Friday, June 18, 2004

Live From E-Town

This Blog could be tough to write, but I don’t back down, so we’ll pull something off here. It’s been an uneventful past 2 days. Imagine that one here in Shinnston. Still. I’ll make this bad boy interesting for your reading pleasure as I always try to do. Thursday nights are horrible for TV, ugh. What am I going to watch on Thursday nights anymore? I don’t get WWE SmackDown in my area (never have; can’t even have the option of picking it up on satellite), network TV I don’t have upstairs in my room (need to get that soon), and that about sums it up. Last night I did watch one of my favorite all time South Park episodes though. Since it was from this past season, I don’t think it’s fair to consider it my favorite of all time, but it’s surely up there. Which episode was this you ask? It’s the one where people from the future come and take the workers of South Park’s jobs. And you get the rednecks from South Park saying all throughout the show in their neck accents, “Deeey tookkk awwwwrrrr jaaawwwwbbbbs!” I guess you had to see it to know how good it really is. Download this episode online, it’s worth the time.

For the rest of the night I don’t think I accomplished anything. I downloaded the Paris Hilton Sex Tapes (I’m slacking way behind on these) to see what it was like. I get it all downloaded, run it, and I get nothing but audio and no video. That’s no fun. Doh! I’ve never had them till now, what’s up with that? From what I hear, it’s not worth it anyways, but everyone still gets curious. I guess I’m a slacker, but Paris doesn’t do it for me for at all. If she wasn’t 75 pounds, then possibly, but anorexic chicks aren’t what I’m after. Have a little bit of ghetto in ya. Yep, we talk about it all here. Sports, chicks, TV shows, my working out schedule, and whatever else goes down. That’s why you’re part of the madhouse, you just can’t get enough. It sucks you in and now you’re stuck reading this thing every single day. Glad to have ya aboard though of course. Speaking of dirty chicks, I’ll just continue on with my daily chick rant. Dirty Aguilera isn’t so dirty anymore. At the MTV Movie Awards and a few other recent shots, she’s cleaned herself up a bit. And I was always her biggest critic. She (at least in her pics) doesn’t have 75 piercings and looks halfway normal. I’m pretty impressed actually. Bet you didn’t think I’d say that Dirty was actually clean. Well, she’s still the dirty you can’t clean off, but on the surface, she’s fairly clean now if that makes sense if ya feel me.

Rolled into bed around 4:45 last night, which is pretty early for me during the summer. I set my alarm for noon (in the summer, imagine that for me) since I had a fairly big day planned. Went to get buff around 1:00 or so. I was so sore from Wednesday’s workout that it wouldn’t have been a good idea to do Chest and Shoulders today like usual. So I made sure to really hit my arms hard today, as I busted out the Biceps and Triceps. Preacher Curls, Dumbbell Curls, Tricep Extensions, Tricep Push-Downs, and Dips. That’s today’s exercises in a nutshell. Not that anyone cares, but you get that added information free of charge. Then I got my daily running in, nothing to mention there. Jammed to some Cam’ron as I ran today.

Then it was time to gear up for the big shopping trip. We were going to take Dad out tonight for dinner, but he decided to go golfing anyways. I paid for his golf trip for the day and let him go on his way. So Mom was with me to do some shopping. I got Mom some shoes for her birthday (next Tuesday) and Dad also some shoes for Father’s Day. I’m sure I’ll get them more, but you’ll have that. For myself, I loaded up on some new pimpin boxers, a CD player so we can have when we’re battling in pong, and a nice pair of Nike Crocodile Slide sandals that are way comfy. Then we went to the best Mexican place around my area, El Rincon. I had to load up with a cheese quesadilla (the greatest), an enchilada, and some Mexican rice (which rivals Chinese Pork Fried Rice, but not quite).

Earlier tonight I watched the Buccos lose a heartbreaker to the Angels. It was a battle though and a fun one to watch. I watch way more Bucs games since they are in my area than I get to of my Yanks. With my Yanks it’s the most money lauded team in the business. The Bucs might be the cheapest, so I get a drastic change there. You have to pull for the underdog at times and the Bucs try their hardest with the talent they have. They always give it their all. But then.. the night changed! Beavis was on once again on MTV2. Thanks for that. Me and Bono of #basketball fame rocked out to watching the greatest show evarrr.. I won’t even argue that one. We got a few hours worth as MTV2 is grateful for showing it to us on a regular basis. Not much is better than Beavis. Not even porn.

So, that leaves us with late Friday night to figure out something to do. I’m starving right now, so I’m getting out of here and finding me some food to get all up in. I’ll speak to you all tomorrow. Have a great one. Holla back in the comments.

“False for two reasons. 1, I have no desire to look back. I like to look forward. 2, Equally as important, because if I wrote my life story, nobody would fucking believe it!”- Wrestling genius, Paul Heyman when asked if he plans to write a book.


Anonymous said...

Gotta appreciate a guy who "shops"...and "woo hoo" on the new boxers!! ;) Keep smiling Bird!! S.A.R. ;p

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Bird33 said...

Hey Bec, what's up? I usually get great speeds on my downloads. Are you on high speed down there yet or not in the mean streets? It's probably easier if I help you through it in an instant message, but generally I can download an entire CD from anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. Some you have to wait on, but once they start downloading, they usually go at a fast pace. If you know anything about the numbers, I'm almost always downloading from at least 20KB per second, which is moving pretty good for downloads. And every now and then it'll go crazy and stay steady around 185 or so, which is ridiculous. Not sure what all of that depends on.. If you see something in my CD lists that you want (99.9% of my stuff is rap, so not sure how much that helps ya), just let me know and I'll make you copies. Next time you see me online, just throw me a bone and we'll get you fixed up. Later.

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