Monday, June 14, 2004

Flawless Victory!

To take a line from Mortal Kombat, I have to brag that I went undefeated yesterday in my WWE Bad Blood predictions. That doesn't happen often, so I wanted to start today's Blog out with that piece of information. My thoughts on last night's show? I'll quickly go in order of the card and then get into something else for the non-wrestling fans. La Resistance retains the belts by DQ when Kane ran down to give Benoit the Big Boot. Chalk one up for me! Second match was Jericho over Tomko. Trish tried to interfere, but the plan backfired and Y2J did his thang. Next match was a good one and it had Randy Orton keeping his IC Title over Benjamin. A pretty good match here from two youngsters, finished by the man Ric Flair helping Orton out for the win. Chicks 4-Way Match, ugh. Trish wins, in what I think was my best pick of the night, as it wasn't that obvious. Eugene went over Coach. Not much to talk about here. This is getting uneventful, so I'll just say that Benoit defended the World Title against Kane.. Now the reason I wanted to write about last night's show. HBK and HHH put on one epic show. 47 minutes they were in the Hell In A Cell. Both of these guys took a killer beating and have to be in bad shape today. Should be interesting to see if they're at RAW. They were both bleeding like pigs and deserve a standing ovation from me for what was a great match.

Again, I kept my peanut butter and jelly sandwich streak alive last night. I put down 3 again in one sitting and it didn't fill me up, but oh well. I was on here till 6:00 last night and didn't really accomplish much. I basically listened to the rap station on DirecTV, while talking to Cork, DerekHood, and Aly. That about sums up my night there. Last night I did download some Masta Killa (member of the Wu-Tang Clan). His new one came out earlier this month and I was behind on getting that one. It's called No Said Date and it's pretty good stuff. It features RZA and ODB on it. Good to see ODB back on a Wu CD, as he's been doing his own thang after getting out of the pokey.

Even going to bed at 6:00, I wake up at 11:30. I had to get my buffness worked on and get a run in before a dentist appointment. A decent workout, but nothing major to brag about today. As far as running, the past 4 days I've done treadmill work. Today I went to my high school's track to switch it up a bit. That's a huge difference. I'd much rather do it on a treadmill because when I run on a track, my shins and knees take a beating. So I figure from here on out (for the most part) I'll be running on the treadmill. That's 5 days straight of running, so I'm off to a good start.

Then at 3:10 I had a dentist appointment, ugh. Not fun times at all there. Last week I had 2 fillings done on the right side of my mouth. Today I get 3, count em 3, done on my left side. Yeah, I eat way too much candy and sugar stuff, so I should learn my lesson after all of these years huh? And even when I have a hot chick dentist assistant working on my teeth, it still sucks to go to the dentist. So now half of my face is all numb and I can't eat for a while. That's brutal when you're all hungry.

I have to get all geared up for RAW, which is 3 hours away. Not a monstrous Blog today, but sometimes not much excitement happens in E-Town. Imagine that. :)

R.I.P. Ralph Wiley. For those who don't know, Wiley was a member of ESPN and wrote some great articles on Page 2. He also was on SportsCenter a good bit with a segment that he told it like it was. He was 52 when he passed away last night while watching the Pistons and Lakers game, which I would've guessed to be a lot younger actually, but never afraid to tell what was on his mind.

Rapper: Ma$e -- Song: Welcome Back
See the names have all changed since I been around
But the game ain't the same since I left out
Ooh you know we need ya, ooh you know we need ya
Right here's where we need ya, right here's where we need ya
Welcome back..
Welcome back, welcome back, that thug's back (You know you like that)

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josh said...

I'm not going to miss Wiley one bit. He pissed me off three years ago with his senseless racist stance on everything and his awesome ability to ignore facts. The sports writing world will be better off without him.

I should be BSG's new parter.

Also, congrats on the perfect guesses last night.