Thursday, June 10, 2004

First Day Of My Summer

I wake up today at 11:00. Surprisingly, that's pretty early for what I thought I'd be getting up at for my first day of being a bum. And I've been nonstop ever (evarrr!) since. Around noon, I went to attempt to get all buff. Shoulder, Chest, Biceps, Tricep, and Abs. It was a pretty good workout, but nothing out of the ordinary. At the end of my workout, I messed around on a sit down stationary bike we have in the gym where I go to workout at. This was the week I was to start my running routine. Will it hold up?

When I got home, I mowed grass. I barely beat it in time as the rains came down, so that's a plus. And this year I don't have to mow as much since I don't do the neighbor's grass anymore. But you guys shouldn't care about that. That's not exciting, but then again, probably not a whole lot is in E-Town, but I still love it nonetheless. After that I battle in some ping pong with Dad, but he gets the best of me today as I got smacked around good. A few hours later, Big Spank comes over to battle in pong as well. I took it on the chin here too, as it was a bad pong day all around, he beat me 6-2. You have days like that, but I still thought I was hitting the ball pretty good. We're getting low on good balls (3-star balls for pong fans; and yes, there is a difference between a 3-star ball and a 1-star ball), so we loaded up on 24 of the best, one pack of white and one pack of orange:

Right now I'm watching the debut of Two On Two, the ESPN interview show hosted by Jim Gray (ugh, not one of my favorite guys). But I'm here tonight for one reason, and that's to see The Basketball Jesus, Larry Bird. First, it really shocked me that Bird would even do a public interview such as this. He normally stays in the shadow of the media and keeps to himself. Even at games nowadays, he doesn't like to get right up in it, as you'll see him on TV standing in one of the hallways watching the game. But tonight features Bird and Magic (always linked together) with LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony (also linked together). They were calling it legends and phenoms. Of course I'm going to watch anything with Bird, but this caused a stir across the nation for the comments he made. If you haven't heard this story, I'll to explain it quick..

The topic of white players in the NBA was brought up. Bird said that the NBA needs more whiteys back in the game. He based this on the fact that the majority of NBA fans are whites. He also said that the game is a black man's game and always will be and gave them respect..

First of all, here's the ESPN article in full:

I'll post what I said in Lobstah ( for anyone who didn't see my thoughts on that:

think America runs this as a double standard. Me personally, I don't see anything wrong with what Bird said. It's something a lot of whiteys think, but don't say in public too often. Call me biased or whatever. But one thing that gets me mad is when whiteys think it's the worst thing ever when blacks hype up their own ethnicity, yet they think it's ok for them to say it. The road doesn't run in two paths for blacks and whiteys. The first quote or two when you read this, you'll think Bird is way out of line. But he backs that up a few quotes later and says what the deal is. We'll get more opinions on this and I'll chime in then, but my favorite part of this article has me cracking up so much, and I guess it's true for the type of star Bird (or anyone on that level in his era, white or black) was on the court then. And here it is..

Yet later in the discussion, Bird described being guarded by another white in his prime as "disrespect."

"The one thing that always bothered me when I played in the NBA was I really got irritated when they put a white guy on me," Bird said. "I still don't understand why. A white guy would come out (and) I would always ask him: 'What, do you have a problem with your coach? Did you coach do this to you?' And he'd go, 'No,' and I'd say, 'Come on, you got a white guy coming out here to guard me; you got no chance.' ... For some reason, that always bothered me when I was playing against a white guy.

"As far as playing, I didn't care who guarded me -- red, yellow, black," Bird added. "I just didn't want a white guy guarding me. Because it's disrespect to my game."

I'm getting some long Blogs going lately, so hopefully I'm not boring everyone here. I try to hit all aspects since I know a lot of my buddies who read this want to read about certain things. Some might not like wrestling, some might not like sports, while others might be into the Real World scene, Lobstah, IRC, working out, my work life, etc..

Now I'm going to finish watching Bird do his thing on the interview (yes, I'm weird, I get cold chills watching Bird till this day) and wait for Big Cork to get here around 8:30 so we can head out to eat some good Italian food at Twin Oaks for the locals. Hit me up later tonight when I get home.

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