picks and you get screwed over by commercials way too much. They don’t hype up any of the 2nd Round picks, they just give you their name and where they came from in most situations. 1st Round had this kid who got picked and his little tidbit of information they gave? He likes peanut butter and jelly. I kid you not. What is this? The Little League World Series? Hey kids! Let’s sit around a circle with our blankeys and tell each other what our favorite color, movie, and food is! Yet these are kids making millions and we get that kind of info jammed in our throats. Go figure.

Anyways, before I get all kinds of FIRED up, I want to focus more on the actual draft itself. I watched the draft tonight with my boys Cork and Spank. The food for the draft was a huge cheese and meat tray loaded up with roast beef, ham, turkey, provolone cheese, hot pepper cheese, and American cheese. We went to town on that beast. You’ll see a million draft reviews and can find results anywhere. I’m not going to bore you with another thing like that. Instead, I’m going to focus on what is important to me and that’s the Celtics’ picks. I worship the Celtics, so this Blog may be boring to you. Who knows. Who knew?

Boston had 4 picks, count em 4, this year. We had 3 picks in the 1st Round #15, 24, 25, and #40 in the 2nd Round. Not too shabby at all if I must say so myself. The first pick we take was the main player I wanted at our spot. That is high school kid Big Al Jefferson. 6’9”/263 straight out of the mean streets of David Banner’s territory, Mississippi. And for him being such a huge wuss on the bench press (only getting 185lbs up 3 times for being 263lbs), I still wanted to get this guy. Sure, we don’t get to see as much footage on high schoolers, but he’s already grown into his body unlike a lot of these guys his age who are stringbeans. Plus we need some help in our frontcourt as soon as possible. Our #24 pick? Delonte West, buddy of Jameer Nelson, both picked in the 1st Round tonight and both from St. Joe’s University. A side note on Nelson, who is with Orlando now. He had his 2-year old son there (this is an actual NBA player who takes care of his kid, imagine that one) and his name is Jameer, Jr. What does he call him? Meer Meer! I’ve decided when I have a kid, I’m naming it Meer Meer. Anyways, West doesn’t have much weight, but he can D it up like a madman and should fit our system well as a combo guard. At 6’3”/183, he can use some pounds and I’m sure he will. #25 you want? That’s what I’ll give you! His name is Tony Allen out of Oklahoma State. He’s supposedly a freak athlete in the physical sense. But he’s a tweener (doesn’t have a set position, so that’s not good). He can’t handle the ball well enough to run any point, and may be a little too small for 2 guard. We’ll see.. And our very last pick of the EPIC night was a dude named Justin Reed. 6’7” and 240. Reading reports on him, the kid is strong and has a good low post game. I don’t see any Ole Miss games, so I wouldn’t have a clue.

I mowed grass earlier and spent the rest of the day at the funeral home. Tomorrow I’ll be hanging at the funeral home from 1:00 until 8:00 at night. Things are going well there, so that’s about all I can ask for. An insane amount of people are coming for the visitations, so it’s cool to see some people I haven’t seen in quite some time. And if I go hungry over the next few days, something is wrong. I’m loaded up with the best Italian food from all over, as people are dropping food off homemade food off in bundles. Lasagna, rigatoni with pepperoni (sounds weird, but it rocks), hoagies, Tally sausage and peppers, etc. You name and it and we’re eating on it. Thanks to everyone who has sent their regards, it’s appreciated.

I’ll run off some CDs that are new to my list in the past few days. Thanks to Big Cork for going off on some CDs a few days ago. We go in streaks. I’ll go a week and get like 10 or so and the next week he’ll be on fire. Cork brought over 5 more CDs for the collection. What’d he load me up with? Lloyd Banks’ Hunger For More (not in stores yet), Cormega’s Legal Hustle, X-Ecutioners’ Revolutions, Slum Village’s Detroit Deli, and Eightball’s Almost Famous (incredible CD that you must get immediate plz!). And since I’m talking about Cork in this paragraph, we have to take a moment and analyze the feat he just accomplished a few days ago. You’ve all read about it in his Blog, but what he did is one of those nearly impossible feats. The setting? MVP Baseball 2004 for PlayStation 2. The level he played on? Pro. And what’d he do? He threw a perfect game with Hideo Nomo. This isn’t on some easy level going against bums. He was bringing it. So be sure to hit up his Blog ( and congratulate him on that job well done.

Since I’m in a coma from getting all worked up over the draft, I’m just going to stop right now and finally give you guys a break. Let me know if you want something special in my Blog, as I’ll pretty much write about anything. Holla back.

“You are the motherfucking anti-christ!”- Pig Vomit to Howard Stern [Private Parts]

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Woody Paige

And today's winner to pick my title of today's Blog is Ashlee. A girl that watches Around The Horn and SportsCenter for fun? Say it ain't so. Those actually exist? For those that don't watch, Woody Paige is the reason you need to watch Around The Horn on ESPN at 5:00 EST. Good title Ashlee, as Woody is the man as we all know.

Hey! First off, good comments you guys are leaving. That gives me something to check out, so keep them coming. And for those who have a Blog that I read, I’ll keep up the comments coming on your boards too. This first paragraph I’m going on the emotional road here, but we’ll get to the fun side of things after this. A lot of you guys already know, but yesterday evening, my Grandpa on my Mom’s side (Mom’s Dad) passed away. He was 92 years old and always was sharp with his mind, even at his old age. Until the past month or so, he’s been doing great, but the past few times I’ve visited him, he really went downhill, which was tough for me to see. But the good thing is that he didn’t have to suffer much, so that’s a relief. He’s straight off the boat from San Giovani, Italy. He came here in 1912 to Ellis Island, a port of New York that most of the immigrants came through to come to the States during that time. The coal mines in West Virginia is a big reason a lot of Italians came to my area, and that’s what him and all of his brothers did. All were part of the military at one time as well. Then after being here a while, my Grandpa opened a fruit market/grocery store type joint that still runs today. Even though we’re in the middle of nowhere for the most part, Joe DiMaggio and most of the Kennedy Brothers had been in the area to visit my Grandpa at his market, among a lot of other big names. Pretty wild for them to come to my area.

I have a lot else to get on the board today, so let’s pick it up. Real World was last night of course. We only have one more week left, ugh. What am I going to do on Tuesday nights now? Anyways, last night’s episode wasn’t that dramatic. Charlie (the new dude) cost the rest of the house their bonus money at work when he didn’t bother to show up for a few days. So Cam (one of my least favorite RW members evar) busts up his guitar. Some of my wrestling buddies were saying he should’ve taken the broken guitar and smashed it over Cam’s head, Jeff Jarrett style. For the non-wrestling fans, just skip that last sentence because you’ll probably be lost, but Jeff Jarrett is a wrestler who busts people up with guitars. Sounds fun huh? Other than that, not much drama was rolled into this show, which was disappointing. But what about next week you ask? It’s the finale for one, so that should be good. But our favorite character of this cast, Big Bad Brad, gets in trouble with the law once again. It doesn’t get much better Real World entertainment than Brad getting all liquored up and causing a ruckus. It’s like he’s having a roid rage. You best be watching next Tuesday to see all of that madness.

Last night we got some video game action in between me and my boy Spank. His girl Alicia came to hang as well, so we had our night planned outside of watching Real World. We broke out the Atari 2600, but that didn’t go too well. I was disappointed Spank didn’t appreciate some old school tradition, so he wanted to jump on some Def Jam Vendetta for GameCube. A quality game here and a new one will be out later this year. Def Jam rappers battling it out in a ring? You can’t go wrong with that setup. Speaking of games coming out, I’m getting chills upon reading about the new Zelda for GameCube and seeing some screenshots. If I had to give a one word description of why I’ve always been loyal to Nintendo, it would be Zelda. Bar none, nothing can compare to the Zelda series. Tecmo Bowl for Nintendo is the greatest game evarrrr (I refuse to argue this one), but Zelda has been going strong for over 15 years now.

Last night was also the NBA Expansion Draft. The Charlotte Bobcats will be a new team to the NBA next season for those in the dark on that one. Last night they had a draft just for their team. It wouldn’t be fair to give them 20 or so picks in tomorrow’s big time NBA Draft, so they have a separate entity. Where do the players come from? Each team in the league has to leave a few guys unprotected. On that list, Charlotte picked a crew last night to select, which is basically young bums with low contracts. They don’t want to have a huge debt yet, because they’ll be struggling regardless with the players the rest of the league left on the table. Who got selected? There were 19, count em 19. And the list goes as follows, in alphabetical order: Lonny Baxter, JR Bremer, Primoz Brezec, Mo Carter, Predrag Drobjnak, Desmond Ferguson, Marcus Fizer, Richie Frahm, Brandon Hunter, Jason Kapono, Zaza Pachulia, Alek Pavlovic, Jamal Sampson, Tamar Slay, Theron Smith, Jeff Trepagnier, Gerald Wallace, Jahidi White, and Loren Woods. An uneventful night and it was brutal on TV. The fans in the court didn’t give hardly any reactions, and who can blame them with these players’ names being called out? Poor Bobcats.

As far as tomorrow goes, I’m all geared up. But I have a few distractions along the way, but I can work around it. I have a massage scheduled in the mean streets of Clarksburg at 2:30. Or I did. Now I have to cancel out of that, but for good reason. The funeral home times for my Grandpa will be from 3-9 tomorrow and 1-9 on Friday. The funeral will be on Saturday. I’ll be there till 7:00 tomorrow and get home for the draft. Then on Friday, I’ll be there all day for my local boys who planned to come down while I was there at Dorsey’s. So what’s up on this exciting Wednesday night? Not too exciting actually. Just waiting around on the Special Olympic Sisters, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. I can’t believe I’m hooked on these shows, but I admit it. There, I said it, hah. I think that’s enough for now. See you guys soon.

Quote from the Boston Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) on his latest list of NBA Player Rankings:
35. Tony Parker -- Hey, he'd certainly be higher on the list of "NBA players who must get an insane amount of, um, female companionship." The NBA thing mixed with the French thing? That reminds me, somebody needs to round up some groupies for a "One Night Stand Fantasy Draft" -- I'd love to see who would go in the first round. Make it one of those $4.95 DirecTV pay-per-views. There's not nearly enough done with NBA groupies on TV. They should at least have their own MTV reality show or something.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Beyond Wickedness!

I took a day off in here, but I'm allowed to. I figured I'd get my thoughts together and pimp out something big for you all today. I was going to write something late last night, but I was in a coma and had writer's block, so thus you had to wait. Imagine that one. So where should we start at on today's journey? It's beyond wickedness! More on that one later..

Monday was hopping yesterday, so that of course can only mean one thing and one thing only. RAW Night! Yeah! So I'll start with a review of that to bore you all with. It was in Miami, so we knew The Rock would be there in his hometown. He opens the show and does his bit on the mic which is always good. He calls Eugene out to hang with, but he's not there because Evolution is hanging with him today. Orton comes out and gets in Rock's face and they have a nice war of words. Basically the end of the segment, but Orton is getting better and better by the day. Or how about the pregnancy angle we have going? Lita is by far the worst actor maybe on the planet. But she's pregnant and Matt Hardy comes out all excited because it's his kid. Or is it? He gets ready to propose, but finds out the kid may be Kane's. Only in wrestling.. Orton and Batista beat Edge and Jericho. Edge gushes with a cut under his eye. Eugene in the main event again?? Well, this time he battles with our favorite roid freak Triple H. Eugene (the retarded character) was conned by Evolution that they liked him, only for him to get beat down tonight on RAW. Benoit comes to help at the end and madness ensues. No contest on this one, and JR ends the night by screaming.. "Wickedness! That was BEYOND WICKEDNESS!" We definitely need a Best of Jim Ross Screaming DVD.

After RAW, my boys Cork and Spank came over. So at 11:00, we hit up the garage to battle in some night ping pong. Wrestling followed by pong? Does it get any better than that? Yes it does. It's pong with some good rap music blasting in the garage. What CDs did we roll with tonight? We started things out with J-Kwon, which Spank wasn't big on. We needed something more gangsta in us instead of the goofy rap that J-Kwon gives ya. So next we go with some Freeway. You've heard me talk about it before and a CD that I listen to probably as much as any in my collection, Philadelphia Freeway. You need to hit that one up, seriously. Then we go old school with some mean stuff. We put in Geto Boys Greatest Hits followed by Ice Cube's first solo material on Death Certificate when he was fired up at NWA there for a few years. It doesn't get much better than that stuff. Some of today's rap can get old, but the test of time is when you can put in some classic early 90's rap and it's still just as good as evar. Spank took the honors last night and was on his game as he whipped us pretty good. I got in a groove late, but it was too little too soon of time. But being out there late at night playing and having a good time to go with some rap music, winning is secondary.

Speaking on the rap game, an interesting thing developed recently concerning the self proclaimed “King Of The South” T.I. Well, he’s been in jail for those who don’t know that one. Yet, he has a work release where he can still shoot videos and such. He was shooting a video the other day in jail supposedly and while he was doing this, a chick inmate escaped. No link between the two, but since that was going on, they mentioned it. Then they interview T.I. and ask him about getting arrested. He said that other rappers have gotten fame off of being locked up, so if it can boost his sales, he’s all for it. Nice thug answer there. Anyways, another developing situation. While T.I. was in jail, Lil Flip does shows in Hotlanta and busts into T.I. He said it was a publicity stint, which I’m sure it was, but T.I. doesn’t want any part of it. So he goes off on Flip and basically tells him that he started the wrong war. This one should get interesting to say the least. Beef in the Dirty South? Say it ain’t so!

Today is my Mom’s birthday as she hits the big 53. Sunday was Father’s Day, so I’ve had to load up on my parents lately, which is fine by me. I don’t think we’re doing anything special today though. I know I am. At 7:00 on NBATV, it’s the NBA Expansion Draft. What’s this? It’s where the league’s new team, the Charlotte Bobcats, get to pick their dudes from players that went unprotected by other teams in the league. This is basically a warmup for Thursday’s greatest day of the year, the NBA Draft. Weird that I’m excited to watch just one team draft tonight, but that’s what my year revolves around, the NBA. I’ll plan my entire Thursday around just for the draft. I’m thinking of getting a massage scheduled to start off the festivities right.

So last night I went to bed kind of early for me, 5:00. I wake up around 2:00 or so to get thangs started. Real World tonight as we only have 2 weeks left, ugh. That’s going to bring a tear to my eye, but I hope big time drama goes down in those 2 weeks. And I’ll leave you guys hanging out for now. Until next time, as I type this, we’re 2 days, 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 10 seconds away from DRAFT TIME!

And some mean Geto Boys lyrics to leave you all with..

Group: Geto Boys – Song: Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
A real gangsta-ass nigga plays his cards right
A real gangsta-ass nigga never runs his fuckin mouth
Cuz real gangsta-ass niggas don't start fights
And niggas always gotta high cap
Showin' all his boys how he shot em
But real gangsta-ass niggas don't flex much
Cuz real gangsta-ass niggas know they got em
And everythings cool in the mind of a gangsta
Cuz gangsta-ass niggas think deep
Up three-sixty-five a year 24/7
Cuz real gangsta ass niggas don't sleep

Monday, June 21, 2004

Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads reading this Blog! I probably don’t have any Dads reading my Blog now that I think about it, but just in case I do, I have myself covered. I know my Dad isn’t reading it since he doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer. Speaking of the Dad thing, it’s going to be a long time before I’m ready for that madness. Today I had my little 3 year old cousin over to hang. My parents watched her most of the time, but still I was worn out from her asking a million questions and running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I can handle it for a short period, but I just can’t comprehend how some of my buddies can deal with having a kid this early. Then again, I guess they don’t have a choice or should’ve thought twice about doing some extra Big Pimpin one night. Father’s Day advice from my Dad today when I told him this my thoughts on the kid thing, “Keep it in your pants” sums it up as good as you can.

I had a big day planned, but ended up being a bum for the most part. I told Mom I’d go with her today to my Grandpa’s, but she wanted to leave at like noon. Noon in the summer?! But I did what any good grandson would do. I went to bed at 6:30 AM and set my alarm for noon. After being up for 5 minutes, I drove to my Grandpa’s and started the festivities right. I don’t have any Grandma’s left on either side, but do have both of my parents’ Dad still around. Grandpa on Mom’s side, straight from Italy, is really struggling. He’s going way downhill the past few months and it’s rough to see. He’s 92 years old now, so I guess that happens, but for him always being so strong all life and now this, I hope he can get things back on track.

Due to me being in such a coma after only 5½ hours of sleep, I did the unthinkable today. I skipped both my workout and run. Yeah, I feel like a loser now. When you’re on a steady schedule of working out and running and you miss a day, it’s like the end of the world. It’s really not, but that’s how dedicated you become. But my theory? I didn’t want to go in there at half speed, so I’ll just get all gangsta in the gym tomorrow and make up for it. I figure I’ll be that much more off when I do check that out. A funny thing me and my basketball buddies laugh about. This Thursday as you all know, is the greatest day of the year. NBA Draft. You’ll be so sick of that day by the time this week is over with my hype running down your throats, but oh well. So you have the new guys coming into the league to be drafted. They go through a lot of tests and agility drills to distinguish theirselves from their peers. One thing they do at the combines (organized drills) is to see how many times they can bench press 185 pounds ( While Emeka Okafor showed off his roids by doing it 22 times, most weren’t as fortunate. Shaun Livingston, although a string bean at 6’7/186lbs, couldn’t get it one time. You have to be kidding me. I know these are high school kids for the most part who probably don’t even workout much, but you’re about to enter a game of men. Or as Mekhi Phifer would say, “I’m a grown ass man.” Or how about this funny? Peter Ramos, who is a giant at 7’3”/260 was so buff, that he did it twice! Ooooh! Tough guy! I know tall guys really have it rough on the bench (most of your huge benchers are short dudes with short arms), but come on. You’re about to do battle with $haq who is going to eat you for breakfast. It’s pretty sad when a guy my size can hang with some of these big kids in this department. I’ve never tried recently, but I could get 185 for around 12 I’m guessing off the top of my head.

Now it’s time for another movie review. You got one yesterday, so you get some more today! After I watched Euro Trip last, I was online till 6:30. So I had to have something to kill my time with. Lo and behold, Big Cork writes me and tells me that a Van Damme movie was about to start on USA. Yes! How better to end boredom that Van Damme kicking some guys’ heads off with vicious spin kicks? The movie was In Hell (The Savage) and it wasn’t one of his bests to be honest. This is probably the biggest beating Van Damme has taken in any movie, easily. Usually he’ll get kicked around a little, only to dominate. But for the first part of the movie, he got whipped. But a note to learn. Never ever evarrr get Van Damme mad in a movie. After that I watched How High on USA. It cracks me up to watch movies censored just to see what they bleep out or what they can show. Another funny movie here, even though I’ve seen it before, but it’s quality. What other movie can you see that has Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell fame smoking it up? That’s what I thought. Then this evening I watched Miracle. What an unbelievable movie. It’s about 2:15 or so in length, but don’t let that spoil your fun. It’s a great movie for all ages and you might even shed some tears in this one. It’s the story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team and even if you’re not a hockey fan, trust me, pick this one up. It’s awesome and better win some awards.

The rest of my day? Before watching Miracle, I battled in pong as I like to do. Clark (C-Money) and his girl Carrie came over to play. I told Clark that pong is like riding a bike. It doesn’t take long to get back into the flow of thangs and he figured that out. He played pretty good and I was impressed with how well Carrie played too. In my area at least, chicks don’t play pong, let alone actually be competitive. When we were in college, we played all the time at school. There was this girl that we notoriously dubbed “Pong Chick” since she could hang with the guys. She’s even unlike some guys and will play smashmouth pong, the way I like to play. The spin game is fine and dandy, but bring on the power for me. Stand back and bring it with some anger and aggression. Much more fun that way. If you missed the conclusion to my girl Jenn’s story of her brother eating a 64 ounce steak and want to know how he did, check out the comment board under yesterday’s post for her story. It’s a good one.

Rapper: Kurtis Blow – Song: AJ Scratch – Album: Ego Trip

Grandmaster Flash,Affikaa Bambaatta
Starsky,Spoonie Gee and Run DMC
Gotta realize that he goes way back
And now he's down with the king
And we could never be whack
So just kick off you shoes and relax your feet
And rock to the rhythm of the Kurtis Blow beat
Yes,yes,y'all and just shake butt
Because AJ is gonna cut it up

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Prime Rib

Today's winner of who gets to pick my Blog title for the day when I'm lost and can't think of any good ones.. In IRC speak, teh winnar is Mustang!

Here we go again. It’s weekend time, yet everyday is a weekend for me now that summer is here and I get to be a bum. Summer has been going great so far. No pressure at all and I can do what I want. Not that I don’t during the year, but it sure beats waking up at 6 in the morning. Instead, that’s when I’m going to bed now on most nights. Last night (or should I say this morning?) I rolled in at 7:00 AM. Yes, the moral of this story is that I’m an idiot. Around 10:30, my boy Clark ( calls up and Mom wakes me out of bed. Usually she wouldn’t, but she figured it was important. Clark calls from the local flea market and says he’s looking at a table that has all kinds of old school Nintendo games for cheap. Since I have most of the classics, there wasn’t anything I really could think of off the top of my head that I definitely needed. I know I was in a total COMA during that phone call though. I was half asleep as I was talking and I’m sure Clark picked up on that one. I go back to bed and finally wake up a bit before 3:00.

So I sit down to watch the Yankees game against the Dodgers on FOX. A nice series here, as it’s straight up old school 1950s style as the legendary teams do battle. About half of this one I got to see on TV and the other half I listened to on the radio on the way to dinner. Before that, I had to get my run in for the day, as this now makes 9 out of the last 10 days that I’ve ran. Run Forrest! Runnnnn! Not too shabby, so hopefully that keeps up. I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, with great workouts, my stretching going as good as ever, and slacking down on eating sugar and things like that. By the way, the Yanks even up the series with the Dodgers today with a 6-2 win. Winning pitcher was rookie Brad Halsey. Kid is 23 years old and even I can grow more facial hair than him, and that doesn’t say much. Right now though, I’m trying a new tactic. I’m going with what me and my buddies call the Razor Ramon beard (after the famed wrestler), which is basically a 2-day old beard on every other guy, which takes me a week to grow. Combine that with the Matt Hardy look (a current wrestler) who has the groomed up beard with the little thin deal going. I’m sure that confused everyone, but just skip over that.

Then I go to take my parents out to eat for Father’s Day. Well, for Dad anyways, but you know how it goes. For the locals, we go to Oliverio’s. We walk in and the place is jam packed and a ton of people waiting. Forget that mess. My Dad is the most impatient person ever, and I’m not far behind, so we decided to Roll Out like Ludacris and head to another joint. The next stop was the Clique Club, which has some quality steaks and some of the best salads around. I loaded up on a salad, garlic bread, 16oz prime rib, and a baked potato. My Dad is the steak guy of the family, something he could eat every single day. Sort of like I am with spaghetti and the like. But when a good prime rib comes along, I like going that route a lot when I eat out. I eat enough Italian at home.. A story from a friend of mine, Jenn (Seth McClung’s ex for the baseball fans who know her by that), was that she was going with her brother this weekend to see him get his name up on some esteemed plaque at a restaurant. What’s he have to do? He has to eat a 64oz steak (it’d take me 3 weeks to eat that) and 2 sides. That’s hardcore, but dude is like 6’5”/260 and all jacked out, so I figure he might be able to do it. Some 19 year old chick supposedly did it not long ago, which blew my mind. I’ll stay with my 16oz and be happy, heh.

After that, I began to get bored at home, so I figured it was time to hit up some DVDs at the movie place. What’d I rent tonight? I went with Euro Trip and Miracle. At the time I type this, I just got done watching Euro Trip and haven’t seen Miracle yet. I was really impressed with Euro Trip. Seeing the previews, they hype it up as this big party movie where chicks are getting naked every 5 seconds. Don’t let that fool you. I didn’t think the movie would have a storyline and it’d be so stupid that it’d be funny to watch (if that makes sense). Totally opposite. Sure, it’s definitely not the movie you want to watch with the parents. It’s not rated, so it has the nakedness all over, but the storyline is pretty good and the actors do a good job. It’s worth a pickup I think. So it’s not just a porn type movie with no plot. Not porn so to speak in that sense, but me and my buddies just say that to categorize anything naked together. Weird huh? Oh well, go get this movie. Miracle I’ve heard nothing but good things about and have been wanting to rent this one now for a few weeks. For those in a closet, it’s the movie on the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team that went nuts and beat the Russians. I figure I’ll save that one until tomorrow.

Hey Bec, if you didn’t see my response in my comments on yesterday’s post about the album downloads, check that out. Let me know if you need help on that and as you know, I’m easy to find. And yes, that’s a cheap plug for you guys to drop some comments in here. Check around, because you just may see some advice from The Bootyologist known as DerekHood ( He’s officially taken that title away from Ja Rule of Real World San Diego. It wouldn’t be a Blog if I didn’t hype up my buddies’ stories from time to time. That’s what I’m here for.

Father’s Day tomorrow for anyone still in a coma. Be back soon for that one..

"Where the hell do all these Dudley's come from? Is there a Dudley farm?"- WWE Announcer Jim Ross after the debut of Spike Dudley

Friday, June 18, 2004

Live From E-Town

This Blog could be tough to write, but I don’t back down, so we’ll pull something off here. It’s been an uneventful past 2 days. Imagine that one here in Shinnston. Still. I’ll make this bad boy interesting for your reading pleasure as I always try to do. Thursday nights are horrible for TV, ugh. What am I going to watch on Thursday nights anymore? I don’t get WWE SmackDown in my area (never have; can’t even have the option of picking it up on satellite), network TV I don’t have upstairs in my room (need to get that soon), and that about sums it up. Last night I did watch one of my favorite all time South Park episodes though. Since it was from this past season, I don’t think it’s fair to consider it my favorite of all time, but it’s surely up there. Which episode was this you ask? It’s the one where people from the future come and take the workers of South Park’s jobs. And you get the rednecks from South Park saying all throughout the show in their neck accents, “Deeey tookkk awwwwrrrr jaaawwwwbbbbs!” I guess you had to see it to know how good it really is. Download this episode online, it’s worth the time.

For the rest of the night I don’t think I accomplished anything. I downloaded the Paris Hilton Sex Tapes (I’m slacking way behind on these) to see what it was like. I get it all downloaded, run it, and I get nothing but audio and no video. That’s no fun. Doh! I’ve never had them till now, what’s up with that? From what I hear, it’s not worth it anyways, but everyone still gets curious. I guess I’m a slacker, but Paris doesn’t do it for me for at all. If she wasn’t 75 pounds, then possibly, but anorexic chicks aren’t what I’m after. Have a little bit of ghetto in ya. Yep, we talk about it all here. Sports, chicks, TV shows, my working out schedule, and whatever else goes down. That’s why you’re part of the madhouse, you just can’t get enough. It sucks you in and now you’re stuck reading this thing every single day. Glad to have ya aboard though of course. Speaking of dirty chicks, I’ll just continue on with my daily chick rant. Dirty Aguilera isn’t so dirty anymore. At the MTV Movie Awards and a few other recent shots, she’s cleaned herself up a bit. And I was always her biggest critic. She (at least in her pics) doesn’t have 75 piercings and looks halfway normal. I’m pretty impressed actually. Bet you didn’t think I’d say that Dirty was actually clean. Well, she’s still the dirty you can’t clean off, but on the surface, she’s fairly clean now if that makes sense if ya feel me.

Rolled into bed around 4:45 last night, which is pretty early for me during the summer. I set my alarm for noon (in the summer, imagine that for me) since I had a fairly big day planned. Went to get buff around 1:00 or so. I was so sore from Wednesday’s workout that it wouldn’t have been a good idea to do Chest and Shoulders today like usual. So I made sure to really hit my arms hard today, as I busted out the Biceps and Triceps. Preacher Curls, Dumbbell Curls, Tricep Extensions, Tricep Push-Downs, and Dips. That’s today’s exercises in a nutshell. Not that anyone cares, but you get that added information free of charge. Then I got my daily running in, nothing to mention there. Jammed to some Cam’ron as I ran today.

Then it was time to gear up for the big shopping trip. We were going to take Dad out tonight for dinner, but he decided to go golfing anyways. I paid for his golf trip for the day and let him go on his way. So Mom was with me to do some shopping. I got Mom some shoes for her birthday (next Tuesday) and Dad also some shoes for Father’s Day. I’m sure I’ll get them more, but you’ll have that. For myself, I loaded up on some new pimpin boxers, a CD player so we can have when we’re battling in pong, and a nice pair of Nike Crocodile Slide sandals that are way comfy. Then we went to the best Mexican place around my area, El Rincon. I had to load up with a cheese quesadilla (the greatest), an enchilada, and some Mexican rice (which rivals Chinese Pork Fried Rice, but not quite).

Earlier tonight I watched the Buccos lose a heartbreaker to the Angels. It was a battle though and a fun one to watch. I watch way more Bucs games since they are in my area than I get to of my Yanks. With my Yanks it’s the most money lauded team in the business. The Bucs might be the cheapest, so I get a drastic change there. You have to pull for the underdog at times and the Bucs try their hardest with the talent they have. They always give it their all. But then.. the night changed! Beavis was on once again on MTV2. Thanks for that. Me and Bono of #basketball fame rocked out to watching the greatest show evarrr.. I won’t even argue that one. We got a few hours worth as MTV2 is grateful for showing it to us on a regular basis. Not much is better than Beavis. Not even porn.

So, that leaves us with late Friday night to figure out something to do. I’m starving right now, so I’m getting out of here and finding me some food to get all up in. I’ll speak to you all tomorrow. Have a great one. Holla back in the comments.

“False for two reasons. 1, I have no desire to look back. I like to look forward. 2, Equally as important, because if I wrote my life story, nobody would fucking believe it!”- Wrestling genius, Paul Heyman when asked if he plans to write a book.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

4:00 AM Ping Pong

Yep, we’re back again, so get the horses ready, for it’s time to Cowboy Up. What kind of ride are we in for today? Let’s begin as I normally like to do, and that’s from the end of my last posting. I’ll start this post with Half Baked. If you read Cork’s post or my post in Lobstah about it, you already know my thoughts. I’m probably the last person out there not to see this movie and I wish I did a while ago. For as great as Dave Chappelle is, and he was in this movie, the thing that made it for me was Goat Boy. Who’s Goat Boy? Goat Boy from Saturday Night Live fame. I haven’t watched SNL since Norm left, but is Goat Boy still around there? What’s he up to? Anyways, Goat Boy is Jim Breuer and he’s straight up hilarious. As mentioned in former posts or in Cork’s Blog (, we’re wondering why Goat Boy never made it big. He’s one of those guys who you can just look at the camera and I bust out laughing. Anyways, if you’re slacking on this movie like I was, you need to hop aboard and watch it soon.

After me and Cork watched Half Baked, we went out to my garage for some late night ping pong action. We’re getting our money’s worth out of this table already, as we’ve had some mean games brewing. A nice setup too, other than the garage being hot all summer, but oh well. We played till 4:00 in the morning last night and by the time we were done, after probably 20 games, we were ringing wet with sweat. The non-pong players have no idea you sweat if you play it seriously. It’s not a game where you just stand there and hit it back and forth like little kids. Lots of strategy to it and it gives you a pretty good workout. So I had a shower at like 4:15 or something. Don’t get too many showers that late at night (morning?), but it was cool to get so fresh and so clean twice in the day.

I almost forgot about what I did before Half Baked. I had to gear up to watch the new season of The Newlyweds. No clue why I’m into these teeny bopper shows, but for some reason, a lot of us are into that one. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I admit it’s good entertainment to watch how dumb the Simpson sisters are. First, on Newlyweds, nothing too major went down, but it was still ok. A buddy of Simpson’s came over from Texas and didn’t have a place to live. So they said she could stay there for a bit. Next week tension builds though as Nick wants her kicked out of the house. Give her the boot! I just want it to happen to see some drama go down. Also, on this week’s episode it was during March Madness and Nick is a huge Cincy Bearcats fan. He had his Cincy gear on during the games and got all superstitious of where he sat and what he wore, etc. Just was funny to see him flip out when the game got close. Then again, all of us guys do that one. And for Ashlee Simpson’s show, I’ll just call her Little Simpson from now on. I had no idea she was 19. I thought she was a lot younger than that. My verdict is still out or not to whether she’s hot or not. My buddies aren’t big on her at all, but I’m not putting her out for the count quite yet. Sometimes she can look brutal from the little I’ve seen of her, while others, she’s looked real nice. Who knows, who knew?

Which brings me to a side topic. As The Rock would say, for the millions and miiiillllions of chicks I have reading this Blog (or so I wish), what’s the deal with caking yourself with makeup? I don’t get that one. Outside of Real World Mugshot Jamie ( and Makeup Jamie being two totally different people, I’m personally not big on makeup at all. Maybe I’m weird on that one, so guys and girls alike can weigh in on this one. I’m pretty low maintenance for what I like a girl to wear and such. As less amount of makeup possible on them (none would be fine with me), long hair, some glasses can be real good, and something comfy like thuggin sweat pants. That’d do it for me for sure. Well, unless the girl was wearing a Larry Bird jersey. In that case, I wouldn’t be able to handle all of these hormones built up. It’d be madness, but girls wearing a Bird jersey don't exist. Or at least not in my area, doh!. But seriously, less makeup please.

A little update on my chat programs that I use online.. You can reach me on AOL Instant Messenger (DruDown894), MSN Messenger (, Yahoo Messenger (edbeegus), and last but not least, pure old school in ICQ (Bird33; #6107079). I know not many use ICQ anymore, but it’s worth checking out the new version. All of the chat programs are fairly similar now anyways, but ICQ like everything else, has cam options, icons, etc. So be sure to hit me up on all of those if you can. I’m easy to find.

Sorry I get on a tangent and like to write so much on these things. I’ve always liked to write, so I guess that’s not going to change. Hopefully it’s an interesting few minutes out of your day’s time and I’ll do my best to talk about all sorts of things from my life in ghetto streets of Shinnston. Nothing huge today really so far.. Woke up at 2:15 after going to bed at 6:00. Then I battled Dad in ping pong and afterwards got my run on.. Got me a shower and Cork came over to watch some BET and I, Max. Then I roll out to go to the funeral home to see a neighbor lady. Now I’m here watching the Pirates battle the Angels. A great pitching duel so far and it doesn’t get much better than that for me. Forget the football scores in the American League. I like NL style of play, even though my favorite team (Yanks) plays for the AL. Go figure. Be back soon with more madness!

"Is there, like, maids for, like, celebrities?"- Jessica Simpson

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Story Of 7 Strangers.. Who Live In A House...

Hump Day, here we are again. We have a lot to get off the slate today, so let's start off without anything holding us back. Last night was Game 5 of the Lakers/Pistons series. If you've kept up to date on my posts, you know that I didn't give the Pistons any hope whatsoever. I love to eat my words when it comes to the Lakers losing though, so I don't mind losing that prediction. Hey Ashlee, I guess I should've listened to your prediction. The lesson learned as usual, you're always right. LA should've been swept this series if it wasn't for Detroit blowing a 4-point lead with 47 seconds to go and Kobe turning into God down the stretch in clutch time. Sure, he didn't have a great series, but I still consider him the best in the game. Hats off to Detroit though, as they brought the title back to the East where it belongs. And a bigger congrats to former Celtic, Chauncey Billups for taking home the MVP. Way to go Boston for letting him slip out of your hands when you didn't think he could play in his early days in the league. Now what happens to the Lakers next season? For one, Kobe, Malone, and Payton are all free agents. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that Kobe comes back. I say $haq steps up and convinces him to come back, even though the media wants us to think these guys rumble. Payton just needs a totally new system to where he can run and gun. I don't think he's done yet, I just feel this system is totally not his game. Malone was banged up, something he never had happen in his entire career. Even though he's an old man over 40, he's still the best built guy in the game arguably and works hard. We'll see..

Real World last night and it's gearing down to a close. 3 more weeks to go. Well, 2 after last night. What went down last night you ask? Well, it's my job to tell ya. One segment had the crew working on the boat. Robin and Cam didn't want to work that day (imagine that from those two bums) so they decided to "accidentally" fall off into the water. Thus, their reasoning was that they'd have to go home and change, and not have to work the rest of the day. It was obvious and everyone knew what they did. But they did get the day off work. I figure their bosses knew what was up, but they were just happy not to have these two crybabies on the ship that day. Another part of the show dealt with Ja Rule and his Mom. His Mom came to visit and she's a cool lady. Ja is an intelligent dude and laid back compared to the rest of the cast and you can see where he got it from. He did break down to Jamie and admitted that he's all FIRED UP that he never had a father figure as a kid. He's talked to his Dad a few times in his life and said he had nothing to do with him. It was bugging him, so eventually he had to call his Dad and lay the law down. The call went good and they're supposed to meet up in the future to hang. Next week drama erupts. Yes! That's what this show is all about. The new dude Charlie costs the crew 5 days of pay. If one person is late, even by 1 minute, nobody gets their pay for the day. This week they were late and Cam was freaking out, but Brad had to let her know her role and he tore into her when they got in the car. Yelling and screaming Brad is one of my all time favorite Real World characters. Next week has something to do with Charlie's chick coming (or so I gathered from the preview) to stay, so he must wanted to get some rather than going to work.

Last night before the game and Real World was on, I watched some BET as I normally do everynight. I had Access Granted on last night and they had a cool segment with Ludacris. This high school senior wrote him a letter asking him if he’d take her to the Prom. Nobody else asked her out and all of her friends had dates. She’s a girl in a wheelchair and Luda stepped up to the plate. During the day, they let this girl go to rich boy stores and buy whatever jewelry and clothes she wanted. Then Luda hooked her up with a big limo. At the dance, everyone else got 2 pictures taken at the most with their dates, but this chick and Luda took over 50. Not too often do you get to see rappers in the light like this, so even though their lyrics might be mean, some actually care about people too. It’s a good segment for those who want to catch that this week.
Since last night’s NBA game was the end all, giving the Pistons the trophy, that could only mean one thing. It was the #basketball annual get together after the Finals. In years past, we rocked the joint out after a Finals was clinched. Our record was held in 1997 when we had 49 people packed in the madhouse. 1998 was a close 2nd with 48, while the rest of the way out we had 30 in 1999, 26 in 2000, 27 in 2001, 25 in 2002, 16 in 2003, and a lowly 12 in 2004. But with those 12, we still were jamming right along, so thanks to those who showed up this year. Time for a cheap plug. Download mIRC at and get on Undernet’s server. Then step foot into the madhouse of #basketball. If you need help getting on, let me know, as new people are always welcome. And yes, those Finals numbers, for some reason I write that down every year. Just one of the weird things I keep organized, but it’s fun, so I do it. Last night between Derek, ManDingo, Cork, and myself, we had a little trivia action going on. #basketball was the best back in the day when we had trivia nights and everyone competed hardcore. ManDingo asked us to name the 16 active pitchers with 150 or more wins. This was tougher than it sounded, but we eventually got them all without looking anything up.

More CDs added to the collection today. Me and Cork teamed up again to crack out some more full albums. Today we got 6, count em 6. We bring to the plate today such classics as Mike Jones’ Ice Age, Hydro & G-Ron’s Illegal Procedures (great stuff here), RZA’s As Bobby Digital In Stereo, Lil Ken’s Str8 Out Tha Stable, Mark G’s Muthafuckin Boda, and Pimp C’s Live From Harris County Jail. Granted, a few of these we haven’t heard of, but that’s the beauty of downloading stuff. Might as well see what it’s like. If it’s rap, it can’t be half bad.

Earlier today I got a big workout in. I switched the routine up somewhat, but not too crazy. I do Chest and Shoulders every other day. On one of those days, I’ll put back with Chest and Shoulders. And the next, I’ll put Biceps and Triceps. So I’m doing Back, Biceps, and Triceps every 5 days, with Chest and Shoulders every other day. Legs I get in with my running routine. Today was the first day I’ve taken off of that. I’ve went 6 straight days pretty hard, but my shins are sore from running the track, so I’ll get it going again tomorrow. And Abs I’ll do every other day as well, with me doing my stretching and splits every single day, but that’s a home. On the bench, I can’t compete with the guys I lift with since they’re huge, but I was proud of myself for getting up 225 today 3 times real easy. I could’ve tried for more, but didn’t want to burn out the rest of my workout today.

We got our new ping pong balls delivered today, so that was good times. We can tell a difference already from the junker balls we had leftover, so we were due. And yes, there’s a big difference between a good 3-star ball and a piece of junk 1-star ball. After that, I tore into some homemade rigatoni and meatballs. Doesn’t get much better than that. Now the rest of the night? I’m watching the Bucs do battle with the Angels right now, so that’s always fun times. Then at 10:00 I gear up to The Newlyweds. Yeah, I’m a sucker for that show, say what you want. And at 10:30, I’ll check out Little Simpson to see how dumb she is. Probably won’t be interesting, but what else do I have to watch tonight? Then around 1:30, Cork Dizzle comes over for some movie action. I’ve never seen Half Baked before (yeah, I’m probably the only one), so we’re going to be all over that tonight with some Doritos next to me.

"If that guy were healthy he'd hit 80 home runs."- Carl Yastremzki on Mickey Mantle

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Keep It On The Low

I'll start off with where I ended yesterday. I was gearing up to watch RAW at that time, my favorite thing to do all week. Was it a good show? Derek, if you're reading this before you watched your tape, this is your spoiler warning and just skip to the next paragraph immediat plz. We got our money's worth at least. The show last night was 2.5 hours long! That's what I'm after. The opening segment had JR call HBK and HHH to the ring to shake hands. Kane interrupts, beats down HBK, and runs HHH out. Then Kane puts a chair on HBK's neck and stomps on it from the ropes, having HBK bleed all over the place. First match was Lita and Matt Hardy defeating Trish and Tomko with a Lita DDT. La Resistance kept their belts against Hurricane and Rosey as Conway held Rosey's feet as Sylvan got the pin.. Lita finds out she is pregnant. Ugh, only in wrestling. And her boyfriend Matt Hardy doesn't know yet. Some storyline.. Gail Kim and Molly beat down Nidia and Kiebler by submission. And our main event? This was where it all went down. Not many matches tonight due to a lot of talking segments (more wrestling!), but the main event went about 45 minutes. The show didn't end till around 11:30, which was sweetness. What was the main event? Jericho, Edge, and Benoit took on Flair, Batista, and Orton in a 6-Man Elimination Tag Match. Everyone got their moves in during this match, as most of the guys in the ring are good workers. Flair still puts on a show even if he is ancient, he's the still the man. The end happens when Benoit had Orton tapping to the Sharpshooter.

After wrestling was over, I hung out on here for a while. And at 1:00 I roll down to my church. We have a perpetual adoration chapel for everyone in the area. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, someone is always in there. Probably seems weird if you don't have one in your area, but it's really peaceful and you can go in and pray and just relax. People from all over come to it, so that makes things pretty neat. I was there for about an hour last night, getting my daily Bible reading in. You know how it goes. Hey Aly, your comment in your post yesterday had me cracking up good, so it's worth a post in my Blog as well: "ED AND I ARE THE PIMPEST CATHOLICS EVER!" After that, I come home to be online till around 5:00. By the way, 2 more PB&J sandwiches last night.

Today (Tuesday) is highlighted by a haircut. Most of you who have known me for a while know about my barber. We pay for the experience by my barber. He's not good at cutting hair, but that doesn't seem to bother many people. To set the scene, he's an Italian dude around 60 who throws f-bombs around like it's his job. The phone was ringing like crazy today and that made it great. The first call and he has to stop cutting my hair and says, "What the fuck?". Then he gets to chop chop chopping away again, and the phone rings again. "What the fuck is going on here?!" At this point he starts to get fired up that he has to take time out of his day to answer phones to get him more appointments. Go figure. And a third call is this guy who wanted a haircut right now for him and his son. Well, you don't make demands with my barber. He couldn't fit him in today, so he told the dude to come tomorrow. He hangs the phone up and spits out this one to me, "That guy thinks this is Wal-Mart! Go to Wal-Mart for a haircut if you want it RIGHT NOW! Fuck that! It doesn't work like that down here now does it?" Of course I just sit there and take it in, agreeing with him and letting him go off on the next topic. The old legends come in just to hang and get my barber all fired up about something. Another haircut trip well spent.

After my haircut, I do battle in ping pong with my Dad. We played whoever won 5 games first was the champ for the day. We battled right down to the wire, as I won 5-4. I was up 3 games to 1 and almost blew it. The last game's score was 21-19, so it was hardcore. I was ringing wet after that, but it's the best I've played in a while. I was hitting my power shots as good as ever and my backhand is getting respectable. A new shot I've developed is a forehand spike to the backhand side of who I'm playing against. It looks like it's going in the other direction, but it has some good hooking action with some crazy power to give it a nice effect. That leaves the guy I'm playing wide open a lot, which is what I'm after. Just crank on it on by with power. Spin and slow down play is not my game, so I'm going down fighting. And while I'm done playing, it's time to sand down my wooden paddle to be smooth like a baby. No rubber at all on this beast.

Tonight it's Real World time. With only 3 weeks to go, that puts a tear in my eye. What will I do on Tuesday nights now? Who knows. But tonight will be the first real episode that the new dude (Charlie) will be part of the cast, as Frankie is at home making a crackhead out of herself. And tomorrow night is another season of The Newlyweds. Yeah, I must be weird, but I watch this stupid show every week it's on. The reason is to see how stupid Simpson will be each time I tune in, plus it can't hurt to look at her either. Her sister's show is on after that. How's she worthy of a show? I'll probably end up watching that stupid thing too.

So I'll leave you all until next time. Tomorrow (if I don't update late tonight) should be a Real World review, talk about tonight's Lakers game (a Pistons win will clinch the title, but I don't see it happening), and whatever goes down in The Madhouse Of Bird33.

"The real tragedy is that there are some ignorant brothers out here. That's why I'm not on this all white or all black shit. I'm on all real or all fake shit with people, whatever color you are. The same niggaz that did Malcolm X, the same niggaz that did Jesus Christ, every brother ain't a brother. They will do you. So just because it's black, don't mean it's cool. And just because it's white, don't mean it's evil."- 2Pac

Monday, June 14, 2004

Flawless Victory!

To take a line from Mortal Kombat, I have to brag that I went undefeated yesterday in my WWE Bad Blood predictions. That doesn't happen often, so I wanted to start today's Blog out with that piece of information. My thoughts on last night's show? I'll quickly go in order of the card and then get into something else for the non-wrestling fans. La Resistance retains the belts by DQ when Kane ran down to give Benoit the Big Boot. Chalk one up for me! Second match was Jericho over Tomko. Trish tried to interfere, but the plan backfired and Y2J did his thang. Next match was a good one and it had Randy Orton keeping his IC Title over Benjamin. A pretty good match here from two youngsters, finished by the man Ric Flair helping Orton out for the win. Chicks 4-Way Match, ugh. Trish wins, in what I think was my best pick of the night, as it wasn't that obvious. Eugene went over Coach. Not much to talk about here. This is getting uneventful, so I'll just say that Benoit defended the World Title against Kane.. Now the reason I wanted to write about last night's show. HBK and HHH put on one epic show. 47 minutes they were in the Hell In A Cell. Both of these guys took a killer beating and have to be in bad shape today. Should be interesting to see if they're at RAW. They were both bleeding like pigs and deserve a standing ovation from me for what was a great match.

Again, I kept my peanut butter and jelly sandwich streak alive last night. I put down 3 again in one sitting and it didn't fill me up, but oh well. I was on here till 6:00 last night and didn't really accomplish much. I basically listened to the rap station on DirecTV, while talking to Cork, DerekHood, and Aly. That about sums up my night there. Last night I did download some Masta Killa (member of the Wu-Tang Clan). His new one came out earlier this month and I was behind on getting that one. It's called No Said Date and it's pretty good stuff. It features RZA and ODB on it. Good to see ODB back on a Wu CD, as he's been doing his own thang after getting out of the pokey.

Even going to bed at 6:00, I wake up at 11:30. I had to get my buffness worked on and get a run in before a dentist appointment. A decent workout, but nothing major to brag about today. As far as running, the past 4 days I've done treadmill work. Today I went to my high school's track to switch it up a bit. That's a huge difference. I'd much rather do it on a treadmill because when I run on a track, my shins and knees take a beating. So I figure from here on out (for the most part) I'll be running on the treadmill. That's 5 days straight of running, so I'm off to a good start.

Then at 3:10 I had a dentist appointment, ugh. Not fun times at all there. Last week I had 2 fillings done on the right side of my mouth. Today I get 3, count em 3, done on my left side. Yeah, I eat way too much candy and sugar stuff, so I should learn my lesson after all of these years huh? And even when I have a hot chick dentist assistant working on my teeth, it still sucks to go to the dentist. So now half of my face is all numb and I can't eat for a while. That's brutal when you're all hungry.

I have to get all geared up for RAW, which is 3 hours away. Not a monstrous Blog today, but sometimes not much excitement happens in E-Town. Imagine that. :)

R.I.P. Ralph Wiley. For those who don't know, Wiley was a member of ESPN and wrote some great articles on Page 2. He also was on SportsCenter a good bit with a segment that he told it like it was. He was 52 when he passed away last night while watching the Pistons and Lakers game, which I would've guessed to be a lot younger actually, but never afraid to tell what was on his mind.

Rapper: Ma$e -- Song: Welcome Back
See the names have all changed since I been around
But the game ain't the same since I left out
Ooh you know we need ya, ooh you know we need ya
Right here's where we need ya, right here's where we need ya
Welcome back..
Welcome back, welcome back, that thug's back (You know you like that)

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Tennis Action & WWE Bad Blood Preview

So here I am, waking up at 2:00. I looked at my clock this morning (err.. afternoon) and could've slept longer, but I had stuff to do like get online all day. Like I don't do that enough, but oh well. Anyways, last night before playing some night tennis, I downloaded a few more CDs. It's getting the point where I'm downloading rappers I've never even heard of before. If I go through a list and like their name, I'll give it a try. How about this one for example from last night? Gangsta Lou! Yep, the infamous Gangsta Lou who sells so many albums. And the title of this CD of his that I got is called Almost Famous. There's 19 tracks on this beast, so what can it hurt me to get it for free? It adds to the collection. And who can I compare this guy to? Hmm.. Tough to say, but I'm going to compare his voice somewhat to T.I. or Cassidy. He has a few names with him on this CD, such as Cam'ron and Bang Em Smurf (of 50's In Da Club fame), but that's it that I can recognize. He's pretty mean though if you're into that kind of rap. I haven't heard the entire thing yet, but so far so good. And a song I'm listening to now has a lyric mentioning basketball 3-point shooting legend, whitey Steve Kerr. I figure that's the first Steve Kerr has been in a rap song. I can't be positive of that, but I like my chances in that bet.

After downloading some stuff, I hung out on here the rest of the night waiting on Cork to get off work so we could battle in night tennis. Great chat last night Tatapatch. That was some good stuff, hah. I just got that bubble gum smelling candle on Friday night and it doesn't look like it'll last too long on me the way I've been burning it. So far, the house is still standing, but I believe I'm hooked on these things now, especially if it makes stuff smell like blueberry bubble gum.

Around 11:30, Cork speeds by and picks me up for some tennis time. Night tennis is some great stuff. The weather outside was nice, probably 65 or so when we played. So we roll to Bridgeport and play on the "rain courts". What's that you ask? Well, let's say it's raining and stops 5 minutes before we play. We can play immediately after that. Or even during the rain I guess, but we've never tried that one. The best I can describe the court is that it's a type of hard plastic with little squares all over it so the water can go into it. It sounds like it'd be a horrible tennis playing surface, but it feels the same as a regular court to me. We're big on this setup and usually the court where we play the most at. Bridgeport is about 20 minutes away from the mean streets of Shinnston by the way. Also with us is a chick that Cork is buddies with and a dude that Cork went to school with. I knew the guy, but didn't even recognize him since the last time I saw him since he used to be a crazy fat boy back when I remembered him. Now he's like a totally different dude, so that's cool to know. And even though most (not everyone) chicks can't play tennis at all (not being biased, just when they're out there laying with guys, they're not as physical), how bad can it be to see them dressed in nothing out there bouncing around? I thought so too. The dude was pathetic too at playing, seemed like a good guy, but I'm glad that me and Cork had our court and didn't have to play doubles with them. It would've been a long night chasing all of the balls they were hitting around. Me and Cork suck too, but at least we can get some hitting going on fairly well. And last night we the best volley I've ever had playing tennis. It would've looked good on TV. The rest of our game sure wouldn't have, hah, but for that volley, we looked like seasoned veterans. I ran as good as ever last night and felt pretty good. My back didn't cramp up and I was ready to go a while longer if I had to.

We decided against the Denny's trip afterwards. A lot of times we'll go in there all dirty and not care, but tonight we just wanted to get home. I get home and get a shower around 2:30 and then prepare to eat. I load up on 3, count em 3, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Thanks to ManDingo and Derek talking about them the other night in #basketball, I do believe I'm hooked. I've been missing out all these years, so I have to catch up. And the sad part is that I ate 3 and it didn't fill me up. Not that there is anything to them though. And after thinking I'd be up all night, working out, running, and playing tennis yesterday took it's toll on me, I do the Ric Flair Strut to bed at pass out at 4:00.

Now to suit the wrestling fans. Tonight is WWE Bad Blood, a RAW production. I'm pretty excited about this lineup. Seven matches are announced so far. Will there be another one or so? Who knows, but let's get this preview on the way and rolling..

Our main event is going to be a bloodbath between two real good friends in real life, Triple H and Shawn Michaels "The Heartbreak Kid". It's a Hell In A Cell Match, which is the cage all the way around ring and a top in it. You've all seen clips of Mankind being thrown off the top of it by Undertaker in Pittsburgh, so this has potential to be a brutal match. And when these guys are together in a match, they turn it up a notch. I'm going with Triple H to win this one.. Our World Title Match features champion Chris Benoit taking on Kane. Kane getting a main event shot? Please. He stands no chance here. Benoit goes over easily.. Our Intercontinental Title Match features champion Randy Orton (the dude currently in my AIM icon for those wondering who that guy was) against Shelton Benjamin. I still think Benjamin is a little too green to get a belt, so Orton keeps the fame.. Tag Champions La Resistance take on Edge and Benoit. Yep, Benoit with 2 matches in one night. He's that good and it'll make the card look better. For some reason, I think the Frenchies keep the belts, with a possible Edge heel turn.. Women's Champion Victoria (mmm mmm) battles in a Fatal Fourway Match with Gail Kim, Lita, and Trish Stratus. This match probably will be bad, but I have Trish getting the belt.. Jericho battles Trish's bodyguard type guy, Tyson Tomko. Christian is hurt, so he gets to face Tomko. I see Jericho taking a beating, but having Tomko tap out like a wuss in the end.. And last, we have Eugene (his character is a retarded guy, no joke) taking on Coach. Coach will get embarrassed and Eugene will stay undefeated. I'm really looking forward to the Hell In A Cell, World Title Match, and IC Title Match. Sorry I went on a rant there, but the wrestling fans may appreciate it. The others I probably already lost.

Time to wait to run here in a bit, then gear up for the PPV. I'll be back late tonight or tomorrow to bore you guys again with another Blog. Until then, hold down the fort until I get back.

Rapper: Dru Down -- Song: Mista Busta -- Album: Can You Feel Me
This fo retaliation on the monkey tryin to talk about me
an folks on that tape and escape, too late
high blood pressure Dru Down
about to draw on that curved dome
need to be
put infront of the whole Oakland fire squad
let 'em start lettin loose
I bet then I'll hear your ass screamin truce
bad news
got lil kids and old folks talkin bout,
"Hey Dru!
You mean to tell me you ain't down wit TOO $HORT now?"
Never been
that's why I keeps breezy in the wind

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Let's begin from where we left off yesterday evening. After I ran and swept my garage out from getting drenched with the water getting in, I waited around till 7:30. At that point, Cork came to pick me up for a mini road trip to Bridgeport. Or is it Clarksburg? For the locals, I don't consider Eastpointe as Clarksburg, even though it technically is. I personally consider anything from Joyce Street and out as Clarksburg, and everything towards Eastpointe as Bridgeport. Yes, I'm weird..

Back to where everyone will understand what I'm talking about. The music for the ride was some Royce Da 5'9" action. If you don't know of him, he's a Detroit rapper who used to be buddies with D12, but no longer is. Still, Eminem and quite a few other big named rappers are on this CD. The album is Build And Destroy, which is a 2-disc set, and we were jamming the first one. We first stop at Video World. It's here that Cork has to pick up a movie for him to pimp one of his chicks with. He ends up getting Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and it got mixed reviews from him, as not being much of a scary movie when it was supposed to be. Then it's off to Wal-Mart, West Virginia's stop for boredom. Do big cities have a Wal-Mart? Is it only a redneck area type thing and not in the North? The 24-hour Super Wal-Mart rules though, and we get that one. At Wal-Mart, Cork finally caves into buying the Mach3 Power razor, based on my recommendation. After that, we head to the candle aisle. Yeah, you read that right. Two guys on a Friday night in Wal-Mart going to the candle aisle. We sure have a lot going on, hah.

Anyways, Cork wants some candles to keep some of the bugs out of his room since it's crazy hot in there and he doesn't have any air. I never knew they had some many different types of candles up there. This got me thinking that I wanted one as well. Not a great idea, since I'm sure I'm the type who will burn my house down with a candle, but we'll see how it goes. I pick up one called "Blueberry Parfait" from Poolside Pleasures. I got this one because it smells exactly like Blueberry Bubblicious gum ( If that doesn't get you going, nothing will. Some people like the smell of a fresh cool breeze in the morning, the smell of the beach, the smell of pimpin cologne or perfume on someone, or even the smell of gasoline. Gas does smell good, but there aren't too many better smells than some bubble gum loaded with sugar. And what would a Wal-Mart trip be without some fresh donuts. I've said it before, but Wal-Mart deli donuts are killer. And you can get them for crazy cheap too. Then after that, we roll home and Cork picks loads up on food at Subway. He didn't pull a Spank and get 5 of them, but maybe he's holding off on that one for tomorrow.

I didn't have much going on last night when I got home, or so I didn't think anyways. I step into the Madhouse known as #basketball and all hell breaks loose. We had most of our big chatters there last night and it was epic. For the record, a good late night #basketball chat can't be beat. It's even better than porn if you can believe that one. And what guy doesn't like porn? I always put little slogans together about the Madhouse, but my favorites are, "#basketball: Where legends are made" and "#basketball: It's even better than porn". It's true. We all thought it was in the late 90's era when #basketball was hopping with the best of them. We didn't have 30 guys running around in there, but still had a good crew of 12 or so. And when you get 12 or so of the best, it might as well like we had 30 in there. The crew last night and I hope I don't miss anyone here, but we rolled with DerekHood, Cork, ManDingo, TyLaw, Rahl, Jon, Bono, some dude who used to play football for Kent State, TMac, Morello, Kris3, and myself. And this will sound crazy, but I was in there for over 6 hours straight. I got out of my seat twice, once to wizz and once to make some food. Time flies when you're having fun and addicted to this stuff, heh. What did I make? I made a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on toast. It's probably been about 15 years since I've had a PB&J. I know, hard to believe. I eat regular PB sandwiches, but I must be too lazy to go all out with the PB&J combo. I learned my lesson last night though. I definitely need to make more of these late at night. We talk about it all in there as usual, especially when the crew is rounded up and we're there all night. Last night was NBA, NCAA Football, MLB Baseball, NCAA Baseball, food (always a good topic for guys who like to eat, especially when we do it late at night), me and Bono watched Beavis episodes for a few hours, and to end the madness, me and Derek watched BET UnCut from 3:00-4:00. Then I rolled into bed at 6:00.

That brings me into another topic. BET UnCut. For those of you who know us, we term this hour Porno Hour. Why's that? BET UnCut is basically a risky set of videos, usually way low budget. Stuff they could never show during the daytime and some of the videos really push the envelope. That's what makes it good. First, it's funny to laugh at how low budget some of these videos are. And secondly, you get to see some real nice thug black chicks, which don't exist in West Virginia, ugh. As the Boston Sports Guy would say, his theory is that the rappers lock these video chicks in a closet since we never see them out in public. But that's another story for another time. Some of the legends who have been with UnCut for a while? Mighty Casey, Wax-A-Million, Black Jesus, and Top Secret are the big low budget guys who bring it. Then you have commercial rap artist who also put up porn style videos every now and then such as Ludacris' P-Poppin' and Nelly's E.I. Tipdrill Remix, which might be the best in my opinion as far as what they get by with in this video. And if you don't know what a tipdrill is, you better check out this video. It's quality stuff, but only found on Porn Hour. A few nights a week, from 3:00-4:00 EST, you can hop aboard. Wednesday-Saturday night if I'm right on that. And what else do you have to watch at 3:00 in the morning other than infomercials? I thought so. So if you see me online during that time and you get BET, let me know what you think.

And new CDs added today? Best of Freeway (I'm stoked for this one) and Kochese Presents: Lloyd Banks vs Cassidy - Round 3 - The Final Chapter. Round 2 I have downloading now, so it should be done here in a few. And yes, I will put my CD List up here for those who don't get a chance to read my SubProfile on AOL Instant Messenger (DruDown894) or in Lobstah. The rest of the night? I'm waiting for Cork to get off work around 11:00 or so. Then we're battling in night tennis in the mean streets of Bridgeport. Usually the weather is nice when we play at midnight or after. It's not roasting too bad, but after some games, we'll be dripping. So we'll take our dirty selves to Denny's after that and fit right in with the drunks and strippers. Hold tight for the next updated Blog. Later guys.

Artist: Freeway Featuring Snoop Dogg -- Song: We Get Around -- Album: Philadelphia Freeway
Snoop (Verse 2):
I've been all around the wizzorld, I met a lot of gizzurls
Shaniqua, Kanika, Pizzearl, Shizzirl
Look, I can go on and on
Cause my game is strong, word is bond
Leave me a zone, no, leave me alone
See I'm up in the clizzub, banging the pizzubs
Tryin' to get some skizzirts, cause you know how I dizzoes
I'm real this this crippin' cause it's all in my blizzood
A lot of suckas wanna get us, but can't fuck with us
Cause we some real heavy hitters
'Nuff of that, cuff your ass, stuff your sack and bounce
Roc-A-Fella's in the motherfuckin' Dogghouse (Bon bon bon)
So you know, blow for blow, toe for toe
Chauffeur dough, matter of fact we can go hoe for hoe
(Get this on) And I bet you I beat you
Cause I keep a bundle of 'em that'll greet you, see you (Bon bon bon)
Then freak you