Saturday, June 19, 2004

Prime Rib

Today's winner of who gets to pick my Blog title for the day when I'm lost and can't think of any good ones.. In IRC speak, teh winnar is Mustang!

Here we go again. It’s weekend time, yet everyday is a weekend for me now that summer is here and I get to be a bum. Summer has been going great so far. No pressure at all and I can do what I want. Not that I don’t during the year, but it sure beats waking up at 6 in the morning. Instead, that’s when I’m going to bed now on most nights. Last night (or should I say this morning?) I rolled in at 7:00 AM. Yes, the moral of this story is that I’m an idiot. Around 10:30, my boy Clark ( calls up and Mom wakes me out of bed. Usually she wouldn’t, but she figured it was important. Clark calls from the local flea market and says he’s looking at a table that has all kinds of old school Nintendo games for cheap. Since I have most of the classics, there wasn’t anything I really could think of off the top of my head that I definitely needed. I know I was in a total COMA during that phone call though. I was half asleep as I was talking and I’m sure Clark picked up on that one. I go back to bed and finally wake up a bit before 3:00.

So I sit down to watch the Yankees game against the Dodgers on FOX. A nice series here, as it’s straight up old school 1950s style as the legendary teams do battle. About half of this one I got to see on TV and the other half I listened to on the radio on the way to dinner. Before that, I had to get my run in for the day, as this now makes 9 out of the last 10 days that I’ve ran. Run Forrest! Runnnnn! Not too shabby, so hopefully that keeps up. I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, with great workouts, my stretching going as good as ever, and slacking down on eating sugar and things like that. By the way, the Yanks even up the series with the Dodgers today with a 6-2 win. Winning pitcher was rookie Brad Halsey. Kid is 23 years old and even I can grow more facial hair than him, and that doesn’t say much. Right now though, I’m trying a new tactic. I’m going with what me and my buddies call the Razor Ramon beard (after the famed wrestler), which is basically a 2-day old beard on every other guy, which takes me a week to grow. Combine that with the Matt Hardy look (a current wrestler) who has the groomed up beard with the little thin deal going. I’m sure that confused everyone, but just skip over that.

Then I go to take my parents out to eat for Father’s Day. Well, for Dad anyways, but you know how it goes. For the locals, we go to Oliverio’s. We walk in and the place is jam packed and a ton of people waiting. Forget that mess. My Dad is the most impatient person ever, and I’m not far behind, so we decided to Roll Out like Ludacris and head to another joint. The next stop was the Clique Club, which has some quality steaks and some of the best salads around. I loaded up on a salad, garlic bread, 16oz prime rib, and a baked potato. My Dad is the steak guy of the family, something he could eat every single day. Sort of like I am with spaghetti and the like. But when a good prime rib comes along, I like going that route a lot when I eat out. I eat enough Italian at home.. A story from a friend of mine, Jenn (Seth McClung’s ex for the baseball fans who know her by that), was that she was going with her brother this weekend to see him get his name up on some esteemed plaque at a restaurant. What’s he have to do? He has to eat a 64oz steak (it’d take me 3 weeks to eat that) and 2 sides. That’s hardcore, but dude is like 6’5”/260 and all jacked out, so I figure he might be able to do it. Some 19 year old chick supposedly did it not long ago, which blew my mind. I’ll stay with my 16oz and be happy, heh.

After that, I began to get bored at home, so I figured it was time to hit up some DVDs at the movie place. What’d I rent tonight? I went with Euro Trip and Miracle. At the time I type this, I just got done watching Euro Trip and haven’t seen Miracle yet. I was really impressed with Euro Trip. Seeing the previews, they hype it up as this big party movie where chicks are getting naked every 5 seconds. Don’t let that fool you. I didn’t think the movie would have a storyline and it’d be so stupid that it’d be funny to watch (if that makes sense). Totally opposite. Sure, it’s definitely not the movie you want to watch with the parents. It’s not rated, so it has the nakedness all over, but the storyline is pretty good and the actors do a good job. It’s worth a pickup I think. So it’s not just a porn type movie with no plot. Not porn so to speak in that sense, but me and my buddies just say that to categorize anything naked together. Weird huh? Oh well, go get this movie. Miracle I’ve heard nothing but good things about and have been wanting to rent this one now for a few weeks. For those in a closet, it’s the movie on the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team that went nuts and beat the Russians. I figure I’ll save that one until tomorrow.

Hey Bec, if you didn’t see my response in my comments on yesterday’s post about the album downloads, check that out. Let me know if you need help on that and as you know, I’m easy to find. And yes, that’s a cheap plug for you guys to drop some comments in here. Check around, because you just may see some advice from The Bootyologist known as DerekHood ( He’s officially taken that title away from Ja Rule of Real World San Diego. It wouldn’t be a Blog if I didn’t hype up my buddies’ stories from time to time. That’s what I’m here for.

Father’s Day tomorrow for anyone still in a coma. Be back soon for that one..

"Where the hell do all these Dudley's come from? Is there a Dudley farm?"- WWE Announcer Jim Ross after the debut of Spike Dudley


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone this is Jenn..... i'm the sister of the big dummy who tried to eat that 64 ounce steak... well.. i'll let ya in on what happened.. he had to eat that steak.. and 2 sides like "Patrick" ;) said..... he had a salad and a side of steamed vegetables (wasn't big as all the vegetables werent') so anyways... the rules were he had 1 hour to eat it in.. and he could take a 5 minute break but he couldn't go to the bathroom (for obvious reasons) and he couldn't touch his plate and he had to leave the table in those 5 minutes.. well he started out and was goin pretty good.. he hadn't ate much today just three times already (laughs) but anyways...the steak was broke into 2 halfs.. both equaling 32 ounces.. which he had his salad and 1 whole half steak ate in 18 minutes.. so.. we were goofin off and everything for a while cause we were like.. gawd he has this thing in the bag.. well... everyone started makin him laugh.. and next thing we know he's only got 25 min left w/ a 5 minute break.. but he was about 3/4 done by this time.. but ... he was havin some excess gas.. comin from both ends haha..... and he just couldnt chew anymore.. so he took his 5 minute break.. after the break he had 13 minutes left..... so he got back.. started eatin again.. he ate all his vegetables.. a few pieces of steak and was like.. guys i'm hurtin i can't do it any more.. and we kept pushin him.. which.. i was sitting in front of him at the restaurant.. and i scooted towards stevie cause i was for sure he was gonna barf alll over me :( but anyways.. about 4 minutes left and he gave up.. he knew he couldn't do it cause he still had 4 pieces of break and about 4 ounces of steak.. poor feller.. shoulda seen his stomach.. looked like he'd been over in africa for a few years ..... but anyways... he had to pay for his meal which sucked cause it was $53 ... but the good news is he got a free tshirt and he gets a free meal next time he comes to the Texas Roadhouse... anyways.. thats the story :) later all
Jenn Jenn

josh said...

There's just no way ... NO way I could throw down 4 lbs of steak plus those sides. That just could not happen, and I wouldn't even try. Especially when the damn meal is $53. I don't spend that much on groceries in a week, maybe two.

A buddy of mine and some guys he works with made a bet one day last year with this coworker of theirs that he couldn't drink a gallon of milk in half an hour or an hour or something like that. Anyway, dude evidently made a valiant effort and got close ... but then spewed everywhere and didn't collect on his $400.

About the craziest thing I've ever done involving food (that I care to tell about) is eating a whole, raw habanero pepper in exchange for a free chinese buffet. Those things are a helluva lot hotter than jalapenos could ever hope to be, but it still wasn't completely unbearable, especially since I had plenty of milk and bread around to help soften the blow. I did sweat like a whore in church though, that's for certain. It was worth it in the end though, because free chinese buffet kicks ass.

bballchic24 said...

Hey Ed! Well we're painting my room right now (it's NC blue :), but as soon as we get it done I'll email you, but right now I have to go b/c I've inhaled too many paint fumes and now have the munchies!

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