Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Most Head

Today’s winner of the topic choice of the day goes to none other than TheFreak. He’s a buddy of mine from the #basketball days of old in the glory years from the mean streets of Baltimore. Also a huge wrestling fan, he stumbled across a WWE house show (non televised show) result page and the ending caught his eye. The show was from a few nights ago in Salisbury, Maryland. To fill in fans on why this will be so funny, a “pop” is a good crowd reaction as far as cheers go for a face (good guy in wrestling terms), while “heat” is crowd noise generated towards a heel (bad guy). If you’re a good guy, you want to get some good pops. If not, you’re boring and aren’t attracting the fans’ attention. Same goes for if you’re a bad guy, you want negative cheers, if not you’re boring. Wrestling websites get reports sent in by fans that went to these shows and they’ll post it for their website. Most house show reports finish up with a ranking of pops and heat of the night. Here’s what one guy wrote in, and the typo is what had us cracking up. I feel like my middle school kids. I’m laughing at the same jokes I did when I was their age. I’ll never grow up. How does someone who was in middle school and high school during the Beavis Era not laugh at immature stuff? Anyways, here we go with the end of the report from some regular bum:

Overall the event was awesome. I had a blast.

Biggest Pops
1) Chris Benoit
2) Eugene
3) Edge
4) Jericho

Most Head
1) HHH
2) Kane
3) La Resistance
4) Trish

And all of this time I had a lot of respect for Triple H. And he’s doing this behind my back? If only his wife Stephanie McMahon would find out about this, hah. I can see Trish on this list. And even La Resistance since they’re Frenchies and the crowd thinks they’re gay anyways, but onto more serious things, such as what I’ve been doing..

Last night thanks to my girl Jenn Jenn (the same Jenn whose brother almost ate the 64-ounce steak the other day that you read about; if you missed her comments on the story, it’s under my Prime Rib posting, it’s a good one), I’m hooked on a new game online. What might this work of genius be? It’s a game called Password and it’s featured on Uproar.com. For the #basketball guys, you all remember Uproar for our Sports Jeopardy battles on there that went down to the wire until blood was drawn in the wee hours. There’s a zillion games on there, but Password is pimpin. Go to “Game Shows” and you’ll find it there. You can play with up to 10 people in the room. Each person gets a chance to be the “clue giver”. A clue will pop up for the clue guy and he’ll give a hint. Everyone else tries to guess what his winning word it. Trust me, this is some hardcore addicting stuff and the games go by pretty quick too. Another game I’m hooked on lately is one of Yahoo’s and it’s called Pop And Drop. This game will get you frustrated after a while. You think it’s easy, but it’ll get ya. It’ll suck ya in till you’re up until daylight playing it. Good times for sure.

Today I lifted with my boy Spank and he showed off his freak of nature skills in the gym. I had a really big workout today, but didn’t set any records. Probably had my best ab workout in a while, maybe evarrrr, but who knows. Spank was there lifting with his girl Alicia while I’ve been there for about 45 minutes already. Spank starts out on the bench and starts throwing up weights like it’s nothing. Spank is about 6’0”/240 and is my buddy who was in Iraq for over a year if you know him as that dude. He had 275lbs on there at one point and I was spotting him just to be safe, although he didn’t need me for that weight. He ripped off 4 real easy and I made him rack it. I didn’t want to burn him out on that. So we jump up to 315lbs. He gets the first one up like it’s his job and almost got a 2nd one. I didn’t know how to react to that mess. He could’ve maxed out at around 330 or so we were thinking. He can bench press two of me basically, sick. I can’t be for sure, but I’d be willing to say that Spank has the town record at the moment. My Dad in his prime maxed out at 315lbs, so Spank is going to be way ahead of that. Back in the day when a lot of guys in my town and roids were the in thing to do during the late 80’s and early 90’s, we had some freaks who did some outrageous things. You don’t see that as much now, so that’s why I think Spank has the top mark. I could write a Blog up on just some of the numbers and stuff they did. I saw one guy bench 505lbs about 15 years ago, no lie. Dude was about 6’4”/275lbs or so and all jacked out on roids. Did they look good? Sure, they looked awesome. But I couldn’t ever do that one. To me that’s cheating, but oh well. It’s funny to see a lot of these guys nowadays and see what a mess they’ve become. Once you get off the roid cycle, in most cases, it turns to fat and you get way out of shape. The guys who I used to be amazed at as a kid when I’d watch them lift, now they sit home and can barely get out of the couch. No thanks to that one. I’ll just stay my little self and work on getting cut up more.

After working out, I got in some mad ping pong action. Me and Dad rolled out 7 games, I won 5-2 today. He’s gotten me the past few times, so I had to get even. Don’t let the old guy fool ya and tell you he doesn’t have it anymore, because he does. He’s still a pong legend around here. Then Spank came over around 4:30 for some intense action. We played for a good 2 hours of solid pongin madness. We played whoever won 10 games first would be the champ for the day. He got up early 2-0 on me. Then I went “Boom Bazooka Joe” (as Big Rand from Real World would say) on him for 7 straight games. So I was coasting along at 7-2 and dominating. Lo and behold I start slipping fast. Spank evens things out at 7 games a piece. Then we even it out at 8 a piece. After the final two games going to some of the best Deuce finishes evarrrr, he takes the day title and wins 10-8. I’m out there to win every single time and can get all kinds of fired up if I lose, but if lose, I don’t mind losing with some good close games the entire way.

If you’re still awake after reading this post, the conclusion is coming here in a bit. But I must get in the talk about RAW that I just got done watching. RAW is my favorite time of the week, so you get that whether you like it or not. Since I went off on last night’s PPV and already got some wrestling talk in courtesy of TheFreak’s find, I won’t talk about RAW too much, but you’ll get some. Jericho/Edge beat Orton/Batista in what was probably the best match of the night. These guys seem to work well together. Also, we see HHH give Eugene an invite to join Evolution and he takes it. HHH fights Regal tonight with Eugene as ref and Eugene ends up busting Regal up like crazy. I thought that was kind of funny. And in the main event, we saw Benoit make Kane tap out, to get him a shot at HHH at Vengeance. Lita comes out (worst actor evarrr) and tries to be buddies with Kane and then kicks him in the nads. Then he was about to give her a Chokeslam, but he put her down since she’s pregnant with what could be his kid. Only in wrestling.

Since you’re tired from reading this huge thing today, who knows when I’ll be back. It may be late tomorrow night (Tuesday) or it could be Wednesday. Tomorrow is a big TV night for me, as I have the BET Awards on at 8:00 and then the Finale of Real World at 10:00 (stop reading this paragraph now Meggie, unless you wanted to be spoiled as to why I’m excited to watch this week) which pits Bad Boy Brad getting cuffed up once again. That has to be worth it to see what he does to get the law all mean this time.

And to end with a classic quote from a classic movie, Caddyshack:

Spalding Smails: "I want a hamburger... no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake..."
Judge Smails: “You’ll get nothing and like it!”


josh said...

I can't believe Kane was up there in the Most Head category. That's just sick!!

Also, where is Al Snow on that list? He should top that every time. And if HBK weren't all godly these days, I'm sure he'd be way up there too. HHH just "heads" up the list because he's the game and he's that damn good.

Those Uproar games sound pretty exciting. We need to have a big #basketball rumble in one of those pretty soon. I'm up for it basically anytime you want to get that ass smacked around hardcore.

Also, I think blogger has screwed up my blog again, so that's irritating me. For all of you over here that also tune in to the Palace of Prattle, please be patient. All that literary goodness will return shortly.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. I actually turned on the tv and watched like 5 mins of WWE. lol... Read my entry for today!


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