Friday, June 11, 2004

Flood In Shinnston

Well, where do I begin? I have a good bit to talk about since the last time we all hung out on here for the latest Blog. I'll start with where I ended up last night. Me and Cork head on up to Bridgeport and go eat at Twin Oaks, a pretty good Italian joint in our area. We sit down and lo and behold, we get a drunk waitress. This chick we had (Anthea was her name I believe, Cork can correct me if I'm wrong; a nice Tally name and I was big on that, but not big on the whole drunk idea) was waiting on her family, which was the table next to us. Apparently, they were giving her fits and she was hating the night. She comes over to us and says, "Those people are my family and they're the biggest bunch of assholes I know." To that, me and Cork immediately knew that we'd have something great to post on for our Blog stories. Well, that's just where it begins. We get our order in and I get Tally dressing on my salad and Cork gets Ranch. She gives me the Ranch and Cork the Tally. No big deal, so we just switch plates.. Then I order Cheese Raviolis and Cork gets Chicken Parm. Cork tells her he wants a meatball with his order. So we get our meal and Cork gets no meatball, yet I do. So I just take my meatball and give it to him, since it was on his order. The next thing we know, the chick is in the back crying her eyes out. She comes to us and says, "I'm drunk tonight. This night has been horrible." So the night is done and we still tip her good, since we're that kind of guys. She didn't do bad, but it was just funny.

During the night, we have a huge chat going in the madhouse known as #basketball. It doesn't get much better than having the IRC crew hanging in #basketball. Had NBA chat going of course, some good football chat with a dude who used to play D-I ball for Kent State, food topics (how bad we want a Waffle House in our area; the dirtier the better), watched the MTV Movie Awards together, and just goofed off as usual. I know you're lost if you don't know anything about IRC, but you're missing out if not.

I went mad two nights ago getting CDs. Sometimes I go into a zone and just can't contain myself from downloading these albums. Even to the point where I'm downloading rappers that I've never even heard of before, but since it's free, I'll give them a try and add it to my collection. What did I add in the past few days? Well, I'm here to tell ya, for your reading pleasure. King Of Ghetto by Z-Ro (sounds a lot like 2Pac), The Ridah by Spice 1 (great Bay Area rap here), A Soldier Dies Once: Volume 1 by Da Army, Greatest Hits of Usher, Build And Destroy: Double CD by Royce Da 5'9" (big disses on D12), DJ Mello Presents The Best of G-Unit by G-Unit of course, Ultimate Run DMC by Run DMC of course, Radio by LL Cool J (his first CD in 1985), Bigger And Deffer by LL Cool J (1987), and WWE Originals.

A few quick thoughts on last night's MTV Movie Awards.. Beastie Boys can still rock it out, even at age 65. My night was ruined by seeing Uma Thurman and Paris Hilton. Ugh, I don't see what people think in these chicks. They're 80 pounds for one and not hot to boot. I was surprised that Dirty Aguilera wasn't so dirty tonight. That's a first. She fixed herself up and I'm usually the first to bash her, but I thought she looked not bad last night. Seeing D12 as Guns N Roses was a funny touch. Lohan was looking real nice, but some of those outfits they gave her were weird. She was busting out of it regardless though, so I guess it's cool. Good to see Ice Cube as a presenter. Just seeing Snoop or Will Ferrell makes me laugh. They can just be staring at the camera and I'm busting out. I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but I have other thangs to touch on, so let's move the bus on down the road..

Around 3:00 I was talking to Cork online as usual. We were so bored and I threw out the idea of wanting to play ping pong, not thinking much of it. Cork said he was pretty bored as well, so he finally came over around 4:00. We played an hour, but were buring up. You'd be surprised how big of a mess sweating you are after some hardcore pong action. Then I roll to bed around 6:20 or so..

At 1:00, I awake to Spank running upstairs to my room and waking me up. I wanted big sleep, but oh well. As I set for a coma for a bit to wake myself up, we're watching And1 on TV. This never gets old to me, but Spank wasn't a big fan at all. Then we roll on out to the garage to battle in pong during a HUGE rain storm. It was a mess in there, water all over the place, as it flooded into the garage. Our roof had all kinds of water dripping from the roof as well and that got the pong table all screwed up. I just bought the thing 2 weeks ago, so I better start taking care of it. So far though I haven't bashed any paddles in half over the table or over my leg. I'm doing pretty good with the anger management when it comes to sports. I'm calm 99% of the time, but I can go off the ship, making a fool of myself when I'm playing sports and want to be competitive. We were only able to play a few games before we were a mess, standing in a few inches of water and slipping all over the place. On a side note here, Spank is the king of eating. Yesterday, he had 5 foot long subs from Subway with double chicken on them all. Today by 1:00, he already put in 2 foot long subs. Around 2:30, he was off again to go get another sub. He wants to put some crazy protein in his body, but that's a pretty expensive way to do it. It'd take me forever to eat 5 subs.

Anyways, as we get to a finish of this Blog today.. I just got done watching NWA-TNA Wrestling on Fox Sports. I'm really liking the fact that they have a weekly show now. I'll be sure to post on that in Lobstah some, so check out that everyday as well (I know, me and my cheap plugs). But now I have to go get my run on and continue being this physical specimen I am (I wish anyways). So I'll see you all tonight.

Rapper: Lil Wayne -- Song: Young Playa -- Album: Tha Block Is Hot
Y'all know who I is
Weezy coming thru in the bubble eye Benz
See me front in back with the wood all around
Plus I got that *boom boom* surround sound
Don't hate on me boy if you do *pow* get down
Come from under my shirt try to lift you off the ground
But on the other hand, I'ma keep running man
I got about a hundred coming up with three Hummers man
We stuntas man
I might stumble across a grand and give it to you wifey
And watch how she *slurp* on my pipey like a Icee
I might be in a Range that night
I might be in a Lex watching the game tonight
I got a hundred on Kobe, hope he playing it right
But if I lose, its cool, that's some change lil shite
That ain't nothing
I ain't doing nothing if I, I ain't stunting
Hold up, girl be quiet, Lil Wayne coming.

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