Saturday, June 12, 2004

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Let's begin from where we left off yesterday evening. After I ran and swept my garage out from getting drenched with the water getting in, I waited around till 7:30. At that point, Cork came to pick me up for a mini road trip to Bridgeport. Or is it Clarksburg? For the locals, I don't consider Eastpointe as Clarksburg, even though it technically is. I personally consider anything from Joyce Street and out as Clarksburg, and everything towards Eastpointe as Bridgeport. Yes, I'm weird..

Back to where everyone will understand what I'm talking about. The music for the ride was some Royce Da 5'9" action. If you don't know of him, he's a Detroit rapper who used to be buddies with D12, but no longer is. Still, Eminem and quite a few other big named rappers are on this CD. The album is Build And Destroy, which is a 2-disc set, and we were jamming the first one. We first stop at Video World. It's here that Cork has to pick up a movie for him to pimp one of his chicks with. He ends up getting Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and it got mixed reviews from him, as not being much of a scary movie when it was supposed to be. Then it's off to Wal-Mart, West Virginia's stop for boredom. Do big cities have a Wal-Mart? Is it only a redneck area type thing and not in the North? The 24-hour Super Wal-Mart rules though, and we get that one. At Wal-Mart, Cork finally caves into buying the Mach3 Power razor, based on my recommendation. After that, we head to the candle aisle. Yeah, you read that right. Two guys on a Friday night in Wal-Mart going to the candle aisle. We sure have a lot going on, hah.

Anyways, Cork wants some candles to keep some of the bugs out of his room since it's crazy hot in there and he doesn't have any air. I never knew they had some many different types of candles up there. This got me thinking that I wanted one as well. Not a great idea, since I'm sure I'm the type who will burn my house down with a candle, but we'll see how it goes. I pick up one called "Blueberry Parfait" from Poolside Pleasures. I got this one because it smells exactly like Blueberry Bubblicious gum ( If that doesn't get you going, nothing will. Some people like the smell of a fresh cool breeze in the morning, the smell of the beach, the smell of pimpin cologne or perfume on someone, or even the smell of gasoline. Gas does smell good, but there aren't too many better smells than some bubble gum loaded with sugar. And what would a Wal-Mart trip be without some fresh donuts. I've said it before, but Wal-Mart deli donuts are killer. And you can get them for crazy cheap too. Then after that, we roll home and Cork picks loads up on food at Subway. He didn't pull a Spank and get 5 of them, but maybe he's holding off on that one for tomorrow.

I didn't have much going on last night when I got home, or so I didn't think anyways. I step into the Madhouse known as #basketball and all hell breaks loose. We had most of our big chatters there last night and it was epic. For the record, a good late night #basketball chat can't be beat. It's even better than porn if you can believe that one. And what guy doesn't like porn? I always put little slogans together about the Madhouse, but my favorites are, "#basketball: Where legends are made" and "#basketball: It's even better than porn". It's true. We all thought it was in the late 90's era when #basketball was hopping with the best of them. We didn't have 30 guys running around in there, but still had a good crew of 12 or so. And when you get 12 or so of the best, it might as well like we had 30 in there. The crew last night and I hope I don't miss anyone here, but we rolled with DerekHood, Cork, ManDingo, TyLaw, Rahl, Jon, Bono, some dude who used to play football for Kent State, TMac, Morello, Kris3, and myself. And this will sound crazy, but I was in there for over 6 hours straight. I got out of my seat twice, once to wizz and once to make some food. Time flies when you're having fun and addicted to this stuff, heh. What did I make? I made a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on toast. It's probably been about 15 years since I've had a PB&J. I know, hard to believe. I eat regular PB sandwiches, but I must be too lazy to go all out with the PB&J combo. I learned my lesson last night though. I definitely need to make more of these late at night. We talk about it all in there as usual, especially when the crew is rounded up and we're there all night. Last night was NBA, NCAA Football, MLB Baseball, NCAA Baseball, food (always a good topic for guys who like to eat, especially when we do it late at night), me and Bono watched Beavis episodes for a few hours, and to end the madness, me and Derek watched BET UnCut from 3:00-4:00. Then I rolled into bed at 6:00.

That brings me into another topic. BET UnCut. For those of you who know us, we term this hour Porno Hour. Why's that? BET UnCut is basically a risky set of videos, usually way low budget. Stuff they could never show during the daytime and some of the videos really push the envelope. That's what makes it good. First, it's funny to laugh at how low budget some of these videos are. And secondly, you get to see some real nice thug black chicks, which don't exist in West Virginia, ugh. As the Boston Sports Guy would say, his theory is that the rappers lock these video chicks in a closet since we never see them out in public. But that's another story for another time. Some of the legends who have been with UnCut for a while? Mighty Casey, Wax-A-Million, Black Jesus, and Top Secret are the big low budget guys who bring it. Then you have commercial rap artist who also put up porn style videos every now and then such as Ludacris' P-Poppin' and Nelly's E.I. Tipdrill Remix, which might be the best in my opinion as far as what they get by with in this video. And if you don't know what a tipdrill is, you better check out this video. It's quality stuff, but only found on Porn Hour. A few nights a week, from 3:00-4:00 EST, you can hop aboard. Wednesday-Saturday night if I'm right on that. And what else do you have to watch at 3:00 in the morning other than infomercials? I thought so. So if you see me online during that time and you get BET, let me know what you think.

And new CDs added today? Best of Freeway (I'm stoked for this one) and Kochese Presents: Lloyd Banks vs Cassidy - Round 3 - The Final Chapter. Round 2 I have downloading now, so it should be done here in a few. And yes, I will put my CD List up here for those who don't get a chance to read my SubProfile on AOL Instant Messenger (DruDown894) or in Lobstah. The rest of the night? I'm waiting for Cork to get off work around 11:00 or so. Then we're battling in night tennis in the mean streets of Bridgeport. Usually the weather is nice when we play at midnight or after. It's not roasting too bad, but after some games, we'll be dripping. So we'll take our dirty selves to Denny's after that and fit right in with the drunks and strippers. Hold tight for the next updated Blog. Later guys.

Artist: Freeway Featuring Snoop Dogg -- Song: We Get Around -- Album: Philadelphia Freeway
Snoop (Verse 2):
I've been all around the wizzorld, I met a lot of gizzurls
Shaniqua, Kanika, Pizzearl, Shizzirl
Look, I can go on and on
Cause my game is strong, word is bond
Leave me a zone, no, leave me alone
See I'm up in the clizzub, banging the pizzubs
Tryin' to get some skizzirts, cause you know how I dizzoes
I'm real this this crippin' cause it's all in my blizzood
A lot of suckas wanna get us, but can't fuck with us
Cause we some real heavy hitters
'Nuff of that, cuff your ass, stuff your sack and bounce
Roc-A-Fella's in the motherfuckin' Dogghouse (Bon bon bon)
So you know, blow for blow, toe for toe
Chauffeur dough, matter of fact we can go hoe for hoe
(Get this on) And I bet you I beat you
Cause I keep a bundle of 'em that'll greet you, see you (Bon bon bon)
Then freak you

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