Thursday, June 17, 2004

4:00 AM Ping Pong

Yep, we’re back again, so get the horses ready, for it’s time to Cowboy Up. What kind of ride are we in for today? Let’s begin as I normally like to do, and that’s from the end of my last posting. I’ll start this post with Half Baked. If you read Cork’s post or my post in Lobstah about it, you already know my thoughts. I’m probably the last person out there not to see this movie and I wish I did a while ago. For as great as Dave Chappelle is, and he was in this movie, the thing that made it for me was Goat Boy. Who’s Goat Boy? Goat Boy from Saturday Night Live fame. I haven’t watched SNL since Norm left, but is Goat Boy still around there? What’s he up to? Anyways, Goat Boy is Jim Breuer and he’s straight up hilarious. As mentioned in former posts or in Cork’s Blog (, we’re wondering why Goat Boy never made it big. He’s one of those guys who you can just look at the camera and I bust out laughing. Anyways, if you’re slacking on this movie like I was, you need to hop aboard and watch it soon.

After me and Cork watched Half Baked, we went out to my garage for some late night ping pong action. We’re getting our money’s worth out of this table already, as we’ve had some mean games brewing. A nice setup too, other than the garage being hot all summer, but oh well. We played till 4:00 in the morning last night and by the time we were done, after probably 20 games, we were ringing wet with sweat. The non-pong players have no idea you sweat if you play it seriously. It’s not a game where you just stand there and hit it back and forth like little kids. Lots of strategy to it and it gives you a pretty good workout. So I had a shower at like 4:15 or something. Don’t get too many showers that late at night (morning?), but it was cool to get so fresh and so clean twice in the day.

I almost forgot about what I did before Half Baked. I had to gear up to watch the new season of The Newlyweds. No clue why I’m into these teeny bopper shows, but for some reason, a lot of us are into that one. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I admit it’s good entertainment to watch how dumb the Simpson sisters are. First, on Newlyweds, nothing too major went down, but it was still ok. A buddy of Simpson’s came over from Texas and didn’t have a place to live. So they said she could stay there for a bit. Next week tension builds though as Nick wants her kicked out of the house. Give her the boot! I just want it to happen to see some drama go down. Also, on this week’s episode it was during March Madness and Nick is a huge Cincy Bearcats fan. He had his Cincy gear on during the games and got all superstitious of where he sat and what he wore, etc. Just was funny to see him flip out when the game got close. Then again, all of us guys do that one. And for Ashlee Simpson’s show, I’ll just call her Little Simpson from now on. I had no idea she was 19. I thought she was a lot younger than that. My verdict is still out or not to whether she’s hot or not. My buddies aren’t big on her at all, but I’m not putting her out for the count quite yet. Sometimes she can look brutal from the little I’ve seen of her, while others, she’s looked real nice. Who knows, who knew?

Which brings me to a side topic. As The Rock would say, for the millions and miiiillllions of chicks I have reading this Blog (or so I wish), what’s the deal with caking yourself with makeup? I don’t get that one. Outside of Real World Mugshot Jamie ( and Makeup Jamie being two totally different people, I’m personally not big on makeup at all. Maybe I’m weird on that one, so guys and girls alike can weigh in on this one. I’m pretty low maintenance for what I like a girl to wear and such. As less amount of makeup possible on them (none would be fine with me), long hair, some glasses can be real good, and something comfy like thuggin sweat pants. That’d do it for me for sure. Well, unless the girl was wearing a Larry Bird jersey. In that case, I wouldn’t be able to handle all of these hormones built up. It’d be madness, but girls wearing a Bird jersey don't exist. Or at least not in my area, doh!. But seriously, less makeup please.

A little update on my chat programs that I use online.. You can reach me on AOL Instant Messenger (DruDown894), MSN Messenger (, Yahoo Messenger (edbeegus), and last but not least, pure old school in ICQ (Bird33; #6107079). I know not many use ICQ anymore, but it’s worth checking out the new version. All of the chat programs are fairly similar now anyways, but ICQ like everything else, has cam options, icons, etc. So be sure to hit me up on all of those if you can. I’m easy to find.

Sorry I get on a tangent and like to write so much on these things. I’ve always liked to write, so I guess that’s not going to change. Hopefully it’s an interesting few minutes out of your day’s time and I’ll do my best to talk about all sorts of things from my life in ghetto streets of Shinnston. Nothing huge today really so far.. Woke up at 2:15 after going to bed at 6:00. Then I battled Dad in ping pong and afterwards got my run on.. Got me a shower and Cork came over to watch some BET and I, Max. Then I roll out to go to the funeral home to see a neighbor lady. Now I’m here watching the Pirates battle the Angels. A great pitching duel so far and it doesn’t get much better than that for me. Forget the football scores in the American League. I like NL style of play, even though my favorite team (Yanks) plays for the AL. Go figure. Be back soon with more madness!

"Is there, like, maids for, like, celebrities?"- Jessica Simpson


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