Tuesday, June 08, 2004

New Roommate in San Diego

For the non-Real World fans, this could be a post that you'll be clueless about, but I'll try to make it fun for you as well.. Jump on board and don't fear to step your feet a few inches into the Madhouse.. 2nd post of the day!

I just got done watching Real World as usual on a Tuesday night. Of course I can't miss that. I'm hooked like a crack addict or something. Tonight's show was about the crew getting a new roomie. Frankie Lavigne quit on the group last week and they had to replace her. They gain a bunch by her booting herself out of action. The deal behind this week's episode is that they'd interview 3 dudes and then make a house vote on who would get to stay for the remaining 6 weeks. By the way, only 3 more weeks of Real World San Diego left, ugh! That's never good times, but at least 3 is better than 2.

To run down the cast they interviewed, I'll give everyone that is bored enough to read a quick summary...

Bobby, 24, from California. He's a thug with a fro and was really cocky. Nobody liked this guy at all. He tried to act like someone he wasn't in my opinion. Ja Rule dropped this one on us about Bobby, "I'm not feeling this cat."

Brad, 23, from Minnesota. This guy was fairly laid back or so it seemed. He's been with his chick for a year and a half and wanted to risk being in San Diego. I don't know much about big time relationships (been in one evar), but if I was with a chick for a year and a half I figure by that time I would really be into her and wouldn't want to roll out on here across the country for a few months. That's just me, but then again, I'm a homebody who will always be in Shinnston probably. The Real World Brad went off on how they can't pick this dude because he has the same name. Anytime RW Brad gets fired up, it's great entertainment. He's easily my favorite of this season.

Charlie, 18, from Idaho, originally from Yugoslavia. This dude is pimpin. He jams with a guitar and the chicks eat it up. Plus he's the only one of the bunch who I thought was just trying to be his own man, as goofy as that might be. Jamie wants this guy really bad it seems. He was my pick of the three they laid out for us to see. Also, he's a hick who likes country music. That has to be good TV time for sure, to see how he mixes in with this wild bunch. But Brad is cool with him, so I see no reason why I shouldn't be either.

After the interviews, they invited the three dudes over that night to a party. They wanted to see how they would react around each other and the roomies. Bust out the liquor and madness ensues. How about this one? Real World Brad gets up in Minnesota Brad's grill and starts laying down the law. To this, MN Brad wants to rumble. You don't mess with RW Brad in a cussing contest. Please. He'll go CT on ya. Bobby was being a fool and trying to impress everyone, to which he made an idiot out of himself. Meanwhile, Charlie busted out the guitar and had the chicks in his hand. Big Pimpin.

Another Brad rant.. Sorry, this dude cracks me up good. Upon everyone asking if the people they interview would be dudes or chicks, Brad comes up with this one.. "Maybe our roommate will be an ape. It'll go around breaking shit!" And he was all animated when he was saying that. Brad should've just started breaking stuff all over the place right after that and had the house scared for his roid rage. Then, Brad talks to his old chick from back home in Chicago. They were together for 4.5 years. Might as well have gotten married. Then he comes to San Diego and it ends. Imagine that. Who would've guessed that happening?

So back to the show to end thangs here.. The cast ends up voting for Charlie. I don't see much drama here with this kid as he seems pretty positive, but you never know. They all seem to like him, so it should get interesting.

Shh... Don't say anything in the dugout.. but Ben Sheets is perfect through 6 innings as I type this out. See you studs and studettes tomorrow.

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And Real World news to fill you guys in on..

March 2004: Bunim-Murray which is the company that produces MTV Real World pulled out of Philadelphia for season 15. Apparently there were union issues related to the company's hiring of non-union workers (who work for much less $$) to renovate the living space which was the former Seamen's Church Institute in Old City. But by early April, an agreement was reached and they are filming once again.

May 2004: MTV Real World Philadelphia seems to be causing a lot of heat in the city. The police officer that was hired to guard the house was beat up by 3 fellow police officers who were off-duty but wanted to get in the house and on the show. In fact many restaurants are posting signs telling MTV RW to come eat there.


Anonymous said...

Another great blog, as usual! Keep them coming!! ;)

bballchic24 said...

Hey Ed! I am so glad that I'm not the only one who watches this show! Love the blog...and I must say you have inspired me to start one lol anyway, I'll ttyl!