Friday, June 04, 2004

The Tension Mounts!

And I thought yesterday was an easy day. Today is 100 times as easy. I shouldn't have a kid all day long if things go as planned. As of 10:55, I haven't had one yet. At breakfast this morning, 7 kids showed up to eat. So what have I been doing all morning? I've been hanging around the halls at work, but mostly I've been online and getting paid for it. Checking the fantasy teams, chatting to my buddies who are up early, reading Blogs, checking today's sports news, catching up with the wrestling news, and whatever else I can get myself into..

Since I'm not doing anything today I didn't figure I needed much sleep. I went to bed last night at 2:00 and woke up at 6:00. Yeah, I'm an idiot, but I have all weekend to catch up on sleep. I figure that's what I'll do as soon as I get in the door. Throw my stuff down and jump into bed for a big nap before eating spaghetti. Right now though, I'm craving some Chinese. Too bad none is around me at work today. It should be time to raid the kitchen though to see what the cooks have whipped up. I'm sure it's something quality, as they usually do a mean job of fixing the stuff.

I didn't accomplish much else last night really though. Came home and went to workout. Wasn't a great one, but I got the job done. Then I mowed grass. After that it was some pong action with Dad for a bit, but other than that, I was on here hanging for the most part. There wasn't even anything on TV. I was flipping around all night until 106 & Park Prime hosted by Bone Crusher, Baseball Tonight, a WildBoyz rerun, and SportsCenter came on. Bone Crusher had the thugs in the crowd doing the A-Town Stomp, an Atlanta dance for those who don't know what the deal is there. It was funny stuff to see. And Bone Crusher himself is just a character, so that doesn't get old to see him screaming around. Bone Crusher is a 400-pound rapper, at least. 400 is probably being nice to the guy, but for being that big, he likes running around with shirt off. I guess he thinks the chicks dig it, but he's funny.

I can't think of anything huge going down this weekend. No wrestling Pay Per View, as that's next week. Bad Blood next week featured by Triple H against The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels in a HELL IN THE CELL match. If that doesn't get a wrestling fan pumped up, nothing will. These two are good buddies too, so that should make the match quality much better. I'll be sure to write more on that as we get closer to the PPV though. SmackDown has been all shaken up lately. Heyman and the Dudley Boyz want Undertaker to join them or he won't get Paul Bearer back. Meanwhile, RVD has been late for a few shows and they didn't use him this week on the show. Hopefully this isn't the downfall of RVD, for he could be in NWA-TNA one of these days. He'd fit in great though with his style. That's next week and I'm already talking about it. So that shows what I have going on for this coming weekend. I'll catch up on my sleep at least, so that's always good times.

I think I've watched SportsCenter about 3 times so far this morning. I haven't changed to anything else for some reason. Weird how guys can watch SportsCenter a million times in a row and it's the same exact episode. By the 3rd time or so, you can give direct quotes of what the anchor is going to call and what is coming up next. I wonder how many days in a year we watch SportsCenter. I figure it's in the 340+ range, easily. Probably everyday for that matter.

And that's going to conclude the morning report. With the day I'm having, I'm sure I'll have a bunch of time on my hands. Talk to you all later.

"I don't know if I practiced more than anybody, but I sure practiced enough. I still wonder if somebody -- somewhere -- was practicing more than me."- Larry Bird

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J.D. said...

Remember when SportsCenter was a half hour instead of a full hour? That means it was on twice as many times as even it is now.