Monday, June 28, 2004

WWE Great American Bash & A Few Other Thangs

I’ll start things out in this Blog (and take up the majority) with some review on tonight’s WWE Great American Bash. So for the non-wrestling fans, I’m not sure what to tell you. Just bear in, pull up a seat, check out the Blog, and enjoy the ride. You may just learn something. Can I continue my Pay Per View streak? At the last PPV, I went 100% in my predictions. That is VERY rare, even for us who read every single rumor there is about wrestling and keep up with it.

John Cena (C) vs Rob Van Dam vs Booker T vs Rene Dupree. Fatal 4-Way US Title Match. This is an elimination match for the belt. I picked Dupree to win this one. To much dismay, my boy RVD goes out first, ugh. He’s not been on good terms lately with the WWE. Second man out was Dupree, doh! This guy is becoming one of my favorites, but he was ousted early. So much for 100% this time around eh? So we’re down to Cena and Book for the title. Cena wins with a F-U to retain in what was a pretty nice match indeed. Afterwards, Dupree puts the moves on Dawn Marie in the back who was looking amazing, but the FBI and Lil Guido eventually are the ones to take her back to their hotel for some good times. It looks like Dupree is after Cena though, so that’s a nice one.

Charlie Haas vs Luther Reigns. Not much here as I’m not impressed at Reigns at all. Reigns is playing Kurt Angle’s bodyguard for those who may not know him. Haas just doesn’t seem to have it without Rico tagging with him anymore. He just needs an edge or a character makeover. A blah match, ugh. Luther wins a Roll The Dice type move.

Chavito Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr (C). Cruiserweight Title Match. Outside of the 4-Way, this is the only match I can say that I enjoyed and it was a really good one. Little guys are so underrated, but since Vinnie Mac doesn’t care about them, they’ll never rise to the top. Instead, he’d rather push guys like Luther Reigns instead. These guys battled for a good half hour or so probably. There’s not too many cooler moves than the Gory Bomb. Rey Jr wins with a rollup to keep his belt in the best match of the night. Not much to compare to though unfortunately.

Kenzo Suzuki vs Billy Gunn. Wow.. I heard a lot about Suzuki, but he sure didn’t impress me tonight. This one was brutal. Lots of missed spots, no crowd reaction, pathetic. Gunn teased some old DX stuff though, so I hard to mark out for that. Suzuki wins. Big deal. It was rough to watch.

Sable vs Torrie. Since neither of these chicks can wrestle, it was just for the guys (and some chicks who are into that thing) to get some eye candy as they bounced around and showed their stuff. Sable conned Torrie into thinking she was hurt, so Sable wins a rollup.

Mordecai vs Hardcore Holly. Wow. Another absolutely horrible match. Mordecai is a total joke. How this dude keeps getting on TV, I have no idea. Oh, that’s Vinnie Mac. I like Vince a lot, but not his reasoning for pushing big oafs who can’t do anything. This makes me want to put in my NWA-TNA tapes to see some great action. Fear The Phenomenal AJ Styles. Anyways, Mordecai wins with a Razor’s Edge. I wish Razor Ramon would’ve came down and busted his head.

Eddie Guerrero (C) vs John Bradshaw Layfield. WWE Title Texas Bull Rope Match. To win, you had to touch all 4 corners consecutively before your opponent started beating you down. In the last SmackDown PPV, they put on an awesome match. They were bleeding like pigs, to the point that Eddie seriously had to be taken to the hospital after the match since he lost so much blood. This one was the total opposite. So JBL is our new champ. Not a whole lot to say other than I was disappointed.

Dudley Boyz (C) vs The Undertaker. Concrete Crypt Match. If Taker didn’t “do the right thing”, his manager Paul Bearer would be buried in concrete. I can’t make this stuff up. Not a lot of actual match time here, but the end had Taker pull a reverse and he himself poured the cement on Paul Bearer, thus maybe showing his alliance to Paul Heyman? Taker wins the match, but it wasn’t for the tag belts.

Instead of going 100% here, I end up going a whopping 12.5%, doh! I got one dang match right this time. That’s how it goes in wrestling at times. A really bad Pay Per View. There for a while, we’ve had some nice ones, but this one isn’t that.

Back to the real world for anyone falling asleep on the wrestling chat. I got carried away there, but that’s life. Not much went down today in the mean streets. I woke up at 12:30 (not bad huh?) after going to bed at 4:15 (again, not bad huh?). Then after laying around the house, me and Cork hit up some Mexican. I stepped up with a beef enchilada and 2 cheese quesadillas. Then I get online to chat with my buddies until the Pay Per View started. Fun fun times here, right? Not much I can really do to hype up the Blog other than wrestling talk, which only is good for probably half of the viewing audience, but I have to talk about all kinds of things here. Some days you might hate my Blog. Some days it may be pretty good. But it’s there and regular, so be sure to hop along. I’ll see what I can hit you guys up with tomorrow. RAW tomorrow night, Real World and BET Awards on Tuesday, so I have a packed start to my week. Who knows what goes down after Tuesday though in the madhouse.


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