Sunday, June 27, 2004


Can I get some rest? I don’t think I’ve had more than 6 hours of sleep during any night of the week. But then again, I’m used to that and it’s all my fault. I guess I’ll never grow up. I always think I’m going to miss something late at night, so I just stay up with a driving headache until I’m almost falling asleep on my keyboard. We all know I’m not missing anything though, but it can’t hurt to try. The way I look at it, I’m doing the same exact thing at 6:00 in the morning on here that I’d be doing at like 11:00 in the morning. So why not just sleep all day long? As I roll into bed, I go downstairs to brush my teeth, floss, and all of that to get me all pimped out to sleep, and usually then my parents are already up, having their coffee and reading the paper. It’s weird. Someone is always awake at this house it seems and there’s only three of us.

I’m just getting in the house from being out all day for funeral duties. That whole experience ended up pretty well. It’s always emotional walking with the family to the casket for the last time. What really set it off was the actual funeral itself at the cemetery. My Grandpa served in the military back in the day, so he had the whole setup for that. A few Color Guards came and presented the casket, draped the flag on it, saluted it, and all of that official stuff. Then they played Taps with the trumpets (I think?) and that was pretty rough, but it was cool to see how the military dudes folded up the flag. I don’t have enough common sense to do something fancy like that, but it’s quality to see it done in person. After that, we had a huge dinner at my church for family and friends. They guessed that 150 or so would be there just to eat, so the old Italian ladies had to cook hardcore for that one. It was worth it though for sure. Good to see the out of state relatives. Some I’ve never really met before, so that’s always good times.

How about the sporting world? The Subway Series with the Mets hasn’t gotten off to a good start. We’re battling in Yankee Stadium this weekend and in Shea Stadium next weekend, so that’s always rowdy rowdy and bout it bout it. Yesterday’s game ended in a monsoon as it was postponed. Today’s game was a beatdown. Remember the Halsey kid I’ve wrote about before? The dude who doesn’t look like he’s shaved in his life. He pitched today and got murdered. 6 runs in 3 innings, doh! That gives his 2 major league starting appearances a 8.00 ERA. We got 6 hits all day, as 68 year old Al Leiter tore us to shreds. Tomorrow is the rubber match to be settled at 8:05.

What else goes down tomorrow? WWE Great American Bash. Don’t you mean WCW Great American Bash? Well, they took the name from WCW and use it for theirselves now. This looks like a pretty lame Pay Per View, but I hope I’m wrong on that one. It’s a SmackDown production and their side of the roster is not comparable to RAW’s if you ask me. Maybe I’m biased on that one, but who knows. Who knew? What are some big matchups in that one to catch your eye? How about Eddie Guerrero defending the WWE Title against John Bradshaw Layfield in a Texas Bull Rope Match. Or how about this one, which I’m most looking forward to: Fatal Fourway for the US Title that features the man Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Rene Dupree (budding young superstar), and John Cena. Dudley Boyz take on The Undertaker in a Concrete Crypt Match. If Taker doesn’t impress Paul Heyman, Paul Bearer (Taker’s manager) goes into a casket and has concrete poured on him. I can’t make this stuff up. And another huge match I like is Rey Jr against Chavito Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title. Those are the main matches worth mentioning. Torrie and Sable take each other one, but that’s just to rip each other’s clothes off. Not that us guys mind that (some of the girls reading may like that too huh?), but it’s not “wrestling”.

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So hit up those links of my buddies’ Blogs, some sports sites there, rap, and games. I’m covering all bases for you, free of charge. And Al Jefferson has the nerve to wear my boy Antoine Walker’s #8 Celtics jersey? Say it ain’t so! And I was liking this kid. That’s rough, but I’ll have to suck it up and stick with him. I’ll holla back soon. Fill up that comment box.


Anonymous said...

Hey u! You know I just love reading your blogs, and since you got onto me for not leaving comments here ya go. I was catching up on my reading bcause as you know I've been hitting it up in Pittsburgh. As I was reading I stumbled to a Real World paragraph which I quickly stopped reading for I need to catch up on that also. No fears though, I only read as far as Cam (which isn't on the top of my list either) messing up the guitar. Well, Be good babe, and I'll talk with ya later.

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