Friday, June 25, 2004

Greatest Day Of The Year

The greatest day in the world has just ended. Now I’m 365 days or whatever away from it happening again. What’s that? For those who know me well, you know my life revolves around the NBA. Tonight was the NBA Draft of course. I prepare for this one for quite a while. By the time it’s over with, I’m all sore and exhausted. I know what you’re thinking. How is that even possible? I go old school and write down each pick of the draft (59 picks this year) by player, the team who picks them, height, weight, position, and school. Over the 1st Round, it’s easy to write your picks down and relax a little. There are 5 minutes between picks there. The 2nd Round is what we like to call the Lightning Round. 2 minutes between picks and you get screwed over by commercials way too much. They don’t hype up any of the 2nd Round picks, they just give you their name and where they came from in most situations. 1st Round had this kid who got picked and his little tidbit of information they gave? He likes peanut butter and jelly. I kid you not. What is this? The Little League World Series? Hey kids! Let’s sit around a circle with our blankeys and tell each other what our favorite color, movie, and food is! Yet these are kids making millions and we get that kind of info jammed in our throats. Go figure.

Anyways, before I get all kinds of FIRED up, I want to focus more on the actual draft itself. I watched the draft tonight with my boys Cork and Spank. The food for the draft was a huge cheese and meat tray loaded up with roast beef, ham, turkey, provolone cheese, hot pepper cheese, and American cheese. We went to town on that beast. You’ll see a million draft reviews and can find results anywhere. I’m not going to bore you with another thing like that. Instead, I’m going to focus on what is important to me and that’s the Celtics’ picks. I worship the Celtics, so this Blog may be boring to you. Who knows. Who knew?

Boston had 4 picks, count em 4, this year. We had 3 picks in the 1st Round #15, 24, 25, and #40 in the 2nd Round. Not too shabby at all if I must say so myself. The first pick we take was the main player I wanted at our spot. That is high school kid Big Al Jefferson. 6’9”/263 straight out of the mean streets of David Banner’s territory, Mississippi. And for him being such a huge wuss on the bench press (only getting 185lbs up 3 times for being 263lbs), I still wanted to get this guy. Sure, we don’t get to see as much footage on high schoolers, but he’s already grown into his body unlike a lot of these guys his age who are stringbeans. Plus we need some help in our frontcourt as soon as possible. Our #24 pick? Delonte West, buddy of Jameer Nelson, both picked in the 1st Round tonight and both from St. Joe’s University. A side note on Nelson, who is with Orlando now. He had his 2-year old son there (this is an actual NBA player who takes care of his kid, imagine that one) and his name is Jameer, Jr. What does he call him? Meer Meer! I’ve decided when I have a kid, I’m naming it Meer Meer. Anyways, West doesn’t have much weight, but he can D it up like a madman and should fit our system well as a combo guard. At 6’3”/183, he can use some pounds and I’m sure he will. #25 you want? That’s what I’ll give you! His name is Tony Allen out of Oklahoma State. He’s supposedly a freak athlete in the physical sense. But he’s a tweener (doesn’t have a set position, so that’s not good). He can’t handle the ball well enough to run any point, and may be a little too small for 2 guard. We’ll see.. And our very last pick of the EPIC night was a dude named Justin Reed. 6’7” and 240. Reading reports on him, the kid is strong and has a good low post game. I don’t see any Ole Miss games, so I wouldn’t have a clue.

I mowed grass earlier and spent the rest of the day at the funeral home. Tomorrow I’ll be hanging at the funeral home from 1:00 until 8:00 at night. Things are going well there, so that’s about all I can ask for. An insane amount of people are coming for the visitations, so it’s cool to see some people I haven’t seen in quite some time. And if I go hungry over the next few days, something is wrong. I’m loaded up with the best Italian food from all over, as people are dropping food off homemade food off in bundles. Lasagna, rigatoni with pepperoni (sounds weird, but it rocks), hoagies, Tally sausage and peppers, etc. You name and it and we’re eating on it. Thanks to everyone who has sent their regards, it’s appreciated.

I’ll run off some CDs that are new to my list in the past few days. Thanks to Big Cork for going off on some CDs a few days ago. We go in streaks. I’ll go a week and get like 10 or so and the next week he’ll be on fire. Cork brought over 5 more CDs for the collection. What’d he load me up with? Lloyd Banks’ Hunger For More (not in stores yet), Cormega’s Legal Hustle, X-Ecutioners’ Revolutions, Slum Village’s Detroit Deli, and Eightball’s Almost Famous (incredible CD that you must get immediate plz!). And since I’m talking about Cork in this paragraph, we have to take a moment and analyze the feat he just accomplished a few days ago. You’ve all read about it in his Blog, but what he did is one of those nearly impossible feats. The setting? MVP Baseball 2004 for PlayStation 2. The level he played on? Pro. And what’d he do? He threw a perfect game with Hideo Nomo. This isn’t on some easy level going against bums. He was bringing it. So be sure to hit up his Blog ( and congratulate him on that job well done.

Since I’m in a coma from getting all worked up over the draft, I’m just going to stop right now and finally give you guys a break. Let me know if you want something special in my Blog, as I’ll pretty much write about anything. Holla back.

“You are the motherfucking anti-christ!”- Pig Vomit to Howard Stern [Private Parts]


Anonymous said...

I wish I had some of the italian food.. I love it! I've never heard of anyone that loves the NBA as much as you.. Have a Great day!!


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