Thursday, June 03, 2004

Pongin' It Up

Well, here I am today at "work", but it's not actually work the last few days of the year for me. It's 12:40 and I've had a total of 2 kids all day long. It's exam days for the next 3 days and most kids don't have take them. The only people here are the ones who missed a lot of days, are flunking, their parents don't want them in the house (sadly), or they want some good meals in them (sad to hear that too). So what have I been doing all day long? I've been watching MTV and then some tennis on ESPN. Jennifer Capriati just got her butt handed to her by Anastasia Myskina, straight out of the mean streets of Russia. That means no Americans left in either the chicks or dudes draw. It's an All-Russian final for the chicks as it's Myskina taking on Elena Dementieva. Gotta love those names. It's weird how not many care about dudes tennis anymore. The chicks are the bigger draw nowadays it seems.

Yesterday was pong day officially. We got the table in around 11:30 or so. I was still at work, but when I get home, Dad was working away at it. Good thing too, because I know nothing about carpentry work at all. I roll in around 3:30 and help Dad with what I can. At 4:30, the table is up. Pong is like riding a bike. Once you get the rust out in the first few minutes, you're back to good and playing like usual. Between four of us (Dad, Cork, Spank, and myself), we played hardcore there for a while. We took a break around 6:00 to play some basketball, so that was good times. Got in a big game of Tips between 3 of us as Dad was gone for a bit. Spank ended up winning this, but we all played pretty good. I had my forehand spike working like a charm, but the backhand needs work as always. That's my weakness, as it is in regular tennis as well. No complaints for the first day out though, as we'll be playing a bunch coming up soon.

I get home tonight around 3:15 and then head over to get a workout in. I haven't been able to workout since Monday, as on Tuesday I gave blood, and they said to take at least a day off from working out. I hope to get that out of the way in an hour's time if I can, which I should be able to, unless other people are over there lifting too. Then after that, if all holds up, I guess I'll mow grass. I don't want to, but I'd rather get it done now so my weekend is wide open. At least I don't have a huge yard to mow, so it could be worse. Or as Cork says about cutting his grass, "It's the worst 10 minutes of my life." Mine probably takes about 20-30 I'm guessing, so not too shabby, and that's counting cleaning the mower after I'm doing and all of that junk.

See how boring some of my Blogs can be? I'm writing about mowing grass, wow. Some days I have to stop myself because I could write forever. But today there's nothing huge going on worth mentioning. Nothing on TV tonight either that I can think of, so I'm sure you'll see me on here a lot unless we battle in some pong action.

That's it for now. I'm tired from working so hard today as I have it oh so rough, so I'm stopping this post. More to come tonight maybe. Who knows.

"The art of tossing up the jump ball has really declined. These officials need to spend more time practicing in off-season."- Bill Walton

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That's a great Bill Walton quote!