Sunday, June 13, 2004

Tennis Action & WWE Bad Blood Preview

So here I am, waking up at 2:00. I looked at my clock this morning (err.. afternoon) and could've slept longer, but I had stuff to do like get online all day. Like I don't do that enough, but oh well. Anyways, last night before playing some night tennis, I downloaded a few more CDs. It's getting the point where I'm downloading rappers I've never even heard of before. If I go through a list and like their name, I'll give it a try. How about this one for example from last night? Gangsta Lou! Yep, the infamous Gangsta Lou who sells so many albums. And the title of this CD of his that I got is called Almost Famous. There's 19 tracks on this beast, so what can it hurt me to get it for free? It adds to the collection. And who can I compare this guy to? Hmm.. Tough to say, but I'm going to compare his voice somewhat to T.I. or Cassidy. He has a few names with him on this CD, such as Cam'ron and Bang Em Smurf (of 50's In Da Club fame), but that's it that I can recognize. He's pretty mean though if you're into that kind of rap. I haven't heard the entire thing yet, but so far so good. And a song I'm listening to now has a lyric mentioning basketball 3-point shooting legend, whitey Steve Kerr. I figure that's the first Steve Kerr has been in a rap song. I can't be positive of that, but I like my chances in that bet.

After downloading some stuff, I hung out on here the rest of the night waiting on Cork to get off work so we could battle in night tennis. Great chat last night Tatapatch. That was some good stuff, hah. I just got that bubble gum smelling candle on Friday night and it doesn't look like it'll last too long on me the way I've been burning it. So far, the house is still standing, but I believe I'm hooked on these things now, especially if it makes stuff smell like blueberry bubble gum.

Around 11:30, Cork speeds by and picks me up for some tennis time. Night tennis is some great stuff. The weather outside was nice, probably 65 or so when we played. So we roll to Bridgeport and play on the "rain courts". What's that you ask? Well, let's say it's raining and stops 5 minutes before we play. We can play immediately after that. Or even during the rain I guess, but we've never tried that one. The best I can describe the court is that it's a type of hard plastic with little squares all over it so the water can go into it. It sounds like it'd be a horrible tennis playing surface, but it feels the same as a regular court to me. We're big on this setup and usually the court where we play the most at. Bridgeport is about 20 minutes away from the mean streets of Shinnston by the way. Also with us is a chick that Cork is buddies with and a dude that Cork went to school with. I knew the guy, but didn't even recognize him since the last time I saw him since he used to be a crazy fat boy back when I remembered him. Now he's like a totally different dude, so that's cool to know. And even though most (not everyone) chicks can't play tennis at all (not being biased, just when they're out there laying with guys, they're not as physical), how bad can it be to see them dressed in nothing out there bouncing around? I thought so too. The dude was pathetic too at playing, seemed like a good guy, but I'm glad that me and Cork had our court and didn't have to play doubles with them. It would've been a long night chasing all of the balls they were hitting around. Me and Cork suck too, but at least we can get some hitting going on fairly well. And last night we the best volley I've ever had playing tennis. It would've looked good on TV. The rest of our game sure wouldn't have, hah, but for that volley, we looked like seasoned veterans. I ran as good as ever last night and felt pretty good. My back didn't cramp up and I was ready to go a while longer if I had to.

We decided against the Denny's trip afterwards. A lot of times we'll go in there all dirty and not care, but tonight we just wanted to get home. I get home and get a shower around 2:30 and then prepare to eat. I load up on 3, count em 3, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Thanks to ManDingo and Derek talking about them the other night in #basketball, I do believe I'm hooked. I've been missing out all these years, so I have to catch up. And the sad part is that I ate 3 and it didn't fill me up. Not that there is anything to them though. And after thinking I'd be up all night, working out, running, and playing tennis yesterday took it's toll on me, I do the Ric Flair Strut to bed at pass out at 4:00.

Now to suit the wrestling fans. Tonight is WWE Bad Blood, a RAW production. I'm pretty excited about this lineup. Seven matches are announced so far. Will there be another one or so? Who knows, but let's get this preview on the way and rolling..

Our main event is going to be a bloodbath between two real good friends in real life, Triple H and Shawn Michaels "The Heartbreak Kid". It's a Hell In A Cell Match, which is the cage all the way around ring and a top in it. You've all seen clips of Mankind being thrown off the top of it by Undertaker in Pittsburgh, so this has potential to be a brutal match. And when these guys are together in a match, they turn it up a notch. I'm going with Triple H to win this one.. Our World Title Match features champion Chris Benoit taking on Kane. Kane getting a main event shot? Please. He stands no chance here. Benoit goes over easily.. Our Intercontinental Title Match features champion Randy Orton (the dude currently in my AIM icon for those wondering who that guy was) against Shelton Benjamin. I still think Benjamin is a little too green to get a belt, so Orton keeps the fame.. Tag Champions La Resistance take on Edge and Benoit. Yep, Benoit with 2 matches in one night. He's that good and it'll make the card look better. For some reason, I think the Frenchies keep the belts, with a possible Edge heel turn.. Women's Champion Victoria (mmm mmm) battles in a Fatal Fourway Match with Gail Kim, Lita, and Trish Stratus. This match probably will be bad, but I have Trish getting the belt.. Jericho battles Trish's bodyguard type guy, Tyson Tomko. Christian is hurt, so he gets to face Tomko. I see Jericho taking a beating, but having Tomko tap out like a wuss in the end.. And last, we have Eugene (his character is a retarded guy, no joke) taking on Coach. Coach will get embarrassed and Eugene will stay undefeated. I'm really looking forward to the Hell In A Cell, World Title Match, and IC Title Match. Sorry I went on a rant there, but the wrestling fans may appreciate it. The others I probably already lost.

Time to wait to run here in a bit, then gear up for the PPV. I'll be back late tonight or tomorrow to bore you guys again with another Blog. Until then, hold down the fort until I get back.

Rapper: Dru Down -- Song: Mista Busta -- Album: Can You Feel Me
This fo retaliation on the monkey tryin to talk about me
an folks on that tape and escape, too late
high blood pressure Dru Down
about to draw on that curved dome
need to be
put infront of the whole Oakland fire squad
let 'em start lettin loose
I bet then I'll hear your ass screamin truce
bad news
got lil kids and old folks talkin bout,
"Hey Dru!
You mean to tell me you ain't down wit TOO $HORT now?"
Never been
that's why I keeps breezy in the wind

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