Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Story Of 7 Strangers.. Who Live In A House...

Hump Day, here we are again. We have a lot to get off the slate today, so let's start off without anything holding us back. Last night was Game 5 of the Lakers/Pistons series. If you've kept up to date on my posts, you know that I didn't give the Pistons any hope whatsoever. I love to eat my words when it comes to the Lakers losing though, so I don't mind losing that prediction. Hey Ashlee, I guess I should've listened to your prediction. The lesson learned as usual, you're always right. LA should've been swept this series if it wasn't for Detroit blowing a 4-point lead with 47 seconds to go and Kobe turning into God down the stretch in clutch time. Sure, he didn't have a great series, but I still consider him the best in the game. Hats off to Detroit though, as they brought the title back to the East where it belongs. And a bigger congrats to former Celtic, Chauncey Billups for taking home the MVP. Way to go Boston for letting him slip out of your hands when you didn't think he could play in his early days in the league. Now what happens to the Lakers next season? For one, Kobe, Malone, and Payton are all free agents. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that Kobe comes back. I say $haq steps up and convinces him to come back, even though the media wants us to think these guys rumble. Payton just needs a totally new system to where he can run and gun. I don't think he's done yet, I just feel this system is totally not his game. Malone was banged up, something he never had happen in his entire career. Even though he's an old man over 40, he's still the best built guy in the game arguably and works hard. We'll see..

Real World last night and it's gearing down to a close. 3 more weeks to go. Well, 2 after last night. What went down last night you ask? Well, it's my job to tell ya. One segment had the crew working on the boat. Robin and Cam didn't want to work that day (imagine that from those two bums) so they decided to "accidentally" fall off into the water. Thus, their reasoning was that they'd have to go home and change, and not have to work the rest of the day. It was obvious and everyone knew what they did. But they did get the day off work. I figure their bosses knew what was up, but they were just happy not to have these two crybabies on the ship that day. Another part of the show dealt with Ja Rule and his Mom. His Mom came to visit and she's a cool lady. Ja is an intelligent dude and laid back compared to the rest of the cast and you can see where he got it from. He did break down to Jamie and admitted that he's all FIRED UP that he never had a father figure as a kid. He's talked to his Dad a few times in his life and said he had nothing to do with him. It was bugging him, so eventually he had to call his Dad and lay the law down. The call went good and they're supposed to meet up in the future to hang. Next week drama erupts. Yes! That's what this show is all about. The new dude Charlie costs the crew 5 days of pay. If one person is late, even by 1 minute, nobody gets their pay for the day. This week they were late and Cam was freaking out, but Brad had to let her know her role and he tore into her when they got in the car. Yelling and screaming Brad is one of my all time favorite Real World characters. Next week has something to do with Charlie's chick coming (or so I gathered from the preview) to stay, so he must wanted to get some rather than going to work.

Last night before the game and Real World was on, I watched some BET as I normally do everynight. I had Access Granted on last night and they had a cool segment with Ludacris. This high school senior wrote him a letter asking him if he’d take her to the Prom. Nobody else asked her out and all of her friends had dates. She’s a girl in a wheelchair and Luda stepped up to the plate. During the day, they let this girl go to rich boy stores and buy whatever jewelry and clothes she wanted. Then Luda hooked her up with a big limo. At the dance, everyone else got 2 pictures taken at the most with their dates, but this chick and Luda took over 50. Not too often do you get to see rappers in the light like this, so even though their lyrics might be mean, some actually care about people too. It’s a good segment for those who want to catch that this week.
Since last night’s NBA game was the end all, giving the Pistons the trophy, that could only mean one thing. It was the #basketball annual get together after the Finals. In years past, we rocked the joint out after a Finals was clinched. Our record was held in 1997 when we had 49 people packed in the madhouse. 1998 was a close 2nd with 48, while the rest of the way out we had 30 in 1999, 26 in 2000, 27 in 2001, 25 in 2002, 16 in 2003, and a lowly 12 in 2004. But with those 12, we still were jamming right along, so thanks to those who showed up this year. Time for a cheap plug. Download mIRC at and get on Undernet’s server. Then step foot into the madhouse of #basketball. If you need help getting on, let me know, as new people are always welcome. And yes, those Finals numbers, for some reason I write that down every year. Just one of the weird things I keep organized, but it’s fun, so I do it. Last night between Derek, ManDingo, Cork, and myself, we had a little trivia action going on. #basketball was the best back in the day when we had trivia nights and everyone competed hardcore. ManDingo asked us to name the 16 active pitchers with 150 or more wins. This was tougher than it sounded, but we eventually got them all without looking anything up.

More CDs added to the collection today. Me and Cork teamed up again to crack out some more full albums. Today we got 6, count em 6. We bring to the plate today such classics as Mike Jones’ Ice Age, Hydro & G-Ron’s Illegal Procedures (great stuff here), RZA’s As Bobby Digital In Stereo, Lil Ken’s Str8 Out Tha Stable, Mark G’s Muthafuckin Boda, and Pimp C’s Live From Harris County Jail. Granted, a few of these we haven’t heard of, but that’s the beauty of downloading stuff. Might as well see what it’s like. If it’s rap, it can’t be half bad.

Earlier today I got a big workout in. I switched the routine up somewhat, but not too crazy. I do Chest and Shoulders every other day. On one of those days, I’ll put back with Chest and Shoulders. And the next, I’ll put Biceps and Triceps. So I’m doing Back, Biceps, and Triceps every 5 days, with Chest and Shoulders every other day. Legs I get in with my running routine. Today was the first day I’ve taken off of that. I’ve went 6 straight days pretty hard, but my shins are sore from running the track, so I’ll get it going again tomorrow. And Abs I’ll do every other day as well, with me doing my stretching and splits every single day, but that’s a home. On the bench, I can’t compete with the guys I lift with since they’re huge, but I was proud of myself for getting up 225 today 3 times real easy. I could’ve tried for more, but didn’t want to burn out the rest of my workout today.

We got our new ping pong balls delivered today, so that was good times. We can tell a difference already from the junker balls we had leftover, so we were due. And yes, there’s a big difference between a good 3-star ball and a piece of junk 1-star ball. After that, I tore into some homemade rigatoni and meatballs. Doesn’t get much better than that. Now the rest of the night? I’m watching the Bucs do battle with the Angels right now, so that’s always fun times. Then at 10:00 I gear up to The Newlyweds. Yeah, I’m a sucker for that show, say what you want. And at 10:30, I’ll check out Little Simpson to see how dumb she is. Probably won’t be interesting, but what else do I have to watch tonight? Then around 1:30, Cork Dizzle comes over for some movie action. I’ve never seen Half Baked before (yeah, I’m probably the only one), so we’re going to be all over that tonight with some Doritos next to me.

"If that guy were healthy he'd hit 80 home runs."- Carl Yastremzki on Mickey Mantle


josh said...


MIKE JOOOOOONES!! Swisha House!!!

Look out for that 1st Round draft pick

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you learned a good lesson and that's all that matters :) Maybe it's because I'm such an awesome teacher, yeah, that's it! :P Be good

-x Ashlee x-

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