Sunday, June 06, 2004

X To The Z, Xzibit

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Get your ticket's for today's show! Step right up to read the latest in the long line of Blogs from Bird33. Ok, enough of the carnival talk. Let's get thangs started quick and steady.. I went to bed last night at 5:30, not bad for a weekend night for me. Kind of early actually. Then I wake up at 1:00. I set my alarm to wake up then so I wouldn't ruin too much of my day since I had stuff to do and so I'd sleep good tonight for "work" in the morning.

So I start the day off with another bowl of vegetable soup. I get on here for a bit and then go attempt to get buff. It was a nice day, probably in the lower 70s, so it was a nice day to lift. I get over to the place I lift at and it seems that Pimp My Ride came to fix the gym up. New carpet laid down and the equipment was put together all organized. Big props goes to "BMO" for fixing the place up like a champ. I ended up doing 30 total sets (10 sets of shoulders, 8 of chest, 6 of biceps, and 6 of triceps) and ended with a killer ab routine. Usually if I have to slack on something, it's not usually going to be abs. Lifting gear today was a pair of khaki shorts, Allen Iverson "Soldier" orange cutoff shirt, and an orange doo rag to match. Then I come home and have enough energy to wash my car. I don't mess around when doing my car, as I like it done right, so I do it myself. Got the inside all spiffed up and everything on the outside is doing good too.

I then come home after a hot bath and tear into 4 tacos loaded with taco meat of course, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, green olives, and salsa. That probably didn't deserve to be in the Blog, but that shows how much excitement goes down in E-Town. I've been downloading my CDs lately off of mIRC. It's a lot quicker this way as I can just download the entire CD at once instead of going track by track on WinMX or Kazaa. And where do you go to search? Go to or It's a nice setup and if you need help in learning how to do this, check out this Lobstah topic at

So what have I gotten the past few days as far as my CDs goes? For those who never get to check my SubProfile on AOL Instant Messenger, I put my entire CD list up there and it's always being updated. One of these days I might have to put it up on here. But yesterday I got an old Ice Cube CD, Death Certificate, straight from 1991. The good stuff about most gangsta rap is that you can listen to stuff from 15 years ago and it still sounds great. And another one I got was a mix. I'm not into those a much, but I figured I'd give it a try. This one is from Jadakiss, mixed by DJ F Sharp, titled Top Five Dead Or Alive: Part 1. I have some more downloading right now, but I just got done getting WWE Originals. I'm surprised I never got this one before, but it's worth it just for the Jericho song, Don't You Wish You Were Me. Me and Cork crack up at this one so much that I think we're getting to actually like it. It's the same song you see on RAW every week that Y2J has on the YJ Stinger commercial.

Did anyone watch the Memorial Tourney today? Ernie Els won, but Tiger fought back like crazy and made a SICK shot. You'll have to see it to believe it. I know he's not the god he was a few years ago, but it cracks me up how people think he's in such a slump. He still had the crowd eating out of his hand in this tourney. Watch their reaction after his shot. It's like they're partying like rock stars. Tonight is also Game 1 of the Lakers and Pistons series. I'm predicting a sweep here, but I could end up wrong and I hope I am. Like everyone else, of course I'm rooting against LA, but I don't see Detroit putting up a scare personally.

Sunday Stew! Since WildBoyz isn't on yet as I type this, I can only comment on Bam at the moment. What a show, as usual. The setting on this week's show is Arbor Day. Ape wants Bam to plant some trees. Instead, he rips a bunch of huge trees out of the ground and builds a treehouse casino. It was all pimped out and they even have a zipline from the treehouse to the ground, landing you right in front of an ATM machine. And it's totally out in the woods too. Right below the casino is a wrestling ring, where they had Leather Face and Executioner come in as guests. Dunn, Don Vito (the man), and Phil all had big parts in matches. As Raab Himself would say, "Get em Dunn!" Then at the end of the wrestling show, Bam comes down the zipline and pandemonium erupts. That's when everyone there starts rumbling. Next week they have a demolition derby. Anything involving them tearing stuff up is always great.

RAW tomorrow night! The RAW before Bad Blood and it should rock big time. HBK vs HHH, Sunday night, HELL IN A CELL! More on that later in the week.. Time to start off a good week and get closer to being a full time bum for the summer. And I'll leave you with some of Jericho's jamming..

And don't you wish you were me?
The King of all you see
Don't you wish you were me?
It ain't that easy
Don't think you'll ever be,
Everything a man should be
Cause Don't you wish you were me?
Keep dreamin', you'll never be me

Too soon, you'll be a memory
There for all to see, just illusion
And sometimes it makes me laugh when
I see your reaction
Knowing that I've become mighty

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