Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Keep It On The Low

I'll start off with where I ended yesterday. I was gearing up to watch RAW at that time, my favorite thing to do all week. Was it a good show? Derek, if you're reading this before you watched your tape, this is your spoiler warning and just skip to the next paragraph immediat plz. We got our money's worth at least. The show last night was 2.5 hours long! That's what I'm after. The opening segment had JR call HBK and HHH to the ring to shake hands. Kane interrupts, beats down HBK, and runs HHH out. Then Kane puts a chair on HBK's neck and stomps on it from the ropes, having HBK bleed all over the place. First match was Lita and Matt Hardy defeating Trish and Tomko with a Lita DDT. La Resistance kept their belts against Hurricane and Rosey as Conway held Rosey's feet as Sylvan got the pin.. Lita finds out she is pregnant. Ugh, only in wrestling. And her boyfriend Matt Hardy doesn't know yet. Some storyline.. Gail Kim and Molly beat down Nidia and Kiebler by submission. And our main event? This was where it all went down. Not many matches tonight due to a lot of talking segments (more wrestling!), but the main event went about 45 minutes. The show didn't end till around 11:30, which was sweetness. What was the main event? Jericho, Edge, and Benoit took on Flair, Batista, and Orton in a 6-Man Elimination Tag Match. Everyone got their moves in during this match, as most of the guys in the ring are good workers. Flair still puts on a show even if he is ancient, he's the still the man. The end happens when Benoit had Orton tapping to the Sharpshooter.

After wrestling was over, I hung out on here for a while. And at 1:00 I roll down to my church. We have a perpetual adoration chapel for everyone in the area. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, someone is always in there. Probably seems weird if you don't have one in your area, but it's really peaceful and you can go in and pray and just relax. People from all over come to it, so that makes things pretty neat. I was there for about an hour last night, getting my daily Bible reading in. You know how it goes. Hey Aly, your comment in your post yesterday had me cracking up good, so it's worth a post in my Blog as well: "ED AND I ARE THE PIMPEST CATHOLICS EVER!" After that, I come home to be online till around 5:00. By the way, 2 more PB&J sandwiches last night.

Today (Tuesday) is highlighted by a haircut. Most of you who have known me for a while know about my barber. We pay for the experience by my barber. He's not good at cutting hair, but that doesn't seem to bother many people. To set the scene, he's an Italian dude around 60 who throws f-bombs around like it's his job. The phone was ringing like crazy today and that made it great. The first call and he has to stop cutting my hair and says, "What the fuck?". Then he gets to chop chop chopping away again, and the phone rings again. "What the fuck is going on here?!" At this point he starts to get fired up that he has to take time out of his day to answer phones to get him more appointments. Go figure. And a third call is this guy who wanted a haircut right now for him and his son. Well, you don't make demands with my barber. He couldn't fit him in today, so he told the dude to come tomorrow. He hangs the phone up and spits out this one to me, "That guy thinks this is Wal-Mart! Go to Wal-Mart for a haircut if you want it RIGHT NOW! Fuck that! It doesn't work like that down here now does it?" Of course I just sit there and take it in, agreeing with him and letting him go off on the next topic. The old legends come in just to hang and get my barber all fired up about something. Another haircut trip well spent.

After my haircut, I do battle in ping pong with my Dad. We played whoever won 5 games first was the champ for the day. We battled right down to the wire, as I won 5-4. I was up 3 games to 1 and almost blew it. The last game's score was 21-19, so it was hardcore. I was ringing wet after that, but it's the best I've played in a while. I was hitting my power shots as good as ever and my backhand is getting respectable. A new shot I've developed is a forehand spike to the backhand side of who I'm playing against. It looks like it's going in the other direction, but it has some good hooking action with some crazy power to give it a nice effect. That leaves the guy I'm playing wide open a lot, which is what I'm after. Just crank on it on by with power. Spin and slow down play is not my game, so I'm going down fighting. And while I'm done playing, it's time to sand down my wooden paddle to be smooth like a baby. No rubber at all on this beast.

Tonight it's Real World time. With only 3 weeks to go, that puts a tear in my eye. What will I do on Tuesday nights now? Who knows. But tonight will be the first real episode that the new dude (Charlie) will be part of the cast, as Frankie is at home making a crackhead out of herself. And tomorrow night is another season of The Newlyweds. Yeah, I must be weird, but I watch this stupid show every week it's on. The reason is to see how stupid Simpson will be each time I tune in, plus it can't hurt to look at her either. Her sister's show is on after that. How's she worthy of a show? I'll probably end up watching that stupid thing too.

So I'll leave you all until next time. Tomorrow (if I don't update late tonight) should be a Real World review, talk about tonight's Lakers game (a Pistons win will clinch the title, but I don't see it happening), and whatever goes down in The Madhouse Of Bird33.

"The real tragedy is that there are some ignorant brothers out here. That's why I'm not on this all white or all black shit. I'm on all real or all fake shit with people, whatever color you are. The same niggaz that did Malcolm X, the same niggaz that did Jesus Christ, every brother ain't a brother. They will do you. So just because it's black, don't mean it's cool. And just because it's white, don't mean it's evil."- 2Pac


Anonymous said...

Seems like you've had a uneventful day.. I wish I could go see that dude that cuts your hair.. haha.. seems like you do just pay for the experience. Hope to get to talk to ya tonight.. but prolly won't..


Bird33 said...

Hey Tata, most days up here are uneventful. You know that. I just get bored and type up a bunch to make it sound like we do a bunch up here when we really don't. Still fun though. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope the haircut is not "fucked -up"..hehe. Luv the blogs...keep them cumming!