Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Good God Noooooo!

That's the voice of Good Ol' Jim Ross of WWE RAW fame. Last night was RAW night of course and I wouldn't miss seeing it. This especially had potential considering it was a RAW before the Pay Per View on Sunday. So did it live up to the hype? Let us find out..

The show starts out with Stacy Keibler bouncing around half naked in the ring. She's there to promote the WWE Diva Search, which is a call to any chick who wants a shot to be a WWE diva. They'll eliminate chicks each week when the program begins and eventually will have one winner. Like we don't see this format enough on network TV 47 times a week. Sure, I want to look at them as much as anyone, but give me wrestling. I can always find porn elsewhere. On Monday nights, I want my wrestling, as weird as that may sound. Gail Kim was fired up as well, telling Keibler that she's here to show her how to wrestle and challenges Lita. They rumble in a match and Lita wins with a DDT, yay. No storylines in chicks wrestling, it's brutal. Our second match was Batista over Shelton Benjamin. Thanks to Randy Orton (now my AIM icon), Batista gets the win. Jericho against A-Train is our next bout and it wasn't good. Why put Jericho in these meaningless feuds? This guy should be a main eventer like he used to be. Anyways, Jericho makes A-Train tap out like a girl with the Walls of Jericho.

Benoit took on the tag champs La Resistance in a Handicapped Match. Benoit was doing a good job until Edge ran out to rumble, thus giving the match a DQ ending. Benoit and Edge will get their Tag Title rematch this Sunday. Benoit has 2 matches that day, nice. Then Bischoff comes out and says to restart the match, this time putting Kane out there with the Frenchies. The end result was Kane putting the Chokeslam to Benoit for the pin. Like we're actually supposed to believe Kane has a shot at the belt on Sunday. Right.

Eugene battles Johnny Nitro next. If Nitro loses, which he did, he gets fired from being Bischoff's boy. Now Eugene gets to fight Coach at the PPV, ugh. Main event time and it was great. Two of my favorites going at it here. Shawn Michaels against Randy Orton. They were given about a half hour for this match too, which was quality. HBK bleeds big in this one and the match is ruled a DQ when Batista ran down to end things. HBK then runs into the skybox that HHH was sitting in and they have a good fight to gear us up for HELL IN A CELL at Bad Blood on Sunday.

For you guys that aren't wrestling fans, I guess you skipped over that part, but it's glad to have you back for the ride now. Day #2 of me cooking at work and getting paid for it. Today I had to be here at 6:30, but that was ok. I cooked some sausage on the grill outside. That was my part of the year end breakfast and it turned out great. Sausage, bacon, egg and cheese omelets with pepperoni, hash browns, biscuits, pancakes, and whatever else you eat for breakfast. I think I ate just as much before it was served as I was cooking. I had to taste test it. Does that mean I can look at the sausage, give a HHH pose, and say, "You got served!" I went into a movie lapse there, but I'm back. After that, I had to enter the grades for my kids and mail their report cards to them.

Two of my kids got an F in conduct. Me and Blahah of #basketball and Lobstah fame were chatting a few minutes ago. We were saying how I should've turned into Vince McMahon and told the kid, "You're firrrreeeddd!" or something. Strut down the hall like Vince with my chest all out and the smirk on my face. Too bad Vinnie Mac is twice my size, so me pulling off that one wouldn't exactly have the same impact.

What else did I get paid for? After helping a teacher move a few desks, we decided to act like the middle school kids we teach. Sometimes I feel like they're more mature than us. Anyways, we moved the desks on the scooter rollers. I'm sure there is a technical name for these, but I'm not the most educated on shop terms. But it's the wooden platforms with 4 wheels underneath. I remember back in the day in gym class we used to have races with them. That's what we did today. We took them into the auditorium since it has a slope from the top seats to the bottom and scooted decent. Then we came back out in the main halls and really got the speed going down this enbankment. One teacher brought her kids in today and they were probably about 6 or 7. They didn't know what to think when we came flying down. Gotta love the teaching profession. I'll never grow up.

The rest of the day.. We're hoping to get out early today which would rock. We know we get out early tomorrow, so that's sweet. I have to get in a workout when I get home, but that's no sweat. I'm literally trying not to fall asleep on my keyboard right now, but I'll get my energy going for the workout. I planned to start running today, but I might save that for later in the week when summer is truly here for me. Ugh, I wish it was winter already. Summer I'm not a huge fan of. I can deal with lower 70s or so, but forget this 80 degree mess. I need a place that is about 60 degrees year round. That'd be nice for me to handle. Nice enough to play ball outside, yet also nice enough not to sweat your nads off 24/7.

And for today's quote or end up to my post.. I'm going to paste something from Cork's Blog yesterday, which got an interesting response..

Cork says.. What happens in a girl's head to trigger this thought process, "This guy treats me like shit but what the hell, I'll give him a 2nd chance...and a 3rd...and a 4th...and a 5th..." This kind of stuff always confused me. Girls? Do you like being treated like shit? I don't think I have any female readers but if I do, please enlighten me :)

And a girlfriend of a buddy of ours wrote in with this one..

Scherri says.. Girls don't like to be treated like shit....we just like the making up part...And then sometimes you just dont think you can do any better then what you have
Also we would rather go back to the familiar than trying to start a relationship with someone new.

And I realize this is going on too far, but oh well. After this, the Ph.D. of Chick Psychology, our own DerekHood, wrote in with a huge deal that I thought was pretty funny.. You must check that out, but in order to do so, you have to click on Cork's Blog:


Or as Cork would end his posts.. Skeet Skeet!

And Derek's reply:


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josh said...

So i'm sitting here at 10:20 am after taking down my 4th cup of coffee for the morning and instead of staring at WebCT forevahhh I decided to get some blog reading action in. Of course I had to check out The Madhouse first, and lo and behold ... Raw spoilers! GOOD GOD NO!!! THE CARNAGE!!!

So I had to skip on down and read the rest. Good times at the school, seems like. You're corrupting the other teachers out there. It's the #basketball influence permeating into the public school system.

You got me looking forward to the lunch break here in an hour and a half or so, reading about your big breakfast. I had a bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal and a couple pieces of wheat toast. Good, but nothing to what you had.

Thanks for the props on Cork's blog too. That's a thing of genius in there.